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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201704.18

USS Hermes Log, SD: 201704.18

[22:02:19]M-5:    =/\=  USS Hermes
[22:02:19]M-5:    =/\=  201704.18 2202:19 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:02:19]M-5:    =/\=  MB: Mission Brief, SD 1704.18: Don't Take It For Granite at
[22:02:29]KayshlDurandus_AU:      ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:02:55]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:either or but  could you imagine the headache with split to identical twins? ;;AA""
[22:03:44]KayshlDurandus_AU:Howdy! How are we? I hear "tired" might be a common response.
[22:04:00]Lila_Kirk:I'm good
[22:04:13]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:making it
[22:04:31]Ens_RunningWaters:it's going
[22:04:46]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Eternally optimistic.
[22:05:04]KayshlDurandus_AU:So I sent out a super last minute brief. Feel free to skim it over, but basically, we're off to survey a planet. Should be pretty simple.
[22:05:26]Ens_RunningWaters:yeah riiiiight
[22:06:35]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:simple my left hind foot, knowing our record
[22:06:51]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=       B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M        =/\=
[22:06:51]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:no ma'am
[22:07:03]KayshlDurandus_AU:(Sorry, trigger happy)
[22:07:45]Lila_Kirk:::works helm::
[22:07:48]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:::At Science Station One, reading the sensor readings;;
[22:07:53]--:Doctor_Swift (Mibbit@mib-E1C21839.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:07:57]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::On her way back to the bridge, ready to file a report with OPS re: new patrol assignments::
[22:08:19]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=      ACTION:  The Hermes is on their way to Erasta XII at warp 4. Their ETA is approximately 3 minutes.      =/\=
[22:08:43]Ens_RunningWaters:;;in Engineering   making sure that everything  is going smoothly and there is nothing wrong with the engines or the rest of the ship;;
[22:09:48]KayshlDurandus_AU:::Sits in the CO chair reviewing the mission report:: Lila, takes us into orbit once we reach the planet.
[22:10:05]KayshlDurandus_AU:(Swift said he's rebooting)
[22:10:21]Lila_Kirk:Aye ma'am.
[22:10:26]Katrista_Ryan:::working away at science station 2::
[22:10:50]KayshlDurandus_AU:Kiki, anything interesting on that Science report? ::looks up from the brief:: Looks like a lot of rock. ::doesn't sound impressed::
[22:11:40]Lila_Kirk:::starts putting the ship into Orbit::
[22:12:21]--:Doctor_Swift (Mibbit@mib-E1C21839.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:12:48]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Aye Ma'am, very interesting, it's a gemologist's dream with readings  of  enough amounts to satisfy any jewelry  consortium for  centuries
[22:13:34]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:also sizeable amounts of  gold platinum and all the  other  precious metals
[22:13:56]KayshlDurandus_AU:Well I'm glad science is excited at least. ::watches the view screen as they pull into Orbit::
[22:14:09]Doctor_Swift:[[::kicks computer power cord::]]
[22:15:03]KayshlDurandus_AU:Swift, why don't you assemble the away team and go check things out.
[22:15:11]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:I'm also reading a large amount of Silicon possibly some silicon lifeforms similar to the Horta
[22:15:58]Lila_Kirk:::to Kay:: sir my Neice has been bugging me to see if she can one day join away mission.
[22:16:30]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=      ACTION:  The Hermes travels quietly around the planet. The computer doesn't read any carbon-based lifesigns. Beyond that, the scans confirm Kiki's assessment.      =/\=
[22:16:52]KayshlDurandus_AU:You're neice, huh? Is she a cadet?
[22:17:18]Doctor_Swift:An away team. Of course, ma'am.
[22:17:23]Lila_Kirk:Ensign just out of Spacefleet.
[22:17:47]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Ma'am there also seems to be a large deposit of trilithium in the polar regions
[22:18:30]Doctor_Swift:Too bad Elkhorn transferred out. If I recall correctly, she had a huge fascination with this sort of thing.
[22:18:39]KayshlDurandus_AU:What department has she been stationed in?
[22:18:51]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Works at her terminal quietly, the simple, rock-hopping nature of the current assignment a welcome opportunity to catch up on other, lower priority work::
[22:18:59]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:we can send her a sample for a memento of her time  here
[22:19:17]Lila_Kirk:She hasn't been to Starfleet yet.
[22:20:25]KayshlDurandus_AU:::looks over Kiki's scans:: Hmm... well I'd imagine Starfleet would definitely love to have a station near that trilithium. Is the climate hospitable for an away team?
[22:22:05]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:We'd need EVA suits ma'am, there is very  little Oxygen in the atmosphere, it's  mostly  Nitrogen and Methane
[22:22:33]Doctor_Swift:Might I suggest Lieutenant Zomaii, Ensign Ryan, and myself? It seems simple enough a mission to investigate.
[22:23:04]KayshlDurandus_AU:Although you might want to confirm what those Silicon readings are. Last thing we want is to invade an alien populated planet
[22:23:33]Katrista_Ryan:::perks up at hearing her name::
[22:23:42]KayshlDurandus_AU:::looks at Swift a bit annoyed:: Why did you have to go and jinx us...?
[22:24:05]Doctor_Swift:...Would you believe me if I said it's because I miss the Commodore?
[22:24:13]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Little Brother, do you think an Engineer would be a good addition to the team?
[22:24:45]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;goes back and rechecks the Silicon readings;;
[22:24:53]Doctor_Swift:::The Wolfen touched his hand to his chin.:: Actually, yes. Thank you, Kiki.
[22:25:07]Katrista_Ryan:::surprised Swift would want her on another away mission with him as she hasn't been on one with him since trying to tear off his face and eat it::
[22:25:25]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:They're  inconclusive as to if the silicon readings are  lifeforms or not
[22:25:28]KayshlDurandus_AU:::sighs:: Yes. Yes I would. ::looks a bit forlorn but snaps back to reality:: Go ahead and head down. Report back when you have anything. Grimsdottir, Lila and I will hold down the fort.
[22:25:56]Doctor_Swift:And... at the prospect of silicon lifeforms, perhaps a bit of security. Since well... I said those words.
[22:26:09]Doctor_Swift:[[retcon my last statement]]
[22:27:32]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:((Retcon as in ignore, or retcon as in you said it))
[22:27:45]Doctor_Swift:[as in ignore. didn't happen]]
[22:28:33]Doctor_Swift:::The Wolfen stood, and in passing the big chair, gave a single pat to the armrest.:: Alright. I'll send out the word to those relevant to meet me in transporter room 2 in 10 minutes.
[22:28:55]KayshlDurandus_AU:You read my mind. ::looks over at Grimsdottir::
[22:29:06]Katrista_Ryan:Dr. Swift, are you sure you need two of us from science?
[22:29:34]Doctor_Swift:Mmm? You mean you aren't interested in a planet sized geode and how it could possibly exist in such proportions?
[22:29:37]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Notices Swift's furry move from the XO seat:: I can send a standard security complement with you as well, considering the conditions of the planet
[22:30:01]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;; puts her board on standby and heads for TR2 and her specialized suit;;
[22:30:46]Katrista_Ryan:No, sir, just surprised you would want me on the away team...
[22:31:07]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Kat we can always use an extra set of eyes and hands
[22:31:17]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=      ACTION:  After they have suited up and collected all their gear, the awayteam makes their way to Transporter Room 2.      =/\=
[22:31:45]Doctor_Swift:::The Doc began typing out on his padd to all relevant people. Kat, Kiki, and Waters. Jana got a message to assemble a small sec team::
[22:31:51]Ens_RunningWaters:;;meets the others in TR2 with her  kit and  her suit on;;
[22:32:40]Doctor_Swift:::In the Transporter Room, Swift smiled at Kat.:: To answer your statement, I don't hold you at fault for the last mission we were on.
[22:32:42]Katrista_Ryan:::warily makes her way to TR2::
[22:32:44]--:SEC_Cortez (Mibbit@mib-43E0421F.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:32:45]KayshlDurandus_AU:OETC> ::stands behind the transporter console, happily tapping away.:: You guys ready? ::looks up from the screen, smiling::
[22:33:20]Katrista_Ryan:Good to know, doctor. I still feel guilty but it does look like you have healed up well.
[22:33:27]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;gets to TR2 and gets her suit on before  getting  her kit and  backpack and getting  on the  pad;;
[22:33:29]Doctor_Swift:Hey Chief. Just about. You've got our comm badges locked in for emergency recall transport, yes? Actually, nevermind. I know you do. Thank you.
[22:33:40]SEC_Cortez:::Overconfidently, from the back:: I'm ready as *hell* T-C. ::Charges up his rifle::
[22:34:30]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Cortez we don't need to  play Conquistador here
[22:34:36]Katrista_Ryan:::rolls eyes at Cortez::
[22:34:48]Doctor_Swift:::Leonard mentally went over a brief checklist in his head.:: ++Durandus++ Alright. We're on our way.
[22:34:57]KayshlDurandus_AU:OETC> Alright! That's the spirit! ::Gives Cortez an "air" fist bump and a manly nod::
[22:35:18]SEC_Cortez:::Gives OETC a fist up as he dematerializes::
[22:35:38]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;rolls eyes  as they are  transported to the surface;;
[22:36:01]KayshlDurandus_AU:(Awayteam use @)
[22:36:15]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Watches the XO seat, wondering if she should leave her station::
[22:36:29]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Keeps an eye on her terminal:: The away team is away, Commander.
[22:36:34]Katrista_Ryan:@::blinks are finds herself on the surface::
[22:36:58]Ens_RunningWaters:@;;shakes her head as they materialize and she begins scanning the planet with her tricorder;;
[22:37:05]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=      ACTION:  The awayteam materializes on the surface of the planet. They're surrounded by large rock cliffs and odd looking plants that sway in the wind.      =/\=
[22:37:07]SEC_Cortez:@::Feels his feet materialize on real ground. No humming deckplates and false gravity. He feels heavy.::
[22:37:11]Doctor_Swift:@ ::On materializing, he looked around the immediate surrounding areas, and checked his tricorder for signs of life the ship might have been unable to see.::
[22:38:17]KayshlDurandus_AU:Thank you, Lieutenant. ::crosses her legs, sitting idly for a moment:: How are the new assignments going?
[22:38:18]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@;; Materializes and  begins scanning the planet as well picking up loose samples of the different nuggets and crystals to be taken back for analysis;;
[22:38:40]Katrista_Ryan:@I'm reading no life signs
[22:38:40]--:RoseGold (Mibbit@mib-340EB279.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:39:18]Lila_Kirk:::works helm::
[22:39:23]SEC_Cortez:@ Chyuh. Probably crushed to death.
[22:39:27]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@check for silicon lifeforms they read different  than the carbon based
[22:40:06]Doctor_Swift:@ Same. No life forms. Alright. Made it safely. Looks like there's an interesting outcropping to the north a few hundred meters.
[22:40:30]Katrista_Ryan:@Negative. I am reading no silicon life forms either.
[22:41:39]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Picks up her PADD and brings it over to Durandus:: I've been running simulations to find the most efficient way to get maximum efficiency with our security patterns with fewer people.
[22:41:50]Doctor_Swift:@ Hrmm...Nothing significant. Trace amounts of a number of elements on the wind.
[22:41:54]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:((Department of redundancy department))
[22:42:16]Katrista_Ryan:@::follows as Swift leads north
[22:42:16]Ens_RunningWaters:@ ;;finds a large silicon nodule and carefully scans  it in place;; They may not be on the surface, like the Horta, who lived beneath the ground, just don't disturb any silicon nodules
[22:42:37]Doctor_Swift:@ Tell me again, about the Horta?
[22:43:31]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=      ACTION:  Their scans do in fact confirm no lifeforms on the surface, carbon, silicon, or otherwise. Just various geological readings, including large deposits of previous metals to the south as well as dilithium and trilithium towards the north.      =/\=
[22:45:21]Doctor_Swift:@ ::He walked, leading the team towards the dilithium and trilithium that the tricorders pointed out. It was a short walk, really.:: Field up ahead. Fairly close to our quarry, for them to set up a quarry, wouldn't you say?
[22:45:25]KayshlDurandus_AU:::looks over the PADD:: Interesting. ::thumbs through it:: Looks like a few of these have promise.
[22:45:45]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@ ;;keeps scanning as they move northward;; they're an  ancient race that Kirk's Entertprise ran  into and  they left thousands of silicon 'balls' about the size of  basket balls that were their eggs all the race died out except one that was to act as  mother to the hatching eggs. They tunneled through the  planet , Janus IV I think  it was eating the rock fo
[22:45:52]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:r nourishment
[22:45:52]--:RoseGold (Mibbit@mib-340EB279.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:46:20]Doctor_Swift:@ And did your scans show hollowed out regions at all?
[22:46:53]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@ Some around the equator
[22:47:37]Katrista_Ryan:@they do not seem to be connected. Likely just individual caves.
[22:47:53]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@ There's about three bands that seem to be converging: The Equatorial band and the two bands at about 40 degrees either side
[22:48:00]Doctor_Swift:@ I think I remember hearing about the Horta. Gives me the chills.
[22:48:40]Ens_RunningWaters:@ Don't  PO Momma and  you shouldn't have much trouble
[22:49:22]Doctor_Swift:Swift to ++Hermes++. I believe we've found a fairly suitable location for a preliminary outposting. Large deposits of dilithium and trilithium underground a short way, about twenty meters from out current position.
[22:49:31]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Yes ma'am. I wasn't sure when we'd be able to train new officers, but I believe it'll help us be more agile when things get more intense.
[22:50:27]SEC_Cortez:@::Keeps an eye out, taking slow steps around::
[22:50:31]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@;;studies the area around them as well as  beneath them just to make  sure that there are  no hidden surprises;;
[22:51:33]Katrista_Ryan:@Oh, I see it now. My scan was too shallow. They are connected deeper underground than I would have expected.
[22:51:47]Doctor_Swift:@ Alright. Kiki, Kat. If you two could gather some samples to take back with us, particularly the lithiums. Waters, set up a beacon to communicate on Federation frequencies so they can find this location easily.
[22:51:49]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@:: Gets samples of the different mineralogical treasures but  leaves any silicon formations alone;;
[22:51:56]KayshlDurandus_AU:I'm impressed. :: looks up from the PADD, offering it back to her::
[22:52:42]Katrista_Ryan:@::takes out containers to deposit the samples::
[22:52:59]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@ Already doing that Little Brother;;shows the full  case and additional sacks of samples''
[22:53:06]Lila_Kirk:::keeps working helm::
[22:53:11]Doctor_Swift:@ And... Cortez. How are you holding up?
[22:53:49]KayshlDurandus_AU:++ Awayteam ++   Sounds good. Confirmation that there's no sentient life?
[22:54:10]Ens_RunningWaters:@;;keeps studying the tunnels by tricorder to see how close they would come to the  proposed site;;
[22:54:51]Doctor_Swift:@ ++Hermes++ It appears so. Nothing that's showing up.
[22:55:22]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:/t Hermes   (@) still unconfirmed but probably unlikely  in this area
[22:56:38]KayshlDurandus_AU:++ Awayteam ++   Well, do one last sweep and head back. We can make a foot note in the report to have a science team do a more indepth survey
[22:57:02]Doctor_Swift:@ Runningwaters. Please set up the beacon.
[22:57:06]Katrista_Ryan:@::notices a deep blue geode and adds it to the collection of samples::
[22:57:33]Katrista_Ryan:@there are some very beautiful rocks on this planet
[22:58:01]Doctor_Swift:@ I agree. A shame the atmosphere isn't breatheable. I'd love to know what this planet smells like.
[22:58:02]Ens_RunningWaters:@;; is sampling the air there to see if  it  can be useful for any manufacturing processes;; Aye sir  ;;Sets up the beacon and  fastens it down with some  of the  larger  rocks;;
[22:58:07]KayshlDurandus_AU:Lila, get us ready to head out. I'm anxious to get on to something more... worthy of our skillsets.
[22:58:28]Lila_Kirk:Aye mama
[22:58:28]Doctor_Swift:@ Alright. Let's begin to wrap it up. Mission accomplished.
[22:58:36]SEC_Cortez:@::Gives Swift a sour look:: I wanted to shoot something.
[22:58:48]Ens_RunningWaters:@ ;;gets several samples of her own;;
[22:59:01]Lila_Kirk:Ma'am :: starts getting ready to leave orbit.
[22:59:07]Doctor_Swift:@ Well, unfortunately, things don't always pan out how we'd hope, Mister Cortez.
[22:59:10]KayshlDurandus_AU:Grimsdottir ::looks over to her:: Send a preliminary report to Starfleet and let them know we're headed back to Starbase 47 for new orders.
[22:59:16]Katrista_Ryan:@::packs up her final samples which includes a rainbow of colored stones::
[22:59:23]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@:: gets some  more samples and adds them to the collection;;
[22:59:35]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Bows her head as an acknowledgement, and returns to her station::
[22:59:36]Doctor_Swift:@ Just the same, I appreciate you being here. Are we all ready?
[23:00:00]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:@ ;;nods and hops  over by him;;
[23:00:00]Katrista_Ryan:@ Yes, sir.
[23:00:21]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:+AT+ Away team, this is Hermes. Ready to beam you back up.
[23:00:22]Ens_RunningWaters:@ Just a moment please
[23:00:33]Doctor_Swift:@ ::He bends down, and picks up a small pebble, something that looks almost pearlescent in color and reflected light in a small rainbow of colors.:: Good.
[23:00:44]Doctor_Swift:@ ++Hermes++ We're ready and standing by for beam up.
[23:01:16]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=      ACTION:  The awayteam beams back to the Hermes in once piece with a large store of rocks in tow. Returning, for once, from a purely uneventful mission.        =/\=
[23:01:21]Ens_RunningWaters:@;;goes over and  kneels for a moment;; singing a soft song in her native language before returning to the others;; alright  ready
[23:01:32]KayshlDurandus_AU:=/\=       P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M        =/\=    
[23:02:37]KayshlDurandus_AU:Well wouldn't ya know. We didn't encounter a single spacial anomaly or violent alien species. I'm not sure if Billings will be proud or disappointed.
[23:03:41]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:we don't know  if there might be any space creatures  in those rocks either
[23:04:00]KayshlDurandus_AU:that's very true.
[23:04:04]Doctor_Swift:I suspect he'd be more confused that the universe did not conspire to attack him.
[23:04:38]KayshlDurandus_AU:our survey was very brief. Lots of planet left unexplored
[23:05:05]KayshlDurandus_AU:hopefully this change in pace will open up some creativity in your logs.
[23:05:56]KayshlDurandus_AU:Were you annoyed you didn't get to shoot anything, like Cortez? Were you excited to explore some amazingly beautiful landscapes? Are you suspicious and nervious that we missed something and might send a Starfleet science team to their doom?
[23:05:58]KayshlDurandus_AU:log it
[23:06:06]KayshlDurandus_AU:Anything else before we go?
[23:06:26]KayshlDurandus_AU:Yes, Ensign?
[23:07:21]Ens_RunningWaters:I was  singing a  prayer to the  planet thanking it for its beauty and asking forgiveness for taking part away for  learning  purposes
[23:07:34]Ens_RunningWaters:I thought you  mght like to  know
[23:08:02]Katrista_Ryan:very cool
[23:08:12]KayshlDurandus_AU:Agreed. A nice touch.
[23:08:27]KayshlDurandus_AU:Alright, have a great week! Stay out of trouble.
[23:08:31]KayshlDurandus_AU:WRITE LOGS
[23:08:56]Ens_RunningWaters:i just felt a little rushed that you were already having us beamed back when I had asled for a moment
[23:09:23]KayshlDurandus_AU:Apologies for that. I had writen the action before I saw your post.
[23:09:32]KayshlDurandus_AU:That is my mistake. I'll do better to avoid that in the future
[23:09:54]Ens_RunningWaters:alright just letting you  know my feelings  on that because I type so slowly
[23:10:31]KayshlDurandus_AU:Thank you.
[23:10:40]Ens_RunningWaters:thank YOU
[23:10:56]KayshlDurandus_AU:!sim off
[23:10:56]M-5:    =/\=   USS Hermes - 201704.18 2310:56
[23:10:56]M-5:    =/\=   Log  Closed