USF Personal Log
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Letters: Busy? PL by Lt JG G Salieri

USS Hermes Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon Salieri & Fst. Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]

Day 73

United Space Federation
USS Hermes NCC-4501G

Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon M. Salieri
Assistant Security Officer

First Lieutenant Marielle A. Deniaud
Chief of Engineering

DATE:  1612.25


Dearest El,

I haven’t heard from you in awhile, I thought for sure I’d receive a letter from you by now.  Hopefully you’re simply busy with events at court.

The Hermes is running smoothly.  I gave Nobody the directions you suggested several weeks ago and they managed to find the crack in a relay conduit.  It ended up being a minor thing, but everyone is glad that it’s been resolved.

I finally got Ensign Annesley to understand that we weren’t a couple.  She’s very inconsolable now and I’m sure Dr. Vaeros is having a fun time with her.  The Chief and Levani Sen are still a thing, very happy together.  Cana was right about Rayna, too.  She dumped S’Ral and is seeing Crewman Amber Monili.  The guys in Security are both confused and excited.

I’m rambling.  Just hoping I receive your letter soon.

Best wishes,

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