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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201705.09

USS Hermes Log, SD: 201705.09

[21:55:50]M-5:    =/\=  USS Hermes
[21:55:50]M-5:    =/\=  201705.09 2155:50 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[21:55:50]M-5:    =/\=  MB: Mission Brief, SD 1705.09: "Et morietur omne" at
[21:55:58]CmdrKayshlDurandus:      ATTENTION ON DECK
[21:56:26]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So I know we're a little early, but I wanted to give us time to go over stuff since my PDF might not be viewable to everyone.
[21:57:35]CmdrKayshlDurandus:The attachment I sent with the mission brief is literally the same as this but without my notes.
[21:58:18]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So did everyone read the brief at least?
[21:59:00]--:Councilor_Sparatus (Mibbit@mib-7907AF38.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[21:59:17]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:yes ma'am
[21:59:26]Ens_RunningWaters:yes ma'am
[22:00:34]CmdrKayshlDurandus: Saving you all from reading all the new database files I sent, does anyone have any questions?
[22:00:54]CmdrKayshlDurandus:keep in mind some of this will be adressed in SIM
[22:01:05]Ens_RunningWaters:no ma'am
[22:01:39]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:wonder how it would react to certain melodic frequencies
[22:02:28]CmdrKayshlDurandus:That may be an interesting theory to test out
[22:02:55]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:well certain frequencies causes crystal to shatter...
[22:03:02]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So basic mission brief, we're en route to Erasta XII ... again... with the Turian Vessel.
[22:03:14]CmdrKayshlDurandus:We will all be in the briefing room
[22:03:28]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:04:09]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::sits in the briefing room glancing down at a PADD on the table occasionally::
[22:05:17]Katrista_Ryan:::reading database material about Caedem in briefing room::
[22:05:38]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;in the  briefing room with the PADD holding the studies she had managed to do on the rocks of the planet as well as speculations as to  possible lifeforms that could exist in addition to the Caedem;;
[22:05:40]Lila_Kirk:::sits in the Briefing room playing with her Fidget Spinner:: ((which she is waiting for in Real life::
[22:05:45]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Councilor Sparatus, General Nihilus Kryik and Vetra Nyx all walk into the Hermes briefing room      =/\=
[22:06:24]Ens_RunningWaters:;;in Engineering cleaning up the last  of the  boobytraps before heading to the Briefing room;;
[22:06:27]Councilor_Sparatus:::Takes a seat next to Commander Durandus:: Commander... ::gives a nod, looking stoic::
[22:07:44]Vetra_Nyx:::examines each human seated at the table::
[22:08:12]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;goes over to the Science  officer's place, next to the computer terminal, and sits down on her tail;;
[22:08:27]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Sits at the conference table, a security officer hovering nearby::
[22:08:33]Nihilus_Kryik:::wonders over to FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:: Chief of Security, correct? ::stands waiting a response to be sure he read the personnel files correctly::
[22:08:35]Lila_Kirk:::flicks her fidget Spinner::
[22:08:53]Katrista_Ryan:::shifts uncomfortably in seat, feeling the alien's stares::
[22:09:28]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;reaches over and  pats Kat's hand with her  paw;;
[22:09:28]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Keeps her focus on the table:: That's correct.
[22:09:48]Ens_RunningWaters:;;comes  in and leans against the wall;;
[22:10:05]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Greetings, Councilor. ::nods in return:: Thank you for joining us. ::looks around to be sure everyone is in attendance::
[22:11:33]Nihilus_Kryik:::sits next to her, saying nothing more::
[22:12:17]CmdrKayshlDurandus:(I forgot to mention Swift will not be coming this evening. FYI)
[22:12:28]Vetra_Nyx:::reluctantly sits next to Nihilus Kryik::
[22:12:48]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;nods to theTurians;;
[22:13:18]Lila_Kirk:::flicks her Fidget Spinner from under the table while listening::
[22:13:21]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Leans forward in her seat::
[22:13:30]Katrista_Ryan:::sets down PADD, ready for briefing to begin::
[22:13:56]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So, ::speaking to her crew:: Starfleet as asked us to assist the Turians in reference to the Caedem threat on Erasta XII.
[22:14:01]Ens_RunningWaters:;;finally finds the last open seat and sits down;;
[22:15:10]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Councilor Sparatus, General Kryik and Vetra Nyx, head of science and research, ::gestures to each of them:: have joined us so that we can go over what we have so far
[22:15:10]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;looks to the Turians to hear what they  propose;;
[22:15:23]Lila_Kirk:::shows Running Water who is sitting next to her Fidget Spinner::
[22:15:42]Nihilus_Kryik:::crosses his arms::
[22:16:03]Ens_RunningWaters:;;nods and is thinking of what she  could do to  upgrade it for Lila;;
[22:16:43]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I've given you all access to all the information we have on the lifeform and Erasta XII. Our mission is to assist the Turians in containing the lifeform.
[22:17:27]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:This is going to take a significant amount of resources to pull together.
[22:17:34]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;raises Paw;;
[22:17:42]Lila_Kirk:::flicks it again::
[22:17:54]Vetra_Nyx:We believe that Caedem was an asexual offspring of the Crystalline Entity that has been in hibernation for years on Erasta XII until you disturbed it bringing it out of its slumber.
[22:19:34]Vetra_Nyx:We have little information on the Crystaline Entity. Your information may be vital to bringing this problem to a satisfactory conclusion.
[22:20:55]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;looks over to the Turians:: What has been done in the past to try to contain the Caedem? and have different tonal frequencies been used on them and to what result?
[22:21:16]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::ignores her subtle hint at fault:: I made sure Starfleet sent all the records we have on the Crystaline Entity. What else do we know so far?
[22:21:37]Vetra_Nyx:It has already decimated an entire planet and time is of the essence, so, we strongly request that you be forthcoming with this information and any solutions that you theorize be shared immediately.
[22:22:20]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;pulls  up the files on the Crystalline Entity and  how  it was  dealt with to  place  o a PADD and hands it over to Vetra;;
[22:23:04]Councilor_Sparatus:Agreed. ::looks at the Commander suspiciously:: We don't have time to play any political games with Starfleet.
[22:24:10]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lt Zomaii and Ens Ryan will see to it that we all get the information we need. We want this thing dealt with just as much as you, I assure you.
[22:24:12]Vetra_Nyx:We know little of Caedem other than it is a silicone based life form that turns organic materials into energy. The composition of Erasta XII seems to have caused it's hibernation.
[22:24:48]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:I understand  about time being of the essence. One  of the scientists whose son was  killed by the crystalline  Entity saw to  its destruction by  using   a tonal wavelength aimed at it to cause it to rapidly vibrate and shatter
[22:25:24]Nihilus_Kryik:We also know it will die. ::arms still crossed, and clearly unamused with the overabundance of chatter on the subject::
[22:25:53]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:We need to know what you have done in the past about  it to ensure  that we're  not inventing the wheel
[22:26:14]Vetra_Nyx:It's biological formation of Caedem is similar internally to the crystalline entity however it appears to have evolved a sturdier exoskeleton that makes it more impermeable to sound waves.
[22:26:52]Vetra_Nyx:We have attempted to use sound waves in the past with no luck.
[22:27:07]Nihilus_Kryik:::looks at the creature that was speaking, curious and untrusting::
[22:27:43]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Turns in her seat to face Vetra:: Beyond the science words you just strung together, what *is* it that you're trying to accomplish with these beings?
[22:27:50]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:so besides sound what other measures  have you  used and  to even  limited success
[22:27:53]Katrista_Ryan:Do you know what materials on Estrada XII may have resulted in it's hibernation? Have you conducted any studies?
[22:28:24]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looks around, seeing all eyes on Vetra::
[22:28:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::holds back a smirk at Grimsdottir's comment, agreeing with her but waiting to see what the Turian responded with::
[22:30:51]Ens_RunningWaters:it seems apparent they want the complete eradication of the species
[22:30:55]Councilor_Sparatus:We need them dealt with. They've killed too many for us to risk a breach in containment now.
[22:32:03]Vetra_Nyx:We did not create this being as you seem to have implied. We discovered it and wish to contain or destroy it so no further lives are taken.
[22:33:17]Nihilus_Kryik:::huffs a smug laugh:: They're dangerous and have no hesitation eradicating your species. If you ask me we should eliminate them entirely. Containing them on that planet clearly hasn't worked.
[22:33:20]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Glances at Durandus, not sure how to respond::
[22:33:34]Lila_Kirk:::flicks the fidget spinner::
[22:33:41]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:from your studies  on them, do chemical means contain their threat? like  could we cause a "cloud of  sulfuric acid to fall  on them and wipe them  out?
[22:34:35]Vetra_Nyx:The young one ::indicating Ryan:: asks a reasonable question. We have studied the composition of the planet but this analysis led only to theories. We were unable to reach any conclusions. This may be a topic to further explore.
[22:35:22]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Starfleet has given us orders to contain the threat. They feel the species should be studied, to verify there is no harm to the Prime Directive.
[22:36:16]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Grimsdottir, I need you to work with General Kryik to come up with some way to subdue and contain them.
[22:37:05]Vetra_Nyx:::looking at Durandus::Agreed. We must contain them but destroying them is not our top priority. They must be studied.
[22:37:49]Nihilus_Kryik:HA! ::uncrosses his arms:: You can't CONTAIN them... ::leans forward:: They're too clever.
[22:37:50]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:do they only show up  on the surface or are there colonies of them beneath the surface  layer
[22:38:19]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Tenses at Kryik's outburst, looks at him uncomfortably::
[22:38:21]Vetra_Nyx:So, in answer to your question ::glances at Kiki:: we have not rained down random chemicals on them to see how they would react. We monitored and studied. We are not barbarians.
[22:39:11]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::To Durandus:: I... think crystal beings of energy aren't exactly our specialty.
[22:39:45]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::gives General Kryik a stern look:: General, I think you underestimate my crew.
[22:40:11]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:I understand that but I was wondering if a chemical solution had been tried  in the past like some sterilization drugs on troublesome animal  populations
[22:40:17]Vetra_Nyx:::eyes narrow at Kryik, obviously strongly disagreeing with his outburst but unable to confront him::
[22:40:41]Vetra_Nyx:No, that has not been attempted
[22:41:15]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:alright and  do you have any  record of their chemical structure?
[22:41:39]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks to Grimsdottir:: We don't have much say in the matter. Is there anything Engineering can help us with? As far as modifying containment fields or energy weapons?
[22:42:07]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:I would like some input from Lieutenant Zomaii.
[22:42:10]Vetra_Nyx:Yes, I believe we have shared this information with you. It should be available to you. ::glances at Durandus::
[22:42:40]Ens_RunningWaters:I can try working on containment fields as well as weapons,ma'am
[22:44:05]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:We can try or possibly try sticking a Lightning rod  in the ground for their energies to be trapped by and  harnessed to a  more  productive  use
[22:44:45]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Like an energy net?
[22:45:03]Katrista_Ryan:I have studied the make-up of Estrada XII. If we can get the right combination of kelbonite and fistrium, I believe we could make an effective "traquilizer" if you will, that will block their absorption of energy.
[22:45:57]Katrista_Ryan:I believe that could work. Make an energy net using kelbonite and fistrium particles.
[22:46:20]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:I'll make my people available for any heavy lifting.
[22:47:46]Vetra_Nyx:So, this would be a type of prison that they could not escape and we could further study them without eliminating them. It is worth trying.
[22:47:53]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:we might also want to rig some oversuits of that material to  protect the workers down there
[22:48:35]Katrista_Ryan:I will work on trying to create the correct ratio of particles.
[22:48:53]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looks to Durandus:: This sounds like a plan to me.
[22:49:45]Ens_RunningWaters:I'll help you with that net if you want
[22:49:49]Vetra_Nyx:I can assist the young one. I have more knowledge of their biology and that may be helpful.
[22:50:27]Katrista_Ryan:::looks at Nyx:: I'm Ensign Ryan.
[22:50:45]Vetra_Nyx:::nods at Ryan::
[22:51:21]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Excellent. Grimsdottir, work with the General. See if we can pool our resources and get this ... tranquilizer... put together.
[22:52:06]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Let  me know the ratios you'll need of the kelbonite and fistrium and I'll start weaving it  into the net matrix
[22:53:10]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Ensign Ryan would be able to tell you more about that. Once you figure that out, I'll need to get started on a distribution plan for the energy net.
[22:54:18]Katrista_Ryan:But I will need some time. It will involve several tests.
[22:55:32]Nihilus_Kryik:I will need to begin preparing my teams for deployment on the surface. ::looks to the small woman in the Security uniform:: I have some weapons modifications that may prove useful to you.
[22:55:44]Lila_Kirk:::listens as she plays with Fidget spinner::
[22:55:58]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::To Kryik:: Forward those directly to me, please.
[22:58:03]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Sounds to me like we have a plan. Keep me apprised of your progress and the Councilor and I will see to it that we're all on the same page.
[22:58:32]Katrista_Ryan:Yes, sir.
[22:58:42]Councilor_Sparatus:::gives a nod to the Commander as she speaks:: My ship and it's crew are at your disposal.
[22:59:08]Katrista_Ryan:::picks up PADD beginning to leave thinking of all the work she has to do::
[22:59:41]Katrista_Ryan:Vetra Nyx, I will show you to our lab.
[23:00:05]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Communicate with our Turian counterparts and give me updates every 2 hours. We'll reconvene at 0400.
[23:00:12]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Kat use the R&D  one as well  if you need to
[23:00:33]Katrista_Ryan:Thank you. Will do.
[23:01:42]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Dismissed. ::stands:: Councilor, I can escort you back to your ship.
[23:02:48]Lila_Kirk:::stands up and heads to the bridge::
[23:02:58]Councilor_Sparatus:Thank you Commander. ::stands and walks::
[23:04:23]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:04:40]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;heads  to  her lab to start working on additional detector techniques as well as a "Garbage dump" for the  critters liberally laced with kelbonite and fistrium pellets
[23:06:13]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Awesome. We have a plan... ish...
[23:08:13]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So we learned some things, and hopefully we're armed with some sort of plan when we get to Erasta XII
[23:08:57]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Because we have no idea how they'll react to this plan we've come up with. So be prepared for the unexpected
[23:09:01]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Yes, Kiki
[23:09:06]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:you might have shown  it in the download but  how big ARE these critters anyway?
[23:10:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:(Human) knee high.
[23:10:38]Katrista_Ryan:They look like pterodactyls to me
[23:11:18]Katrista_Ryan:Or "skarmory" if you're into pokemon
[23:11:28]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:ok so we're working  with pittie sized Pteranadons
[23:11:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:like an electric bat
[23:11:54]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:baseball  or Cricket?
[23:12:23]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Har har
[23:12:28]CmdrKayshlDurandus:flies and can crawl around. so maybe a 3 feet / 1 meter
[23:12:48]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Anything else?
[23:13:03]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Meter  height or Wingspan?
[23:13:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I did put links in my last ACO duty log if any of you want to read through the Turian or Caedem database files
[23:14:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Which, for the chat log record are (Caedem) and (Turian)
[23:14:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I will try to update the Caedem database file with the sizes for you
[23:14:55]CmdrKayshlDurandus:3 feet high maybe double that for wingspan
[23:15:03]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:ok thanks
[23:15:12]CmdrKayshlDurandus:anything else?
[23:15:26]--:Nihilus_Kryik (Mibbit@mib-7907AF38.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
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[23:15:50]CmdrKayshlDurandus:!sim off
[23:15:50]M-5:    =/\=   USS Hermes - 201705.09 2315:50
[23:15:50]M-5:    =/\=   Log  Closed