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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
Notification to Department Heads of Temporary Change in Command, SD1704.24



Classification: [UNCLASSIFIED]

Priority: High

From: Commander Kayshl Durandus

To: Fst. Lt. Kristjana Grimsdottir, CSEC; Lt. Cmdr. Leonard Swift, CMO; Lt. Jg. Kiki Zowaii, Acting CSCI; Ens. Carrie Runningwater, Acting CENG

CC: Stewart Hawks, USF Fleet Representative

Subject: Notification to Department Heads of Temporary Change in Command

Attention all department heads:

It is my duty to officially inform all of you that Commodore Jerrid P. Billings will be on an extended leave of absence. The purpose of his leave and the date of his return are both unknown. Therefore, I have been assigned as acting commanding officer and Commander Leonard Swift has been assigned as acting executive officer until further notice. 

Commodore Billings remains the Captain of this vessel until we are informed otherwise by the USF High Command and notice will be delivered to myself by way of our fleet representative, Stewart Hawks. Any updates or changes to Commodore Billings's ELOA will be communicated to you through this channel.

Due to this change in command structure, it is your duty as department heads to provide notice of acting chiefs of staff to be assigned by the current department heads. Reports should be submitted to Lt. Cmdr. Swift no later than 1700 on SD1704.25.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this change in command structure, please contact myself or Commander Swift.

From the desk of:
Commander Kayshl Durandus
Acting Commanding Officer, Executive Officer
USS Hermes | NCC-4501-G
USF Starfleet Personnel File
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