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Pre-SIM Log Commander James Kirk Jr. Stardate 201709.12 Answering The Distress Signal

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by Commander James Kirk, Jr.
[Stardate ]

Answering The Distress Signal

    The exploration of space can bring many benefits. Knowledge is gained and adventures can be had. In some of the deepest parts of the explored areas is where we find Commander Kirk. Aboard his self built Type X long range, deep exploration, shuttle he sits on his way to meet the Hermes. He sips his coffee looking over his change of command orders. "Wow, can't believe I get to go aboard the Hermes again......well, I guess I haven't been aboard this one. I can't believe the other one is gone now. I think I left my watch on there too..damn." He shook his head and smirked as he through the padd on a nearby console. "Guess I'll have to get a new one." He got up and stretched while he looked around. "Well, so far the X shuttle works. Been through a lot of these before we got to a design that I could actually be proud of." He smiled proudly as an alert chime came in breaking him from his smile. "What do we have here? Looks to be an automated distress signal. Not a familiar language though. Translator is only able to translate some of it." He looked at the coordinates as he sends word to the Fairfield station about the message. "I'll just have the Hermes meet me in the Cygnas Alpha system instead. Least that'll cut some time off my trip too." Jim then tries hailing the distress signal but gets no response. "All right. Guess we'll go check it out. Wouldn't be much of an Acting Captain if I didn't help those in need. Besides with this baby we should be able to handle just about anything." He says referring to the shuttle.

    Jim gets his flight jacket on and straps a phaser to his leg. He lays in a course for the Cygnas System, the originating system of the distress signal. The shuttle changes direction just slightly and increases speed to maximum warp. "All right, ship says ETA 5 minutes." He goes to yellow alert as he continues to send his own response message but with no answer to be heard. With no answer to his hail Jim gets a little nervous, thinking he might have missed his opportunity to help. He bring the shuttle out of warp and around the fourth planet of the system. A mostly green and lush looking planet. "M Class planet. Earth like atmosphere with a nearly planet wide rain forest type vegetation covering most of the planet with a very high humidity rate almost planet wide as well. Seems to be the source of the distress signal. Not reading much else. Lots of life but nothing as far as tech goes though. And....I'm talking to myself. That's how you know you've been traveling in space alone for to long." Shakes his head scanning the system. As he does the shuttles proximity sensors go off. The Computer chimes in "WARNING!! A ship is decloaking off the stern of the shuttle. WARNING!!" Jim's natural reactions kicks in as he goes to Red Alert and brings weapons and shields up quickly. He veers the shuttle to look upon the appearing ship. The ship looks very unfamiliar to him and while it decloaks like a Romulan ship he knows that's not it. He opens a channel to the ship. "This is Commander Kirk of the United Federation of planets. I mean you know harm. I am simply here to investigate the distress signal from the planet." The channel stays silent as he looks the vessel over. The design is dark and ominous without the light bouncing off of the planet and onto the ship it would be hard to see in deep space even without the cloaking device. He looked at the readouts of the ship. "40 disrupter type emitters across the hull. Crew compliment of a thousand. Shields are up but weapons aren't charged. Interesting."

    "Looks to be in a defensive posture. Continuing friendship hails in all languages, still no response." The computer chimed accepting his log of his situation. As he looked on the ship looked down on him but slowly backed off keeping trained on him and with its shields up. "Not sure whether or not to call that a good thing or a bad thing." Jim touched the helm controls and backed the ship away towards the planet. As he did the large vessel launched what Jim's sensors picked up as a probe. Jim targeted the device and prepared to destroy it. "Oh I don't think so little guy. I know better then that." He fired phasers at the probe only to see them bounce off and the device quickened its pace towards him building energy as it did. Jim touched the controls to fly away but the probe followed growing closer and closer. The faster he went, the faster the probe gained. The energy it gave off was different then what he had expected. "That thing looks real friendly. Computer launch distress beacon on time delay enter all recent logs about the ship and launch in powered down state. Set analog timer for four hour time delay." The computer chimed and launched the probe into the darkness of space with the probe paying no mind to it but reached one hundred meters from the shuttle. The energy built up around it let out a blinding light, had anyone looked at it. Once it closed to fifty meters the massive energy released in a brilliant ball of purple hued light. Quickly and effortlessly it took over the shuttle. Jim could see the light all around him. The shuttle's computer systems shut down completely and left him drifting towards the planet surface. He had all ready been in the upper atmosphere hoping to affect the probe. "Well that's just great. It was a glorified EMP dammit. Damn thing. Ok so basically I'm falling like a rock. Who said exploring wasn't exciting?" He shook his head as he headed to the back of the shuttle. "Good thing I've been through this sort of thing before."

    He used the safety handles around the shuttle to reach the engineering room of the shuttle and headed towards the center of the room where he pulled open a floor panel. Inside he could see analog controls he'd built into the shuttle. "Ok, lets grow some wings." He pulled a large heavy lever then spun another allowing this type of shuttle's emergency landing wings to extend, albeit slowly. He quickened his pace as he could feel the shuttle shaking violently meaning it was almost in the atmosphere completely. Now the wings reached their full extension. He wiped the sweat from his brow as the room's temperature had risen. He pulled one last lever causing the landing gear to spring free, blowing their covers away from bellow the shuttle. "Ok that worked way better then in the test shuttles. Now to actually land though...." He ran back to the cockpit and strapped himself into his chair. The manual controls had extended as the wings were extending for him to grasp onto and fly the ship. The heavy shuttle basically was gliding towards the surface in a more controlled for now and now Jim could finally think again. "Those bastards! I was being friendly but noooo. Had to try and kill me. Good thing when they knocked out my power they pretty much lost the ability to track me. Can't track something that doesn't show up on sensors when there's no power. Lucky me...uh I guess." He found an empty spot to touch down roughly on, shaking the shuttle all around till it finally came to a halt near some rocks. He grabbed some gear and emergency provisions and opened the escape hatch manually. The humidity of the planet smacked him in the face as he exited the shuttle. He wiped the sweat from his brow and looked to the bright sky. Jim could see the ship in orbit around the planet. No doubt scanning for him. He only hoped that the Hermes could find him first....

To Be Continued In SIM....

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