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LTG Jack London personal log , 1304.16

USS Roddenberry Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack London
[Stardate ]


Lieutenant junior Grade Jack London personal log , 1304.16

Today things were hectic, we were being attacked by what we thought to be 4 ships to turn out it was all an illusion, we were just bombarding one ship almost killing the crew. We were able to get the crew out and save the day. It was frightening actually, to stare down 4 ships. trying to figure out how to get the warp core running when it turns out it was running all along.

But in the end there was nothing to fear and everything turned out for the best. The telapaths are in the brig though. I feel sorry for them though, but they should of come to us first.

But the greater thing that has happened is my promotion. Though i've only served on this ship for a month. I have been promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. It has been a true honor to be promoted so quickly. I truly love serving on board this ship and I'm positive i'll stay with her for a very long time.

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