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  Cmdr Oll Fen'Ton, SD
notice of death - CPL Baker

USS Hermes NCC-4501-G
DL- CPL Baker

X2 sat at his computer and after looking at Corporeal Baker’s history and finding the next of kin he drafted the following message:

                                                     Dr Thomas Baker
                                                     ℅ Captain William Hartnell
USS England
SD 201811.21

Ensign X2B9
USS Hermes

To the Family of Corporeal Colin Baker:
It is my tragic duty to inform you that your brother has been lost in the performance of his duties. I was solely responsible for ordering him to board a vessel caught in a temporal distortion with a high probability that we could lose his party as well in an attempt to rescue the majority of our command crew whom we had lost contact with on the same vessel. His loss was not in vain because the rest of his party were able to accomplish the mission.
As I sit here and reflect on his passing I am forced to ask If I made a horrible mistake in sending organics in the rescue attempt when, like myself, there are a handful of robots aboard whom if they encountered same temporal effects as AT did the crew would most likely just been able to reboot their systems and the unit would have been able to return to duty. Unfortunately I did not calculate that into my risk assessment when I formed the team. He was liked by most of the men in security. His former Chief of Security had given him high marks in a recent evaluation calling him “fearless.”        
It is said that Colin had a companion. I believe she is on your ship as well. Please forward this message to them.
Humbly their former crewmate,

He sent a copy to the Captain’s Ready Room for his approval and the Human Touch..


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