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  Commander Kayshl Durandus, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201704.11

USS Hermes Log, SD: 201704.11

[22:01:17]M-5:    =/\=  USS Hermes
[22:01:17]M-5:    =/\=  201704.11 2201:17 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:01:17]M-5:    =/\=  MB: Mission Briefing, Stardate 1703.28: "The Relics of Nukara Prime: Part II" at
[22:01:34]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: ATTENTION ON DECK because I don't know the command... =/\=
[22:02:04]Dr_Swift:Good evening, everyone! How are you all this week?
[22:02:15]Lila_Kirk:I'm good
[22:02:25]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:doing  better today than I was sunday
[22:02:53]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:had to visit the ER for Acid Reflux
[22:03:01]Lila_Kirk:Became a Aunte for the 5th time.
[22:03:10]Dr_Swift:Wow! Well, I'm glad you're feeling better! Also, congratulations, Lila!
[22:03:20]Dr_Swift:So! A few things before we begin.
[22:03:20]Lila_Kirk:Oops I meant to say 4th.
[22:03:58]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:congrats Lila
[22:04:15]Dr_Swift:Commodore Billings is still away for personal reasons, and Commander Durandus is unavailable due to travel reasons and work related things. As it stands, I will attempt to run the sim tonight.
[22:04:33]Dr_Swift:That said, it's going to be mostly a free sim, but I do have a few things to throw at you.
[22:05:09]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;gets catcher's mitts on all four  paws;;
[22:05:32]Dr_Swift:So, because of that, and short notice - for me, anyway, since I get home late - I was unable to create a breifing for the evening. But I'll tell you what is going on thus far!
[22:06:10]Dr_Swift:We are heading back to Starbase 47, en route for some routine resupply, and perhaps some followup things from the "incident" before. Beyond that we'll see what happens.
[22:06:19]Dr_Swift:So, any questions before we begin?
[22:07:06]Ens_RunningWaters:no Grandfather
[22:07:50]Dr_Swift:Well, if there are no further questions... please pardon me while I try to figure out the proper command to begin.
[22:08:01]Dr_Swift:!begin sim
[22:08:06]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: BEGIN SIM =/\=
[22:08:40]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Sitting in the XO chair, reading a PADD::
[22:08:47]Dr_Swift:::Leonard sat on the bridge, in the big chair. In the middle of everything, overlooking everything.::
[22:09:16]Ens_RunningWaters:;;in Engineering  trying to improve the efficiency of the engines and shields;;
[22:10:21]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;in her lab working on some new upgrades to Kat's  prosthetic arm;;
[22:10:22]Lila_Kirk:::sitting at helm, while Jane Smith somehow managed to sneak onto the Bridge and is keeping out of site::
[22:11:02]Dr_Swift:::He leaned over to look at Jana.:: Seems awefully quiet around here with both the Commodore and Commander on duty, you know?
[22:11:08]Dr_Swift:off duty*
[22:12:49]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Not looking up from her PADD:: Seems awfully quiet with a third of our crew off the ship...
[22:13:07]Dr_Swift:Ah, that's fair.
[22:13:34]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:I miss having a full security team.
[22:14:11]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;keeps tinkering on adding in more gadgets into Kat's arm than even Inspector Gadget would dream of;;
[22:14:24]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: A message appears at the Helm console, an anomaly is detected, but it's location is difficult to target. =/\=
[22:15:17]Ens_RunningWaters:;;starts in next on upgrading the sensors to a greater distance and a  higher resolution;;
[22:16:53]Dr_Swift:Ensign Rish, at Helm control> Sir? There's something going on. A spacial anomaly. I can't quite define it's location.
[22:16:55]Lila_Kirk:::See the Message appear on her console:: sir I'm detecting anamaly.
[22:17:17]Dr_Swift:[[oh, Lila, are you helm? Sorry about that ^_^;; ]]
[22:17:33]Dr_Swift:Can you pinpoint it?
[22:17:37]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looks up from her PADD:: Anomaly?
[22:18:00]Lila_Kirk:It's difficult to target.
[22:18:00]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Looks around for the science officer on duty...::
[22:18:55]Lila_Kirk:It's seems to be all over the place.
[22:19:53]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: Before much more can happen, a rift rips open in space in front of the ship, causing intense jostling and shaking as they fly right into it. =/\=
[22:20:05]Dr_Swift:What the? Report!
[22:21:04]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Moves to the tactical station, putting the Hermes at yellow alert::
[22:21:05]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Ens Ima Nurd>;;looks over at Jana before starting to read off the data gathered so far on the anomaly;; HOOOOLEEE GUACAMOLIE it seems to be a rift between dimensions sir
[22:21:16]Lila_Kirk:We just got pulled in sir.
[22:21:41]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Stumbles as the ship gets tossed around::
[22:21:43]Dr_Swift:=/\= YELLOW ALERT =/\=
[22:21:43]Dr_Swift:=/\= YELLOW ALERT =/\=
[22:22:25]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Her console is going haywire::
[22:22:29]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Kiki heads for the bridge immediately  hearing the alert;;
[22:22:50]Dr_Swift:Pulled in to where, exactly?
[22:23:29]Ens_RunningWaters:;;starts heading back to the main engineering console to trim the MAM mix to a leaner yield;;
[22:23:34]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:It looks like structural integrity is holding... for now...
[22:24:27]Dr_Swift:::Once the jostling seems to calm, the Wolfen stood from the chair.:: Can we pull up the main screen see if we see anything?
[22:24:43]Lila_Kirk:::Jane Smith peaks out from her hiding place to see the viewer::
[22:24:45]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;reads  the sensor data at Sci 2::Little Brother, it looks like we've been pulled into sub space
[22:26:55]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: The screen displays... nothing. Empty blackness. =/\=
[22:28:18]Dr_Swift:Huh. Subspace, you say. Did we engage any systems to travel via subspace?
[22:28:50]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;suddenly holds her ears with all four paws, eyes shut and whimpering with pain;;
[22:29:20]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Doesn't warp travel involve subspace?
[22:30:01]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Ima> Not that I can tell, sir, ma'am
[22:30:57]Dr_Swift:It does. While warp travel was not my strong point, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think warp travel was so directly involved with subspace. More of a bubble, isn't it?
[22:31:15]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Grips her console as subspace buffets the ship::
[22:31:30]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::An alert flashes on her console:: Whatever it is, it's wearing down our shields.
[22:31:44]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Ima> Yes sir, as I recall it does
[22:31:50]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: Another wave of jostling shakes the ship, not nearly as severe as before, but still something to raise concern. =/\=
[22:32:18]Dr_Swift:Right now though, we're actually IN subspace, not within a contained warpfield bubble, correct?
[22:32:30]Ens_RunningWaters:;;cassie sees the  flashing light  on the console and stats working on regenerating the shields;;
[22:33:16]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: The shields seem to waver for a moment at a steady 87% but soon begin deteriorating again, albeit a slower pace. =/\=
[22:33:19]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Is there some way we could form... an anti-warp bubble around us?
[22:34:56]Dr_Swift:Go for it. I'd rather not be here to find out what happens if our shields fail.
[22:34:57]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:Ima> Warp theory isn't my strong suit Chemistry and  Biology are
[22:35:36]Lila_Kirk:::Keeps working helm::
[22:35:52]--:ScotlandMXC (Mibbit@mib-8D4C359C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:35:56]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;moans;; Double it warp inside anti out
[22:39:00]Dr_Swift:Subspace... The Tetryon radiation will shred us if our shields fail.
[22:39:11]Dr_Swift:++Engineering++ I want energy diversion from non critical systems to boost shield capacity.
[22:40:23]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Shields at 58 percent.
[22:40:25]Dr_Swift:::Leonard frowned, noting that Kiki was still looking very troubled.:: Kiki! What's going on?
[22:40:41]Ens_RunningWaters:Aye sir all non critical systems will be taken  off line in one minute, give science time to shut down their experiments
[22:41:15]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:all those messages from  over the  years  hitting me
[22:41:56]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:too many to make sense  of what  is being  said
[22:42:07]Dr_Swift:::He looked a littl confused for a moment, then shook his head.:: Are you going to be okay? Should I send you to sickbay?
[22:42:34]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Shields at 47 percent...
[22:43:10]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;shakes her head;; wouldn't do any  good they're able to get through the shielding
[22:43:51]Dr_Swift:::He began to pace. The shields were not holding well.:: Tetryon radiation in subspace...a rift that opened, at some point, real space and subspace must have come into contact with each other, hence the rift...
[22:44:51]Ens_RunningWaters:;;works on layering the shields to see if that would help in addition to cutting power to all non essential systems and  having some  of the  engineers add in the  power from all the shuttles and runabouts;;
[22:45:06]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Whatever we need to do, we need to do ~now~
[22:45:14]Dr_Swift:Dammit, we don't have time to think... +Enghineering++ Boost those shields immediately.
[22:46:49]Dr_Swift:Agreed. Kiki! Subspace and the lke is closer to your field of expertise. Suggestions?
[22:47:12]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:engage the warp drive near a burst and see how that does
[22:47:45]Ens_RunningWaters:++ Swift ++   Done so already and layered the shields to see if that will help
[22:48:27]Dr_Swift:Near a burst...? What, like a Tetryon burst? Of course! Tetryon particles act erratically in such environments... That warp field might engage a bubble on releasing a tetryon field and... Do it. we've no time to think about it.
[22:48:42]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:mmhmmm exactly
[22:49:49]Dr_Swift:+Engineering+ Prepare to generate a Tetryon particle field as we engage into warp on my mark.
[22:49:51]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;starts keening to try to drown out the subspace message  noise;;
[22:50:02]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Shields at 30 percent...
[22:50:33]Ens_RunningWaters:++ Swift ++   Understood ready for your mark
[22:50:35]Dr_Swift:::The Wolfen spoke a little dryly.:: That much, hrmm? Goddess be with us.
[22:51:09]Dr_Swift:Prepare to Warp.
[22:51:49]Ens_RunningWaters:++ Swift ++   Engines ready to go to Warp on your mark
[22:51:58]Lila_Kirk:Aye sir ::works helm preparing for warp::
[22:52:22]Lila_Kirk:::engages to warp::
[22:52:34]Dr_Swift:+Engineering+ Generate the field!
[22:52:52]Ens_RunningWaters:;;generates the field required;;
[22:53:25]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: For a moment it looked like nothing happened. Suddenly the shields dropped to a desparaging 2%, and then... Zero. =/\=
[22:54:10]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;Kiki passes out;;
[22:55:43]Dr_Swift:=/\= ACTION: The usual calm almost nonexistent feeling of moving into warp was interrupted by the same jostling and shaking as before, yet even worse. It almost sounds as if the ship itself is groaning under the strain. Even the lights flicker, before it all stops. =/\=
[22:56:57]--:ScotlandMXC (Mibbit@mib-8D4C359C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:57:23]Lila_Kirk:We are in normal space now sir.
[22:58:34]Ens_RunningWaters:;;relaxes and restores energy to the rest of the systems that were taken  offline during the emergency;;
[23:00:04]Dr_Swift:::Leonard blinked, and sat hard on the chair.:: Heh.. we did it... Whew... Okay. First things. +Sickbay+ Get a transport lock on to Miss Zomaii and transport her to sickbay.
[23:00:41]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:;;Kiki slowly starts waking  up;;
[23:01:03]Dr_Swift:Second. Liuetenant, ::He looks to Jana:: Any abnormalities showing up?
[23:01:56]--:ScotlandMXC (Mibbit@mib-8D4C359C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[23:02:21]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Checks the scans one last time before returning to the command well:: We've arrived back in normal space... whatever hit us appears to be gone, or somewhere else, but either way...
[23:02:30]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:Doesn't look like it'll be causing any more trouble for us.
[23:02:57]--:ScotlandMXC (Mibbit@mib-8D4C359C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:02:59]Dr_Swift:Okay. Well that's good then. Drop us back to Green Alert status, and then whats our ETA to Starbase 47?
[23:03:21]FtLt_JanaGrimsdottir:::Bobs her head toward Lila:: Lila? ETA to base?
[23:03:40]Lila_Kirk:One hour
[23:03:55]Dr_Swift:=/\= P · A · U · S · E S · I · M =/\=
[23:05:11]Dr_Swift:Well then! Talk about a close call! A trip into subspace with a crazy radiation field eating our shields and what would have been us!
[23:06:42]Ens_RunningWaters:;;mutters;; hope our shields gave them a case of indigestion
[23:07:09]Dr_Swift:So it looks like we'll be making it to Starbase 47 after all with little to no further hiccups. That said, That's pretty much it for the night! Thank you all for coming along for the ride!
[23:07:17]Dr_Swift:Are thre an questions before we depart for the evening?
[23:07:21]Dr_Swift:are there any*
[23:08:22]Dr_Swift:Ensign Running Waters
[23:09:51]Dr_Swift:To be fair, we'll see. I'll try to come up with more plot stuff in the event I am running things again, so we can have something a little less thrown together last minute feeling.
[23:10:05]Dr_Swift:But! Time between sims will also depend on logs!
[23:10:34]LtJg_Kiki_Zomaii:when is the top brass supposed to be back?
[23:10:48]Dr_Swift:That's... for now we'll just say that's classified.
[23:11:00]Dr_Swift:Anyway, if there's nothing else...
[23:11:07]Dr_Swift:You are all DISMISSED!
[23:11:14]Dr_Swift:!sim off
[23:11:14]M-5:    =/\=   USS Hermes - 201704.11 2311:14
[23:11:14]M-5:    =/\=   Log  Closed