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  First Lieutenant Kristjana Grimsdottir, SD
DL: "Trio In The Blind" -- First Lieutenant K. Grimsdottir - SD 901806.12



Classification: [CLASSIFIED]

Department: Security

Priority: Standard

From: Ft. Lt. Grimsdottir, CSEC

To: Capt. Kirk Jr., CO

Subject: Mission RUBICON

Lt. J.G. Kirk, Doctor Dara'zihl, and myself have arrived at the section of the USS Rubicon that contains the computer core we're looking for.

We're leaving the shuttle to remotely synchronize it's location with ours using passive synchronization. As we were approaching, you contacted us about an unknown vessel. I made the decision for all of us to go to the Rubicon. If anything went wrong, we could hide safely for several hours.

We received a final communication from the ship, pinpointing the location of the computer core. After that, the strange vessel opened fire on the Hermes, cutting us off from help.

First Lieutenant Kristjana Grimsdottir

Department Chief, Security & Tactical

USS Hermes

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