USF Personal Log
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Letters: Write. PL by Lt JG G Salieri

USS Hermes Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon Salieri & Fst. Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]


Day 85

United Space Federation
USS Hermes NCC-4501G

Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon M. Salieri
Assistant Security Officer

First Lieutenant Marielle A. Deniaud
Chief of Engineering

DATE:  1701.01

Dearest El,

I received a message for Secretary Vatia, saying you were visiting a nearby continent and attending to court duties.  He said you were doing well and passed along best wishes.  I can’t say I’m contented by his response.

We’re five days from reaching you and I find myself a bundle of nerves.  I can’t help but worry for you.  Lieutenant Grimsdottir told me to take the time off to get myself together, but it’s not going to help because I’ll just be stuck in my head, worrying for you.  Please write to me.

I’ve never prayed to the Prophets so hard.

Ever yours,

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