USS Hermes Mission Brief
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Mission Brief, SD 1705.09: "Et morietur omne"
"Et morietur omne"
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The first rule of simming is that real life is more important.
If you need to miss a sim, please inform me so we can plan accordingly.

Starfleet has received our reports regarding our geological survey of Erasta XII, and has ordered a small scout ship to pick up where we left off. On SD1704.25, Starfleet ordered the Hermes to escort the scout ship Jaguar II back to Erasta XII. While in transit to the planet, the Jaguar II exploded due to unknown causes. Shortly thereafter, the Hermes was rocked by another explosion taking the shields down and leaving the crew vulnerable. 

On SD1705.02, this alien vessel attacked, bringing down our shields and boarding. They were treated as hostile and security was given orders to stop them by any means necessary. The invaders were subdued and we were able to stop their attack.

This alien race is known as the Turians and the leader of the invading force was known as Nihilus Kryik. He informed us that they were in search of a deadly organism, capable of eliminating entire civilizations, which originated from Erasta XII. They believed the only way to be sure the organism was eradicated was to destroy everything that came into contact with the planet's surface. We were able to come to an agreement with the Turians that they would cease and desist if the Hermes agreed to comply with their quarantine procedures.

Mission Briefing

We have just completed the Turian quarantine procedures and have been ordered to accompany the Turian vessel back to Erasta XII. Our mission is to contain the lifeform known as Caedem. 

Science reports from the Turian vessel indicate the lifeform is extremely dangerous and has evolved very quickly despite it being dormant on the planet for so long. Therefore, Lt.Jg. Zomaii and Ensign Ryan will be working with the Turian scientists to find a way to combat the lifeform given it's unpredictable nature. The rest of us will be preparing alongside the Turians. 

Important Notes
1. This sim takes place 1 week after our last scheduled sim.
2. All crew should review the enclosed species file.
3. All senior officers should report to the briefing room immediately.

From the desk of:
Commander Kayshl Durandus
Acting Commanding Officer, Executive Officer
USS Hermes | NCC-4501-G
USF Starfleet Personnel File

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