USF Personal Log
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Letters: Please Write. PL by Lt JG G Salieri

USS Hermes Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon Salieri & Fst. Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]


Day 79
United Space Federation
USS Hermes NCC-4501G

Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon M. Salieri
Assistant Security Officer

First Lieutenant Marielle A. Deniaud
Chief of Engineering

DATE:  1612.29

SUBJECT:  Please Write


I’m really worried about not hearing from you.  I’ve sent a formal request to Secretary Vatia, hoping there’s some mix up in you not receiving my communications.  The note from his secretary was far from reassuring.

We’re heading in your direction, with a stop at the Tiranus sector for a survey of a supernova that recently exploded.  It should be an easy mission and we can be on our way to you soon.

Everyone’s been asking for an update and I don’t know what to tell them.  Please get back to me soon.


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