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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201705.02

USS Hermes Log, SD: 201705.02

[22:00:27]M-5:    =/\=  USS Hermes
[22:00:27]M-5:    =/\=  201705.02 2200:27 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:00:27]M-5:    =/\=  MB: Mission Brief, SD 1705.02: "Warm & Welcoming Host" - Part II at
[22:00:32]CmdrKayshlDurandus:      ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:02:32]CmdrKayshlDurandus:How is everyone?
[22:02:50]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Glad to see we have almost everyone
[22:02:56]Lila_Kirk:Good and you?
[22:02:57]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Yeah... I feel ya, Kiki
[22:03:06]LtCdr_Swift:Perdy good, got another idea for a drawing after sim. Life is well, busy, but I've food, bed, and clothing. I can't complain
[22:03:20]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;giggles;;; that tickles Commander
[22:04:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Ok so we all read the brief, yes?
[22:04:18]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Aye Ma'am
[22:04:24]LtCdr_Swift:Yes ma'am
[22:04:44]Ens_RunningWaters:Yes Ma'am
[22:06:12]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So we have invaders. We don't know what they want and they're clearly hostile. Systems are holding, but who knows for how long (probably Ens RunningWaters).
[22:06:38]Ens_RunningWaters:I'm doing my best Ma'am
[22:07:24]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Yes, Kiki9
[22:08:06]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Would using High-Intensity Chemlights help get rid of them till we could get the lights  back  on  in those sectors?
[22:09:09]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I'm not sure what that science-y magic that does, but you can certainly try it
[22:11:37]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:alright thank you I'm talking about old fashioned glowsticks
[22:11:48]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So primary goal. Stay alive and find out why they're here.
[22:11:55]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Everyone good?
[22:12:28]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:I'm ready.
[22:13:01]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:13:31]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Somewhere on the crew deck, approaching a dark section::
[22:14:07]Lila_Kirk::: at helm::
[22:14:09]LtCdr_Swift:::The last thing he'd heard from the commander was the equivalent of being given permission to go hunting. Enemy intruders on the ship, Leonard was not going to have any of it. First stop, the Sickbay.::
[22:14:37]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  The Hermes is at a full stop, shields down and damage taken to the hull. Debris from the Jaguar II is scattered to our port side. The alien vessel is directly in front of us, weapons locked. Red Alert and Intruder Alert warnings sound throughout the ship.      =/\=
[22:15:49]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;at science station 1, working on trying to get sensor readings on their intruders' physiologies. Hearing that they came in the unlit sections, she suspected them to be Photophobes, but  beyond that she wasn't sure of anything;;
[22:16:07]LtCdr_Swift:::The doors slid open to a version of Leonard that the sickbay crew hadn't seen in a while. Most serious, he said little, grabbing a few things from the shelves, canisters, quick release agents, and a number of injectors. One might think he was going on the ship's biggest healing spree.::
[22:16:17]LtCdr_Swift:Nurse Tim> Sir! What's going on??
[22:16:47]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::sits in the Captains chair:: Lila, keep an eye on that ship.
[22:16:58]LtCdr_Swift:Lock down the sickbay. We've been boarded. I'll be back soon. Hand out phasers, but use them in defense only if you have to. Tim. Protect my staff.
[22:17:16]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Engineering ++   Damage report
[22:17:26]Lila_Kirk:Aye ma'am.
[22:17:44]LtCdr_Swift:::With that, Leonard left the sickbay to a speechless nurse crew.::
[22:17:56]Lila_Kirk:::uses helm to keep on the ship ::
[22:18:13]Ens_RunningWaters:;;in Engineering, working on trying to restore power to the sections without lights, her weapons within easy reach and a supply of high intensity glowsticks at hand as well as a few Flashbangs;;
[22:19:23]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Checking her tricorder:: +Bridge+ We've managed to hold down the armory. I'm near a dark area on the crew deck. How should I proceed?
[22:19:37]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Alien intruders work their way toward Engineering. Injured crew flood into Sickbay and litter the cooridors. They are ruthless and focused on their goal.      =/\=
[22:20:05]LtCdr_Swift:::Outside the sickbay, he began looking at the tricorder screen, hooking into the computer databanks to track all friendly insignias. Lifeforms not registered with the ship would show up as obvious blips on the radar. A high concentration looked to be towards Engineering. Into the jeffries tubes he went.::
[22:20:13]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;works on finding out as much as she can on the invaders to use  that knowledge against them;;
[22:20:24]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Kiki, what can you tell me about these aliens?
[22:21:10]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:not much they seem to be photophobes and very  driven toward whatever their goal  is
[22:21:20]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Grimsdottir ++   Contain or disarm them if you can.
[22:21:54]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Grimsdottir ++   Whatever you do, make sure they don't take control of our primary systems.
[22:22:06]LtCdr_Swift:::The first deck scaled, Leonard paused in the maintenance shaft. This looked like a good place to exit. Not a lifeform in sight.::
[22:22:19]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  The Hermes receives a hail from the alien ship.      =/\=
[22:22:33]Ens_RunningWaters:;;still working in Engineering with her team and  has a high intensity chemlight tucked  into each braid ready to snap and go  at the first flicker of the lights going off;;
[22:22:43]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Loads the readout of Kiki's scans of the ship.::
[22:23:26]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;; starts setting up forcefields to contain the  alien menace to the rest of the ship;;
[22:23:40]--:Nihilus_Kryik (Mibbit@mib-7907AF38.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:23:54]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:+Durandus+ There's a large area around Engineering that's without power. I'm going to grab a team to secure.
[22:24:46]Nihilus_Kryik:::Makes his way through the dark corridors with a team of 3 Turians flanking him:: Keep moving.
[22:25:06]Ens_RunningWaters:;;keeps working on restoring power to the darkened areas  of the ship;;
[22:25:39]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:+SEC+ To any security teams available, we're going to try to secure Engineering. I'll upload the rally point to your systems.
[22:25:55]CmdrKayshlDurandus:++ Grimsdottir ++   Acknowledged
[22:25:55]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Taps at her tricorder as she makes her way toward a working turbolift.::
[22:26:08]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, bring the hail on screen.
[22:26:28]LtCdr_Swift:::Not far, a small patrol of the intruders seemed to be getting ready to round a corner. The tricorder estimated ETA was thirty seconds. Time to act. Leonard took a sample of potassium chlorate and a sugar pill, locking it into place with one of the injectors set to short circuit on impact.::
[22:26:29]Lila_Kirk:::brings up the hail::
[22:26:55]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  A large Turian appears on the screen, dressed in what appears to be some sort of armored suit.        =/\=
[22:27:11]Ens_RunningWaters:;;booby traps all the entrances, including the Jeffries Tubes, to Engineering to be on the safe side;;
[22:28:22]Ens_RunningWaters:++ Jana ++   Engineering to Security, I've trapped all entrances to ME for safety's sake, Let me know when you're  in  proximity
[22:28:52]LtCdr_Swift:::Counting down and listening to the steps, Leonard flicked his ears and just before the group of four made it to the intersection, the canister lobbed, flying silently through the air before landing on the ground. A moent passed as they looked at it, and it suddenly exploded. Scorch mrks would line th hallway, but anything alive would have been hit with
[22:28:54]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Turian Captain> I have seized your ship and held it under quarantine under the authority of the Shanxi High Council
[22:28:55]LtCdr_Swift:a shockwave::
[22:29:10]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:+Ens RW+ Acknowledged, Engineering. We're not far now.
[22:29:39]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::She meets her team at the rally point. The lights are flickering.
[22:30:07]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:+Ens RW+ We're ready.
[22:30:43]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looks around at the faces around her:: Try for heavy stun, prepare for kill. Remember your training.
[22:30:49]Nihilus_Kryik::: nears junction to Engineering, speaking softly:: You go that way. ::nods to the one to his left:: You two, with me. It should be just ahead.
[22:31:02]Ens_RunningWaters:++ Jana ++   OK use the Jeffries tube that is  in section 221  I'll de trap  it for you
[22:31:48]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::The security team heads into the darkened corridors, their rifle lights showing the way::
[22:31:51]Ens_RunningWaters:;;goes to de trap the Jeffries tube for them but still covers it with her weapons;;
[22:31:59]LtCdr_Swift:::The four went down. Three weren't moving, but one appeared to be in a daze. Leonard made approach enough to be seen by the creature, possibly enough to be seen by any recording on the being before he reached down to remove the helmet.::
[22:32:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::To the Captain:: You have no authority to do this! ::Stands:: You have destroyed our shuttle and invaded our ship. Withdraw your men and we will talk about this quarantine.
[22:33:21]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Approaches engineering, turns to her teammates:: She said Section 221, yeah? ::Holds a beam to the hatch:: This is the one.
[22:33:47]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Cortez, you go ahead. McLaine, you're with me.
[22:33:53]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Turian Captain> We have every authority. We have evidence you landed on the planet known as Erasta XII. We have our orders. Comply or you will be destroyed.
[22:34:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  The transmissions cuts out.      =/\=
[22:34:06]Ens_RunningWaters:::Were  it up to Cassie she'd strip them naked and spread-eagled, covered in Honey, over a fire ant mound and let Nature take Her course;;
[22:34:23]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Heads down the Jeffries Tube towards main engineering::
[22:37:08]Lila_Kirk:::keeps working helm::
[22:37:16]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Several of the Turians go down from the explosion of Swift's McGyver'ed canister. The leader dazed but still standing.      =/\=
[22:37:50]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;keeps working with the internal sensors to find out as  much as she could about these creatures;;
[22:38:22]LtCdr_Swift:::Itwas enough that he took the initiative to ferociously tackle the being over with his size and strength. Not genty, the Turian's head would be pushed to meet a wall.::
[22:38:28]Nihilus_Kryik:::raises his rifle, dazed and angry:: Guh! ::shoots blindly:: We don't have time for this! ::taps something on his forearm:: Captain, we need more men.
[22:38:49]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Kiki, do you know what he's talking about?
[22:39:10]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Did that shuttle craft bring something with it? Something these aliens might want?
[22:39:20]Ens_RunningWaters:;;fabricates a bunch of sharp pointed Jacks to  put in front of all the other entrances to Engineering to act as Caltrops;;
[22:39:43]LtCdr_Swift:::Leonard holds the Turian's head up as he snarls at him:: Why are you on our ship?
[22:39:45]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:We brought back a  few samples to study
[22:40:15]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:but that was all and we  left that beacon
[22:40:49]Nihilus_Kryik:::Growls at him:: Get off me, animal! ::Struggles but gets nowhere::
[22:41:48]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Taps at the hatch to engineering::
[22:42:38]Ens_RunningWaters:;;opens the  hatch to Jana still covering her with her phaser;;
[22:44:01]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Crawls out of the JT and stands:: Ensign, good job holding down Engineering for now. What's the situation?
[22:44:03]LtCdr_Swift:::A knee is brought up to collide with the Turian's chest. With the armor, it likely did little, but a twist and pull, and the Turianwould meet the ground:: That's not the answwer I'm looking for. Your shoulder ends about here, right? ::A twist:: Wouldn't take much to remove it. Now answer my question. Why are you here?
[22:44:13]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;heads down to where Little Brother is to see if she can help him in any manner there carrying her phaser, Tricorder and Kzinti dagger;;
[22:45:06]Nihilus_Kryik:::Growls again:: We don't have time for this! ::is clearly frustrated but something in his expression shows a bit of anxiety as well:: We need to destroy your ship. You've been compromised
[22:46:19]Nihilus_Kryik:Lila, see if you can position us here ::sends coordinates to her console:: we may have a tactical advantage if we still have weapons online.
[22:46:21]LtCdr_Swift:I'm about to compromise your arm away from your body. Last chance. ::Knee dug into shoulder as the Wolfen pulled the arm very far back. Tendons would be at their limits.:: The less you cooperate, the more time we waste.
[22:46:36]Ens_RunningWaters:;;hands out glowsticks to Jana and any with her;; All entrances except for the way you came in are booby-trapped with caltrops and flashbangs.I'm trying to  get  lights up  in all  of the blacked out areas
[22:46:39]Nihilus_Kryik:(Damn it ... wrong person)
[22:46:43]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, see if you can position us here ::sends coordinates to her console:: we may have a tactical advantage if we still have weapons online.
[22:46:58]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Do you know what's causing it?
[22:47:07]Lila_Kirk:::aye works to position where she was told::
[22:47:38]Ens_RunningWaters:They seem to have put some sort of jammer or bypass  on the lines leading to the lights
[22:48:12]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Nods:: I killed one near the brig. That seemed to turn the lights back on. I'd say it's a jammer.
[22:48:39]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Tries to get a view of the size of engineering:: That means at least one of them is nearby.
[22:48:41]Ens_RunningWaters:I'm also working on getting the shields back up
[22:49:10]Nihilus_Kryik:::gives some sort of howl:: Alright! ::squirms:: We have been monitoring the planet. There is a deadly organism, capable of eliminating entire civilizations. We've lost 4 ships to them already.
[22:49:12]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Nods her head to McLaine, who offers RW a heavier rifle::
[22:49:29]--:USFDionXiaoyen (Mibbit@mib-574FFF43.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:49:45]LtCdr_Swift:::Tension lessened:: Good. Next question. What is this organism?
[22:49:59]Nihilus_Kryik:::kicks him, physically demanding he be let loose:: We were about to set warning beacons and quarantine the planet when your vessel arrived. we had no choice. The only way to be sure it isn't spread is to destroy your vessel.
[22:50:09]Ens_RunningWaters:;;starts popping Lightsticks out  of their wrappings, snapping the platic over the glass ampoule inside and giving them a good shake before throwing the activated lightstick toward the area  of  darkness;;
[22:51:11]LtCdr_Swift:::Leonard paused.:: We took back rock samples. I scanned them myself to ensure no foreign contaminants would engage our ship.
[22:51:28]Ens_RunningWaters:;;takes  the rifle and weighs it before handing it back and bringing out her bow and some DoH Willie Pete arrows;;
[22:52:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  More Turians make their way to Engineering and begin attempting to force the doors open.      =/\=
[22:52:28]LtCdr_Swift:You realize you have me in a difficult situation. I want to help you. But I also don't want our ship destroyed. Any way we could offer proof to get your men called off?
[22:52:40]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, hold us here. ::Turns to tactical:: Lock phasers and fire on my command.
[22:52:56]Ens_RunningWaters:Here they come;; gets an arrow nocked and ready to fly when they enter;;
[22:53:13]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Holds her rifle up to the doors to engineering:: Ensign? Working on the shields might not be our highest priority. If you can fix this ship, we need to get you to safety.
[22:54:11]Lila_Kirk:::makes sure they keep their position::
[22:54:22]Nihilus_Kryik:I don't have time to explain what this thing is except that it's dangerous. It doesn't care what species you are. ::pushes him off and stands:: The only way we'll back down is if you can give us proof beyond any doubt that you haven't been compromised.
[22:54:48]Ens_RunningWaters:Alright as you think best.;; turns to the  board : Lock down all Engineering functions till further notice  Code: Hoka Hey 443Engage
[22:55:19]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Where did you say those traps were?
[22:55:27]Ens_RunningWaters:;;grabs her "arsenal" and  chemsticks to go with Jana;;
[22:55:51]LtCdr_Swift:Alright. Here. I'll show you the scans from my own tricorder. I'm going to reach into my satchel here. Slowly. I still have the records.
[22:56:00]Ens_RunningWaters:In front of all the doors in here on  our side  except for Section 221
[22:56:25]Nihilus_Kryik:::watches him suspiciously, reaching toward what is no doubt another weapon::
[22:57:26]LtCdr_Swift:::He began to reach into the small pack he carried, keeping eyes locked to the Turian Commander. Slowly, the tricorder came out of the bag, Leonard made sure to make no sudden moves until it was in full view.:: This. Records are in the third root folder.
[22:57:32]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:If you can, re-trap 221. We're going back to the Bridge.
[22:57:44]LtCdr_Swift:::Carefully, Leonard reached out to hold the tricorder to the Turian.::
[22:57:57]LtCdr_Swift:No life forms came with us.
[22:58:39]CmdrKayshlDurandus:/a Several Turians finally make it through the Engineering doors, tripping one of the traps.
[22:58:56]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Several Turians finally make it through the Engineering doors, tripping one of the traps.      =/\=
[22:59:00]Ens_RunningWaters:ok;;spreads caltrops on the floor behind them and re-engages the  flashbang  grenades across the hatch at a  number  of different  levels;;
[22:59:56]LtCdr_Swift:That's the entire record from beam down, collection of geological samples, and beam up. Life form count remains unchanged.
[22:59:59]Ens_RunningWaters:;;the grenades go  off  in their faces blinding and deafening  them with the  concussive force as well as  the magnesium charge in the flashbang
[23:00:17]LtCdr_Swift:::Leonard looked carefully at the Turian::
[23:00:30]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Starts firing at the Turians as they start their retreat out of Engineering::
[23:00:35]Nihilus_Kryik:::looks over the tricorder, suspicious but a bit less anxious:: I will withdraw my men, but we will have to take this up with my Captain. WE may still need to do a thorough sweep of your ship to be sure.
[23:01:02]LtCdr_Swift:Do it.
[23:01:41]LtCdr_Swift:+Durandus+ Commander, I've found the commanding offier of the invading force. We've reached a temporary agreement. A cease fire.
[23:01:56]LtCdr_Swift:Your turn.
[23:03:03]Nihilus_Kryik:++ Captain ++   The aliens seem to have evidence that they were not contaminated. I recommend withdrawal and proceed with level 5 quarantine procedures.
[23:04:11]Nihilus_Kryik:Turian Captain> Very well. Return to the ship.
[23:04:31]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;finally gets down to where Little Brother is and gets her first look at the aliens as they do  of her;;
[23:04:44]LtCdr_Swift:::The Wolfen's fur seemed to lower and puff down a fair bit.:: And if you find us free of whatever it is, I would have my commanding officer speak with yours about reparations to our ship and it's damage.
[23:05:17]LtCdr_Swift:::He looked over as Kiki showed up:: Kiki, stand down.
[23:05:28]Lila_Kirk:::keeps working helm::
[23:05:42]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;puts her weapons away;; Aye sir
[23:05:43]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Exits to a corridor, when the lights go back on::
[23:06:05]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  The Turian Captain hails the Hermes and comes up on the main viewscreen. "We have received evidence that your ship may not have been compromised. I will withdraw our troops only if you agree to complying with our quarantine procedures."      =/\=
[23:06:06]LtCdr_Swift:We've reached an agreement. For now.
[23:06:21]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;to the alien;;hello
[23:06:47]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:+BRIDGE+ This is Grimsdottir... the lights are back on.
[23:07:07]LtCdr_Swift:That said, I'd like to look over your men. They are wounded. ::He motioned to the three on the ground.::
[23:07:41]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Very well. ::is clearly angered but has no choice:: We will stand by.
[23:07:52]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;reaches into her pouch and hands  over an extra med kit  in case he needs it;;
[23:08:06]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:09:04]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So we held off the aliens and didn't explode the ship.
[23:09:17]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:This time, anyway.
[23:10:27]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Tensions are high, but at least more of our colleagues will die. Only time will tell if we will ever truely forgive these Turians or figure out what this creature was.
[23:10:34]CmdrKayshlDurandus:yes Ms. RunningWaters
[23:10:42]Ens_RunningWaters:we DID have a few small explosions on board, ma'am
[23:11:04]LtCdr_Swift:Eh, details.
[23:11:34]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Alright... we MOSTLY didn't explode the ship. only slightly
[23:11:49]CmdrKayshlDurandus:High Command doesn't have ot know. it'll buff out
[23:12:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Sorry to keep you all late, but you all were doing such an amazing job.
[23:13:43]CmdrKayshlDurandus:We'll be moving on to another plot (most likely) next week, but feel free to log or Joing Log about this plot. And let me know if you'd like to JL with a Turian.
[23:14:02]--:Nihilus_Kryik (Mibbit@mib-7907AF38.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:14:12]Ens_RunningWaters:After all this is over, would you want me to teach those interested on how to do traps and barricades with the materials on hand?
[23:15:39]LtCdr_Swift:I'm good with my medical grade explosives, thank you.
[23:15:48]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I imagine that would be tremendously useful. Perhaps some training missions are an order. From reading Grimsdottir's log, sounds like security could use more training.
[23:16:35]Ens_RunningWaters:and it might get Cortez in  less trouble if he had something to do
[23:16:56]CmdrKayshlDurandus:You might want to talk to Grimsdottir. See what the two of you can come up with
[23:17:18]Ens_RunningWaters:Aye Ma'am
[23:17:27]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Alright. IF you have any other questions or comments you know where to find me or Swift, our acting XO.
[23:17:37]CmdrKayshlDurandus:!sim off
[23:17:37]M-5:    =/\=   USS Hermes - 201705.02 2317:37
[23:17:37]M-5:    =/\=   Log  Closed

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