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Personal Log - "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot"

USS Hermes Lounge

by First Lieutenant Kristjana Grimsdottir
[Stardate ]


Kristjana's son celebrated Christmas in Denmark with Fridrik and his new wife Ditte. When she tried to speak to him in Icelandic, he could only follow a few words here and there. He looked at her with complete unfamiliarity. The rest of the conversation was short, and in English. It was Ditte who finally ended the call, averting her eyes from the screen and speaking in a hushed, insistent tone.

Kristjana understood that Ditte was not a rude person, but that Kristjana had become something of a pest to their new family. Fridrik's refusal to speak to Kristjana continued, and Ditte was caught in the middle. She kept the peace well, Kristjana could admit that much. Now, her discomfort was barely veiled. The calls from Salomon grew fewer and further between. He was being shifted out of Kristjana's life.

A few days after her last conversation with Salomon, Kristjana received a written letter from Ditte. In it, she pleaded for Kristjana to relinquish her parental rights over Salo to Fridrik and her. She gave several compelling reasons why it was in Salomon's best interest. Kristjana would have capitulated had she not kept reading.

Ditte's final thoughts on the matter  included an ultimatum to what she referred to as …€Â˜intense legal action' if Kristjana refused. It was the threat that was the only honest part of the letter. Ditte's rot was thinly veiled. Kristjana sat for a moment in pause after she finished reading the letter, then felt the urge to vomit. It was New Years Day in Copenhagen when Kristjana sent her reply to Ditte.

It was from that final sting of irony that Kristjana allowed herself to start anew.

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