USS Hermes Mission Brief
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Mission Brief, SD 1704.18: Don't Take It For Granite
"Don't Take It for Granite"
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The first rule of simming is that real life is more important.
If you need to miss a sim, please inform Commander Durandus or myself so we can plan accordingly.

Mission Briefing
Following close call with yet another space anomaly, the Hermes is back in business and on to their next mission. Starfleet has issued orders for the Hermes to investigate Erasta XII and do a geological survey of the area for future development.
Important Notes
1. This sim takes place 1 week after our last scheduled sim.
2. Lieutenant Commander Swift will be acting XO in Commodores Billing's absence.

From the desk of:
Commander Kayshl Durandus
Executive Officer
USS Hermes | NCC-4501-G
USF Starfleet Personnel File

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