USF Personal Log
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Letters: Stay Safe! PL by Lt JG G Salieri

USS Hermes Lounge

by Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon Salieri & Fst. Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]


Day 68
United Space Federation
USS Hermes NCC-4501G

Lieutenant Junior Grade Gideon M. Salieri
Assistant Security Officer

First Lieutenant Marielle A. Deniaud
Chief of Engineering

DATE:  1612.28

SUBJECT:  Stay safe!

Dearest El,

By the Prophets, El!  Talador Ren is wanted by the Federation!  And he was there?  He attempted to assassinate Dr. Swift and the commodore.  Don’t you remember the explosion on Korin’Thalis?  I don’t think Atlantis has extradition laws or I’d ask that you have him apprehended.  I’m worried now, for you.  I eagerly await word of your safety.  

I’m glad to hear you’re ready to come home.  We’re all missing you, some of us desperately.  It hasn’t been the same without you here.  I need to hear your laugh again.

I’m sorry to hear about Lady Aelia’s disgrace.  She was a nice woman and didn’t deserve to be punished for caring for another.  What strange customs for an enlightened people.

Please take care of yourself and write back as soon as possible.


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