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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201709.12

USS Hermes Log, SD: 201709.12

**IMPORTANT NOTE: In this SIM, the rescue shuttle craft to be deployed by the USS Hermes will be named "Alonzo Patton", in tribute to EnsRunningWaters player's IRL boyfriend, who died recently.**

[22:05:17]M-5:    =/\=  USS Hermes
[22:05:17]M-5:    =/\=  201709.12 2205:17 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:05:17]M-5:    =/\=  MB: =/\=MISSION BRIEF=/\= USS Hermes Mission Brief For Stardate: 201709.12 at
[22:05:20]CmdrKayshlDurandus:      ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:06:36]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Greetings everyone. I hope you all are happy to be back! I know I am!
[22:06:50]Dr_Swift:::finally steps off the acting CO, acting XO, and acting 1st officer chair.::
[22:07:15]Dr_Swift:You guys got it. I'm going to dust out the sickbay.
[22:07:23]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::plays fanfare and shoots confetti canon over a giant "Welcome Back" sign::
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[22:08:29]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Very happy that you all could make it. Has everyone checked out the brief?
[22:08:36]Katrista_Ryan:If I drop, it's because cell and internet have been hit and miss after the hurricane. Thankful I have power!
[22:08:37]Dr_Swift:Indeed, sir.
[22:08:53]Lila_Kirk:::sorry about that went to turn on the Police scanner.
[22:08:53]Dr_Swift:good lord, you and yours are all okay, I hope??
[22:09:05]Lila_Kirk:(( ))*
[22:09:15]Katrista_Ryan:Yep, we had a tree down but all good.
[22:09:16]Commander_Kirk_Jr:(Katrista we definitely understand if it happens.)
[22:10:43]Commander_Kirk_Jr:All right so the Hermes will begin you starting towards the Cygnas Alpha Star System. Leaving from the Space Station.
[22:11:38]Commander_Kirk_Jr:It'll be around 10 minutes for the Hermes to arrive in SIM so till then get everything situated in your departments and prepare for what might await us from the Distress Signal.
[22:13:28]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Are there questions so far?
[22:13:35]Dr_Swift:None here.
[22:14:49]Commander_Kirk_Jr:yes Esnign?
[22:15:13]EnsRunningWaters:would you permit the naming of a rescue shuttle for a murdered simmer who was also my IRL Boyfriend? His name was Alonzo Patton
[22:16:34]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Yes, that would be fine by me.
[22:17:12]EnsRunningWaters:thank you sir his family knows  how much simming meant to him and they would appreciate the gesture
[22:17:33]Commander_Kirk_Jr:You're very welcome.
[22:17:33]Katrista_Ryan:Sorry for your loss
[22:17:39]EnsRunningWaters:thank you
[22:17:53]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Yes I'm very sorry for your loss.
[22:18:02]CmdrKayshlDurandus:We're all here for you.
[22:19:13]Commander_Kirk_Jr:All right. You will be looking for Commander Kirk (me) in Cygnas Alpha. Anything else we'd like to know before we start?
[22:19:27]Dr_Swift:I believe we're good.
[22:20:17]FtLtGrimsdottir:No questions here, sir
[22:20:39]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:22:12]Dr_Swift:::Belongings unpacked, family settled in, it was time to look over the sockbay itself, officially stepping onto duty on a ship for the first time in a while. He smiled, glad to see that while in dock, workers maintained the ship, including the cleanliness ofhis sickbay.:: It's good to be back...
[22:22:33]Dr_Swift:((sickbay,not sockbay*))
[22:22:38]Lila_Kirk:::runs on the the Bridge she was doing some time in the Mines and lost track of time and is Still in her Mining Coveralls::
[22:22:50]Katrista_Ryan:::studying her PADD, investigating the area where the distress signal originated. Nervous to meet the new commander and wants to make a good impression with her research::
[22:22:53]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks around the bridge, inspecting it in great detail for the first time in what seemed like a lifetime.::
[22:22:58]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::walks down the corridor, making her way towards the bridge. She's wearing a command uniform now and it makes her feel slightly out of place. But then being on the Hermes again did the same::
[22:23:07]EnsRunningWaters:;; in Engineering, going over every inch of the engine upgrades to make sure they  were  in perfect order;;
[22:23:45]Dr_Swift:::A few fmiliar faces had him meeting and greeting, hands shaking.:: Tim, Fox... welcome back, it's so good to see you!
[22:23:54]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::walks into the turbo lift:: Bridge.
[22:23:54]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Something on her console grabs her attention, focusing her back to the present::
[22:24:02]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;At Sciences, going over the new Science sensor suite and checking the calibrations;;
[22:24:15]Dr_Swift:Nurses Tim and Fox> And to you sir!
[22:24:30]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Reviews a schematic of the ship::
[22:24:37]Dr_Swift:Excellent. Ready to wreak havoc on the universe again?
[22:25:01]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks down at a PADD in her hand. She scrolls through various ship reports. Being fresh out of the station, everything checked out. She'd still have to study the crew roster, but at least the ship was in good condition::
[22:25:03]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::on the planet surface he looks over the shuttle trying to get it to power back on:: This would be a lot easier if the damn mystery ship would have just shot me down.
[22:25:30]Lila_Kirk:Has forgot to Lose the Diligen Cristels before Leaving::
[22:25:34]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;grins when she hears the XO's step;; Welcome back Commander
[22:25:58]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::walks onto the bridge, pausing a moment to take the sight in:: Didn't think I'd see you again. ::referring to the Hermes::
[22:26:06]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks toward the turbolift as Kayshl steps oout of it.::
[22:26:10]EnsRunningWaters:;;is running a Level 10 diagnostic  of the whole engine system;;
[22:26:12]FtLtGrimsdottir:Commander on deck!
[22:26:22]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Takes a step back from her console and stands at attention::
[22:26:51]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;comes to attention for Kay;;
[22:26:57]Dr_Swift:So. From what I understand we're en route to meet up with our new ship's commander, following a distress signal. I know we all just got back, but we might be re-breaking in our department pretty quick. So let's get a quick inventory and check on the diagnostics systems. Let's get the biobeds warmed up... What else. Ah, yes. The coffee. Let's brew some coffee.
[22:27:04]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  Along With The Original Distress Signal From Cygnas Alpha A Star Fleet Signature Distress Signal Appears Chirping Over The Hermes Subspace Channels      =/\=
[22:27:20]Lila_Kirk::::is about to sit down at Helm when Kayshl comes on to the Bridge of Course She is in her coveralls and something in her Pockets::
[22:27:30]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::the formality makes her smile in amusement. she was use to the quite murmurs and avoidance of the nurses back at Starfleet medical:: At ease, Lieutenant.
[22:27:41]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Stands at ease. A communication alert comes up on her screen::
[22:27:51]FtLtGrimsdottir:Sir, we're receiving a distress signal.
[22:28:12]Lila_Kirk:Welcome back Command. How was your shore Leave?
[22:28:16]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;goes back to her calibrations and deiagnostics;;
[22:28:16]Dr_Swift:::The sickbay all but springs to life, the doc and nurses set to prepping the sickbay. It was checked prior to departure, but that wasn't the hermes crew to do it.::
[22:28:29]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks between her screen and KAyshl:: In addition to the one from Cyngus Alpha.
[22:28:47]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::draws her attention back to Kiki, wanting to be sure not to think she was ignoring her:: Pleasure to see you... Lt. Zomaii correct?
[22:28:49]Dr_Swift:Tim> So, how's the pups, Doc?
[22:29:08]Dr_Swift:Heh, they're walking and talking. It's hard to keep up with them really.
[22:29:10]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::she sits in the CO chair, her attention back on her duties:: On screen.
[22:29:14]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Yes ma'am
[22:30:07]FtLtGrimsdottir:Kiki can you boost the sensors to help zero in on the origin of that signal?
[22:30:42]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Throws a barebones readout on the main screen::
[22:30:56]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Lieutenant, which  distress signal is closer? it might be easier to take them in order ;;starts  fiddling with the gain on the sensors to find the signal's  origin;;
[22:31:24]Lila_Kirk:::sits down at helm::
[22:31:38]EnsRunningWaters:;;is running prelim checks on the engines;;
[22:31:43]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Patches the signal through the bridge speakers::
[22:31:44]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Emergency Beacon Message> This is Commander Kirk ship encountered....cloaakakkkk device.....cau..ti.oon. ::garbled mess::
[22:31:45]Katrista_Ryan:::Smiles to herself when Kay reaches the bridge, the promotion suits her::
[22:31:50]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::hands the PADD she was carrying to an Ensign that approached her, nodding as he took it and walked away::
[22:32:38]Katrista_Ryan:::begins scans of the area near the new distress signal::
[22:33:16]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;plots the two signals on the  viewscreen for the Commander to see and  make her choice from that info;;
[22:33:22]Dr_Swift:::Leonard stood as the last bniobed diagnostic finished.:: Gotta love a tuck and roll take off right? Shoot out of port and make everything work along the way. You guys ready? Beds are looking good. How's the drug cabinets?
[22:33:24]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Cloaking device? ::looks toward the tactical station:: What do you think of that? Romulans? Klingons?
[22:33:54]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::looks over warp core:: Looks like whatever that was left all my power systems inert. Damn, which means. ::pulls out phaser and points it at the rocks:: This is now a fancy paper weight...
[22:33:59]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks down at her console, processing the info a moment::
[22:34:01]FtLtGrimsdottir:There aren't any reports of any incursions in this sector.
[22:34:03]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:maybe both? there are rumors that they have teamed up on several occasions
[22:34:05]Dr_Swift:Fox> Labled, alphabetized, and fully stocked. I'll have to thank the guys at the station later. They did good.
[22:34:23]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Frowns at the prospect of those rumors being true::
[22:34:48]Lila_Kirk:::to Kayshl:: sorry for my entire I was working a Mine and lost track of time.
[22:34:52]Katrista_Ryan:I'm reading plasma trails but am unable to determine the origin.
[22:34:59]FtLtGrimsdottir:We *are* in a less secure area of space.
[22:35:02]Dr_Swift:Excellent. ::He sends a note via data PADD to the bridge for the CO's reading when she found the time. It was simply stating that the sickbay was at readiness Green::
[22:35:28]EnsRunningWaters:++ Bridge ++   Engineering to Bridge, We're ready to go when you are
[22:35:48]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::sits down and pulls out his rations and squints his face in disgust as he takes a bite:: Nope these still taste the same.
[22:35:50]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Both?! ::sounds a bit caught off guard:: Lets hope you're wrong. See if you can find anything else out. We need to be prepared for an attack.
[22:36:09]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Engineering ++   Acknowledged.
[22:36:10]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Plays back the message::
[22:36:16]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:I'll do  my best ma'am
[22:36:30]FtLtGrimsdottir:The new signal is Starfleet.
[22:37:49]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;gets busy trying to find any details about a possible collusion via the diplomatic channels as well as any other she can  listen  in  on;;
[22:38:16]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, ::looks forward:: I'm just glad you're here. Plot a course to the last signals origin, best speed to the source.
[22:38:21]Katrista_Ryan:::attempts to analyze to plasma trails to see if they match any known ships::
[22:39:03]Dr_Swift:::The familiar scent of coffee brew fills the sickbay. A collective breath is drawn and a relaxed sigh of content happens with pretty much everyone::
[22:39:07]Lila_Kirk:::sets course for the last Signal Origin's at best speed::
[22:39:36]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Does a cross-reference search for Klingon and Romulan activity in the sector for the past year::
[22:40:04]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;; does her best to find and follow the ion trails with her sensors;;
[22:40:07]CmdrKayshlDurandus:That has to be the Commander's ship. Is there any sign of a fight? Are we close enough to pick anything up?
[22:41:12]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:not  yet ma'am it will be another three minutes till we're  close enough to tell anything further
[22:43:20]--:EnsJamesHarveySlim (Mibbit@mib-B8911EF6.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:43:26]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Any abnormal activity in the area? Ships that maybe weren't suppose to be there?
[22:44:21]--:EnsJamesHarveySlim (Mibbit@mib-B8911EF6.**) leaves #USS_Hermes
[22:44:45]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:not that I can tell but  I AM  picking up vented plasma in the area of where the ship would be, want me to try scanning  telepathically for anyone in that area?
[22:46:00]FtLtGrimsdottir:It looks like there's a trail of debris leading in the direction of the 4th planet in the system
[22:46:01]Katrista_Ryan:I am reading a plasma trail that is leading into the planet's atmosphere. It's Starfleet in origin but I lost it before it reached the planet.
[22:46:17]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@Aside from the heat this place is pretty nice. Not sure if I should be worried about that ship tracking me down or not. Not really sure what they wanted from me though.
[22:46:52]CmdrKayshlDurandus:What of the other distress signal? Any sign of weapons fire or a cloaked vessel?
[22:47:54]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks to Kiki:: Kiki, can you run a tachyon scan?
[22:48:25]Katrista_Ryan:I am not reading any discharge from weapons but uncertain about a cloaked vessel.
[22:48:52]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  PROXIMITY ALERT...... PROXIMITY ALERT      =/\=
[22:49:03]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:On  it, Lieutenant ;; gets busy while also searching for anyone  mentally in the area;;
[22:49:32]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks at the flashing on the console to her left:: Unknown contact, sir! 50k off starboard!
[22:49:41]Lila_Kirk:::looks at the Board:: Ma'am a ship is decloaking.
[22:49:43]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, all stop!
[22:49:58]Lila_Kirk:::stops the ship::
[22:49:59]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Commander there is some unusual residual energy, strong enough to knock  out the power in a medium sized ship
[22:50:20]CmdrKayshlDurandus:(We're still at yellow alert?)
[22:50:34]FtLtGrimsdottir:I have a lock on the original signal as well. It's coming from that ship.
[22:50:40]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     YELLOW ALERT    =/\=
[22:50:40]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     YELLOW ALERT    =/\=
[22:50:59]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:( shouldn't that be red?)
[22:51:02]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Are they arming weapons?
[22:51:31]Dr_Swift:::Sipping coffee. They are standing by and ready, even for an away mission should they need to::
[22:51:34]FtLtGrimsdottir:They've taken a defensive posture like us, it looks like,
[22:51:42]FtLtGrimsdottir:No weapons charged.
[22:51:56]EnsRunningWaters:;;makes  sure that the shields are ready to deploy in a nanosecond's notice;;
[22:51:56]CmdrKayshlDurandus:(and yellow alert means shields are up, be cautions, but not battle stations, right?)
[22:52:08]FtLtGrimsdottir:((Shields up, no weapons))
[22:52:12]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Hail them.
[22:52:29]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Plays her fingers across the screen:: Channel open.
[22:52:48]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, keep an eye out. I want to make sure they don't try anything funny like headbutt us.
[22:53:10]Lila_Kirk:aye ma'am
[22:53:23]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Unknown vessel. This is Commander Durandus of the Federation Vessel USS Hermes. We are responding to your distress signal. Are you in need of assistance?
[22:53:43]EnsRunningWaters:also has weapon power ready to go if  needed;;
[22:53:56]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks at the second signal while Durandus talks to the vessel.::
[22:54:10]FtLtGrimsdottir:No response.
[22:54:18]FtLtGrimsdottir:Stand by..
[22:54:21]Katrista_Ryan:::begins taking reading of the uncloaked ship::
[22:54:39]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  Ship Remains Silent But Slowly Begins Backing Off From The Hermes      =/\=
[22:54:43]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;is already taking  readings of both ships;;
[22:54:56]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Have we picked up on Commander Kirk's signal? Do we know where he is?
[22:55:42]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Yes  ma'am, his ship is the one  in the middle of that plasma and energy cloud
[22:55:49]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Unknown vessel. We mean you know harm. Please respond.
[22:56:58]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::finds some core material he had stored away in the back of the shuttle that he had to build a spare core if he had to:: Looks to be still active. Should be enough to get the core charging. Must have had enough shielding to protect it from the blast. ::inserts into the core to see what happens::
[22:57:07]CmdrKayshlDurandus:See if you can hail his ship or determine if he crashed or his ship was damaged
[22:57:22]FtLtGrimsdottir:Sending response signal to the distress beacon.
[22:57:32]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  A Small, Seemingly Harmless Probe Is Launched From The Vessel      =/\=
[22:57:51]FtLtGrimsdottir:Hopefully if he's receiving us, the beacon will make a lot of no--
[22:58:00]FtLtGrimsdottir:Something just launched from the unknown vessel, sir
[22:58:19]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@::core lights up and a small amount of power returns to his shuttle:: Awesome!
[22:58:40]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Does it appear to be a weapon at all?
[22:58:50]Commander_Kirk_Jr:@+Kirk To Anyone Out There, Hopefully the Hermes+
[22:58:59]Katrista_Ryan:Power just returned to the Commander's shuttle.
[22:59:02]CmdrKayshlDurandus:On second thought, See if you can snag it with a tractor beam. I don't want to find out the hard way.
[22:59:21]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Unknown  ma'am suggest  holding it  in a tractor beam till we can  ascertain  its purpose
[22:59:25]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  It Moves Slow And Methodically Towards The Hermes Seeming To Be In No Rush      =/\=
[22:59:57]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, back us off. I don't trust that thing.
[23:00:03]FtLtGrimsdottir:It's... watching us.
[23:00:16]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  Energy Builds Around The Device Rapidly      =/\=
[23:00:17]Lila_Kirk:::backs the ship off::
[23:00:22]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::glares at the screen suspiciously:: Do we know if that's what caused Kirk's ship to crash?
[23:00:36]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:no ma'am
[23:00:51]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Says low, to herself:: One good guess.
[23:01:22]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;englobes  the probe in a  forcefield/warp bubble separate from the ship;;
[23:01:29]Commander_Kirk_Jr:(Sorry everyone, its just going to be a bit over the time so if you must leave I understand. Shouldn't be to much over though.)
[23:01:30]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks over to Grimsdottir:: If you can't contain it, destroy it.
[23:01:51]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Bobs her head in agreement::
[23:02:13]Dr_Swift:::Leonard is busy going through the database of the sickbay documents.:: Thank the goddess, they left it all there. Reseach notes, some personal thoughts... Guess they knew we were coming back. I'm going to head to the bridge.
[23:02:22]Dr_Swift:Tim, let me know if you need me.
[23:02:28]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks over to Lt Ryan:: Be ready to punch power to torpedoes.
[23:02:30]Lila_Kirk:::to Kayshl:: maybe they don't like outsiders.
[23:02:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::Speaks through the open hail again:: Unknown vessel. Retract your probe immediately or it will be destroyed.
[23:02:45]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  The Energy Swirls In A Brilliant Purple And White Hued Vortex Around The Probe But Now Moves Rapidly Towards The Hermes      =/\=
[23:03:21]Dr_Swift:::He heads out of the sickbay, and towards the turbolift.::
[23:03:26]Lila_Kirk:::works Helm trying to avoid::
[23:03:40]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Her console alerts her to the action:: The object is heading toward us! Rapid speed!
[23:03:44]CmdrKayshlDurandus:~~~ ::swears telepathicly::  ~~~
[23:03:55]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Destroy it.
[23:04:02]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  The Vortex Expands Rapidly As It Reaches The Hermes Sending Shock waves Through The Hermes Knocking System After System Down!      =/\=
[23:04:05]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Smacks her hand on the command for torpedoes::
[23:04:19]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;tries to  use the forcefield as a  mirror to reflect the vortex'  power back  on  itsellf;;
[23:04:41]Katrista_Ryan:::her console goes black::
[23:04:50]Dr_Swift:::The Turblift doors open... most of the way and stop.:: Well that's never a good sign. Guess I'll take the stairs.
[23:04:58]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks around as her consoles blink out around her:: I-- What was that?!
[23:05:05]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Looks to Kiki, then Kat:: Did they fire?
[23:05:24]Lila_Kirk:::works helm trying to get it to work again::
[23:05:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::knows the tendency the Hermes has for trouble and hopes that she's wrong::
[23:05:41]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:what knocked out the Commander's ship and that Probe was apparently some sort of weapon;;
[23:05:57]Katrista_Ryan:It appears that the probe had an energy burst. I don't know if it was intentional or an accident.
[23:06:14]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::braces herself as the ship is sent back then hears alarms go off::
[23:06:22]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Oh that was intentional.
[23:06:50]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:I'm thinking  that it was intentional since the pattern  matched  the strange energy patterns around  the plasma ventings
[23:07:15]Dr_Swift:::The lights are flickering in the hallway. Rather than chance anything the demands power for transportation, he'd walk instead.:: +Engineering+ Everything alright down there? Lost's of power fluctuations here on deck 7.
[23:07:21]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Engineering ++   Status report.
[23:07:35]CmdrKayshlDurandus:(Swift, get out of my head!)
[23:07:47]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=      ACTION:  About Half The Hermes Systems Are Down But The Shields Of The Hermes Are Quite A Bit Better Then A Shuttles So The Hermes Still Has Power To Some Main Systems      =/\=
[23:07:49]Dr_Swift:[[sorry, been in your shoes too long =P]]
[23:07:50]EnsRunningWaters:;;swears  in  Commanche and Lakota, damning the cowards that caused it for fifty generations;;
[23:08:33]EnsRunningWaters:++ Bridge ++   engines are down but I think I can get  them back up to warp four  in ten  hours
[23:09:00]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::follows suit with Grimsdottir::
[23:09:23]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Engineering ++   What can you give me now?
[23:09:24]EnsRunningWaters:( I never knew you had a thing for Stiletto heels, Grandfather)
[23:09:32]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Shakes her head, holding her tongue, as she tries to get her consoles back online::
[23:09:45]FtLtGrimsdottir:::Calls:: Tactical's out!
[23:09:56]EnsRunningWaters:++ Bridge ++   warp two and 30% shields
[23:10:15]CmdrKayshlDurandus:~~~ ::swears again:: Just my luck... first time in the Captain's chair... ~~~
[23:10:24]Dr_Swift:::Taking numerous flights of stairs, he eventually reaches the level he was after. A little short of breath, Swift reaches the bridge. Miraculously the doors here still work.::
[23:10:28]Commander_Kirk_Jr:=/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:11:08]Dr_Swift:[[You know... I'm here to help!!! week that is. God I sound like the cable company.]]
[23:12:09]Lila_Kirk:((Don't remind me of the Cable Company we had no internet yesterday and. Only Locol Channels.
[23:12:13]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Well done everyone! I know it took a little bit to get off the ground. Still braking the rust off these old Simming abilities. Been a while since I did this.
[23:12:37]Dr_Swift:I am glad to see the crew simming again. Tat brings me great joy.
[23:13:11]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Just glad to be here and to see her running... in any capacity.
[23:13:15]Katrista_Ryan:Tats bring me great joy, too. I need another :P
[23:13:33]Commander_Kirk_Jr:I am very happy to be apart of this crew. You all did such a great job.
[23:13:52]Dr_Swift:You know, I could probably use my artwork for many tats. too bad I'm morbidly terrified of needles
[23:14:21]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::hugs:: So glad to see you back, Commander.
[23:14:53]EnsRunningWaters:so Grandfather  make  tatted lace
[23:15:10]Katrista_Ryan:Glad we're back together
[23:15:13]Commander_Kirk_Jr:::hugs back:: Thank you. I'm glad you're back too. Now next week the sim will have a time skip of 10 minutes. The ship won't be attacking because it doesn't know what to make of the Hermes.
[23:15:54]Dr_Swift:tatted lace?
[23:16:08]Dr_Swift:and that is...?
[23:16:20]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Yes Zomaii?
[23:16:55]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I would assume tattos of lace patterns I've seen photos of it.
[23:17:20]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:is my supplemental computer working? I developed it a while ago to act as an auxiliary to the main  one and  AI have  it specially shielded in case of  EMPs and  the like
[23:19:01]Commander_Kirk_Jr:I would say yes to that Zomaii. Things that have heavy shielding to EMP are going to still function. The Hermes was able to resist a lot of the wave but not all of it.
[23:19:04]EnsRunningWaters:no actually it's a  kind of crochet that  is  used to make  different items like doilies
[23:19:09]Dr_Swift:Oh right, ever since that ferengi attack to try and steal the AI chip
[23:19:31]Dr_Swift:I remember that, Kiki
[23:19:41]Dr_Swift:goddess its good to be back
[23:20:01]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;grins;;I thought you would Little Brother
[23:20:11]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Indeed it is Swift. I hope everyone enjoyed it. There's definitely more fun to come though.
[23:22:01]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Any questions before we head out here? I'll be sending a log out to help explain more about our mysterious attacker too. More background for us to know and our characters to find out.
[23:22:28]FtLtGrimsdottir:Thank you
[23:22:35]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I would like to comment...
[23:22:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:If anyone would like to JL just email me. I usually have time here and there to log via Google Docs... for the record.
[23:23:25]Lila_Kirk:Kayshl we never did the JL of our Offical Meeting.
[23:24:32]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Also if at anytime you need more info about things feel free to message me during the sim. I'm happy to help.
[23:25:29]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Anything else you'd like to say before we head out Commander?
[23:25:34]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:I'm also willing  to do  logs with either  Kiki or Cassandra
[23:25:56]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Nope. Just glad to be here
[23:26:10]Dr_Swift:If I may, a brief word?
[23:26:27]Commander_Kirk_Jr:The floor is yours Lt. Cmdr Swift.
[23:27:31]Dr_Swift:Everyone, I know it's been a long few months, with the break, with the way life turned the ship upside down and we hadn't been able to actively sim. I want to thank all of you. Every one of you for sticking through it in what was one of the harder times I've seen with the Hermes in the short few years I've been here. Thankyou for sticking around despite
[23:27:45]Dr_Swift:everything. I'm proud to be able to sim with all of you. Thank you.
[23:27:47]Dr_Swift:That's all
[23:29:31]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Yes, definitely. I know I wasn't around but its great to see you guys sticking it out. Yes Ensign RunningWaters?
[23:29:45]EnsRunningWaters:Commander Kirk thank you for joining in with us to help keep  one of my favorite sims afloat
[23:30:19]EnsRunningWaters:hopefully you'll be around for  the next  few decades
[23:30:38]CmdrKayshlDurandus:lol i agree
[23:31:09]Commander_Kirk_Jr:You are very welcome. Thank you all for welcoming me into the SIM again. I do plan on being here for a very long time. This has been my favorite SIM and judging from this amazing crew I'm glad to be apart of it again.
[23:31:53]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;hops  over and gives Commander  Kirk a  four armed bearhug;;
[23:32:26]Commander_Kirk_Jr:::hugs back and smiles:: Thank you.
[23:32:37]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:you're welcome
[23:33:11]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::tears up from all the feelz::
[23:33:44]Dr_Swift:Unf.. it's getting late.
[23:34:12]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Now everyone. You are DISMISSED! Feel free to stick around though if you'd like to chat.
[23:34:42]Commander_Kirk_Jr:Have a great week everyone.
[23:34:50]CmdrKayshlDurandus:!sim off
[23:34:50]M-5:    =/\=   USS Hermes - 201709.12 2334:50
[23:34:50]M-5:    =/\=   Log  Closed

### End Log -- Recorded By USF Core Bot