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JL - Swift/Durandus - Reinstatement

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by Lieutenant Commander Leonard Swift & Commander Kayshl Durandus
[Stardate ]


Joint Log - Durandus/Swift

Stardate 1709.12


It was temporary. For the time being. The Hermes had been somewhat on a hiatus for a time, all but decommissioned. Since the disappearance of the ship's commanding officer, Commodore Billings, and the resignation of the XO, Commander Kayshl Durandus, the ship itself had been sitting in port, awaiting whatever bureaucratic pathway that lay before it. It had been months since he'd been stationed on Earth, at Starfleet Medical directly. Often times he'd wondered what had happened to Jerrid, why he'd left without warning, not a word to a soul. Not even to Kayshl, who, while from Leonard's own universe, was Jerrid's Imzadi. It was a mystery, and left the crew rather upset understandably. Some of the crew had been split up, and where they were now was all but a mystery. There was word, however, that the Hermes and crew was looking to be repopulated, and fitted to go back into the depths of space.

The message with the details of the reinstatement back to the Hermes was still open on Leonard's PADD, though in another tab of information. He still couldn't believe it. Today would be one of the last days he'd be on ground, examining students for their preliminaries for the Academy, for people heading out to their stations, and only recently, some of the more local people that were going to be heading back to the Hermes with him. A few familiar faces had already come through. Sam, who had such a love for the ship refused to serve anywhere but the Hermes. The Overenthusiastic Transporter Chief, who still preferred to be called simply “chief” and talked Leonard's ear off about the joys of being with the machinery he fell in love with on the Hermes again. A familiar name sat on his queue at the moment. One he looked at with curiosity.

Commander Kayshl Durandus.

Not the Kayshl he had come to know so well. He knew where she was, and she was still rather distraught over the entire ordeal. She wasn't going to board the Hermes without Jerrid. This time, it was the same Kayshl he'd seen before that was native to this universe. The same that had stood trial against - and for - when Jerrid's name was on the line. The same that allowed them to steal their ship back. The same that had almost revoked his station on the Hermes early on. It was time for her appointment, for him to run some basic checks and see that she was fit for duty on board the Hermes as - he looked surprised and blinked.

“ Counselor?” he spoke out loud, surprised.

Kayshl sat in the lobby of the Starfleet Medical administration office. There was a large front desk, populated with at least half a dozen nurses and PAs. The chairs were the typical uneventful Starfleet issue furniture pieces that she had grown to despise. It'd taken her the past two years to finally get her office the way she liked it, sans grey, and now she was leaving it.

People walked by every once and awhile, some giving her a curious look, others busy with their present tasks. “What's going on? Why is she here?” A nurse whispered behind the forcefield that separated sensitive patient information from the masses. A nearby Bolian shrugged, “Who ever knows with her.” The first nurse stared out at the Doctor, as if trying to read her mind from that distance, a futile effort. “I heard she's being discharged,” another interrupted. “That she finally overstepped and Admiral Yasu finally got sick of her.” The Bolain cocked his head, pondering the theory a moment. “I don't know. Doctor Adislo made it sound like she was getting a little more…… likeable. I doubt they'd just get rid of her like that. Besides, she's basically indestructible. Anyone with the Hermes on their service record gets a golden ticket.” They all nodded in unspoken agreement, looking out at her.

Kayshl sighed, rolling her eyes at them and slouching back in the chair, glancing up at the display to read the time.  

About that time, Leonard had been on the way and had overheard some of the conversation. Big ears did have their benefits. “Alright, alright, that's enough. You all have work to get back to. Mason, If you could find me later with the reports for the two Cardassians? Thank you,” he said in a manner that was chiding, but didn't feel very negative, oddly enough. It was enough to send the gossiping individuals scurrying. The door then opened that lead between the lobby and the back hallways. “Kayshl Durandus? This way, please.” The smile was a typical friendly doctor smile, one he'd become pretty decent at, so long as he remembered not to show any teeth. For some reason, people got nervous when he did that. He would lead the woman to an office with a single door. Within, a single biobed, basic instruments that Kayshl could name each and every one of, some typical posters on the walls, as well as a few holophotos of some various scenic locations. All in all, your stereotypical doctor's office.

“Good to see you again, Doctor. It's been some time. How've you been?” the Wolfen asked.

“It has been awhile, hasn't it.” She smiled back at him, leaning up against the biobed casually, clearly not accustomed to being on the opposite side of the biobed. “I keep myself pretty busy. You know how it goes.” She glanced around the room a moment, making note, again, of how drab and uneventful these rooms were. At least the ICU was clean and to the point. “I'm glad to see you made it off the Hermes in once piece.” Her tone was somewhere between sarcastic wit and genuine concern. It was hard to tell with her sometimes, but it was usually a mix of both.

“Maybe a little worse for wear, but here I am. I remember you once telling me that ship was something of a health hazard,” he did smile just then, something this Kayshl might not have seen before. With the teeth and everything. The way his face pulled to make that smile did move the fur in just a way that showed some scarring from one of the somewhat recent Hermes missions involving the zombie-like state of personnel on the starbase they'd been on. It was minor, but it was evident. The white of his teeth was a bit of a contrast with the black choker he wore around his neck. “So I'm sure you already know but Jerrid is not the commanding officer of the Hermes any longer. Likely why you are willing to reinhabit the ship, no?”

She gave a smirk. “That obvious, huh?”

He adjusted a few of the buttons on the biobed scanners, and annotating what he saw. “It's no secret that you and Jerrid weren't on the best of terms.” She shrugged innocently in response. “There we go. Looking good. You're pretty much where you were according to your last exam's points,” he said with a few entries into the PADD. “A lot has happened. I did make it in one piece, plus a few more. Married now. Have a few children. Look into the lens there for me?”

“Congratulations!” She stood, reflex primed for hug, decorum settling on a pat on the shoulder. “I'm happy for you.” She gave him an excited smile as her mind imagined what a child of a Wolfen would look like. She pulled herself back into focus and followed his instruction.

“They grow so fast,” he mused, once again marking down what the scanners picked up. “I'd show you pictures if I had more time, but you'll likely be going to meet them soon enough. Speaking of, I do have to ask you why the paradigm shift? You are one of the better and more respected Doctors I know. You're the one who gave me my preliminary exam for a proper certification in this universe. Curiously, what is persuading you to look more into ship counselor, and not in the medical department?” At this point he'd stopped working and was simply looking at her in curiosity.

“Seat's not taken.” Kayshl gave him a playful smile then continued. “I've been working in intensive care for a long time now.” The smile faded. “It…… wears on you, you know?” She looked up at him. “Don't get me wrong, it's good work. Respectable work. And I'm good at it.” She winked at him. Sobriety never lasted long. “But after time, it just got tedious. You see the same injuries day in and day out. The practice of repairing physical body is explored territory. It's like mathematics -- the rules never really change. But the mind……” She pushed off the biobed to stand up straight. A glimmer of true passion in her eyes. “... that is undiscovered territory. Centuries have gone by and we still don't really fully understand it. So what better way to research that then as ship's counselor on the most interesting, and quite possibly most unpredictable, ship in the fleet.” She grinned at him.

He knew. Oh how he knew. It was in part how he was such a model in the field himself. Do something long enough and it does grow to the point where it's hard to see something new and interesting. His thoughts would only confirm Kayshl's reasoning. Rather, he'd speak more on what she'd said. “To help grow what we know of unknown territory, while exploring unknown territory, on a ship that's pretty much unknown territory.” It was his attempt at a joke using what she'd said. He considered her for a moment. “Well, it's no longer under Jerrid, so…… we may find that it's calmed down a little. Or who knows, could be even more insane.”

“One can only hope,” she replied, intentionally avoiding specificity.

That earned a grin from the Wolfen. A few more jots down into the PADD, and he would turn off the biobed. “Not going to lie, it's nice to actually see you smile. It's a good look for you. I realize that makes more sense to me than it does you, but the version of you I've served with was rather a bit more stoic. Much like I was when I first came aboard. Anyway. I'd say you're good to go, really. Starfleet pretty much had me as the final go or no go for you, and unless you've changed your mind suddenly, I'd say welcome aboard the Hermes again. Hope you like animals,” he said with a knowing nod and smirk.

“Thanks, Doc.”

“Very good. We will be departing for Space Station Fairfield to rendezvous with the crew and ship soon. With any luck, we'll be back on board within a day or two. Now, with the official business over...since we've finished a little early, would you like to see some of the holophotos of my pups?”

Kayshl's eyes lit up light a girl in candy factory. “Puppies?!” She squealed, grabbing his arm in excitement. “May need to brace myself for this……”

He grinned, pulling out a holo-emitter, “Well, first is Kharris……” he began, and would go about showing off the photos.

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