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Ensign Gideon Salieri Biography

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Subject: Gideon Massimo Salieri
Aliases: Giddy, Sal
Rank: Ensign
Species: 1/2 Betazoid, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Bajoran
Age: 28, June 6, 2363
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 235lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown
Mother: Dezara Malla Netaan Stasi (Betazoid)
Father: Giancarlo Martin Salieri (1/2 Human, 1/2 Bajoran)
Siblings: Geovani Rico Salieri (1/2 Betazoid, 1/4 Human, 1/4 Bajoran)
Maternal Grandmother: Silena Renai Ialo Stasi (Betazoid)
Maternal Grandfather: Warner Judan Stasi (Betazoid)
Paternal Grandmother: Treska Bacna Salieri (Bajoran)
Paternal Grandfather: Vincent Martin Salieri (Human)
The younger of two sons in an extensive, close-knit family, Gideon faced many challenges growing up. Seemingly always in the shadow of his older brother, Geovani, Gideon acted out in an attempt to receive attention from his parents. This behavior, unfortunately, resulted in the younger Salieri being moved several times between his grandparents on Betazoid and in the wine country of Italy. While Geovani was being groomed to take over the vineyards, Gideon was lamented as a problem child.
After failing several years of his primary and secondary education, a frustrated Giancarlo sent his younger son to a military-based reform school. Upon finishing his basic education, Gideon was then shipped into Starfleet Academy with a recommendation letter from the headmaster of the reform school.
Using his troublesome past as a platform for his future, Gideon specialized in Security Assessment and Tactical Operations. While he succeeded in these fields, Salieri still found difficulty in his personal aspect. He became known as a womanizer and faced several disciplinary actions for questionable contacts with other cadets.
Despite the disorder, Gideon graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the USS Prevailer, an escort ship for important Starfleet shipping lanes within Sector 001. A quarrel led to his delayed transfer to USS Hermes, with a warning to the command staff that his personal behavior would need monitored. Surprisingly, Ensign Salieri has managed to keep a clean slate thus far.    

Starfleet Career
Aug 4, 2381 - Entered Starfleet Academy
June 6, 2382 - First reprimand
Apr 22, 2384 - Second reprimand
May 23, 2385 - Graduation, promoted to Ensign, assigned to USS Prevailer
Sept 14, 2386 - First reprimand
Nov 1, 2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Feb 8, 2388 - Second reprimand
Dec 25, 2389 - Demoted to Ensign, placed on leave
Feb 28, 2391 - Assigned to USS Hermes

Command level authorization required:
After completing a stint in rehabilitation, Ensign Salieri has been allowed to return to active duty. As per High Command, if Salieri is involved in any incident in which alcohol is a factor, he is to be immediately relieved of duty and returned to SFHQ for full disciplinary action.

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