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Name: Lewis Little
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Universal Age: 5488 years
Planetary Age: 34
Planet of Birth: Gallifrey, previously located in a binary star system within the constellation of Kasterborous, at "galactic coordinates ten-zero-eleven-zero-zero by zero-two from galactic zero centre".

Although he looks around 30-ish or so Standard Earth Years, in fact he is over five thousand years old. (See appendix) Little is usually found with a pen-sized, space-gray object protruding from his breast pocket. His sonic screwdriver. (See appendix)

The simple truth is that nobody knows more about engineering than him. It has been his one and only passion since he was a small boy. He used to build little model transporters and warp cores when he was in grade school. While everyone else was out playing sports and making friends, he was alone in his room learning the name, purpose, and dimensions of every single part that makes a ship work. He even has a regular subscription to the Quantum Mechnics And It's Purpose In Shipboard Life And You, which he keeps painstakingly inventoried on large bookshelves in his quarters. Anyone who starts a conversation with the Chief can expect a long lecture on the latest developments in ship technology. Some members of the crew find this aspect of his personality quite annoying ("Isn't there ANYTHING else he can talk about?"). But if the Chief wasn't so knowledgable about engineering, then he just wouldn't be the Over Enthusiastic Chief Engineer.

As you might expect, the Chief can usually be found manning the console in Main Engineering. However, he has been known to take the bridge during the night shift, as well as during emergencies when a greater majority of the crew has been called away for an away mission or other duties. Though he doesn't have much of a social life. After living through countless war after peace treaty after war after peace treaty after war after peace treaty, the munedaneness of socializing had become more of a second nature to him, until he had joined with Hermes crew. After spending several years in TOP SECRET Starfleet training centres around the Fleet-level members, during which he also had had to sign several hundred Non-Disclosure Agreements, not just with the Academy and Starfleet Security Networks, as you might imagine, but also with the President of the USF. (See apendix)

Commendations and Awards

Starfleet Five Year Service Medal
Starfleet Christopher Pike Medal Of Honour For Services Rendered To The Fleet
Starfleet Ten Year Service Medal
USF Grade Promotion Cadet > Ensign (Starfleet Academy)
USF Grade Promotion Ensign > Lieutenant (Junior Grade) (USS Hermes)
USF Grade Promotion Lieutenant (Junior Grade) > Lieutenant (USS Hermes)
USF Grade Promotion Lieutenant > Lieutenant Commander (USS Hermes)


Timelord status: INACTIVE; limited number of regenerations (Command Staff pre-approval needed), NO access to TARDIS (new or old), TOOLS on hand include: Sonic Screwdriver (Command Staff pre-approval needed), Psychic Paper; Can be directly linked into LCARS (S)ystem (M)essaging (S)creen when radio silence is required.

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