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Mission Brief, SD 1705.02: "Warm & Welcoming Host" - Part II
"Warm & Welcoming Host" - Part II
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The first rule of simming is that real life is more important.
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Starfleet has received our reports regarding our geological survey of Erasta XII, and has ordered a small scout ship to pick up where we left off. On SD1704.25, Starfleet ordered the Hermes to escort the scout ship Jaguar II back to Erasta XII. While in transit to the planet, the Jaguar II exploded due to unknown causes. Shortly thereafter, the Hermes was rocked by another explosion taking the shields down and leaving the crew vulnerable. 

Prior to the destruction of the Jaguar II, the science department onboard was sending the Hermes long range telemetry scans every 15 minutes. Preliminary analysis of those sensor logs shows evidence of ship movement in the area, which the Hermes soon learned was an alien vessel. The Hermes has now been boarded by unknown hostiles.

Mission Briefing
The Hermes has taken extensive damage due to the attacking alien vessel. The crew must fend off the alien hostiles to prevent further loss of life or damage to the ship.  All of our lives are at risk until we figure out what they want and/or how to stop them.

The science department, lead by Lt.Jg. Zomaii and Ens. Ryan, has been tasked with going through the sensor logs sent by the Jaguar II prior to its destruction to see if there is any information that may prove useful in stopping the intruders.

Security teams, lead by Fst.Lt. Grimsdottir and Lt. Mason, have been sent out ship wide to stop the aliens before they gain control of the ship. All hands are instructed to arm themselves and proceed to emergency stations. 

The rest of the crew will have to hold down the fort and make sure the aliens don't gain control of the ship.

Important Notes
1. This sim takes place 30 minutes after our last scheduled sim.

From the desk of:
Commander Kayshl Durandus
Acting Commanding Officer, Executive Officer
USS Hermes | NCC-4501-G
USF Starfleet Personnel File

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