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LJG Jack London personal log 201304.24

USS Roddenberry Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack London
[Stardate ]


Lieutenant Junior grade Jack London personal log.

I asked Doctor Sanders to diner today, It was kind out of nowhere i was doing sciencey stuff acting like a cool cat.  Surprisingly enough she did not say no, I was truly expecting her to dump me. being most similar to a giant anamorphic sentient earth cat,  or tiger, I prefer tiger honestly.

 Actually I do not know why We caitians looks so much like earth felines, or why our name is similar to the name cat. Even though our DNA is very close to humans. though our ancestors are giant cat like creatures, I think they are cooler then earth cats. Like one of our ancestors the tilous it was 15 feet tall and has wings, but sadly my race lost its ability for fly over a million years ago… stupid evolution.

But anyways, i'm very exited for my date with the Doctor, she seems like a very sweet woman. 

end personal log.

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