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"This is the Future"

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by First Lieutenant Jyran Tev
[Stardate ]

Login After putting Ressen to bed, Jyran returned to the living room to clean up from dinner and the toys that Ressen had left out. He piled the plates and silverware and placed them into the replicator, "Computer, recycle." As he saw the blue lights swirl, disassembling the replicated dishes at the molecular level, he thought to himself, I should probably learn how to cook something. We can't just keep eating from the replicator every night. I know Ressen's school teacher has children. She'd probably know how to cook.

He moved over to the couch, tired, wanting to lay down and close his eyes right there. Instead, he leaned forward, burying his face in his hands. This is unbelievable. His mind went back to the Delba mission. Picking his head up, "Computer, begin personal log." He waited for the computer to beep before starting, "As the Delba mission comes to a close, I can't help but worry about what we found in that system. A rogue prototype vessel with the Klingon equivalent of Multi-Vector Assault Mode, already present in Prometheus-class Starfleet vessels, had managed to arm itself and fire on, and disable two Klingon Negh'Var battle cruisers, leaving them adrift in the system. It must've been by sheer luck that the tachyons and chronitons reacted in such a way that disabled the cloak on the StarRise. Otherwise, we wouldn't have seen the danger and turned around. It doesn't make me feel any better though." He paused to reach forward and pick up the disassembled pieces of Ressen's model starship.

"If this is the level of technology we're facing from our allies, I don't know what would happen if our treaty would ever fall. It actually scares me, I must admit. I mean, who knows what might happen in the next twenty or thirty years. We might find ourselves allied with the Cardassians, and enemies with the Klingons." Jyran chuckled at the thought. "But that's not really my biggest concern. My son, Ressen, product of an immature past. My past that I thought I had left behind at Starfleet Academy, but I've let that go, and I've accepted it. He's not only my future, but the future of all of us. Really, when you think about it, suppose in those next twenty or thirty years, whether I might be an Admiral, or retired on a nice, peaceful planet. Either way, I won't be taking part in the exploration of defense of the Federation. It'll be him, and those like him. They'll be the ones facing these potential threats that we're dealing with right now, and the only thing I can do, is to help him prepare. He's going to have so many opportunities available to him, and I know only he will be able to decide what's right for him."

Holding the model Sovereign-class pieces in his hand, he slowly reassembled it, "Suppose the Klingons had been there the entire time, under cloak, watching their 'prototype' to see it firsthand. They could've been waiting to see if we would survive. Some allies. The worst part of that scenario is that, if they actually were there, they would have seen the graviton pulses I shot from Devon's deflector array, which disrupted the drone's communication with the separate pieces. This only means that they might find a solution to keep that from allowing to happen in the future. Then what? It's not like the periodic table of elements is infinite. There are only so many particles that can be created, and even less that be synthesized in a deflector dish. I guess all that's left for me to do is just continue my job to the best of my ability. No more, no less."

He looked over his shoulder, at Ressen's bedroom door. The future... That's right...

Focused back on the model starship in his hands that he had just reassembled, "The future... The future... I keep looking forward, but that's not where the future lies. It's what we do here that shapes the future. What if Devon, N`alae and I never made it back to the Oden? The Klingon droid would have destroyed us, and maybe the Klingons wouldn't discover the weakness in the tachyon field, but Ressen would have then grown up without any parents. Since the opposite happened, we have no way of knowing what the next move is." He chuckled to himself, remembering when his mother taught him how to play Chess. "Pawn to B4, I suppose. Next move is up to the Klingons." He shook his head a couple of times, trying to rid his mind of that terrible pun he just made. "The future is what we make of it today. The future... is now."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

FstLt Jyran Tev
Science Officer
USS Roddenberry

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