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Counting Caedems

USS Hermes Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kiki Zomaii & Ensign Katrista Ryan
[Stardate ]


Kiki made her way to her lab and began marking down notations from the discussion in the briefing room. The suits were already half designed in her mind already, something like a laced-together set of chain mail, with areas for dealing with extra appendages and a conical hat, also made of the two ores so they could act as individual Faraday cages for the personnel using them. Hopefully it would give them an extra layer of protection from those Caedem critters. The nets Kat talked about were designated for the largest table so there would be plenty of room to work on them. She also began working on some really large “bait stations” for the Caedem, organic material laced with pellets of the ores for them to eat and get dealt with as well as projectile darts. Having several plans to use at once was always a good deal.
She moved over to the replicator and requested several tons each of kelbonite and fistrium ores to be transported to her lab, already smelted if possible, so that they could begin to immediately work on the nets, overclothes, darts and ”food additives” to try to defeat those Caedem. She was already working on them when the others showed up.
Ensign Katrista Ryan walked into the lab looking at her PADD with intense concentration while muttering to herself. “The planet’s soil elements were at a 1.253 to 1 ratio with fistrium being the larger of the concentration. Yes, I'll try that first but the ratios could be different in other parts of the planet. At least, I have somewhere to start.”
Following Katrista was the Turian head scientist, Vetra Nix. She eyed Kiki with interest. “You are not human. I have never encountered one of your kind. What are you?”    
Kiki nodded to the Turian Head Scientist .”My people call ourselves the Zinri, somewhat after the name of our planet, Zinrel. It’s the fifth planet of twenty circling Wezen, in Canis Major.”    
Vetra listened, tapping on the console to review Kiki’s progress so far. Her hands pressed against the screen, her hand curving flat toward the surface in an uncomfortable bend due to the long talons at her fingertips. The Starfleet interfaces were clearly not designed to accommodate the anatomy of her species, and the look on her face clearly showed her frustration.    
Kiki looked at Vetra’s hands and pulled out a secondary console that appeared to be more adapted to the Turian’s hands.” Do you think that this might help you more, Scientist Vetra? I try to keep a number of different console templates around in case they’d be needed.”    
“Thank you,” Vetra nodded to Kiki. Her response was to the point. “I see you have made significant progress in the suit designs,” she continued, her focus on the task at hand and not on building any camaraderie with her Starfleet counterparts. “I will send these specifications to General Kryik to see if he can integrate this into our existing Turian armor suits.”    
Kiki nodded on the comment about the suit designs. “I had originally thought of having the suits created here as a kind of Coverall, but if you want to add it into your already existing armor, I can understand that also. Still, it might be more effective to use them both together like a series of layered shields on a starship.” She gestured over to the pellets she was also working on and also a liquid slurry of the ores that were being put into tranquilizer-type syringe darts to use on the Caedem from old fashioned, high-power ‘Elephant guns.’ ”There are a couple of additional projects on the table that I’m working on to help deal with them. Bait Stations and tranq darts.”
Kiki went over to another console in the lab to order up a planet wide distribution scan of the Fistrium in purple and Kelbonite in blue and the ratios to the other materials and place them on a map grid with the greatest concentrations of ‘awake’ Caedem in yellow with the still dormant ones were colored orange. It might not be a perfect system for visual distribution colorization but she was trying to take into account any of the more common color blindness issues. She looked over at Katrista and tapped in a second scan protocol, to show the locations of which particular ratio values of Kelbonite and Fistrium throughout the planet there were, and then overlay the Caedem populations on the map grid to see if there were any kind of correlation between the two or if it were within a narrow range, like the viability pH ranges for many organic organisms. True, there were the extremophiles in every ecosystem but Kiki was hoping that the Caedem didn’t fall that readily into that category.
Katrista was working diligently at the console next to Kiki in her own world with little notice of what the rest of the room was doing. However, when saw Kiki’s screen flashing colors in rapid succession out of the corner of her eye, it drew her attention. “Lieutenant, this is genius! Alice, can you add the organic and inorganic components in different colors?”
“You doubt my abilities, Ensign? When will you learn?” Ignoring the easily offended computer (which Kat had learned to never call Alice), she scanned the screen. Rainbows of colors were added on top of each other. “Now, leave the original yellow, orange, purple, and blue and overlay each color one at a time at 3 second intervals. Start with the inorganic materials.” Alice complied. Kat and Kiki studied the screen, transfixed as the screen flashed through the colors. They both saw it at the same time.
“Pause, Alice,” Kat commanded at the same time Kiki said, “Alice, identify”. The three scientists looked at each other with excited grins on their faces.
“It looks like we may have found the Caedem’s Kryptonite!” Kiki giggled, ”Whoever would have guessed that some ancient speculative fiction graphic could hold the answer to our problem?”

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