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  Lieutenant Dean Spearhorse, SD
hermes crew logs dec 2018

USS Hermes NCC- 4501-G

SD 201812.11

Dr James Hyde

Nurse Chama

DL - waiting on the info

(Sorry folks dr Jekyll Hyde can’t be here he is on USS Columbia so this Doctor will be James, his brother. Same thing will be true in engineering where the engineer will be Aaron.)

“Bring me up to speed here, nurse.” the Doctor insisted after asking to see Lt Cmdr Slith’s medical file. The nurse looked confused. The PADD in her hands told her neither of them had access to the medical details. They were classified and compartmentalized at levels beyond both of their grades.


USS Hermes NCC-4501-G

SD 201812.11


Crewman Aaron Argyle

DL-.Friendly Banter


Aaron and X2 were headed to engineering. The young human was a bit impertinent when he asked his colleague a question that had been on his mind for some time. “What is your power source?”

     The android was, for lack of the word, surprised by the humans question yet chose to answer “I have a fission power core the size of your fist with a nuclear backup the size of a quarter.”

     As they entered engineering the ship rocked for the effects of the white hole. “Seems like the bridge is still having issues with the anomaly, Check the shields, Arron.    

     As they checked the system it appeared to be ok but a few moments later there was an unexpected powersurge throughout the ship. Both engineers were baffled by the spike. Rechecking the systems nothing seemed out of sorts.

     X2 was still working in engineering when a call came in from sick bay. “X2, Please report to sickbay.”

The Norman type controlorcocked his head and looked at Crewman Argyle. “That’s odd. Why would they need ne?” he asked out loud.

     Aaron returned, “Maybe it is time for your tune up, Mr Roboto. I can only imagine how many million light years you have logged on you old chassis if you are as ancient as you look.”

     “Actually I am much older. Hold down the fort.” he ordered. As hr left for the sickbay.


USS Hermes NCC-4501G

SD 201812.11

DL - Robots Surprise

X2B9 was looking up human traditions around the end of the the year. World wide there were many traditions around the winter solace of Earth. With a large percentage of the crew hailing from the tiny 3rd planet in the sol system they were sure to have a celebration, like they did for the ancient tradition of Thanksgiving. X2 had a plan to use his friends to plant Santa’s gifts. Robby could produce most of the gifts.

Johnny 5 could slip a gift into the Captain’s Quarters. Several others would distribute gifts throughout the ship, somewhat hidden but near the duty stations.

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