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"A Night to Remember" (David/N'alae)

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by First Lieutenant N'alae Leónsbanner
[Stardate ]

 "A Night to Remember"

A Joint Log by Commander David Watts
First Lieutenant N'alae Leรณnsbanner

               It was a quiet evening and David ha retired to his cabin after putting in a late shift on the bridge. He had just finished dinner and had put everything away and was now catching up on unread messages when the door chime sounded. "Come in." The doors opened and N'alae stepped inside. He turned off his screen and directed his attention to her.
               "Hello there."
               She nodded to him. "Evening. Am I interrupting?" She asked curiously as she made her way in.
               He got up and showed her over to the couch.
                "Of course not. I was just catching up on some messages from Starfleet. It's a quiet night otherwise." He sat down next to her and smiled, taking her hand into his. He studied her eyes for a few moments. "How are you doing?"
               "I am slightly tired . . ." She leaned against the couch before slumping onto him. " but other than that, for the most part I am fine." She let out a deep breath.
               David welcomed her relaxed body against his and held her with his other arm. They spend several moments in silence, with the only sound being the slow soft rumble of the warp engine surging through the ship.
               "Which generally means you have something on your mind. What's nagging at you tonight, dear?"
               "I use to welcome the amount of work I have. I sought out more work when I didn't have enough. But lately . . . it just isn't as appealing as before." She shrugged. "I've thought about stepping down from being CMO." She went quiet. He nodded.
               "Are you thinking about leaving the Roddenberry?"
               "No." She leaned up and looked at him like he was crazy. "I was actually thought of doing a full time counseling position."
               He held up his hands in a defensive position.
               "Well I had to ask you know . . . but I am relieved that you would not leave, trust me!" He let out a sigh and kissed her lips, gently. "Ships counselor, eh? You've been sorta doing that all along. But now that we do have a full time medical staff I don't think Commodore Packard would find any issues with changing your title. You'd of course have to get it approved through Starfleet Medical, but I doubt that would cause any problems." He paused and brushed some hair away from her eyes. "A Romulan ships Counselor . . . I think I like what that implies."
               She nodded to what he said, looking back at him. "And what exactly does that imply?" She asked.
               "It implies that you are content here. And perhaps something more . . . personal?" He winked at her.
               She leaned against him, smiling. What he had just said was true, she was content here. More than she ever had been.
               "Perhaps . . . depends on what you have in mind."
               "Me?" He looked at her puzzled. "But this is all about you." She rubbed her head against him.
               "If there are perhaps more personal benefits."
               "Several come to mind." His hand reached down around her back and rubbed up and down. "How long has it been now since that mission when you were impregnated with my DNA?" She relaxed more, from his rubbing.
               "About three years, give or take a few months . . ." He paused for a moment, seeming a bit alarmed at the time frame she had given him.
               "The Twins are now two!?"
               She only nodded.
               David shook his head and looked down at the floor. "Two years," He whispered. "Where has that time gone? We've barely had any time spent with them. Spend together . . . for that matter . . ." A deep sigh. "You know, tonight after I showered, I was looking in the mirror . . ." He paused and smiled ever so slightly. "Something I rarely do anymore, you know. Well I noticed something very alarming."
               She looked at him curiously, indeed that they had barely spent time together both were so busy.
               "What was that?"
               "I am getting old." He took her hand up to his head and let her feel some of the small wrinkles in his face, and then up to his sideburns which were grey.
               She left her hand on his face deep in thought.
               "You on the other hand have not aged at all since I first met you. That damn Romulan physiology of yours. You still look eighteen." She smirked.
               "I am still relatively young, at sixty-three, that is true." She gazed across the room, pulling her hand back down to her body. It was a fact of life, that she would out live him, but the thought still bothered her slightly.
               His eyes went wide again. "Sixty-three!? You never told me that!"
               "Sixty-three." She recalculated. "Yes, that is correct. And thats because you never asked."
               He muttered something about always having been attracted to older women.
               "And what is it about me that you find interesting that you let me me hold you like this and love you the way I do?"
               "Hm . . . it would be the way that you take care of yours, and . . ." she shrugged, at lost for words. "it's hard to put into words, just your very being has attracted me since we met. It's just something I feel . . ." Her face became slightly flushed. "That sounded so lame."
               "Lame is a human term, my dear." He laughed. "I do take care of what is mine. But I'd like to make it a bit more permanent."
               She smiled lightly. "That would be nice."
               He took her hands into his and knelt down on both knees in front of her. "Marry me?"
               She stared at him speechless. Suddenly lunged, and hugging him all in one motion. "Yes! Yes I will marry you David." Tears budded in the corner of her eyes, but she hid them against him.
               His heart felt as though it would burst. For the first time since he could remember, he was overcome with happiness. He swept her off her feet and carried her into his bedroom. This would be a night to remember, for both.

The End
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