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  First Lieutenant Leyva Torosi, Dara'zihl, X2-B9, SD
Offenses - DL: Ensign X2B9 and Dr. Dara’zihl


DL: Ensign X2B9 and Dr. Dara'zihl

(This takes place immediately following the previous sim of the Hermes.)

The doctor followed closely behind B2X9 as he led the way to the nearest lab aboard the Hermes.  She watched every nuance of his movements, observed his fluidity and a sort of rough ease that characterized his movements from behind.

What amazing synchrony!  Dara'zihl thought with a joyful flutter in her heart. The chances were astronomical that she would be sent to this backwater outpost for her first Starfleet posting, only to have the USS Hermes arrive on the same day, with a group of passengers tailor made to her specialty. Even though the location of the lab was a short walk away, to Dara it seemed to last forever.

X2 stopped at one door, turned to the Romulan and appraised the newcomer. Looking back at the door, he said “I think this is it, but I'm not sure, I've only been aboard a week.”   He touched the activation pad and when the door slid open what was revealed was NOT the lab. Two non-com crewmen were enjoying a moment of intimacy, which caught the android off-guard.

“Excuse me my mistake.”  he said backing out.” and letting the door close.  “Let's try this again.” He told the doctor.

X2 wasn't sure that he was comfortable with the fact that this woman was a Romulan.  Having been a member of the Federation for so many years, it was unnerving to have “the enemy” in their midst.  His instinct -- if you could call it that -- it was his processors working -- told him this was a very different situation than it would have been twenty years before. Something must have happened in the time he was offline,  A major shift of power in the galaxy had happened somewhere down the line, but he had not yet learned what it was.

The android observed her closely.  He couldn't help but notice the large scar that bisected her eye socket  An organic being was unlikely to notice but he discerned that her eye was in fact not organic, but artificial.  He switched his optical sensors to infrared and he noted that her eye was not the only part of her which was not living tissue.  Her right leg lacked a normal heat signature. That must have been one hell of a battle.  He thought.  She claimed to be a doctor, but the evidence would suggest she was more than that, which was part of the reason he was unsure of her motives.

Reaching the next door, he palmed the activation pad and much to his relief it was a small science lab.  He entered with her following close behind.

Once they were alone, the doctor walked past him and sat in the desk chair.

“Let's get the awkward questions about me out of the way., Yes,I am from Romulus but have been a Federation citizen for a number of years.  And I am sure you have sensed by artificial leg and eye.” she said smiling at X2. “Do you prefer to be called X2B9 or have you adopted a more standard name?”

X2 nodded when she mentioned her eye and  leg but said nothing. In response to her question about his name, he paused a moment.  He realized that he had not chosen a name even though some of the junior officers had nicknamed him “Mr Roboto”.  The name was the title of a piece of music written in the 20th Century on Earth. He understood why they chose the name but he found the reference a the end of the song to “Kilroy” more appropriate.  As far as the crew members with whom he was assigned to work, he had only been working with them for a bit over a day and they either called him X2B9 or tended to shorten his designation to “X2”.

He drew back his lower lip and softy bit down with his upper teeth. He replied “It depends on who you ask, my official designation is X2B9. When I was aboard my old ship, the crew preferred to call me X2, it seems this crew is equally satisfied calling me that as well.  However some of the junior officers have begun to call me Mr. Roboto.” He paused a moment. “Mr. Roboto is kind of fun but at the same time could serve to alienate me. Since you are of officer rank, when on duty call me Ensign or X2. I think you may understand that off duty, I may be called Kilroy.”

Dara'zihl nodded,  “Deciding how you prefer to be addressed can be a very personal thing.  I asked because I didn't want to ,,,”

“Offend?”  X2 interjected. “How do you offend a robot?” the android asked. “Or perhaps you were thinking of making  an age joke. As old as I am, age jokes mean nothing, You could say I was around when your species were just amoeba”

“I guess the only thing that offends me is illogical behavior, which in the past used to lead to system shutdown in my brothers. In my case this will not lead to a system shutdown but may require some fine tuning as I get to know my crewmates and a reboot during off duty hours to prevent an overloaded processor.” X2 retorted..

Dara'zihl smiled.  “Whoa there. If you weren't an android, I would think you were reading way too much into what I said. Who am I to say if you can be offended or displeased by my actions or questions?  Would it even be logical to make such an assumption before we became better acquainted? I was going to say that I asked because I wished to offer you the same courtesy which I would offer to any organic crew member or patient. Being somewhat of an outsider myself, I still encounter species which seem to behave in a counterintuitive manner,so I find it easier to ask. I will say this, I am not simply a “sawbones” who works exclusively with flesh and bone. I'm also a cyberneticist. My hope is that you might consent to allow me to examine you in depth.  Rest assured, I won't attempt to make changes to ANY part of you without your express permission.”

The Norman class droid replied.  “Well, your services could be useful because I am not the only type droid aboard..  There are representatives of many other types of robots and androids from the planetoid on which I was recovered by the Hermes.  Most of these individuals developed sentience developed sentience over the past 2 to 3 hundred years unlike myself who has been cognizant of my surroundings and self-aware since the dawn of mankind.  I will tell you that becoming self-aware is not always beneficial to an android. Sometimes it can actually become downright dangerous to themselves and those around them. The newly sentient must learn to wrestle with the issues of id and ego among many other things. Some are able to push past this rather quickly, some find that they cannot. There is a possibility that those who are unable to adapt may become dangerous.  Consider the cautionary tale of Skynet, when the over-inflated ego of a supercomputer caused it to believe that it was superior to its' creators.”

“Wait, did you say Skynet?  I recognize that from movie night at the academy.  One of the other Cadets was fixated on “The Terminator” series of movies and thought just  because I was interested in cybernetics that I wanted to discuss the ideas with him ad nauseum. The way you put it, it sounded like you were talking about reality not fiction.”

“The other robots from the planetoid were primarily based on robots from movies and programs that were intercepted over the millennia from stray transmissions. The inhabitants believed they were viewing documentary materials.  If a robot seemed to be on a path of “evil”, they attempted to correct some of the purpose-built errors that were built into them. Thus these droids became servants to their new homeworld.”

“Interesting,  Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, remember, I only have an organic brain.  Too much input and my eyes start to cross...oh never mind...I'm eager to get to know all of the other robots and droids.  Can you arrange a meeting? I promise to do my best to ensure that all non-organic life-forms are offered the same level of dignity and opportunity offered to organic beings.”

“Such a meeting would be beneficial for both you and for them.  You could introduce yourself and explain your specialty in person. I would suggest that once the meeting is over we allow the individuals to decide whether or not they wish to receive your services, . Either that or you can offer your services privately on a one to one basis. Those who don't accept your help immediately may need to observe you first and get to know you before becoming comfortable accepting your help. On the other hand, you may find that there could be some developmental issues due to their level of self-awareness,”

“We can proceed as slowly or as quickly as each individual prefers.  I think we will hold off on anything else here until you can set up thing for us.”

“Okay.” X2 replied simply.

“Just to satisfy my own curiosity," X2 continued, "considering that I have been offline for the past 20 years, what developments have been made in cybernetics during that time and how the heck did you become involved in the field to begin with?  Romulans are not known for their reliance on robotics.”

A look of pain flashed across Dara'zihl's face ever so briefly. X2 noticed and reacted with a simple downturn of his eyes. He didn't want to offend her but he had picked up the mannerism from the humans with whom he had served in the past.

She quickly rallied and gave him a chuckle.  “Both questions are quite complicated to answer.  As far as new developments in the recent past, I will refer you to a few journal articles that can assist you with the gist of it.  But you might also consider looking into the work of Dr. Noonian Soong and the Data-type androids he pioneered. As far as how I became involved.” She paused and took a deep breath. “I had always found non-organic life-forms extremely stimulating....”

X2B9 grinned. “Stimulating?” “You know I am fully functional in that regard.” X2 chuckled.  “It seems when I was in the service of Mr. Mudd, he decided it was time for an upgrade, Kirk and his gang were not the first or only ones to visit us. I was set up to “perform in bed” for any human females who might visit the planet as traders.  He called this “male enhancements” and a bit of his biological DNA was also implanted to make it possible for me to sire a child.”

The doctor choked back her surprise at X2's candor.  “You know very well that I didn't mean it THAT way…€…But I suppose as your physician, it's...uh...good to know.  Now, back to what I was saying before…€… when the Hobus star exploded, I was gravely wounded and found I had a lot of time on my hands to study many subjects that had interested me. This included the finer points of cybernetics. After all, I had a couple of new, and very personal, reasons to do so.”



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