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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201710.10
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201710.10
[22:02:16]M-5:    =/\=  USS Hermes
[22:02:16]M-5:    =/\=  201710.10 2202:16 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:02:16]Dion:Damn good to see you back in action, girl!
[22:02:29]CmdrKayshlDurandus:      ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:02:29]Commander_Kirk_Jr:((Doing much better this week for sure.))
[22:03:01]CmdrKayshlDurandus:((::gives a nod:: Thank you. Always nice to have a warm welcome.))
[22:03:58]Dion:((For you, my thoughts, my welcomes, my regard for your talents as a textbook USF Starfleet Officer = ALWAYS warm ))
[22:04:08]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Welcome evening everyone!! I'm sorry I had to miss last week. I actually have a couple questions for you all before we begin.
[22:04:29]Dr_Swift:::flicks his ears up to hear better::
[22:04:33]Commander_Kirk_Jr:What ended up happening last week. Did we just call the sim or free sim?
[22:04:49]Katrista_Ryan:We called the sim
[22:04:50]Dr_Swift:If I may, sir
[22:05:11]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Yes Doctor?
[22:05:33]Dr_Swift:We did call the sim. You being Sick, Comander Durandus had real life things work related, I believe, and several other people as well weren't feeling at their best either. So, in attempt to meet back here with us all capable and healthy, we called it.
[22:06:22]CmdrKayshlDurandus:What he said.
[22:06:59]Commander_Kirk_Jr:All right. Thank you Doctor. I do understand and I'm glad to see most of us here this week.
[22:07:54]Dion:((::Enjoying the popcorn in this sim's PG. Misses Yuji, the live sushi chef he had placed in the Aldrin's PG though. He made great nigiri:: ))
[22:07:56]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Now as far as the Mission Brief goes this is the only reason I did not send one out as I wasn't sure. But we'll be starting pretty much where we had left off. Only a very short time skip.
[22:09:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:((::sighs, jealous of Dion's daydream of sushi, then goes back to focusing on her XO duties::))
[22:10:04]Commander_Kirk_Jr:5 to 10 minutes at the most. With Captain Onto's little device successfully thwarted.
[22:11:32]Commander_Kirk_Jr:The Hermes next mission will be to recover, well.. me. Captain Onto had all ready sent a smaller ship down to the planet ship to recover me as well so they will be closing in on me and my new found friend, who is native to the planet.
[22:13:01]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Your mission, should you choose to accept, I'm hoping you will. Is to get to the planet surface with an away team as the transporters are about the only thing not working on the Hermes yet.
[22:13:53]Commander_Kirk_Jr:::looks to Zomaii:: Yes Lieutenant?
[22:14:10]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:what are we going to  do with Onto's pirate crew when we ccatch them?
[22:14:55]FtLtGrimsdottir:((Let's leave that to in-sim?))
[22:15:34]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Yes, depending on the situation we'll see what we can do.
[22:15:43]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Any others?
[22:16:56]Commander_Kirk_Jr:All right.  Lets get to it everyone!
[22:17:12]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:17:34]FtLtGrimsdottir:::On the bridge, standing near Kayshl::
[22:17:51]Dr_Swift:::The Wolfen was overlooking Kiki's shoulder during the entire thing, watching the data points as Onto's device is rendered useless.::
[22:18:16]EnsRunningWaters:;;in engineering trying to get the transporters working after Onto's escapade with the EMP probe disabled them;;
[22:18:33]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  Captain Onto's Ship Begins Backing Away Seeing Its Trump Card Thwarted. It Begins Cloaking, Once Again Disappearing From Sensors      =/\=
[22:18:50]Oix:@::Looks around as she flies with Kirk.:: It is starting to get dark... will not be able to fly for much longer.
[22:19:10]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Holding a hand to her lips:: I'm concerned about how much time we have until they come back.
[22:19:19]Katrista_Ryan:::sitting on bridge at science, concentrating so hard, she feels like she missed what was happening for the past hour or so::
[22:19:28]FtLtGrimsdottir:We still have a CO to retrieve.
[22:19:50]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::stares at the viewscreen with her arms crossed, watching the ship dissappear:: Kiki, are sensors back online? We need to find the Captain and get out of here. I don't want them to get any more ideas.
[22:20:12]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@All right I think its time we land and hold out if we can. ::looks around finding a dense spot of foliage:: How about there?
[22:21:14]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks over to Jana:: I agree. Is there any way we can keep an eye on them even though they're cloaked? We can't afford to get caught with our guard down while we search for him.
[22:21:17]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;smiles at Little Brother, letting him see the data that is coming in;; Yes ma'am, I have the sensors sweeping for the Captain's biosigns and it appears he's  not alone
[22:21:41]Oix:@::Looks to where he indicated before taking him to the spot. Landing near she walks to where he is standing. The plants all around them start to show signs of glowing as does her feathers.::
[22:21:50]FtLtGrimsdottir:An ongoing tachyon scan would drain our resources.
[22:21:52]Dr_Swift:::He placed a hand on Kiki's shoulder. Damn fine job, that.
[22:22:34]FtLtGrimsdottir:Though, if I may, if our shuttles are still working, we can draw some resources from transporters to make it work.
[22:22:37]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks back to Kiki, a worried look on her face:: Can you tell if its our new "friends"? ::inflection in her voice hinting at air quotes::
[22:23:12]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  On The Planet Surface Onto's Team Look Everywhere For Kirk. Weapons Fire Glow In The Distance As They Clear Areas Of Forrest Trying To Flush Kirk Out      =/\=
[22:23:51]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;pulls up the data showing a gridded map  of the planet with a single Starfleet emblem in  one  of the sectors and a set of plumes near it with the crew from Onto's ship being marked with a set of skulls and crossbones
[22:24:39]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::looks around at the natural glow the planet gives off around his friend, then the the very unnatural one in the distance:: This place is much more unique then anything I've seen before.
[22:24:55]Oix:@::Oix looks to where the they are clearing, before pulling her wings in closer to her body.::
[22:25:28]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Jana, see if you can keep an eye out for that ship. I'll take an away team to the planet while you watch our back.
[22:25:36]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Yes ma'am that  is easily  done the starfleet emblem is that of the Captain I'm marking  the one near him with the feathers  for a  Native and Onto's pirates are also  obviously marked
[22:25:46]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Bobs her head:: Yessir.
[22:25:49]Oix:@::She turns to Kirk::
[22:26:12]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Has a flash of realization:: Wait...
[22:26:31]FtLtGrimsdottir:You should have backup.
[22:26:43]FtLtGrimsdottir:I'm... sorry, I forgot you weren't... the other one.
[22:27:02]Dr_Swift:::Fingers touch his chin as he thinks for a moment.:: A native, hmm? Wonder what species they are...
[22:27:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Good. Make that map mobile. You're with me. ::looks back at Jana, cocking her head a moment then smiling:: You read my mind.
[22:28:24]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Unknown Little Brother and Commander, it's already programmed into the  Padds
[22:28:41]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Twists her head in a way that says "well, alright then"::
[22:28:57]Dr_Swift:::He stood, turning to look at Kayshl.:: Perhaps I should come along as well. If these same people that are chasing us are after him as well, There's a good chance he might be hurt.
[22:29:05]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::sighs:: I'm sorry you're caught in the middle of this. I want to thank you though. ::unzips the his flight jacket and drops it to the ground then grabs his survival pack:: Still have some options as far as weapons goes. ::pulls out his knife and holsters it then pulls out some flash grenades::
[22:29:20]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Yes ma'am, I need to grab  my pack and I'll be ready
[22:30:44]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Jana, assemble whatever you need and meet me in the shuttle bay. ::turns back to Swift and Kiki:: Actually... I need you two here. We have to be ready if that ship makes another appearance.
[22:30:55]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Nods:: Yessir.
[22:31:15]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Heads to the TL, smirking at the idea of two doctors on one landing party, bickering...:
[22:31:18]Dr_Swift:::He simply nodded.:: Understood. Good luck, ma'am.
[22:31:43]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Very Well, ma'am
[22:31:57]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Besides, I am a trained Doctor. ::gives him a wink, hoping the entire crew eventually gets use to her being her and not her alternate self::
[22:32:19]Dr_Swift:::He facepalmed:: Of course... Apoloogies.... I'm still getting used to.... I';ll be here.
[22:32:22]Oix:@::She peers curiously at the pack and the contents. She is familiar with some items some not so much.:: It okay. I was keeping watch when you arrived.
[22:32:29]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:With all respect  ma'am trained in what branch  of Medicine?
[22:32:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Ensign Ryan. If you'd accompany me. ::walks to the TL::
[22:33:03]Katrista_Ryan:Yes, of course, ma'am
[22:33:06]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Arrives at the SB. Goes to the locker and drags 4 landing kits to the shuttle::
[22:33:32]Katrista_Ryan:::stands up ready to get away from the desk::
[22:33:45]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::sees the flashing get closer and closer to them:: All right. Mind doing me a favor? They would most likely be spreading out. My guess is in groups of two. I just need to speak to one of them. ::hands her two of the flash grenades:: I need you to drop one of these in front of the closest group. So I can just talk with them.
[22:33:47]Dr_Swift:::He eyeballs THE CHAIR. Rather than sit in it, he stands next to it, placing a hand on the armrest.::
[22:34:30]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::smirks:: Just pull the pin and drop it. You have about 5 seconds once released.
[22:35:03]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Runningwaters ++   Meet me on the Alonzo Patton in the shuttlebay.
[22:35:20]Katrista_Ryan:::grabs phaser, checks that all her gadgets are working on her unique prosthetic arm, and heads to the shuttle bay::
[22:35:42]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;gets busy working on a new set of sensor parameters to try to pierce Onto's ship's cloaking device while another part of her mind is working  on a new shielding parameter to protect the ship better;;
[22:35:47]Oix:@::She looks around at the colour of the vegetation around her before mimicking the colour herself. She unsteadily holds the grenades in her wings.:: I will try.
[22:36:09]FtLtGrimsdottir:((All I envision is the shuttles from Discovery))
[22:36:57]EnsRunningWaters:++ Durandus ++   On my way;; grabs her toolkit and a phaser as well as a small survival pack including some old style weaponry
[22:37:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::stops to assemble a med kit, then continues into the shuttlebay::
[22:38:23]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Stands outside the Patton, the shuttle already loaded up::
[22:38:33]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  As The Hermes Prepares To Launch Their Shuttle The Armored Raider Decloaks For Just A Moment And Launches Another Group Of Shuttles To The Surface. It Cloaks Again Shortly After.      =/\=
[22:38:37]EnsRunningWaters:;;heads to the shuttlebay and starts going over the Alonzo Patton;;
[22:38:38]FtLtGrimsdottir:Pre-flights are done, we're ready to go when everyone is assembled.
[22:39:16]Katrista_Ryan:::enters shuttle bay, ready to go::
[22:39:41]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Enters the shuttle as well.:: I'll fly if no-one has an objection.
[22:40:04]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;tags the emissions  of the shuttles as well as the ship so it will be harder to lose them with the  new sensor protocols;;
[22:40:09]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::walks onboard, taking a seat at a console in the front:: By all means, Lieutenant.
[22:40:50]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Powers the engines, gets the all-clear from control::
[22:41:12]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::Nods and runs into the dark yelling back:: I'm counting on you!!
[22:41:13]Dr_Swift:[[Hands out the @ signs]]
[22:41:18]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Bridge ++   In the event that you happen to have transporters I'm sure the Chief will be able to stanch us back in a pitch. ::pauses, about to disconnect:: And be careful.
[22:41:33]Katrista_Ryan:No objections here.
[22:41:39]Dr_Swift:Keep an eye out for that ship. They're keeping themselves hidden.
[22:42:09]CmdrKayshlDurandus:All set, Cassie?
[22:42:38]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:++ Durandus ++    They just  launched more shuttles, ma'am, Be careful, and shall we  fire on them?
[22:42:57]EnsRunningWaters:Hoka Hey! Let's go!
[22:43:09]FtLtGrimsdottir:=/\=      ACTION:  The Alonzo Patton glides out of the Hermes shuttle bay, and makes a quick break to the surface of the planet.      =/\=
[22:43:21]Oix:@::She makes her way to the nearest group continuing to mimic the natural glow of the plants around her to blend. After getting close enough she attempts to pull the pin on one of the grenades. Only to get her thumb hooked in the second one and pulling it at the same time. Panicking she tosses one at a raider but ends up dropping the second one at her feet.::
[22:43:43]FtLtGrimsdottir:Do we have an exact read on Kirk's location?
[22:43:48]Oix:@::Throwing her wings open she tries to back away from it.::
[22:43:59]Dr_Swift:Keep the phaserbanks ready in case they try to fire on the shuttle.
[22:44:20]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Zomaii ++   I don't want to tempt them to attach the Hermes. Their attention is on us, lets keep it that way. WJust watch our backs.
[22:45:05]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::concentrates closing his eyes for a moment then opens them back up being able to see a little better:: Wait what!? ::sees Oix drop both grenades and shuts his eyes as a brilliant flash blinds the two Speegan soldiers::
[22:45:40]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:++ Durandus ++   Understood I'l putting the pirates  in red skulls and  crossbones on your  PADD Maps
[22:45:40]FtLtGrimsdottir:=/\=      ACTION:  The Patton breaches the planet's atmosphere. From where Kirk is, a distance soaring noise can be heard.      =/\=
[22:46:41]Oix:@::She is caught in the the one she dropped.::
[22:46:52]EnsRunningWaters:@;; at  sensor controls watching  for the other shuttles;;
[22:47:17]Katrista_Ryan:@Kirk is the Starfleet emblem on the map. Land as close to him as we can.
[22:47:28]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::runs towards them with his eyes closed stops for a moment hearing the shuttle but heads towards the two Soldiers dropping down and using his knife to cut them each in the calf muscle causing them to drop to their knees then slams their heads together quickly::
[22:47:49]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Finds a clearing near Kat's emblem::
[22:48:27]EnsRunningWaters:@;;strings her short  but powerful bow and  gets ready to use it to defend the Captain  if needed;;
[22:48:49]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::takes out the heavy strength wire and ties them up around a nearby tree before they can react::
[22:48:57]FtLtGrimsdottir:=/\=      ACTION:  The Patton lands in a field of tall, iridescent grass. Luminous dust kicks up underneath. The Patton powers down after a time, and the rear hatch opens.      =/\=
[22:49:28]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::monitors the other shuttles from her console:: We have 2 shuttles landing about 600 yards from us.
[22:49:34]Katrista_Ryan:@::grabs phaser, ready to disembark::
[22:49:35]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::looks for his new friend:: Hey, you ok? Didn't mean for you to be caught in that too.
[22:49:58]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Gets up from her seat:: Phasers, everyone. ::Looks directly at Durandus::
[22:50:04]Oix:@::Has some singeing to her feathers and is very dazed from the bright light hurting her sensitive eyes.::
[22:50:23]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Following Kat:: Ensign, you're our eyes.
[22:50:25]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@Onto's Soldier- You'll die you know.
[22:50:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::waits for the Patton to land before standing and pulling out a tricorder:: Alright. Lets make this quick, shall we?
[22:51:24]Katrista_Ryan:@::leads the team out of the Patton, keeping an eye on the map::
[22:51:34]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::ignores the soldier and begins examining Oix:: Your eyes should recover soon. The Feathers I'm not sure about.
[22:51:49]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::pauses, processing Jana's comment, then looks down at her belt:: Oh, damn. "Do no harm" habits are hard to break. ::looks to Jana::
[22:52:09]EnsRunningWaters:@ ;;Nocks an arrow with several more in her hand an  draws the bow, each of the arrowheads being shaped explosive charges to take out the shuttles once the ramp is down and she has a clear line of sight;;;
[22:53:03]Katrista_Ryan:@Captain is this way. Only 500 meters away
[22:53:03]FtLtGrimsdottir:@There is such a thing as a stun setting, sir.
[22:53:06]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::Goes to a locker, grabs a phaser, then follows Ensign Ryan::
[22:53:30]Dr_Swift:::Watching via the scanners on the ship, he mused a little to himself:: So... we gonna do this guns blazing, the Hermes way, or...
[22:53:41]EnsRunningWaters:@;;has a phaser  with her  but prefers the weapons of her peoples;;
[22:53:57]Katrista_Ryan:@::coughs from the dust::
[22:53:59]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@Fair enough. ::gives a short laugh at her rather obvious comment::
[22:54:10]Oix:@::She blinks rapidly.:: That was bad. ::She tries to flap her wings, only to realize how sore she was.::
[22:54:18]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::looks back to the soldier and leans down near the one who had spoken:: Now back to you. What are you and what do you want with me?
[22:54:30]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Calls Runningwaters forward:: Arrows take point. We're outnumbered, we need to be quiet.
[22:54:45]Katrista_Ryan:@the bioluminescence and dust is making it look foggy. we could be on top of the before we see anything
[22:55:03]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@Lead the way ::gestures to Katrista, her eyes watching around her::
[22:55:05]EnsRunningWaters:@do I need to change tips?
[22:55:28]FtLtGrimsdottir:@ ::Pauses a second...:: Erm... no.
[22:55:38]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  An Odd Silence Once Again Takes Over The Area Of The Away Team      =/\=
[22:55:44]EnsRunningWaters:@ the ones on them now are explosives with a thermite core
[22:55:52]FtLtGrimsdottir:@ Then yes.
[22:56:13]FtLtGrimsdottir:@ Wait... no... We can use that. Thermite causes a bright flash, doesn't it?
[22:56:18]Katrista_Ryan:@ ::waits for RunningWaters to take point, then navigates slowly and stealthily toward kirk::
[22:56:26]EnsRunningWaters:@;;nods and changes the arrowheads to  duraneum broadheads;;
[22:56:29]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::taps her comm:: *++Durandus to Kirk++*. Are you there?
[22:57:01]Katrista_Ryan:@He should only be 100 meters away now
[22:57:41]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@Do you read any other lifesigns?
[22:57:43]Oix:@::As her eyes readjust. She walks over to Kirk with her wings still fully opened.:: What now.
[22:58:06]Katrista_Ryan:@I still can't see anything but his signal says we should be close.
[22:58:07]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::hesitates calling out to him in fear of attracting hostile pirates::
[22:58:08]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::stands up:: Ok that's weird. ::hears the faint chirp and taps commbadge:: ++Kirk to Durandus++ I hear you. I'm close to you guys. You should be close......
[22:58:09]EnsRunningWaters:@;;fires into Onto's shuttle's engines, frying the circuits in them and grounding them ;;
[22:58:54]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Looks over RW's head to the disabled shuttles::
[22:59:00]FtLtGrimsdottir:@ Huh... good work Ensign.
[22:59:09]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  Disrupter Fire Fills The Air At The Away Team From Behind The Nearby Trees      =/\=
[22:59:23]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Spins around to face the weapons fire:: COVER!
[22:59:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@Captain! ::looks around to no avail, then ducks hearing the fire::
[23:00:04]EnsRunningWaters:@:: Grins and nods before  diving for cover behind a tree  changing the points again to the  explosive ones and  firing at the pirates;;
[23:00:21]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Fires a few volleys at the attackerS::
[23:00:31]Katrista_Ryan:@::hits the ground with phaser pointing toward the weapon fire::
[23:00:42]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Takes out a couple of guys::
[23:01:17]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::pockets her tricorder and pulls out her phaser::Are you ok? We don't have transports online, but our shuttle is nearby.
[23:01:17]Katrista_Ryan:@:: shoots phaser at indistinct figures, hopes it's not the new captain::
[23:01:28]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::pulls Oix down and out of the fire level:: We have to keep down. I'll be right back though. I have to help my crew.
[23:01:49]EnsRunningWaters:@;; the arrow hits a boulder they were trying to  hide behind and turns into so much stony shrapnel to  pelt them with;;
[23:02:10]Katrista_Ryan:@::checks padd:: Captain is coming up from behind us. Don't shoot him::
[23:02:33]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Looks at the gruesome scene a few meters away. Enemies impaled by stones.::
[23:02:33]Oix:@::She is pulled down after watching Kirk leaves. She lays on her stomach and tries to relax.::
[23:02:50]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Looks behind her to RW, giving the thumbs up. Sees Kirk approaching from behind::
[23:03:27]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::gets up and heads towards the away team hearing the two Speegan soldiers laughing as he does:: Onto's Officer-Told you he was stupid!
[23:03:52]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Stands up, gets a clear view of that a-hole Officer. Fires off a shot::
[23:04:33]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::slides down into cover near the away team:: Nice to see you all in my neck of the woods. Sorry it had to be like this. Anyone have a spare phaser for me?
[23:04:56]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@::senses him behind her and turns to meet him:: Captain. ::scans him for visual injuries::  
[23:04:56]EnsRunningWaters:@ ;;gives the Thumbs Up sign to Grimsdottir before firing another arrow which manages to take out two Speegans and tossing her phaser  to the Captain;;
[23:05:01]Katrista_Ryan:@Here, you can use mine. I have my arm
[23:05:27]FtLtGrimsdottir:((And then, for a brief few seconds, everyone was unarmed. Except Kat. Because... arm))
[23:05:42]Katrista_Ryan:@Uh, I mean I have a phaser built into my arm
[23:05:49]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::nods taking the phaser:: Interesting, thanks.
[23:05:56]Oix:((I was thinking that as well.))
[23:06:10]EnsRunningWaters:( sorry RW has  hers and is  using them with the archery equipment)
[23:06:27]FtLtGrimsdottir:@ ::Regrouping:: We need to get out of here before we're overwhelmed. This is turning into a suicide box quick.
[23:06:49]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::smiles for a moment:: Pleasure to see you again Commander. It has been a while.
[23:07:21]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::fires phaser knocking a soldier to the ground::
[23:07:40]CmdrKayshlDurandus:(I'M INVINCIBLE!)
[23:08:02]EnsRunningWaters:@;;fires more explosive arrows toward the Pirates to make them keep their heads down by aiming at some tree limbs to fall  on them;;
[23:08:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:@Agreed. We need to make a run for it.
[23:08:24]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::looks to Grimsdottir:: Agreed. I have a friend not to far back that needs some medical attention though. We'll have to take her too.
[23:08:47]FtLtGrimsdottir:@::Looks to RW and Kat:: Can you retrieve the friend?
[23:09:02]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:10:17]Commander_Kirk_Jr:All right everyone I want to thank you for doing such a good job.
[23:11:24]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Now we'll be picking up exactly where we left off. No time skip this week.
[23:12:06]Dr_Swift:Sorry I was so quiet today. I was reading though! It was awesome!
[23:12:07]Commander_Kirk_Jr:I would love to see some logs from everyone. You all are a very talented group of people and I would love to get to know your characters even more.
[23:13:00]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks around guiltily at the people she hasn't finished JLs with yet::
[23:13:07]Commander_Kirk_Jr:No problem Swift. You did a great job too. I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll be some good action aboard the Hermes for you next week. Just a hunch.
[23:14:01]Commander_Kirk_Jr:No are there any questions for me before I dismiss you this week?
[23:14:25]FtLtGrimsdottir:(of course)
[23:14:28]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Yes Ensign.
[23:15:09]EnsRunningWaters:does it bother you to have one under your command that prefers and excels at the  use of archaic weaponry?
[23:16:15]Dr_Swift:I shouldn't see why. Teeth and claws here =P
[23:16:17]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Not even a little bit. I think its unique and lets face it in the Trekverse phasers to malfunction often so to have an alternative is a great idea.
[23:16:39]Commander_Kirk_Jr:*tend to
[23:16:54]FtLtGrimsdottir:Of course, Security has to account for all of these weapons.
[23:17:42]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Indeed Grimsdottir. Now, any other questions?
[23:18:00]EnsRunningWaters:I'll give you the list Lieutenant
[23:18:56]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Anything you'd like to add Commander?
[23:19:33]Commander_Kirk_Jr:All right everyone! DISMISSED!!
[23:19:38]CmdrKayshlDurandus:!sim off
[23:19:38]M-5:    =/\=   USS Hermes - 201710.10 2319:38
[23:19:38]M-5:    =/\=   Log  Closed

### End Log -- Recorded By USF Core Bot