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No Reason

USS Hermes Lounge

by Ensign Gideon Salieri & Fst. Lieutenant Marielle Deniaud
[Stardate ]


( This log wasn't posted when it was sent out, during the Maw plot. )

Gideon held the phaser type weapon in his right hand, looking it over to make sure he could work it properly if needed. His left arm was loosely draped over Marielle’s shoulders. It was a move that had been involuntary. In the background, he could hear Commodore Billings going on about how to get out of this ship they were trapped in. Salieri’s attention focused on the engineer when he felt her tense against his bare skin. The contact was natural to the half-Betazoid, and the near-nakedness of any of the crew hadn’t phased Gideon in the slightest. Marielle released an uncomfortable breath and Salieri lifted his elbow to alleviate her nerves.

“Sorry,” he whispered. Gideon opened his mouth to say more, but quietly whistled to cover the potential folly.

Marielle looked up at him briefly, offering a small smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. “It’s okay.” The response was soft as she added some distance between them with a small step. Her eyes drifted towards the gathered Engineering staff. Briefly, she thought about joining the team. Undoubtedly they were trying to come up with a plan and Marielle felt the need to join them. Yet, when she caught sight of Fisher and several others staring openly at her with a smirk, she blanched and shrunk. Not knowing what else to do, she took a small step to hide behind Gideon, turning her back to him so it appeared as if she was suddenly interested on the panel behind them.

Blue eyes followed the interaction, narrowed slightly and then blinked as the young woman sidled behind him. Salieri flexed his pectorals and kept his biceps tense as he fumbled with the phaser, ‘studying’ it. The security officer continued to face the group of engineers but turned his head slightly to talk with Marielle. “Why do they look at you like that?”

She turned her head towards him and looked up, her arms wrapping around herself in a poor attempt for modesty. She leaned to the side to stare at the group from behind his arm. “No reason,” she lied, her voice barely above a whisper. Marielle straightened, keeping her back to him as her eyes drifted to her bare toes as they wiggled a bit. The paint on her nails were starting to chip. “It's too damn cold in here,” she grumbed.

Gideon frowned and shook his head slightly. “Still a terrible liar,” he muttered as his gaze returned to the engineering staff. At her second statement, all he could do was shrug and offer an apologetic smile. “If I had something more, I’d give it to you. You seem jumpy about letting me share my body heat.” He raised a brow at her in challenge.

Marielle jumped forward and spun on the balls of her feet, her hands shaking slightly at him. “Oh no,” she laughed hesitantly, her cheeks turning pink despite how her skin prickled with the cold. “It’s probably best we don’t.” Her eyes flickered back to the engineering team, and she winced as she watched Sen snicker and whisper into Blake’s ear. “You know, I think I should head over to,” her eyes searched the immediate area and settled on a console in the far corner, away from the group, “I should go see if I can help get us out of here.” She offered him a small smile before moving. “Thanks for, um, everything.”

The half-Betazoid took in a shallow breath as she walked off. His gaze found the engineering group again where Sal saw Blake make a rude gesture while glancing his way. Gideon looked after Marielle and shook his head. ~What happened?~ Salieri focused a glare toward the engineers in general as he pondered taking some test shots with the phaser in his grasp … Jana said something and pulled the Security officer back to the task at hand.

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