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Crew biographies, roster, sim logs, and ship specifications.

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icon Biography  Biography: Krisanthe Samileo
icon Biography  Biography: Nymeria Amunrra
icon Biography  Biography: Arianwyn Amunrra
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201604.05
icon Biography  Ensign Deniaud, MariĆ«lle Antoinette
icon Biography  Personnel File - 1st Lietenant Swift, Leonard Korell
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201603.29
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201603.22
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201603.15
icon Biography  Ens Kiki Zomaii
The Zinri of Zinrel
icon Biography  Restricted Access Personnel File: Cmdr Kayshl Durandus (AU) SD1603.08
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201603.01
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201602.23
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201602.16
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201602.09
uss hermes Log, SD: 201601.26
icon Biography  Lieutenant Grimsdottir, Kristjana - Personnel File
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201601.19
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201601.12
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