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BIO: First Lieutenant Kristjana Grimsdottir [UPDATED]

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Starfleet Personnel File: First Lieutenant Kristjana Grimsdottir    

Rank: First Lieutenant    
Assignment: Department Chief, Tactical & Security, USS Hermes    

Former Assignments:    
Junior Counselor, Starbase Everest;    
Senior Counselor, Starbase Everest;    
Medical Officer, USS Ares;    
Junior Counselor, Outpost Phoenix;    
Security Officer, USS Hermes;
Department Chief, Tactical & Security, USS Hermes

Undeclared, Starfleet Academy (Geneva, EU)
Continuing Officer Training (Security & Tactical), Starfleet Academy (Sicily, EU)
Command Training, Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, NA)

Birthplace: Reykjavik, EU - Earth    
Parents: Grim Hakonarson (Deceased); Lillian Davidsdottir    
Next of Kin: Fridrik Bryggeman (Separated); Salomon Bryggeman-Hales (Son; Minor)    

Psychological Profile:    

Medical Profile:    
A small tumor has developed between the frontal and temporal lobes of Grimsdottir’s brain. Her mental and cognitive functions are unaffected, with the exception of an intense sensitivity to telepathic activity and a higher occurrence of migraines. It has been determined that it would do more harm to Grimsdottir to remove it. She requires no additional considerations due to this condition. Full information forwarded to Hermes CMO.

Biographical Overview:    
First Lieutenant Grimsdottir’s career began in the psychological sciences. Her first posting after graduating from the Academy was Starbase Everest, where she served for three years. After that, she spent some time on the USS Ares and Outpost Phoenix before resigning from Starfleet. She reinstated her commission 2 years later, and now serves as Department Chief, Security & Tactical aboard the USS Hermes.    

She is estranged from her biological son and his father, exboyfriend Fridrik Bryggeman. Fridrik lives in Copenhagen with Salomon and Fridrik's wife Ditte Hales. Kristjana has no additional next of kin.

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