USS Hermes Mission Brief
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=/\=MISSION BRIEF=/\= USS Hermes Mission Brief For Stardate: 201709.12

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   The USS Hermes will be setting out from Space Station Fairfield. This station lies on the outskirts of known Federation space. The Hermes herself has just been fully restocked after its long missions away. Crew has also come off of a short shore-leave whilst the Hermes was repaired bringing it up to 100%. With the Hermes ready to go and most of the crew back on board, the Hermes crew is tasked to pick up the Acting Captain, Commander James Kirk Jr. He is en-route to the rendezvous location. Commander Kirk had been doing solo exploration of the Tarash System several light years outside what is officially Federation space. The Hermes and Commander Kirk are to meet in the Cygnas Alpha system, the half-way point between Tarash and Space Station Fairfield. Here it has been discovered that an automated distress signal has been recently activated. Upon picking up the Commander it will be the Hermes job to track down and give any assistance needed to the source of this distress signal. Any information about the system should be recorded as this is a mostly unexplored area of space. Be cautious and observant as there is little known of the area or if there are any inhabitants of the system. 

   Medical should be preparing for any that may be injured and be prepared for a possible away mission. Science will need to collecting data on this area of space. Engineers should be checking to make sure the Hermes is operating optimally. Tactical/Security needs to be on alert for any possible threats and should coordinate with Operations. Considering the nature of the distress signal is unknown the ships condition will be Yellow after its departure from Fairfield. 

-StarFleet Command


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