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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
Acting Captain's Log SD1704.25
Security Clearance Required: Level 3 or above
Stardate: 1704.25
Subject: Acting Captain's Log USS Hermes NCC-4501-G

On SD1703.07 I was notified by Commodore Jerrid P. Billings, Captain of the USS Hermes, that he will be taking an extended leave of absence. I was notified from High Command that the purpose of his leave has been marked as classified and access is above my security clearance level. 

I have notified my crew of his absence and taken the official role of acting commanding officer as of SD1703.14. I am troubled that as executive officer I remain in the dark about his absence, and have voiced my concern to high command. The crew is obviously concerned for his wellbeing and the change in command will no doubt affect their duties as they deal with the change in command structure. Being able to provide them more information regarding the reason for his leave and/or his potential return to duty would ease their minds, but until I am authorized to access additional information or Commodore Billings contacts me directly, this will have to suffice.

The following are my official logs on the missions assigned to the Hermes as of my assignment as Captain.

On SD1703.14, we received a distress signal from the USS Paehhos originating from Nukara Prime. The science vessel was found adrift in orbit with engines, transporters and sensors offline. An away team was sent to assist with repairs. On SD1703.21, engines, transporters and sensors went offline on the Hermes. It was determined that an inter-spatial disturbance was the cause. An unknown alien vessel also emerged from this disturbance, however, communication with the ship was unable to be transcribed by the universal translator. On SD1703.28, it was determined that the Dewan relics collected by the USS Paehhos from Nukara Prime was the cause of the disturbance. Once the relics were returned to the alien vessel, the ship retreated through the inter-spatial rift and all systems returned to normal. Detailed reports from the department heads are attached.

On SD1704.11, I ordered the Hermes to return to Starbase 47 for resupply and assigned Lt. Cmdr. Swift command of the vessel. Detailed reports of the incidence that followed are enclosed in his official duty log.

On SD 1704.18, we received orders to conduct a geological survey of Erasta XII for future development. Detailed reports from the department heads regarding planetary analysis, inventory of geological samples, and recommended development sites are enclosed. 

From the desk of:
Captain Kayshl Durandus
Acting Commanding Officer, Executive Officer
USS Hermes | NCC-4501-G
USF Starfleet Personnel File

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