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Lt. Junior Grade Deniaud, Mariëlle Antoinette

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Full Name: Deniaud, Mariëlle Antoinette
Nicknames: Ellie
Gender: Female
Age: 24 (Terran standard)
Place of Birth: Avignon, France, Earth
Date of Birth: 9112.13
Species: Human

  • 0909.04 – Entered Starfleet Academy: School of Engineering
  • 1306.09 – Graduated Starfleet Academy: School of Engineering, BS: Quantum Astrophysics
  • 1307.05 – Entered Princeton University: School of Engineering Masters of Engineering Program
  • 1506.04 – Received MSE: Quantum Astrophysics
  • 1506.05 – Entered Princeton University: School of Engineering Doctorate of Engineering Program
  • Bachelor of Science: Quantum Astrophysics
  • Masters of Engineering: Quantum Astrophysics
    • Focus: Effective Field Theory, Solid State Chemistry
Her education was handled by private tutors until the age 10. She was enrolled into Oakham School in England at age 10 until she was accepted into Starfleet Academy: School of Engineering at age 17. Upon graduation, Deniaud’s commission on the USS Integrity was rescinded per a request from the Honourable Ambassadors. Prior to graduation, Deniaud had prepared for such an instance and had applied to Princeton University’s Masters of Engineering program and proceeded to continue her education after her post was rescinded. Upon receiving her MSE, she began the doctoral program and requested to complete her studies on a Starfleet vessel, stating that her withstanding commission, although officially placed on leave, with Starfleet allowed her special access to information that would otherwise be difficult to find for her thesis. Deniaud’s commission has since been reinstated.

Per department approval, Deniaud has been granted permission to continue her doctoral studies on board the USS Hermes, 4501-G. Deniaud has agreed to bi-weekly subspace meetings with her advisor and must be present for her dissertation presentation.

  • 1306.15 – Assigned official commission, USS Integrity, 7000-A
  • 1306.25 – Commission rescinded; Placed on leave
  • 1604.05 – Assigned official commission, USS Hermes, 4501-G
  • 1605.10 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Full Name: Stevenson, Adam Nikolai
Relation: Spouse, Former
Species: Human
Occupation: Medical Officer, USS Potemkin
Rank: Lieutenant
Date of Birth: 9001.22

Full Name: Deniaud, Aubert Renard
Relation: Father
Species: Human
Occupation: Ambassador
Date of Birth: 5902.27

Full Name: Deniaud, Henriette Isabella
Relation: Mother
Species: Human
Occupation: Ambassador
Date of Birth: 6203.01

Full Name: Deniaud, Renard Nathanaël
Relation: Brother
Species: Human
Occupation: Ambassador
Date of Birth: 8501.06

Full Name: Deniaud, Joséphine Noëlle
Relation: Sister
Species: Human
Occupation: None
Date of Birth: 8702.27

Full Name: Deniaud, Valantine Agathe
Relation: Sister
Species: Human
Occupation: None
Date of Birth: 8806.04

Full Name: Deniaud, Aldéric Grégoire
Relation: Uncle
Species: Human
Occupation: Chief of Engineers, Corp of Engineers
Rank: Rear Admiral
Date of Birth: 5902.27


Height: 1.55 meters
Weight: 49.9 kilos
Eyes: Green with grey detailing
Hair: Black, long
Skin: Light to fair tan
Defining Features: Mixture of French and British accent and speech patterns
Distinguishing Markings/Scars:
  • Sparrow shaped birthmark behind right ankle
  • 7-cm long and 0.25-cm wide scar over right pelvis
  • 13-cm long and 0.5-cm wide tattoo along spine, estimated location centered between T1 to T8

Mariëlle Antoinette Deniaud - known as “Ellie” to her family and friends - was born in Avignon, France as the youngest daughter of the Honourable Ambassadors Aubert and Henrietta Deniaud. As a child, she was known for her boundless cheerfulness, her passion for learning, and her keen attention to detail. As she aged, she was deemed wilful, stubborn, and independent to the frustration of her parents. It was believed Deniaud would follow in her parents’ footsteps, but her acceptance into Starfleet Academy caused family disputes (see Educational History).

While Deniaud has a strenuous relationship with both parents and two sisters, she is closest to her brother, eldest of the Deniaud children, Renard Nathanaël, and her uncle, Aldéric Grégoire. The Honourable Ambassador Renard Nathanaël is considered to be the next heir and head of the Deniaud family. Her Uncle, currently ranked Admiral serving as Chief of Engineers in the Corp of Engineers and the eldest twin brother of the Honourable Ambassador Aubert Renard, is credited for her choice to join Starfleet with a focus on engineering.

She earned the moniker “Typhoon Maddie” (MAD being the acronym of her name) within her small circle of friends during her stay at Oakham School, where she was known to be the perpetrator of pranks aimed at professors and students alike. She has held an on-and-off again relationship with best friend Adam Nikolai Stevenson, currently commissioned as Lieutenant aboard the USS Potemkin, whom she met at Oakham. Deniaud and Stevenson married on Stardate 1201.31, and the marriage was dissolved per the request of both parties eight months later. It was expedited per the request of the Honourable Ambassadors. Deniaud’s and Stevenson’s relationship is currently in good standing.

Deniaud is often described as quick-witted with a sharp tongue and a crude sense of humour. When dealing with her education and/or duties, this trait can often be misconstrued for insubordination or rudeness, as Deniaud has no qualms with informing people their theories are incorrect or wrong. Professionally, she is adventurous, daring, and creative in her approach. She is prone to quick bursts of anger or irritation, but is instantly soothed if the subject is not serious. She is outgoing, friendly, confident, and flirty in her personal life. She is also known to have had a long list of suitors, most likely due to her flirtatious nature, and refuses to settle down, to the chagrin of her family. It is believed this is because of her parents’ insistence of approval prior to the courtship. Deniaud becomes extremely guarded when it comes to her true affections.


Denaiud has a 7-cm long and 0.25-cm wide scar over her right pelvis, an injury sustained during a food fight at Oakham School at age 14.

Denaiud was born with Haemophilia A, with a clotting Factor VIII deficiency. Although cases within females are rare, Denaiud’s father was diagnosed with Haemophilia B and her mother was found to be a carrier. She was considered to have severe haemophilia, with .89% active clotting factor. She received gene therapy at age 6, with a successful intravenous insertion of the F9 gene into an adeno-associated virus-8 vector, which increased levels to 1.2% active clotting factor. Denaiud’s blood plasma clotting factor must be monitored monthly.


Denaiud enjoys lace crafts, especially shuttle tatting and bobbin lace, and needlepoint. She is proficient in ballet and ballroom dancing and plays the piano. Deniaud enjoys running as a sport and cooking for pleasure.

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