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  Lieutenant Commander Slith Cloudchaser, SD
play time (or getting info the gorn way

grins moving twords the holding area stopping for only a sec to get the 3 items handed to him his nose-plugs a puker arrow and a piece of deck-flooring, then nods for the raptor to follow and be bad cop (r1) i get chewiest for this right eyeing the deck plate .. slith just grins at the raptor.

Unknown Captain-::looks to Slith and the Raptor and gulps not wanting to know what's coming::
the gorn slowly enters the room making sure the captin sees that i    am putting my    claws into the floor decking ( said in gorn and allow the computer to translate " now what do we have here is it a play toy for my pet :whistles for the raptor to come in    

(r1 ) come into the room head     down in stalking mode

Unknown Captain-::looks the Gorn up and down and then looks to the Raptor trying to keep his cool:: What the hell is that thing?
the gorn smiles (in gorn ) my pet and you are about to be his plaything if you dont talk to me :tosses a piece of flooring for the raptor to pounce close to the capt : ( r1) pounces at it    allowing his claw to    gouge the deck as he stops and eats the flooring
Unknown Captain-::shakes head nervously:: I can't, I mean I won't talk!
(r1 send a    coded single to raise the shield around this room as he says in gorn wrong answer and tosses the puke arrow at the floor and smiles as the tip shatters when it    

Unknown Captain-::instantly feels nauseated from the horrendous smell being given off by the arrow:: Oh god.....    
the gorn smiles (in gorn )he had his change he all yours raptor injoy your lunch
(r1) hisses and slowly start to move    forward walking so his sicle claw is easly seen
r2 ) is hiding in the jtube ready for his part
@Unknown Captain-Well, maybe I could tell you something after all.
(in gorn) i listing as the raptor cont to move closer
Unknown Captain- I, first of all am Captain Drozav. Those ships out there are meant to help me. I would suggest your Captain hands me over before they turn your ship into a tin can.    
the gorn smiles as the raptor is close enough to take a    taste of the captains footwear
(in gorn ) i say you better call them off before you become lunch as he wont wait much longer (r1) hisses and chomps carefuly this time on the captins foot

(loud chirp is heard from the jtube the computer tranlating it    to be    you get the meat i get the organs

Captain Drozav-::nods nervously:: What I meant to say was that the ship you are protecting is infected my mutagen. Your crew rid me of the mutagen but I actually wasn't really infected by it. ::grins nervously:: I actually came here to infect all of you.
(in gorn) go on and i would hurry if you want to live as that raptor wont wait much longer

Drozav-::nods again:: You see we didn't engineer the thing but we do know how to harvest it and use it against our enemies. It basically makes them destroy themselves without us usually having to lift a finger. After a few days we swoop in and grab their cargo or their ships after we 'cleanse' them and then we move on.

the gorn start to move tword the door (in gorn you know what happen when a trainer leave the room smiles at the raptor they go to instinct and that is to hunt tear and rend i think it time to stop playing or i leave you to him

Drozav-Your crew is weird. No one has ever lasted this many days let alone even gotten close to coming up with a cure. The Maelstrom ship of yours should have been ready to be plundered but here we are. I'm impressed really.
the gorn growls and moved to the door snapping to r1 he got one last change the he yours tossing the reast of the deck plate fore the raptor to eat

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