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  Captain James Kirk, Jr., SD
USS Hermes NCC-4501-G Updated Crew Roster: Stardate-201806.12

Updated Roster


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 Ship Wide Announcements

Hey everyone! Just a minor update to the mailstring and few minor tweaks here and there.

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 C R E W    R O S T E R 
Updated Stardate: 201806.12

Command Staff 
Commanding Officer: Captain James Kirk, Jr. (Human/Male) 
Executive Officer: ~OPEN~
Second Officer: ~OPEN~

Fleet Representative
Fleet Captain Cersei Naal (Trill/Female) 

Starship Operations
Chief of Operations: ~OPEN~ 
Helmsman: Lieutenant Junior Grade Lila Kirk (Alantis Human/Female) 
Transporter Chief: Over Enthusiastic Transport Chief (NPC/Human/Male) 

Chief of Tactical/Security:First Lieutenant Kristjana Grimsdottir (Human/Female)
Tactical/Security Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Tapal Carmello (Half Human/Half Vulcan/Female)(Gamma Shift)
Tactical/Security Officer: ~OPEN~

Chief of Engineering: Ensign Cassandra RunningWaters (Human/Female)
Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Commander Lewis Little (Human/Male)
Engineering Officer: Ensign X2B9 (Android/Male)
Engineering Officer: Ensign Mike Wortham (NPC/Human/Male)
Engineering Officer: ~OPEN~

Science/Research & Development
Chief Science Officer: ~OPEN~
Science Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Kiki Zomaii (Zinri/Female)
Science Officer: Oix'lik (Granted Rank Of Ensign/Representative Of The Kosiran) 
Science Officer: ~OPEN~

Research Director: Lieutenant Junior Grade Kiki Zomaii
Chief Medical Officer: ~OPEN~
Medical Officer: Ensign Dara'zihl (Romulan/Female)
Nurse: Tim (NPC/Human/Male) 
Nurse: Fox (NPC/???/Female) 

Ship's Counselor: ~OPEN~
Counselor's Assistant: ~OPEN~

Transporter Chief: Over Enthusiastic Transporter Chief (Human/Male) 
Engineer: Levani Sen (Orion/Female) 
Engineer: Ensign Mike Wortham (Human/Male)
Barkeep: Sam (Human/Male) 
Nurse: Tim (NPC/Human/Male) 

Leave of Absence/Gamma Shift*
Commander Kayshl Durandus (Betazoid/Female)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Tapal Carmello 
Ensign Katrista Ryan (Human/Female)
"Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory." -Uknown
We must always keep in mind our fellow SIMMERS that we have had to part ways with along the way. Through life and death we will always remember them fondly. Remember the adventures we had together and the time well spent together.
In Memory: Lieutenant Katelin Troi

*So far those on Gamma Shift and those that are on LOA are not expected to show but are more then welcome to join in at anytime. They may be removed from the SIM at some point but are still welcome to come back at anytime. Some may be out of date and only show up here because of the last Roster available. This was the most up-to-date data I could find on everyone. Let me know of anyone who needs to be put back into regular rotation or removed completely. Ranks are also the best I could figure on what little data I had to run by. This will be updated in the weeks to come and we can start growing the SIM once again! -Captain Kirk