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JL - A Wolfen Reception - pt. 1

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by First Lieutenant Leonard Swift, Commodore Jerrid Billings, Ensign Marielle Deniaud, Ensign Kiki Zomaii
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Joint Log - Most of the Crew
Stardate 201605.19
A Wolfen Reception

Very little time was wasted after the wedding was finished that Leonard Swift and Milana Snow - correction, Milana Swift - had performed and made pretty much the world witness, that everyone was soon back on the Hermes. A party was being thrown for them in the Acropolis, and Sam was very busy, but with a cheerful disposition just the same. Meat from the stag hunt had been prepared, cleaned, cooked, and served for the crew, with a good amount left still raw and kept warm for the more...carnivorous members of the crew.

Leonard and Mila were both still wearing the traditional clothing for the wedding, the black and white linens with silver embedded patterns of the stars and moons. Between them, sitting on the countertop of the main bar area was a sapling in a vase-like pot with a wide bottom, having been cut away from the tree as a final closing ceremony that was symbolising the taking root of and growing of a relationship that was to flourish. For now, the sapling was with no soil whatsoever, waiting for roots to sprout, to which it would then be planted and cultivated. Both of the Wolfen were all smiles, and happily spending their time in each other’s arms, looking over the crowd, with a small pile of gifts nearby.

Marielle smiled as she watched the happy couple from the table in the corner near the porthole. She propped her elbow on the edge of the table and rested her chin on her open palm as she spun the champagne flute by its stem, watching the crowd mingle amongst themselves. There was the general joyful chatter she had come to know of weddings that filled the room.

“Oh, my gosh! It was a beautiful wedding!” gushed Levani Sen, who plopped into the empty seat next to Marielle. She took a long sip of her champagne, drinking it completely in one breath, as she waved for another from the passing server. “Have you seen anything so beautiful, Ellie?”

She tilted her head to the side, allowing her cheek to fall onto her palm so she could regard the woman who sat next to her. Marielle giggled lightly as Sen hiccuped daintily. She could swear she could see a hint of pink on the engineer’s greek cheeks. Was it even possible to see pink through the pigment of her viridescent skin? The thought was fleeting at best. “No, I really haven’t,” she answered wistfully, “and I’ve attended my fair share of weddings.”

“Yeah? How many?” Sen asked as she took the offered champagne flute from the server. She thought for half a second before taking another glass, glancing up at the man with a shrug. “I thought I’d save you a trip?”

Marielle laughed at the raised brow the server gave the Orion woman beside her. “You better slow down. They haven’t even started with the hor d’oeuvres yet.”

“I’ve got a great metabolism.” As if to prove her point, Sen drank the entirety of one of the filled champagne glasses in front of her. She placed the glass back onto the table with a bit more force than intended and giggled. “Well. Maybe I’ll slow down a little.”

She chuckled at her friend. “Maybe a little,” Marielle lifted her own champagne flute and took a small sip, returning the flute to the table to play with the stem once more. A companionable silence filled the space between them as they regarded the crowd. “To answer your question, this would be my one hundred and sixth wedding in attendance.”    

Sen choked a little on the alcohol that had just moved past her lips, and she lowered the flute back to the table. “What?!”

Marielle shrugged. “When you’re the daughter of a diplomat, weddings are part of the job descriptions. I started counting all the ceremonies I attended after I turned fourteen. If you take that into account, a hundred weddings really isn’t that many. Averages to just over ten a year.”

The Orion shook her head. “You’re crazy.”

She chuckled. “I’m sane enough to know that you should be careful with the bubbly at a wedding, Lev,” Marielle eyed her knowingly, watching as the Orion took another sip of her drink.

Sen hiccuped as she took another long sip of her drink, finishing the second flute that she had taken from the server and waving for another. “What’s the worse that could happen?”

Meanwhile, several of the sickbay personnel were sitting nearby also. Nurses Tim and Fox were sitting on the opposing end of the bar, giggling and talking about the wedding. Of course, that was pretty much the topic of the day.    

“That was by far the most beautiful ceremony I have ever seen. I mean, sure, we were watching it via video recording, but still. That lake! Both of them!” Kendra Fox was excited, giddy, and maybe already a little tipsy.

Tim, on the other hand, only on his second glass, was already fairly hammered, by the way he acted. “Ah! Ya! Such a.. Ah.. translucent blue! I saw a few Wolfen drinking from the lake before and… this whole thing… it got me thinkin. Kendra, what if things worked out for you an’ me? Eh? Bah, I dunno if I could top a weddin’ like that…”

“Oh, Rufus, I wouldn’t be worried about that, you know? I don’t think really anyone could top a ceremony that beautiful,” she said, smiling softly, remembering watching it in her quarters earlier, crying at the beauty of it. “Good lord, look at that,” she pointed at the growing pile of gifts. “Oh, oh there he goes, going over to a… I bet one of those boxes has some of the cookies that Deniaud made for him before.”

Tim grinned at that idea. “Ha! Maybe? He didn’t stop talking about those for a good week at least.”

“I know!” Fox grinned, and leaned on the other nurse, sighing happily.

From the far corner in the lounge, Marielle watched, laughing as Mila smacked Leonard on the back of his head as he sniffed the large beautifully wrapped box he had been handling. “Looks like the Doc found one of my presents,” she mused with a bright smile, her eyes locking with a server as he moved around with a large tray of hor d’oeuvres.    

Sen sat up, laughing loudly as Leonard dropped the box and pouted cutely in Mila’s direction. “What was in that one?”

“A new special recipe I created just for him. Coffee and cinnamon cookies.” She watched as Leonard waited until Mila turned her back to speak to another wedding guest to dig peer at the large storage container under the table, his lips smacking as he grinned brightly at container that was decorated with a simply large red bow. “And,” she laughed loudly, “now it looks like he found the coffee.”

Her eyes grew wide. “That’s a lot of coffee!”    

“I’m fairly certain it’ll last him a month, maybe two. I’m hoping he’ll like the Bialetti Moka brewer I had recreated for him. I may have to give Mila lessons on how to use it.”

Sen giggled, tipping back into her chair as she downed another glass of champagne. “You’re going to turn his blood into coffee, Ellie.”

She smirked, taking a few pieces of the offered hor d’oeuvres from the server she had flagged just a few seconds earlier. Marielle placed the plates in front of Sen. “Eat. Before you start dancing on the tables.”

The Orion engineer giggled, placing one of the pieces of ornately decorated crackers into her mouth. “Wou’re worring woo much,” she managed with a full mouth.

Kiki was more than happy to have done the cake for them. The tiers looked like a small mountain with frosting trees all over it and a waterfall streaming from the top layer on down and around the cake’s five layers, each layer a different flavor in itself. On the very top, next to the waterfall and frosting trees, were a pair of figures of wolves in traditional attire, the female sitting by the waterfall and the male standing protectively over her. Her spirit of whimsy took over as she had lettered in at the bottom “Leonard and Mila, Taking the Plunge” along with the date.    

Under the table, she had hidden her home brewed mead for everyone as well as a festively decorated bottle JUST for Mila and Leonard, since she knew that Mila couldn’t imbibe with the other. She had another bottle of the regular mead put away for them for after the pups were delivered. She figured that they probably would need it.    

Kiki smiled and waved over at Marielle and her green friend but decided not to try nibbling on her no matter her mother’s broken- record exhortations of “Make certain to eat your Greens, Kiki.” Somehow she didn’t think that the Orions were the greens that mama had in mind.    

Seeing Leonard digging through all the presents with his nose to find out what they were made her wish that someone had stuck a play mouse trap in there to catch him in it. Mila was going to laugh when she saw the basket of presents that Kiki had managed to get for them. It was a large, decorated kitchen trash basket filled to the top with all sorts of kitchenware and cleaning supplies to help them set up their own individual house within the ship. On the very top of the package was a very frilly pinafore apron with the word ”HIS” embroidered on the bib and a BBQ style apron, filled with utensils, with “Hers” embroidered on the pocket. She just hoped that they liked the presents in the basket. Kiki could hardly wait till his nose came in contact with the pepper and the other spices. That would teach him to try sniffing out presents like that. At least, all the other spices were in their individual containers, there was just a small sack of loose peppercorns to plague his nose in the basket - which he avoided - and that was to say nothing of the rainbow of layette sets for each of the pups that Kiki had for Mila, for when the pups came as well as a couple of dozen cloth and moss diapers for each often pups and enough safety pins that they didn’t need to worry about losing a few. Also included were an assortment of baby products as well as towels, washcloths, receiving blankets and everything else that the little ones might possibly need.

Kiki would find, however, when Swift started sniffing in the direction of the spices, that he simply changed direction. He’d already found the coffee and the cookies, and that was the main things he’d wanted. Many gifts were not wrapped, and allowed him to see much of what had been gifted to him and Mila that would be actually helpful in child rearing, and dealing with the stress of raising them.    

Marielle laughed, watching Sen sway slightly in her chair as she tipped her head back to drown the fifth glass of champagne since arriving at the table. “Lev, how many have you had already?”

Sen moved her hand in front of her face. “Uh,” she tried to count her fingers and held both hands up just a few centimeters from her friend’s face, “this many?”

The human engineer laughed. “You had nine glasses in the last two or three hours?!” she exclaimed. “You’re seriously cut off.” Marielle reached out to grab the two filled champagne flutes that were lined up next to Sen’s collection of empty glasses.    

“No!” Sen slurred as she swayed in her chair, reaching out for the champagne flutes in Marielle’s hands. “You’re no fun!”

Marielle laughed, standing as she took both flutes with her. “No. You’re cut off until you’ve had at least a few plates to eat.” She bobbed her head once at the server who passed them. “Drop your entire tray in front of this woman, and make sure no one serves her another glass of anything with an alcohol content until she does.” Green eyes focused on the pouting Orion woman. “I mean it, Lev. Eat.” She giggled softly as Lev began put food in her mouth. Marielle carried the two flutes with her towards the bar, sashaying around people along the way.    

Nobody watched as Marielle made her way towards the bar, and he turned to focus on Soandso and Somebody as they grabbed plates from the passing servers. “This is some shindig,” he commented to Somebody.

Soandso nodded as he swallowed the mouthful of shrimp, chasing the hor d’oeuvres with the mead he had found hiding under the gift table. There had been a big bow on it, which he had thought silly. The drink was clearly meant for the guests. Why did the servers bother placing a bow on it? For that matter, why was it hidden under the gift table? “Doc and Mila spared no expense,” he managed before he smooshed three dried apricot and blue cheese canapes together and threw it into his mouth. “Wow. Dish ish wheel good.”

Somebody rolled his eyes as food flew from Soandso’s mouth as he spoke with a full mouth. “Geez,” he grumbled, “you’re a pig.”

Soandso narrowed his eyes, chewing slowly as he contemplated his response. “Nobody cares,” he retorted. His cheeks were puffed out as he pushed food to the side to speak.

Nobody blinked, lowering his drink before he could take a sip. “I do?”

Soandso rolled his eyes as he finally swallowed the large portion of food he had placed into his mouth. “Not you,” he sighed before gathering the meat cubes and popping them into his mouth as if they were nothing more than popcorn. “Somebody is complaining about my table manners.”

“Or lack there of,” Somebody clarified. “Nobody is going to want to be around you if you eat like a pig.”

Nobody sat up straight, frowning at the thought. “No, I wouldn’t!” he exclaimed. “I have some standards you know!”

Somebody sighed. “Not you!” he clarified. “Dammit, Nobody. Your name sucks!”

His eyes narrowed as Soandso laughed in agreement. “Like your name is any better!”

Soandso nodded as he removed the slices of brie and prosciutto from the crostini and began to stack the baguette slices into a tower. “Nobody’s got a point. Somebody sucks.” He grinned as he held the small stack of fifteen crackers. “I bet I can fit this whole thing into my mouth!”

Somebody and Nobody stared at Soandso in disbelief. “That’s disgusting!” they exclaimed in unison.    

“Anybody can tell you that that’s a stupid idea,” Nobody rolled his eyes as he took a sip of his drink.

“Tell whom that what’s a stupid idea?” Anybody asked out of the blue as she walked past the group’s table.

The three men looked up, staring at the woman as she stared at them questioningly. Soandso, Somebody, and Nobody exchanged glances before shaking their heads.

Well luckily for Leonard and Mila there was an extra bottle of non alcoholic mead in case something happened to the first one. Kiki scowled darkly when she saw Soandso guzzling the bottle for the newlyweds like it was so much sodapop. At least, he wouldn’t get drunk on it the way he was hoping to. After handing off the extra bottle to the head waiter and informing him who it was for, she headed for Soandso, ready to thwap him one into the next galaxy for his egregious faux pas.”What is the meaning of drinking the mead especially prepared for the newlyweds, you piece of pulchritudinous offal?!?!” She grabbed him by the tunic collar and was about to shake him like a terrier might a rat before remembering that the rage she was feeling at Soandso, was out of place at such a festival of joy, She let him go hissing at him. ”If I have anything to say about it for the next six months, you’ll be cleaning the warp manifolds from the inside with a toothbrush, your OWN! At least, you’ll be sober enough to do that since there was no alcohol in that bottle because of Mila.” She left him to look like she was going to go talk to the Commodore about the theft of the Swift’s mead by Soandso, leaving Anybody, Nobody and Somebody to confirm to Soandso just how much trouble he was going to be in.
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