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Starfleet Service Record
Captain Jerrid Patterson Billings
USS Hermes, NCC-4501-G
Personal Information
Name: Jerrid Patterson Billings
Species: Human (Joined with a Symbiont of Trill)
Age: 1,242 Earth Years (Host is 42)
Height: 6"1
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Marital Status: Widowed, Romantically involved with Commander Kayshl Durandus
Children: Lieutenant David Billings, Tia Jeri Lovat
Previous Hosts in Starfleet: Lieutenant Patrick Daniel Billings, Lieutenant Patricia Rose Billings
Starfleet Information
Rank: Commodore
Position: Commanding Officer
Post: USS Hermes NCC-4501-F
Other Duties: Member of the USF High Command
Academy Information
Graduate Class: 2373
Majors: Engineering, Holo-Technology, Slipstream and Transwarp Theory
Medical Information
Physical Condition: Excellent
Mental Condition: Good
Recognizable Features: Jerrid has a noticeable scar that stretches from his forehead to the bottom of the right side of his left eye. The origin of this scar is unknown, as the injury was inflicted before Jerrid became Billings' new host.
Special Abilities: Telepathic Communication, Telekenesis.
Concerning the Billings Sybiont:
The Billings Symbiont is unique because it can chemically modify itself to adapt to any host it comes in contact with. As a result, the Billings symbiont chooses to join with non-Trill hosts in order to bring a wider range of experiences to the symbiont society.

Medical History:
Stardate 0212.03: Lieutenant Billings was infected by a viral agent that stimulated certain brain wave patterns. The virus was neutralized, and since then Billings has acquired amazing telepathic abilities including telepathic communication and telekinesis. Billings has rarely attempted using these abilities on duty, as they are untested and require proper training.
Stardate 0307.24: Billings was captured by the Dominion, and his symbiont was exchanged with another that had a similar abillity to adapt to new environments. The Billings Symbiont was hosted by a Cardassian soldier for eleven days. The soldier was kept in a cell with very little food or water. After being rescued, the Billings symbiont was returned to it's proper host, and Billings was cleared to return to active duty.
Stardate 1007.13: Billings was infected with Borg nano-probes. Due to the Billings symbiont's advanced ability to adapt, the symbiont created chemical-electrical bonds to use the Borg nano-probes to enhance Billings' immune system. The nano-probes will continue to keep the host body alive indefinitely  If the symbiont is ever separated from the host, the Borg nano-probes will no longer receive the chemical electrical bonds provided by the symbiont, and they will revert back to their original programming. This will cause the nano-probes to fully assimilate the host body without any form of resistance.
Starfleet Service Record (Events in bold are explained in detail below)
Stardate: Event
9708.03: Ensign Patrick D. Billings assigned to the Engineering Department of Starbase Everest under Captain Traci Tage.
9802.01: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
0002.09: Awarded Federation Peace Medal.
0007.30: Promoted to Full Lieutenant.
0109.21: Lieutenant Patrick Billings is killed in an enemy attack. Billings Symbiont is recovered.
0109:28: With her new host, Lieutenant Patricia R. Billings is assigned to Starbase Everest as Assistant Chief of Engineering under Captain Lyra Rose.
0110.20: Transferred to the USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-B under Fleet Captain John Styre.
0206.22: Patricia Billings is killed in Entropy attack, but the Billings Symbiont is preserved by the entity Q.
0206.25: Billings is reinstated under his new host, Jerrid Patterson Billings.
0212.20: Billings arrested for the murder of Ensign Victoria Prislan.
0301.11: Acquitted of all charges. Reinstated as Acting Chief Engineer the next day.
0302.07: Promoted to First Lieutenant and Chief Engineer of the USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-B.
0308.06: Enlisted to the USS Cleveland NCC-44114.
0311.07: Returns to the USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-B.
0403.26: Assumes command of 37th Starfighter Squadron.
0405.09: 37th Starfighter Squadron is disbanded by Commodore John Styre.*
0405.16: Transfers to Starbase Everest as Chief Engineer under Captain Sol Berman.
0408.29: Appointed Chief of Research and Development.
0506.13: Promoted to Second Officer of Starbase Everest.
0507.20: Transfers to USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-B as Chief of Security/Tactical under Commodore John Styre.
0509.30: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer of the U.S.S. Lothlorien NCC-514251-B.
0608.04: USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-B is destroyed over Earth.
0608.11: Assigned to Cheif of Tactical/Security and Second Officer of the newly commissioned USS Lothlorien NCC-514251-C under Captain T'Zal.
0609.21: Convicted of violating the Prime Directive. Sentenced to Death.
0609.29: Billings' record is expunged after uncovering an Alpha Group plot.
0610.13: Promoted to Commander and First Officer of the USS Columbia NCC-99513-A under Captain Jhalen Fjori.
0708.20: USS Columbia NCC-99513-A is heavily damaged in a conflict with Species 8472.
0708.27: Repairs and refitting complete. U.S.S. Columbia NCC-99513-B is launched.
0804.29: Transfers to the USS Hermes NCC-4501-E as First Officer under Captain T’Marahoi.
0811.11: Promoted to Captain and Commanding Officer of the USS Hermes NCC-4501-E.
0905.05: USS Hermes NCC-4501-E is destroyed by an enemy infiltrator.
0905.10: The Luna-Class USS Hermes NCC-4501-F is launched.
0911.25: Awarded the Hobus Relief Ribbon, as well as the JSO Medallion.
1008.17: Awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor, but recieves a stern reprimand from the Federation Council.
1208.07: Promoted to Fleet Captain and Fleet Representative of the USS Ares, the USS Lothlorien, and the USS Roddenberry.
1304.02: Awarded the Green Ribbon for the valiant defense of Starbase 5.
1401.07: The USS Hermes NCC-4501-F is destroyed by a Klingon Fleet in an alternate universe.
1401.28: The Legacy Class USS Hermes NCC-4501-G is launched.
1402.11: Begins a relationship with Commander Kayshl Durandus (AU).
1404.22: Steals the USS Hermes NCC-4501-G from Earth Spacedock in direct violation of orders from the Federation Council.
1405.27: Saves Earth from a Dalek invasion. All charges against Commodore Billings and his crew are dropped.
1412.17: Promoted to Commodore and appointed to the USF High Council.
1501.17: Resigned from High Command and Fleet Rep duties in good standing.
1504.14: Successfully defends Ensign Orit'Ras'Kinedo when he is court marshaled for murder.
1601.26: Takes a leave of absence with his daughter Jeri in the wake of Ensign Orit'Ras'Kinedo's death.
1603.08: Is rescued from Rura Penthe along with Jeri and Kiki Zomaii by the USS Hermes.
1701.16: Reappointed to the USF High Command.

* Billings is credited with four kills during his time with the 37th Starfighter Squadron.
Events of Importance
0002.09: Under the command of Admiral HyRisk, a Special Ops group called "Group 36" were sent to Starbase Everest to take care of some "terrorists" who had been apprehended on HyRisks orders. But apparently these "terrorists" were part of the peaceful Star League Trader Organization. Challenging the validity of these orders, six officers of Everest resigned their commissions and stole the USS Mystique in order to uncover the truth. With the mission complete and their actions deemed justified by Starfleet Command, they were all awarded the Federation Peace Medal. Patrick received his for assisting the Mystique in their escape of Starbase Everest which led to the eventual peace agreement.
0212.20 - 0301.12: Ensign Victoria Prislan, who was Jerrid's lover at the time, was interested in joining the 37th Starfighter Squadron. While on a training mission, her fighter was destroyed by Jerrid's, and he was arrested for murder. It was later determined that Jerrid's fighter was tampered with, and was being controlled from a remote location. Jerrid was acquitted of all charges.
0307.24 - 0308.25: Billings was abducted by the Dominion. Billings' symbiont was switched with another Trill that worked for the Dominion, enabling him to sneak into Starfleet undetected bearing Jerrid's identity. The plot was unmasked with the help of Lieutenant Commander Lanna Daerthe, and both symbionts were returned to their correct hosts.
0308.06: Jerrid was drafted onto the USS Cleveland NCC-44114 as part of a special team designed to ease tensions along the Romulan Neutral Zone. It appears the Romulans were blaming the Federation for the disappearance of one of their vessels along the Zone. It was soon discovered that it was a third and final plot by the Dominion to undermine the Federation. They had hoped that the missing ship would spark another war between the Federation and the Romulans, but the scheme was unmasked when a spy was discovered on the missing Romulan ship.
0609.22 - 0609.29: Billings was framed and convicted of violating the Prime Directive when a member of the terrorist organization Alpha Group sabotaged his shuttlecraft. His vessel crashed into a church of a pre-warp civilization killing several dozen people, including three Starfleet officers. Billings eventually proved his innocence and uncovered that Admiral Walton, who presided over his trial, was in fact one of the leaders of the organization. This event, along with his outstanding service to date, led to his promotion to Commander.
0911.25: Billings and the crew of the Hermes were a part of the task force that assisted the evacuation of Romulus during the Hobus crisis that crippled the Romulan Empire. It was Hermes' job to evacuate Section 9, a high security prison that housed the most vile criminals of Romulus. The Hermes crew was awarded the Hobus Relief Ribbon for their efforts. (Captain Billings was decorated by High Command with the JSO Medallion for inspiring the idea which brought the Fleet Wide Hobus sim plot into fruition).
1008.17: The Hermes was sent to assist the blockade of Risa when a deadly plague broke out on the planet's surface. The Federation Council was worried about the possibility of the virus spreading to other worlds due to an imminent Breen attack, so they issued Starfeet General Order 24 - the destruction of all life on an entire planet. However, the Hermes away team had just discovered an antidote to the virus. In order to prevent the blockade from carrying out the order, Billings ordered the Hermes to attack and disable several Federation starships in the blockade. This gave the away team time to release the antidote on a planetary scale. The Hermes crew was awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor for their efforts, but Captain Billings earned a stern reprimand from the High Command for disobeying orders and firing on other Federation ships.

1304.02: The USS Hermes arrived at Starbase 5 for repairs, only to discover that the station was infected with a mutigenic virus. It rewrites the victim's DNA and transforms them into invincible walking corpses - zombies, as they became to be known. The virus effectively eradicated the stations population, and began to spread to other worlds. Commander Kennesaw and Ensign Troi immediately began working on a cure, but the Tracians decided that the station needed to be destroyed. A task force consisting of the USS Hermes, USS Odyssey, USS Lothlorien, USS Southerland, USS Lakota, and the USS Audacity engaged a Tracian fleet and kept them engaged long enough for Commander Kennesaw to find a cure. The Tracian fleet was eventually defeated when Lieutenant Jecht of the USS Odyssey overloaded the defense net, crippling any ship that wasn't properly shielded. The Tracian ships were all disabled, and the USS Southerland and the USS Audacity were destroyed.

1401.07 - 1401.28: The Hermes was thrown into an alternate universe where the Klingons were at war with the Federation. The Hermes was destroyed by a Klingon fleet, and the crew was taken captive. Luckily, the crew was rescued by the USS Hermes from the alternate universe. They helped Commodore Billings and his crew return to their own universe, bringing Kayshl Durandus and Lieutenant Swift along with him.

1601.26 - 1603.08: Commodore Billings lost confidence in his abilities as a leader after the death of Ori'Tras'Kinedo. He had effectively ordered the Ensign to his death, and that left a deep emotional scar on Jerrid's soul. He decided to step away from the Captain's chair so that he could collect his thoughts. While vacationing with his daughter on Casperia Prime, they were both captured by Klingon soldiers and exiled to Rura Penthe. There, the Commodore met one of his former officers, Ensign Kiki Zomaii - a Zinri. The three of them were eventually rescued by Commander Durandus, and the Commodore was declared fit to return to duty.
Recorded Medals and Awards
JSO Medallion
Green Ribbon
Federation Peace Medal
Starfleet Medal of Valor
Hobus Relief Ribbon
5 Sim Creation Medals
2 USF Logbook Selections
4 Double Gold Bar Awards (Joint Log Awards)
2 Platinum Bar (Log Awards)
4 Gold Bars (Log Awards)
6 Silver Bars (Log Awards)

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