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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201704.25

USS Hermes Log, SD: 201704.25

[22:02:41]M-5:    =/\=  USS Hermes
[22:02:41]M-5:    =/\=  201704.25 2202:41 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:02:41]M-5:    =/\=  MB: Mission Brief, SD 1704.25: "Warm & Welcoming Host" at
[22:02:52]CmdrKayshlDurandus:      ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:04:32]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Well well.. full house ... ::looks suspiciously into the crowd::
[22:04:52]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So. I hope everyone is doing well.
[22:05:07]Lila_Kirk:I am good.
[22:05:18]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;pretty good
[22:05:52]Dr_Swift:A bit tired - ha, from working at a tire shop - but all is well
[22:06:00]Ens_RunningWaters:tired of playing counselor for some friends
[22:06:15]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Some formalities before we get started. Did everyone read the all hands message that went out?
[22:06:30]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:aye ma'am
[22:06:40]Ens_RunningWaters:Aye Ma
[22:06:51]Dr_Swift:Still reading it. Seems my workload IRL has kept me from checking my email
[22:07:54]--:Katrista_Ryan (Mibbit@mib-76804D6.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:07:59]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I don't want to take up a lot of time going into detail, and I will be available offline to address any questions or concerns. That being said, the Commodore is on ELOA until further notice.
[22:09:02]CmdrKayshlDurandus:All I can tell you is that he is attending personal matters. Therefore, I will be taking active command of the Hermes and Swift is now acting XO
[22:09:03]--:Katrista_Ryan (Mibbit@mib-76804D6.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:09:49]Dr_Swift:::Steps up:: I hope to fill the position accordingly, and do well with it. Thank you everyone for your understanding.
[22:10:09]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Like I said, if you have questions or concerns or anything at all regarding that, just contact me.
[22:11:00]CmdrKayshlDurandus:SO! Mission Brief. it's simple. we're headed BACK to Erasta XII with a ship in tow.
[22:11:25]CmdrKayshlDurandus:everyone ready?
[22:11:34]Dr_Swift:Always! =D
[22:12:01]Ens_RunningWaters:sure thing
[22:12:09]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:12:24]Lila_Kirk:::works helm::
[22:12:28]Lt_TheoMason:::Manning the OPS station on the bridge::
[22:13:13]Dr_Swift:::The smell of coffee wafted nearby, the doc was in sickbay - albeit temporarily - afixing a few final touches to a brand new prosthetic right arm for Katrista.:: A few more fine tunings, but how does that feel?
[22:13:14]Katrista_Ryan:::In sick bay watching as Dr. Swift adjusts prosthetic arm::
[22:13:19]Ens_RunningWaters:;;in Engineering, keeping watch over all the functions of the ship and  making sure that the  crystals were in near perfect condition;;
[22:14:09]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;; in Sickbay as well seeing what else  needed to be tweaked on Kat's arm;;
[22:14:23]Katrista_Ryan:Not bad. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it though.
[22:14:49]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  The Hermes is in route back to Erasta XII at warp 5. A small scout ship, going by the designation of Jaguar II, is traveling to their port.        =/\=
[22:15:04]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Also on the bridge, reviewing the mission parameters::
[22:15:12]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:I'll work  on getting  it right for you Katrista
[22:15:16]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Also keeping an eye on Mason::
[22:15:28]Dr_Swift:::He chuckled:: Heh, I suppose not. Raise it shoulder level for me?
[22:16:07]Katrista_Ryan:::smiles:: Thanks, I really appreciate that. I will be useful to always have a few tools "up my sleeve" ::giggles at her pun::
[22:17:15]Dr_Swift:::As she raised it, he reached up to tweak a few tiny components.:: Well, I'm glad you're taking this well. Take care of this though. You might say the materials cost and arm and a leg. ::He waited for any reacion from that bad joke::
[22:17:35]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:like a skeleton key?
[22:17:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::walks out of her ready room onto the bridge, a PADD in her hand, giving a sigh::
[22:18:14]Lt_TheoMason:::Hearing the hiss of the ready room doors, he looks to Kayshl with a hyper-attentiveness:: Captain on DECK!
[22:18:16]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;lightly thwaps Little Brother with her tail;;
[22:18:30]Dr_Swift:::He closed the compartment, and took the artificial hand, and poked it with something sharp. Not sharp enough to draw blood, but enough to be felt:: Tactile sensory feeling alright?
[22:18:34]Katrista_Ryan:::rolls her eyes and shakes her head at the doctor but still laughs::
[22:18:41]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Barely snaps to::
[22:19:09]Katrista_Ryan:Feels a bit dull.
[22:19:17]Dr_Swift:::He looked to Kiki, unable to hide the grin.::
[22:19:26]CmdrKayshlDurandus:At ease, Lieutenant... ::sounding a bit annoyed:: Let's forgo the formalities, please.
[22:19:46]Lt_TheoMason:*Yes* ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.
[22:19:55]Lila_Kirk:::sits in her seat half asleep not hearing anyone::
[22:20:26]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Smirks with amusement as she returns her full attention to the console:: You just watch that ship, Mason.
[22:20:34]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;winks back at  him;;
[22:20:55]Dr_Swift:Dull hrmm? Might heighten the licaping polysensors to the interactions of the nerve adherence...
[22:21:28]Katrista_Ryan:How long will that take? Should I just leave the arm with you?
[22:21:54]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::rolls her eyes and sits in the CO chair:: Have received all our data? ~~I don't want to get stuck on that planet longer than we have to be. I've been there once already.~~
[22:22:07]Dr_Swift:::A touch of a few buttons on the console that was directly hooked into the tricep casing, and that would make the modification.:: Not long at all. How about now? ::Another poke::
[22:22:46]Katrista_Ryan:Hmm. Definitely sharper. Can you poke my good arm so I can compare?
[22:22:51]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;tries tickling  Kat's arm with the tip of  her tail;;
[22:22:53]Lila_Kirk:::starts snoring having her fleet Admirals meet gone late::
[22:23:01]Dr_Swift:::He does exactly that, in the same place respectively.::
[22:23:23]Dr_Swift:Actually, rub your hands together.
[22:23:29]Katrista_Ryan:Ha! That does tickle!
[22:23:35]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;tickles her good arm  in the same place;;
[22:23:41]Katrista_Ryan:::rubs hands together::
[22:24:12]Lila_Kirk:::keeps snoring::
[22:24:15]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:The Jaguar is still at our port. They've been running long range telemetry scans for us while we've been enroute.
[22:24:36]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;sneaks her tail  over to tickle one  of Little Brother's ears;;
[22:24:40]Dr_Swift:Alright. If that all feels well, I have other things I need to attend to as well. Ready to disconnect from the comm?
[22:24:53]Dr_Swift:::His ear flicks all but reflexively. He hardly bats an eye::
[22:25:11]Katrista_Ryan:Feels well enough. Thanks, doc.
[22:25:14]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, what's our ETA? ::her voice having a tinge of "are we there yet"::
[22:26:27]Dr_Swift:Alright. If you need maintenance, either myself or my staff can help with modifications or configurations. Alright. This might feel odd. ::He warned her before pullingt he cable that linked the arm directly into the device. She was now free to move as needed::
[22:26:43]Lila_Kirk:::jumps when she hears the Comander ands down at her helm:: yes we here now
[22:26:53]Lt_TheoMason:::Sheepishly, and subtly, follows whatever is going on Grimsdottir's console, still somewhat uncomfortable with the new position::
[22:27:27]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Kat you can always come to see me as needed too
[22:27:55]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  The OPS console receives a message from the Jaguar II, containing a readout of the telemetry scans from the past 15 minutes.      =/\=
[22:28:02]Dr_Swift:Yes. Kiki is one of the best science officers I've seen. I'll give her the full schematic as well.
[22:28:25]Lt_TheoMason:::His comment beeps, he immediately jumps:: Captain! We're receiving another data packet!
[22:28:28]Dr_Swift:Alright. If there's nothing else, I am going to report to the bridge.
[22:28:44]Lt_TheoMason:::Peers:: That's strange.
[22:28:46]Lila_Kirk:::to Kayshl:: sorry about that ma'am a meeting went late.
[22:29:02]Katrista_Ryan:That's great. I really am looking forward to some modifications. Thanks! ::jumps off the exam table::
[22:29:12]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looking over at Mason:: What's strange, Mason?
[22:29:35]Lt_TheoMason:::Still peering:: I... uh...
[22:29:45]Lt_TheoMason:::Looks nervously at Grimsdottir:: Sensor echo...
[22:29:47]Dr_Swift:::He smiled, nodded, and then went to slug back the mug of coffee.:: Alright. Tim, you got the sickbay.
[22:29:52]CmdrKayshlDurandus:You're fine, Lila. You didn't really miss anything.
[22:29:52]Lt_TheoMason:::Turns to Durandus:: I'm sorry.
[22:29:59]Dr_Swift:Tim> Of course sir. We'll take care of it.
[22:30:33]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:same  here;;goes with Little  Brother to the bridge;;
[22:30:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks back at Theo, confused and still annoyed:: What sensor echo...
[22:30:34]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Leaves her post to stand over Mason::
[22:30:40]Katrista_Ryan:::head to science lab to finish up reports on the specimen collected on Erasta XII::
[22:30:59]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Looks like there's been ship movement since we were last here. The signature is scattered.
[22:31:15]Dr_Swift:::Still wearing his medical blue uniform, he heads downt he corridor, and into the Turbolift with Kiki.:: Bridge.
[22:31:36]Lt_TheoMason:I thought warp trails only traveled in one direction.
[22:31:41]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;has her reports  on the specimens on the PADD waiting  for Kat's input
[22:31:59]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looks down at Mason curiously:: Have you been studying science in your off hours, Lieutenant?
[22:32:27]CmdrKayshlDurandus:It could just be typical traffic in this sector.
[22:32:32]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Turns to Durandus:: It could be nothing, Commander, but it wouldn't hurt to be safe.
[22:33:00]Katrista_Ryan:::takes PADD and studies the report::
[22:33:00]Dr_Swift:::The doors to the TL opened, and off stepped Leonard, who went to take his seat in the XO chair.:: Hope I didn't miss too much excitement.
[22:33:37]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Agreed. ::still looking suspiciously at Mason:: Look into it. I don't want us to run into any surprises.
[22:33:44]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Notices Swift enter and places a hand on Mason's shoulder to keep him from saying anything.::
[22:33:54]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;hops over to her usual station and starts going  over the scans;;
[22:34:03]Lt_TheoMason:::His voice barely more than a mutter:: Yes'm
[22:34:14]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Crosses back to the tactical station::
[22:34:22]Katrista_Ryan:I'd like to run one more test on the mineral content of the soil. Everything is in the expected parameters but the ratios are off.
[22:34:23]Dr_Swift:::Immediately he began looking over the logs that flooded the XO padd.::
[22:34:48]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::looks up at Swift, a bit relieved:: Welcome to the bridge, Doc. ::giving him a smile:: You just missed an insightful report from OPS regarding a sensor echo.
[22:35:53]Dr_Swift:A sensor echo? I see. I do apologize, I was occupied in helping to give Miss Katrista a hand.
[22:36:09]Dr_Swift:[[I'm sorry not sorry]]
[22:36:43]Lila_Kirk:::falls a back to sleep and is snoring louder::
[22:37:12]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;tickles Lila's neck with her tail;;
[22:37:44]Lila_Kirk:::wakes up with a scream::
[22:38:07]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  The Hermes receives a hail from the Jaquar II.      =/\=
[22:38:29]Dr_Swift:::More reading at the padd, and the coffee he was just about to sip spattered a bit as Lila shrieked because of Kiki. He sighed, and went back to reading::
[22:38:32]Lt_TheoMason:::Dizzyingly torn between paying attention to the command staff and the hail coming in from the Jaguar::
[22:38:39]Lila_Kirk:Why did you do that?
[22:38:40]Lt_TheoMason:We're receiving a hail!
[22:39:33]CmdrKayshlDurandus:On screen.
[22:39:44]Lt_TheoMason:::Smacks his hand on the panel with gusto:: Channel open!
[22:39:50]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lt.Grisen> I'm not sure if you got the sensor log we sent, but we just picked up something else. I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but you might want to take a look at it.
[22:40:01]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:aren't you supposed to stay awake during your shift?
[22:40:17]Lila_Kirk:Yes I am.
[22:40:51]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Just as Lieutenant Grisen's face appears on the screen the ship explodes, jostling the crew as the remnants of the ship reflect of the shields.      =/\=
[22:41:14]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Shudders where she stands::
[22:41:35]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:What the *hell*! Going to yellow alert!
[22:41:51]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::stands, steadying herself on the arms of her chair:: Report!
[22:41:53]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     YELLOW ALERT    =/\=
[22:41:53]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     YELLOW ALERT    =/\=
[22:42:21]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:An explosion off our port side! It's the Jaguar!
[22:42:33]Dr_Swift:::Leonard stops and simply stared. After a moment, he downed the last of the mug of coffee. He felt he would need the caffiene.::
[22:42:40]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Gives a look to Durandus:: The ship's scuttled.
[22:43:28]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;fingers fly over the  console to try to get the readings on what caused the explosion of the Jaguar
[22:43:53]Lt_TheoMason:::Tensely watches the rest of the bridge::
[22:44:28]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Our shields are still functional, but we still took damage to our hull. No critical systems affected.
[22:44:37]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Was it another ship?
[22:44:38]Ens_RunningWaters:;;heads for the bridge to see if she can help figure  out anything about what caused the other ship to explode;;
[22:44:53]Lt_TheoMason:::His hands hovering over his console:: Wh-what do I do?
[22:45:28]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looking over her primary and secondary screens:: I'm not detecting any other definitive signatures..
[22:45:58]Katrista_Ryan:::comes to attention and starts scanning for anomalies that may have caused the explosion::
[22:46:00]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::turns to Mason, with a cold fury on her face:: If you can't handle running this OPS station, Lieutenant, please remove yourself.
[22:46:14]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;looks for spikes in the spectrometric readings that would denote any  known explosive or accellerant;;
[22:46:41]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Lila, take us out of warp.
[22:46:42]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Pointing to Mason:: Fire teams, lieutenant! Send a crew down there.
[22:47:09]Lila_Kirk:::takes the ship out of warp::
[22:47:11]Lt_TheoMason:::Nods to Grimsdottir:: +ENG+ This is the bridge. Fire and maintenance to section 14.
[22:48:19]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;continues to check for different  causes as to why the Jaguar exploded and see if it was caused by some thing  or someone  unknown, possibly  cloaked;;
[22:49:18]Ens_RunningWaters:;;checks for any ionic signatures besides our  own and the Jaguar's;;
[22:49:44]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Another explosion rocks the Hermes, this time taking the shields down with it. Taking out power on several decks.      =/\=
[22:50:10]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Grips her console as best she can::
[22:50:23]Ens_RunningWaters:;;works like crazy to get the shields back  up;;
[22:50:27]Lila_Kirk:::holds on to helm::
[22:50:46]Lt_TheoMason:::Furiously working the console:: Cascading failures across the ship!
[22:51:00]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;starts  trying to trace the hit back to  its point  of origin;;
[22:51:05]Dr_Swift:::The reports to the XO station were flooding in rapidly.:: Shields are down. Hull integrity appears intact. Power relays are still working.... no, scratch that, cascade failures. Engineering is working on rerouting.
[22:51:11]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::braces herself:: Kiki, any theories on what is going on here?
[22:51:42]CmdrKayshlDurandus:I don't want to find out we are traveling with some crazy artifact again.
[22:51:56]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Mason, alert the security staff. Put them on high alert! Get down there yourself if you need to.
[22:52:00]Katrista_Ryan:::falls to the right with force landing on prosthetic arm, hurting her ribs::
[22:52:20]Lt_TheoMason:::Nods, relying on Grimsdottir:: +SEC+ All security teams! Alert stations!
[22:52:56]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Obviously we're  being attacked by someone I DON't think it's any artifact problems again but we may need to return the samples to the planet to appease it
[22:53:16]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Reports begin to roll in on some of the effected decks.      =/\=
[22:53:50]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:either that or there is someone verrrry interested  in that  planet's resources
[22:54:00]Katrista_Ryan:::slowly stands, clutching her ribs, unable to come to a complete stand because of the pain::
[22:54:52]Katrista_Ryan:::resumes her position, trying to ignore the pain::
[22:54:56]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looking at her scans, such as they are::
[22:55:07]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:also the reports say there are intruders, I can't make them out but they are definitely present
[22:55:30]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Get our shields back online! ::looks to swift:: See if we have casualties
[22:55:39]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Commander? I think a small ship made it within our firing range.
[22:55:39]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;goes over and helps Kat to a seat ;;
[22:55:48]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:No... *several* small ships.
[22:56:13]Dr_Swift:Intruders? ::He looked at Kayshl.:: Yes ma'am. Reports haven't shown anything yet.
[22:56:17]Ens_RunningWaters:;;is working on rerouting the shields to get them back up;;
[22:56:24]Lt_TheoMason:::Reading reports rolling in:: Our security teams are reporting intruder engagement on the blacked out decks!
[22:56:57]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:+SEC+ *All* security teams, prepare for CQC.
[22:57:13]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Moving from behind her console:: Commander? I need to get down there.
[22:57:36]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Intruders. ::glares at the empty viewscreen:: notify the ship and Bring us to red alert.
[22:57:52]Lt_TheoMason:::Hits the red alert button for Grimsdottir::
[22:58:00]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Go. ::to Grimsdottir::
[22:58:02]Dr_Swift:::The Wolfen stood and went t a panel nearby, opening it, and pulling out a phaser.:: Everyone not immediately busy, get ready for combat.
[22:58:03]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     RED ALERT    =/\=
[22:58:03]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     RED ALERT    =/\=
[22:58:06]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     INTRUDER ALERT    =/\=
[22:58:06]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=     INTRUDER ALERT    =/\=
[22:58:54]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Heads to the TL:: Armory.
[22:59:09]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;; gets  out her phaser and Kzinti dagger ready to go after whoever would  dare intrude on the Hermes;;
[22:59:48]Dr_Swift:::He takes his own phaser and turns the setting to incapacitate for the time being:: Well then Commander. Shall I go hunting?
[23:00:00]Ens_RunningWaters:;;gets  her tomahawk and a  phaser and  has them  in easy reach in case they're  needed;;
[23:00:02]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Injured crewmen start streaming into Sickbay, many suffering from phaser fire and blunt force trauma.      =/\=
[23:00:07]Katrista_Ryan:::reaches for phaser and sets it to stun::
[23:00:10]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Steps of the TL, heading to the armory, where multiple security officers are gearing up::
[23:00:41]CmdrKayshlDurandus:::Pulls out her phaser and turns to Swift:: Get them off my ship.
[23:00:46]Dr_Swift:Tim in sickbay> Biobeds ten through fifteen, incoming injured! Let's go people!
[23:00:54]Ens_RunningWaters:;; gets partial shields back up;;
[23:01:03]Dr_Swift:::Leonard took on a bit of a malicious grin:: As you command.
[23:01:13]Lila_Kirk:::pulls out her phaser::
[23:01:16]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Pulls a rifle from a secure rack, a brand spanking new Mark 7::
[23:01:18]Dr_Swift:::Through the door he went. The games were about to begin::
[23:01:54]Ens_RunningWaters:++ Captain ++   Captain we have  partial shields up at about 50% I'm working on getting it  higher for you
[23:02:17]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=      ACTION:  Partial shields go back online, thanks to Ensign RunningWaters' but not before dozens of alien intruders have invaded several decks.      =/\=
[23:02:20]CmdrKayshlDurandus:=/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:02:39]--:Lt_TheoMason (Mibbit@mib-43E0421F.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:03:17]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Great job guys.
[23:04:15]CmdrKayshlDurandus:You're all doing your jobs tremendously well and taking my vague directions and running with it.
[23:04:48]CmdrKayshlDurandus:So basically, the scout ship is now gone and we have some not so friendly aliens on our ship.
[23:05:57]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:will you send out a  pic  of  what these  intruders look like? also tbs?
[23:07:21]CmdrKayshlDurandus:You will be elightened to what these intruders look like soon. Maybe in a pre-sim log... maybe in the mission brief... maybe in next weeks SIM. Guess you'll have to wait and see.
[23:07:59]CmdrKayshlDurandus:time between sims is probably only a few minutes but to be determined by logs. Which I know will be written cuz you're all amazing.
[23:08:45]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Anythign else?
[23:09:15]--:Katrista_Ryan (Mibbit@mib-76804D6.**) leaves #USS_Hermes
[23:09:18]CmdrKayshlDurandus:Well thanks again guys. Have a great night.
[23:09:44]CmdrKayshlDurandus:!sim off
[23:09:44]M-5:    =/\=   USS Hermes - 201704.25 2309:44
[23:09:44]M-5:    =/\=   Log  Closed