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USS Hermes Log, SD: 201605.10

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USS Hermes Log, SD: 201605.10

[22:10:57] M-5:        =/\= USS Hermes
[22:10:57] M-5:        =/\= 201605.10 2210:57 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:10:57] M-5:        =/\= MB: Mission Briefing, Stardate 1605.03: "The Veil of the Wolfen" (Part II) at
[22:11:05] KayshlDurandus_AU:         ATTENTION ON DECK
[22:11:09] EnsArianAmunrra: ::AA::
[22:11:14] Dr_Swift: ::AA::
[22:11:14] EnsDeniaud: ::A::
[22:11:16] Lila_Kirk: ::aa::
[22:11:24] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ::AA::
[22:11:44] KayshlDurandus_AU: So the Commodore is MIA, so Swift and I will be continuing the SIM best we can. There may be some plot hiccups so I appologize for that in advance.
[22:12:03] KayshlDurandus_AU: I'll try not to let it run over to much, but FYI it MIGHT by a few. If you need to leave that's understood.
[22:12:09] KayshlDurandus_AU: So awards real quick...
[22:12:18] KayshlDurandus_AU: This week, the gold duty log award goes to Ensign Deniaud and the silver duty log goes to Ensign Amunrra.
[22:12:29] KayshlDurandus_AU: Great job both of you.
[22:12:34] EnsArianAmunrra: Thank you.
[22:12:50] EnsDeniaud: Thank you.
[22:13:07] --: CommodoreBillings (Mibbit@mib-2755AEC1.[**]) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:13:15] KayshlDurandus_AU: So obviously no mission brief this week. So the Doctor will give you the reader's digest version
[22:13:23] Dr_Swift: Sorry for the lack of he mission brief this week, I'll fill us in to catch us up.
[22:13:36] Dr_Swift: Hello Everyone, first and foremost, how are we this week?
[22:14:05] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: in the middle of a Tstorm but I'll try to hang in there
[22:14:31] EnsArianAmunrra: Voted today.
[22:14:33] EnsDeniaud: Roofers are the bane of mothers everywhere. ::grumbling::
[22:14:39] Dr_Swift: I hope we've all been ready for this sim this week?
[22:14:42] Dr_Swift: So!
[22:14:57] Dr_Swift: A'Morak met up with Swift, and the main command of the Hermes.
[22:15:29] --: EnsGideonSalieri (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.[**]) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:16:06] EnsArianAmunrra: ( Test. )
[22:16:15] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: (pass)
[22:16:21] EnsDeniaud: (fail)
[22:16:22] Lila_Kirk: (Pass))
[22:16:28] EnsArianAmunrra: ( Two outta three ain't bad. )
[22:17:21] --: CommodoreBillings (Mibbit@mib-2755AEC1.[**]) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:17:41] --: CommodoreBillings (Mibbit@mib-2755AEC1.[**]) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:17:48] KayshlDurandus_AU: =/\=         B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M         =/\=
[22:17:55] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: (wb)
[22:17:59] KayshlDurandus_AU: (Test)
[22:18:07] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: (pass)
[22:18:29] KayshlDurandus_AU: (I think swift is having technical issues)
[22:18:32] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M         =/\=        
[22:18:40] CommodoreBillings: Alright, guys
[22:18:44] CommodoreBillings: I'm so sorry.
[22:18:50] CommodoreBillings: Severe technical difficulties
[22:18:55] --: Dr_Swift (Mibbit@mib-8B1CCA6C.[**]) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:19:16] --: Dr_Swift (Mibbit@mib-8B1CCA6C.[**]) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:19:21] Dr_Swift: [[test]]
[22:19:29] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: (pass)
[22:19:35] CommodoreBillings: Alright.
[22:20:15] Dr_Swift: Okay, I think we're good. Sorry about the delays XD
[22:21:14] CommodoreBillings: So last week, we talked to Zoro. Found out Swift was the central figure to a prophecy where he would be the savior of the Wolfen race. Meanwhile, Lila discovered Talador Ren in a bar.
[22:21:21] Dr_Swift: Noro*
[22:21:22] CommodoreBillings: THAT's the reader's digest version.
[22:21:29] CommodoreBillings: Any questions?
[22:21:43] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M         =/\=
[22:22:33] Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Mila, Kayshl, and Leonard are in front of the A'Morak. =/\=
[22:22:43] Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: And Billings. =/\=
[22:22:50] Lila_Kirk: ::looks at Talador Ren:: so what brings to to this planet?
[22:22:54] CommodoreBillings: Talador Ren> Lila! I wasn't expecting to see you on Korin'Thalis.
[22:23:04] EnsGideonSalieri: @ ::is close by Mila, Kayshal, Leonard and Billings, Security and all::
[22:23:09] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;looking for the patrons of themolotov cocktail thrower;;
[22:23:24] EnsDeniaud: ::moves through the marketplace, quietly looking through the wares, ignoring the whispers of the Wolfen around her::
[22:23:30] Lila_Kirk: Same here so what brings you here?
[22:23:35] EnsArianAmunrra: ::outside the legislative building, expecting to meet up with Jana::
[22:23:41] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::stands in awe, staring at the A'Morak, honestly a little amused at the situation::
[22:23:45] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> So. A mirror image of myself. I can't help but be curious how you came to be here.
[22:23:46] CommodoreBillings: Talador Ren> Well, I am an investor on Korin'Thalis. It's how I get all my Wolfen slaves.
[22:23:58] CommodoreBillings: @ :::Whispers to Swift::: He looks a lot like you.
[22:24:11] EnsDeniaud: Random Wolfen of Random> ::whispering:: I hear she is part of Orus' group.
[22:24:34] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> :::Looking from Swift to... Swift... back to Swift:::
[22:24:38] Lila_Kirk: Don't tell me your here for a new Wolfen?
[22:24:44] KayshlDurandus_AU: @ ::snickers:: Yeah... Didn't know you were so important in this Universe. ::speaking softly::
[22:24:55] Dr_Swift: @ ::Leonard flicked an ear towards Billings, giving a nod that was barely noticeable.:: Some seem to be saying I came through the Veil. Honestly, I call it transversing universes.
[22:25:10] EnsDeniaud: Wolfen Randomness > ::whispering back:: Yes. The rumours must be true then. Orus walks among us.
[22:25:26] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Well, I don't exactly have my old one anymore, do I?    
[22:25:39] EnsDeniaud: ::stops in front of a stall, carefully picking up the light fabric; it shimmers in her hands:: Oooo.
[22:25:45] Lila_Kirk: No you don't.    
[22:25:56] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::A'Morak nods thoughtfully, taking a step closer to them, all in his regalia.:: Universes. The Universe encompasses all, does it not? How could there be another "all
[22:25:58] Dr_Swift: "?
[22:26:00] KayshlDurandus_AU: @Semantics, apparently.
[22:26:02] CommodoreBillings: Ren> In fact, I can't say I even know where Mila is a this point.
[22:26:44] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;leaves the security personnel to find him while searching for Ellie in the marketplace;;
[22:27:02] Dr_Swift: @ The universe may contain much, but it doesn't hold all. All things to exist would include multiple universes. Multiverses.
[22:27:19] Lila_Kirk: From what I heard she's happy with her new Master.    
[22:27:23] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He continues closer, until he is mere feet from the crew, glancing at each one, measuring them.::
[22:27:37] EnsDeniaud: ::sifting through bolts of fabric, cooing happily with each she finds:: Oh so pretty. So pretty.
[22:27:48] EnsArianAmunrra: ::taps her badge, talking with Mason on the Hermes::
[22:28:15] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;sneaks up behimd Ellie and tickles her sides lightly;; hi
[22:28:20] CommodoreBillings: Ren> ::His eyes narrow:: Who is her new Master, Lila?
[22:28:38] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> So. You've made a name for yourself. Jessamine left a voice for our people, you know. Tell me. I must hear it from your lips. Who is your Master? Who do you serve?
[22:29:13] EnsDeniaud: ::jumps, screaming loudly and fails to notice several Wolfen covering their ears with the high pitched yelp she released:: Holy poop balls of gooey yuckiness!
[22:29:46] EnsDeniaud: Random Wolfen Mum > ::Growling as she covers her pup's ears and leads the young one away from the cursing officer::
[22:29:53] Lila_Kirk: Can't tell you.    
[22:29:56] Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Every Wolfen within a city block of Deniaud raised their ears, perked high. =/\=
[22:30:05] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;holds her ears as well;;sorry Ellie
[22:30:32] EnsDeniaud: ::turns, breathing ragged as she punches Kiki hard in the arm:: Don't do that!
[22:30:35] Dr_Swift: @ ::Leonard ooked to his left and right.:: I serve those who need me. I don't serve just one. I am not owned by any. If that is what you are asking.
[22:30:51] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Well... That's that, I suppose. And your Commodore?
[22:30:58] EnsDeniaud: (Better than a dog whistle... And look, I didn't get banned. ;))
[22:31:06] EnsArianAmunrra: +Mason+ Put a tracker on young Keld and release him on the planet. We'll see if he has any contact with Fulcrum on planet.
[22:31:09] CommodoreBillings: (Frak you)
[22:31:26] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He studied the group. Leonard, and his mate, wife to be, Mila.::
[22:31:27] Lila_Kirk: The Commodore is good.    
[22:31:55] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> :::Head bowed before the A'Morak:::
[22:32:00] EnsDeniaud: ::smiles brightly at Kiki:: What are you doing here?
[22:32:30] CommodoreBillings: Ren> I'm not exactly happy with you, you know.
[22:32:37] EnsArianAmunrra: =/\=        ACTION: Mason complies with Ensign Amunrra, beaming the Ruffian Wolfen back to the surface, free to go.         =/\=
[22:32:42] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: looking to see what kind of mischief you were getting into, plenty by the looks of things...
[22:32:42] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> So you serve...all you please. And you do not feel that you are held to another. Tell me... How can you possibly serve the great Dae'gra like this?
[22:32:46] Lila_Kirk: Why not.    
[22:32:53] Lila_Kirk: ?*
[22:33:09] EnsDeniaud: ::giggles, shaking her head and returning her attention to the bolts of fabric:: Nah. I was shopping for wedding presents.
[22:33:19] EnsGideonSalieri: @ ::watching inconspicuously::
[22:33:35] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::looks around the room, making eye contact with Ensign Salieri then back to A'Morak, her senses heightened for any threat::
[22:33:37] CommodoreBillings: Ren> I took ver your ship. I pulled you into our quarters. I confessed my undying love. And what did you do? You took advantage of it, and had me arrested. How could you?
[22:33:40] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Et tu, Ellie?
[22:33:56] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Do you not understand what power you could have had in side of the Great Rift?
[22:33:57] EnsDeniaud: ::grins:: Aye. What are you getting the Doc?
[22:34:05] CommodoreBillings: Ren> The luxury I could have showered you with?
[22:34:26] CommodoreBillings: Mason> +Amunrra+ Sir, are you sure that's such a good idea?
[22:34:41] Lila_Kirk: I don't care about any of that I'm happy where I am.    
[22:34:46] Dr_Swift: @ ::Leonard kept his stonefaced resolve in front of the holy Wolfen. He wasn't intimidated.:: I Do what I can to preserve the health and life of those I am crewed with, and those who need it. Isn't that what the Godess wants? For us to look out for the benefit of others?
[22:34:52] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;grins;; as many different kinds of seeds for medicinal plants from all over the galaxy as I can find
[22:35:03] EnsArianAmunrra: +Mason+ Lieutenant, if you have the tracker on him, I can follow him anywhere.
[22:35:12] CommodoreBillings: Ren> I should have killed you and your sorry crew when I had the chance.
[22:35:54] EnsGideonSalieri: @ ::appears bored, but when doesn't he::
[22:35:58] EnsDeniaud: ::grins:: Well, he'll definitely like that. ::picks out several bolt of fabric and gives the merchant measurements before moving to the next stall with Kiki:: What do you think of all this Orus chatter?
[22:35:59] CommodoreBillings: Mason> +Amunrra+ Understood.
[22:36:18] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::The Wolfen had just as much a stone face as the Doc, and took another step closer the Leonard. Either could have reached out and touched the other.:: I see. Rumor is that you saw the Goddess as well.
[22:36:54] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: It's interesting to say the least you should hear the stories the pups tell
[22:37:04] EnsDeniaud: Oh? What have they said?
[22:37:45] EnsArianAmunrra: +Mason+ Let me know when you've completed energizing.
[22:37:49] EnsDeniaud: ::stops in front of a thread stall, gaping at the shimmering threads, and her smile only grows as she holds back from squealing with delight::
[22:37:56] Lila_Kirk: You are the one who is sorry thinking Money gets you want.    
[22:38:20] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: he'll make it so that they can learn at home with their families and not get sent off till they are adults and know more about the worlds out there
[22:38:42] Dr_Swift: @ ::Leonard looked down at Mila, wondering why she was bowing her head so fervently, but looked back up.:: It is true.    
[22:38:44] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: He's also going to abolish all the slave contracts
[22:38:50] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Lila, not everybody lives in the United Federation of Planets, okay? I don't understand how you guys even exist without money. In the rest of the galaxy, money DOES get you what you want.
[22:39:00] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Especially here.
[22:39:29] EnsDeniaud: Really? ::turning as she faces Kiki:: All of them? The elders have a different take. It's interesting to see the differences.
[22:39:58] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: mmhmmm it is and homework is to be a thing of the past
[22:40:06] EnsDeniaud: ::starts picking out threads, feeling the fiber between her fingers as she plucks out spools upon spools::
[22:40:19] EnsDeniaud: ::chuckles:: No matter the world and no matter the species, eh?
[22:40:33] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: apparently
[22:40:39] CommodoreBillings: Mason> +Amunrra+ Beaming down the prisoner now, sir. He'll be in the main square.
[22:41:07] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::is bored much like Ensign Salieri, but doesn't project it in any way, wishing she were out searching for who set off the bomb than listening to this religious conversation::
[22:41:10] EnsDeniaud: Random Wolfen > ::whispering as Kiki and Marielle walk through the stalls, whispering amongst themselves of Orus and his Kaiea and prophecy::
[22:41:16] EnsArianAmunrra: +Mason+ Keep watch from the Hermes as well. Amunrra out.
[22:41:26] EnsArianAmunrra: ::heading to the square, PADD still in hand::
[22:41:42] EnsDeniaud: ::nods to the merchant as she gives him the box of spools she'd like to have sent to the ship, moving to the next stall with Kiki::
[22:41:47] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::His eyes settle on Billings then. Yet he still spoke to Leonard.:: If that is true... Tell me. Is it as the texts say...Fur as brilliant gold as the setting sun? Eyes of burning embers? Does she truly have four tails for the tenets?
[22:42:18] CommodoreBillings: @ ::Whispers to Kayshl:: Looking at these two kind of reminds me of Ethan.
[22:42:35] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;gets several large fruit from one stall that her tricorder says is ok for them to eat and offers some to Ellie;;
[22:42:48] Lila_Kirk: I'm not from a race in the Federation and we have money there    
[22:43:03] EnsDeniaud: ::smiles and takes the fruit, taking a bite as she stops in front of a paper merchant, her eyes moving over the parchment::
[22:43:05] EnsGideonSalieri: @ ::takes a few steps toward the door, glancing around the outer world::
[22:43:06] KayshlDurandus_AU: @What do you mean two? The only Ethan I know is dead. ::looks at him confused::
[22:43:10] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> :::Looks up at the A'Morak, confused:::
[22:43:18] EnsDeniaud: Ooo. That's yummy. What is it? ::glancing from the fruit to Kiki::
[22:43:34] Lila_Kirk: People who have to work jobs or earn there Citizenship for what they need.    
[22:43:50] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Wolfen the Hermes had in custody, Keld, materializes on the planetssur' face.         =/\=
[22:43:51] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: it looks like a mango but creamier and yummier
[22:44:02] EnsArianAmunrra: ::reaches the square, glancing for when the Wolfen will materialize there::
[22:44:17] CommodoreBillings: Ren> I had a job.
[22:44:24] CommodoreBillings: Ren> I had a GREAT job.
[22:44:30] EnsArianAmunrra: ::then frowns:: ~It's gonna be silly for me to follow this close. I quite stand out.~
[22:44:36] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Crime Lord pays LOTS of money.
[22:44:45] CommodoreBillings: Ren> It's just not all that legal, I guess.
[22:44:51] EnsArianAmunrra: ::steps back to try and blend into the crowd::
[22:44:55] EnsDeniaud: ::nodding:: This place is almost like paradise really. Warm weather, wonderfully kind species. If it wasn't for the whole slavery thing, I'd almost consider it perfect.
[22:45:02] CommodoreBillings: Ren> But what's legal when there are no governmental borders to constrain you?
[22:45:23] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: I know, paradise but at a price for the natives
[22:45:26] EnsArianAmunrra: ::looks at her PADD as it beeps, noting Keld's presence nearby:: Excellent. Now take me to your leader.
[22:45:30] Dr_Swift: @ ::Leonard tilted his head, cocking an ear.:: Ehh... Not... quite? If that is what the texts say, then I offer my deepest apologies that what I saw was different. She was a smoken ashen color. Her eyes weren't mere embers, but suns. She saw into you... And her tails, there were five, One for the five Pillars.    
[22:45:42] CommodoreBillings: @ ::Sighs, remembering the days when two different versions of Ethan Grimms would run around the ship causing trouble::
[22:46:16] Lila_Kirk: ::had secretly pressed her combadge when she saw and is hoping someone is heard
[22:46:29] Lila_Kirk: Hearing::*
[22:46:35] EnsDeniaud: ::nodding as she glances through the pottery of one stall:: But I get the sense they don't view it as an injustice. They truly believe they are serving much more than their contracts. It's difficult for me to truly comprehend.
[22:46:38] CommodoreBillings: @ We used to have an Ethan on our ship. Two of them, actually. See, our Ethan died, too. But then we got a Mirror Universe version. And an alternate version from an aborted future timeline. The two served on our ship at the same time. It was... interesting, to say the least.
[22:46:49] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::The formally dressed Wolfen eyed Mila then.:: And you. You are his unwed mate. What has he told you of his knowledge of the prophecy?
[22:46:51] EnsDeniaud: ::takes a bite of her fruit::
[22:47:00] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::senses Jerrid's thought about Ethan and envies him a little, wishing her last memories of past crewmembers was so pleasant::
[22:47:05] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> ::Watches Swift in reverence::
[22:47:10] EnsArianAmunrra: ( ::would've liked to be listening in to Talador Ren considering SFI has it out for him:: )
[22:47:26] CommodoreBillings: (Working on that. :-P)
[22:47:40] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: yes but slavery is still the same no matter how willing the slave
[22:47:42] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Suddenly, Keld bursts into the bar.         =/\=
[22:47:50] EnsArianAmunrra: ( Nice. )
[22:48:15] EnsArianAmunrra: ::glides through the crowd, following Keld at a distance::
[22:48:17] CommodoreBillings: Keld> MASTER! :::Runs up to Talador Ren and bows:::
[22:48:30] EnsArianAmunrra: ( Oh, nuts. )
[22:48:35] CommodoreBillings: Talador> :::Looks to Keld, and spits out his drink:::
[22:48:39] Lila_Kirk: ::looks at Keld::
[22:48:41] KayshlDurandus_AU: @Wow... do you really encounter multiverses that often? ::pauses, pondering the thought for a moment:: How does Starfleet Intelligence even allow that many alternate universe individuals serve?
[22:48:54] EnsDeniaud: ::eyes a particularly beautiful sculpture of a pair of Wolfen:: Perhaps. I know better than most what it means to not have a choice :: she shrugs:: I don't think they view it as slavery, even if that is the term used. It's almost ritualistic, I think.
[22:49:51] EnsArianAmunrra: ::receives a comm from Mason, eyes widen::
[22:49:55] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> Holy A'Morak - I knew of the prophecy, of course. I have read all the scriptures. I was not aware that he had seen the Mother :::Her tone icey as she gives him a steely look::
[22:50:09] EnsArianAmunrra: ::taps her badge:: +Billings+ Amunrra to Billings.
[22:50:15] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> This pleases me. But that is not what I asked.
[22:50:16] EnsDeniaud: (haha. Swift, you're in the doghouse. Get it. Get it?)
[22:50:25] Dr_Swift: (Ha.)
[22:50:37] Lila_Kirk: ::to Ren:: who's this?
[22:51:17] EnsArianAmunrra: ::moving to see if she can watch through a window, Mason having now patched Lila's badge communication through to her PADD::
[22:51:27] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> Holy A'Morak, he has not told me much, for he does not know much. He is not from this universe, and I still have much to teach him about our ways.
[22:51:28] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: maybe but still...
[22:51:59] CommodoreBillings: @ Would you rather we kicked them all out? You and Swift have done pretty well.
[22:52:13] EnsDeniaud: ::eyes move to a beautiful crystal-like sculpture of blues and purples in the same of a tree, almost bonsai in silhouette:: Oh. My uncle would love that. ::points to it and gives the merchant the information to have it sent to the ship::
[22:52:20] EnsArianAmunrra: ::taps again:: +Billings+ Commodore! ::hissed more than yelled::
[22:52:22] CommodoreBillings: Ren> This is my newest Wolfen servant, Keld. He's not as good as Mila.
[22:52:36] CommodoreBillings: @ +Amunrra_ Billings here
[22:52:38] EnsArianAmunrra: ::pins her ears back::
[22:52:40] KayshlDurandus_AU: @ Obviously I wouldn't prefer that, I'm just curious. Starfleet isn't so ... tolerant in my universe.
[22:53:00] EnsArianAmunrra: ::quietly:: +Billings+ I must speak to you privately, Commodore.
[22:53:06] CommodoreBillings: Ren> ::Gives Keld an icey stare:: He BUTCHERED the last job I gave him.
[22:53:36] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Honestly, I ask you to assassinate someone and you throw a bottle of gasoline at them? Where did you go to assassination school, you stupid animal?
[22:53:44] CommodoreBillings: Keld> Master, I have failed you.
[22:53:50] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> Told you little. Interesting. It is said that Orus would be with us, not naive and innocent. I do not recall the texts saying anything of ignorance on the matter.
[22:53:50] EnsArianAmunrra: ::whispers:: Oh, excellent, Kirk, keep him talking.
[22:53:53] Lila_Kirk: Maybe I'll by him off you?
[22:54:03] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;buys a statuette for Mila and Swift as a present;;
[22:54:10] CommodoreBillings: @ +Amunrra+ I'm a little busy. Can it wait?
[22:54:12] KayshlDurandus_AU: @In fact, I've recently accessed files that tell me there are 2 multiverse Kayshl's in this universe as well. I would make it 3, am I right?
[22:54:15] EnsDeniaud: ::eyes move to Kiki:: I'm with you on the whole thing. I think it's definitely not right. In all the centuries, there must have been horrible masters who mistreated their slaves. But yet, they endured and have continued to serve.
[22:54:35] EnsArianAmunrra: +Billings+ No. I have information on a high value target.
[22:55:10] CommodoreBillings: @ ::Whispers to Kayshl:: I'll be back.
[22:55:10] EnsDeniaud: I think this whole... contract thing? It runs deeper than the masters. ::sighing as she catches some Wolfen staring at them:: And maybe that's why the Doc's gained so much attention.
[22:55:37] CommodoreBillings: @ ::Steps out to the foyer::
[22:55:41] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;She nodded to Ellie;;
[22:55:45] CommodoreBillings: @ +Amunrra+ Go ahead.
[22:55:48] Dr_Swift: @ ::Swift raised a brow at that.:: Pardon? I may not know much of the Prophecy of this universe, but how can you possibly fault me for lack of knowledge in something I wasn't present for? If you go to another planet, do you know all their laws?
[22:55:56] EnsGideonSalieri: @ ::nods to Billings, steps inside and out of earshot::
[22:56:12] Dr_Swift: @ I think not.
[22:56:14] EnsDeniaud: ::moving with Kiki and eyes some baby Wolfen gear and starts cooing:: Oh my gosh.
[22:56:14] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Why not? He's not worth much, in my opinion.
[22:56:37] EnsDeniaud: ::tone rises in pitch:: These are so cute! ::all but screeching in pure delight::
[22:56:53] EnsArianAmunrra: ::still quiet:: +Billings+ I have a visual on Talador Ren, and recorded confession that he was behind the attack on the Away Team through his contracted Wolfen.
[22:57:07] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> Holy A'Morak
[22:57:26] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;she smiled and bought most of the stall's supply of baby gear for Mila's little ones
[22:57:31] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> Daeg'gra was very specific about the savor in the prophecy.
[22:57:34] EnsDeniaud: ::grinning up at Kiki:: How much trouble we would be in if we bought everything in this stall for the Doc and Mila?
[22:57:41] EnsDeniaud: I mean, they're bound to have a litter right?
[22:57:45] EnsDeniaud: That's what? 20 pups?
[22:57:48] KayshlDurandus_AU: @ ::looks at him curiously, watching him leave:: ~~Hey...~~ ::stopping herself from continuing::
[22:57:49] EnsDeniaud: I hear they can get up to 101.
[22:57:54] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: get outta my mind!!!
[22:57:58] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> He would come from beyond the veil. He would know the face of the Holy Dae'gra. and he would have no innocence, so he cannot be fooled.
[22:57:59] EnsDeniaud: ::giggles::
[22:58:01] Lila_Kirk: How many bars of gold or bars press latinum?
[22:58:04] Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: A few Wolfen pups notice the many things Deniaud has purchased. One tugs on her clothes, pointing at the shiniest thing she's holding. =/\=
[22:58:31] EnsDeniaud: ::glances down at the pup, and just about dies with the cute:: Hi there dear. What can I do for you?
[22:58:40] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ...I am MORE than aware of what is said.
[22:58:57] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He gave Mila a not so pleasant look, but kept his voice level.::
[22:59:09] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> Ignorance, however, was not specified in this passage. His lack of knowledge does not disqualify him from being the Orus. In fact, it enhances it. He wouldn't be much of a savior if he stuck completely to the old ways, would he? The prophecy does make bold statements about the changes he is going to make.
[22:59:21] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::senses Jerrid's conversation, feeling a bit childish for being so unenthused by the present one::
[22:59:45] CommodoreBillings: @ +Amunrra+ Arrest him. Quickly.
[22:59:50] Dr_Swift: Wolfen Pup> You gots a lot of pwetty things! You gettin' stuff for somewun speshul?
[23:00:03] CommodoreBillings: Ren> hang on
[23:00:12] CommodoreBillings: Ren> Keld, how did you get away from your captors?
[23:00:15] EnsDeniaud: ::giggles:: Oh my gosh! You're so cute! ::picks the pup up and squeezes into a hug and pets behind the ears::
[23:00:19] CommodoreBillings: Ren> They freed me, Master.
[23:00:26] EnsDeniaud: I'm getting lots of special special things :;coos::
[23:00:39] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;goes over to another stall and almost clears them out of sweets to hand to the pups that are around them;;
[23:00:41] EnsDeniaud: ::grins at Kiki:: Can I keep it?!
[23:00:54] EnsArianAmunrra: ::moves quickly, taps her badge:: +Kirk+ Ren is to be arrested!
[23:01:07] EnsDeniaud: ::hugs the pup, snuggling her cheek into the pup's cute little itty bitty little head and itty bitty little ears::
[23:01:17] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He stared at her for a few long moments in silence, before turning back to Swift.:: I suppose it can not be helped then.
[23:01:21] CommodoreBillings: Ren> :::Hears Amunrra::: You IDIOT! You've led them straight to us!
[23:01:22] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: no, his mama needs him with her and he needs her
[23:01:26] EnsArianAmunrra: ::dashes into the bar, phaser drawn:: Talador Ren, you're under arrest.
[23:01:34] EnsDeniaud: ::pouts:: But... But... Cute!
[23:02:02] Dr_Swift: Wolfen Pup> ::The child squeals in delight, giggles:: My mommy makes things like that one! Rilly pwetty! Kin I show yous?
[23:02:05] CommodoreBillings: Ren> :::Grabs Keld and uses him as a Wolfen shield, putting a phaser against his neck:::
[23:02:15] CommodoreBillings: Ren> One wrong move, and the Wolfen gets it!
[23:02:16] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: I know.;;gets a pic of him with mama's permission;;
[23:02:28] EnsDeniaud: ::giggles:: Yes! ::puts down the pup and follows the pup with Kiki::
[23:02:32] Lila_Kirk: ::pulls out her own Phaser::
[23:02:36] CommodoreBillings: Keld>Yes, Master!
[23:03:09] EnsArianAmunrra: ::steadfast, phaser aimed for Ren, right between the eyes:: You've nowhere to go, Ren.
[23:03:50] CommodoreBillings: Ren> I don't need to run, little kitten. ::Presses a control on his wristband::
[23:03:51] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::uses all her effort not to go running out to assist with the capture of Ren, but convinces herself not to, knowing it's more important for her to be here::
[23:03:56] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He begins to walk back to where he initially stood, looking at the large mural of the Daegra on the wall.:: ...Most weddings held do not need to be made with special arrangements. Did you know that I am the only one who can approve of a Royal wedding though? Mister Swift? Miss Snow?
[23:03:59] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Ren and Keld dematerialize.         =/\=
[23:04:16] EnsArianAmunrra: ::thumbs the phaser to stun, fires as they shimmer::
[23:04:17] Lila_Kirk: ::stuns him with out him seeing::
[23:04:43] Dr_Swift: @ ::Leonard shrugged.:: I can't say I did know that.
[23:05:44] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> Holy A'Morak - Swift's position in the prophecy is clear. You do not have standing to oppose it. And if you do, the people will notice. Quite frankly, we don't need your permission. If you deny it, the people will throw one for us. And in their eyes, you will be opposing the Orus. Is that what you want?
[23:05:46] EnsArianAmunrra: ::taps her badge:: +Mason+ Lieutenant, the tracker on Keld! Where are they?!
[23:05:58] Dr_Swift: Wolfen Pup> Follow me! ::The pup lead them to another place to buy all kinds of baubles.:: Momma! I found somwun to buy stuff!
[23:06:18] EnsArianAmunrra: ::holsters phaser, looking at her PADD as she moves to Kirk:: Well done, Ensign. Good thinking with your comm badge.
[23:06:21] EnsDeniaud: ::giggles, and stares in front of the stall:: You have a very cute young one.
[23:06:48] CommodoreBillings: Mason> +Amunrra+ I've got a trace. One moment... I'm having the Chief lock onto the signal.
[23:06:59] EnsDeniaud: ::her eyes move over the stall's wares and smiles at the beautifully blown glass::
[23:07:00] Lila_Kirk: Thank you. ::puts her phaser away::
[23:07:10] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He smirked, turning around.:: Quite the contrary, of course. But you are wrong, Miss Snow. I AM the authority in regards to this. And you WILL adhere to my ruling. Your place does not dictate what can and can not happen.    
[23:07:18] EnsDeniaud: Hey Kiki. These look like they would be of use in your fermentation process.
[23:07:25] EnsArianAmunrra: +Mason+ If you can get it, beam both life signs to the brig!
[23:07:34] Dr_Swift: @ ::Swift flattened his ears.:: Now just wait a damn minute!
[23:07:37] EnsDeniaud: ::pointing to a particularly large set of jugs::
[23:07:40] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;hands the sweets out to the pups;; they do indeed how much?
[23:07:48] EnsArianAmunrra: ::hand on Lila's upper arm:: Time to head back to the church.
[23:07:49] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> No, Holy A'Morak. The Holy Dae'gra is the final word on the matter.
[23:08:06] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He held up a finger.:: And *I* speak for the Daegra!
[23:08:23] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::takes a step forward, worried about the Doctor's potential reaction::
[23:08:34] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> And what does Dae'gra tell you?
[23:08:47] Lila_Kirk: Okay.    
[23:08:50] CommodoreBillings: @ Mila> :::Holds a aw up to her ear, listening carefully:::
[23:09:31] EnsArianAmunrra: ::heads out of the bar, walking back toward the church::
[23:09:35] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::He ignored her, and went on.:: Now. I was going to continue, before interruption, that I am going to approve of your wedding. The reason it is so difficult, is pushing back the many who are currently waiting. Now. I hope that calms your obviousy burning desire for these wishes.
[23:09:50] CommodoreBillings: Mason> +Amunrra+ Transport complete. All we got was a stuffed Wolfen teddy bear... thing. With the trace around his neck. I'm sorry, ma'am. We've lost him.
[23:10:09] EnsArianAmunrra: ::hisses::
[23:10:16] Lila_Kirk: ::walks back to the church::
[23:10:19] CommodoreBillings: @ :Reenters the chamber: What did I miss?
[23:10:38] Dr_Swift: @ ::Swift gave A'Morak a very... irritated stare.:: ...We'll have our wedding, Commodore.
[23:11:01] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> ::Clasping hands together, smiling outright.:: Indeed you shall!
[23:11:03] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::looks back at Billings, mildly annoyed, sensing bits and pieces of what just happened outside the chamber with Ren:: The wedding is on.
[23:11:06] CommodoreBillings: @ Excellent! I'll buy the Romulan Ale.
[23:11:18] EnsArianAmunrra: ::deviates from the path to the church, pacing in an alley::
[23:11:21] CommodoreBillings: @ Whose the Best Man?
[23:11:47] KayshlDurandus_AU: @::rolls her eyes:: ~~This ship uses every occasion to justify drinking::
[23:12:06] Dr_Swift: @ A'Morak> Do take care. Maester Noro will provide you with the details on when.
[23:12:07] CommodoreBillings: @ ~You like it.~
[23:12:09] Dr_Swift: =/\= P · A · U · S · E S · I · M =/\=
[23:12:13] EnsGideonSalieri: @ ::perks at the hearing of Roman Ale::
[23:12:20] Lila_Kirk: ::paused
[23:12:22] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;paws;;
[23:12:23] Lila_Kirk: ::
[23:12:26] CommodoreBillings: ::Pawsed::
[23:12:30] EnsGideonSalieri: ( Auto correct. Romulan ale. )
[23:12:32] EnsDeniaud: ::hands up::
[23:12:34] EnsGideonSalieri: ::pause::
[23:12:43] EnsArianAmunrra: ::paws::
[23:12:48] CommodoreBillings: Well!
[23:12:50] Dr_Swift: ::Pawsed::
[23:12:54] CommodoreBillings: That was certainly interesting!
[23:13:01] CommodoreBillings: We found who tried to kill Swift!
[23:13:09] CommodoreBillings: It certainly wasn't who we expected.
[23:13:17] Dr_Swift: Angry holy man is angry XD
[23:13:26] CommodoreBillings: Though to be fair, the A'Morak is a pretty shady bastard.
[23:13:31] CommodoreBillings: We should keep an eye on him.
[23:13:36] CommodoreBillings: However
[23:13:43] CommodoreBillings: Next week will be the finale of this plot.
[23:13:49] CommodoreBillings: The moment you've all been waiting for
[23:13:56] CommodoreBillings: Swift's wedding.
[23:14:04] Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Weding bells are heard in the distance. =/\=
[23:14:11] Dr_Swift: wedding even.
[23:14:27] CommodoreBillings: It might even go off with a.... bang.
[23:14:41] CommodoreBillings: Come next week to see what that means. :-)
[23:14:44] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::gives a disappointed grown::
[23:14:46] EnsDeniaud: (.... Really?)
[23:14:51] EnsArianAmunrra: I'd be disappointed otherwise.
[23:15:01] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: hopefully by then the mead will be ready as well as the apple pies and cakes;;
[23:15:20] CommodoreBillings: Swift, final statements?
[23:15:37] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: as a single man...
[23:16:02] Dr_Swift: I'll keep it quick. First, sorry that we went over. Second, you all are awesome, and I hope you are enjoying this. Thirdly, time between sims will be about a week.    
[23:16:04] Dr_Swift: Any questions?
[23:16:10] EnsDeniaud: (Do the Wolfen even have stag parties?)
[23:16:22] EnsArianAmunrra: We got some logging to do.
[23:16:23] Lila_Kirk: None
[23:16:25] CommodoreBillings: (tHEY HAVE WOLF PARTIES)
[23:16:35] Dr_Swift: they get drunk and howl at the moons.
[23:16:38] EnsArianAmunrra: ( Stag parties. A hunt. )
[23:16:44] Dr_Swift: Ooooh even better
[23:16:47] EnsDeniaud: (... Arian's idea sounds better)
[23:16:50] Dr_Swift: Well! If nothing else....
[23:16:54] Dr_Swift: Sir? Floor is yours.
[23:16:57] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: rh
[23:16:58] CommodoreBillings: Alright
[23:17:04] Dr_Swift: Yes, Kiki?
[23:17:41] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: when I first saw that "A'Morak" I thought it read A'Moral
[23:17:43] EnsArianAmunrra: ( ::can taste the fresh blood ... :: Oh, sorry. )
[23:17:55] Dr_Swift: Interesting. Do you have a question though?
[23:18:23] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: how long till the litter gets here?
[23:18:35] Dr_Swift: When it does.
[23:18:40] CommodoreBillings: I apologize for being late tonight. And for no briefing. I came home from work, made dinner, and crashed like the Enterprise in Star Trek: Generations. I missed out on the brief and a crucial joint log.
[23:18:54] Dr_Swift: And an awesome photoshop
[23:18:57] CommodoreBillings: ENSIGN DENIAUD!
[23:19:09] CommodoreBillings: FRONT AND CENTER!
[23:19:18] EnsDeniaud: ::skips to the front::
[23:19:27] CommodoreBillings: I have a bone to pick with you
[23:19:47] EnsDeniaud: Uh. Is it cause I haven't finished the nursery yet?
[23:19:56] CommodoreBillings: Yes
[23:19:59] CommodoreBillings: But besides that
[23:20:10] CommodoreBillings: Your logs are INSUFFERABLY long, you know that?
[23:20:16] EnsDeniaud: Because honestly, you can't expect me to get it done in a week's time. I'm an engineer, not a miracle worker.
[23:20:25] CommodoreBillings: And you write, like, six of them in a week.
[23:20:38] CommodoreBillings: Do you know how many hours a day us normal people can devote to reading them?
[23:20:50] EnsDeniaud: ::blinks... only wrote one this week... wonders if maybe he can't do math?::
[23:20:58] CommodoreBillings: This week.
[23:21:02] CommodoreBillings: Anyway
[23:21:08] CommodoreBillings: There's only one punishment for this.
[23:21:19] EnsDeniaud: ::whines:: Please don't make me work with Peterson.
[23:21:20] CommodoreBillings: More responsibility.
[23:21:33] KayshlDurandus_AU: Horray!    
[23:21:36] EnsDeniaud: Wait. What? ::blink::
[23:21:41] Lila_Kirk: ::claps::
[23:21:50] CommodoreBillings: I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, with all the rights a priviledges thereto.
[23:21:54] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;applauds;;
[23:22:00] EnsDeniaud: ::squeals:: Really, really?!
[23:22:00] EnsArianAmunrra: ::claps::
[23:22:03] EnsDeniaud: ::jumping::
[23:22:03] Lila_Kirk: ::claps::
[23:22:05] CommodoreBillings: Really, really.
[23:22:11] EnsDeniaud: Hoooo-ray!
[23:22:11] CommodoreBillings: Keep up the good work.
[23:22:13] EnsDeniaud: Coffee for everyone!
[23:22:20] Dr_Swift: ::Applauds, and drinks coffee!::
[23:22:31] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Coffee -grounds for divorce
[23:22:46] CommodoreBillings: I see what you did there
[23:22:56] CommodoreBillings: Congratulations.
[23:22:59] CommodoreBillings: You may step back.
[23:23:00] Dr_Swift: But we're not even married yet... Mila, I'm so sorry...
[23:23:13] EnsDeniaud: Okie dokie! ::skips back in line::
[23:23:29] CommodoreBillings: Alright, guys.
[23:23:31] CommodoreBillings: It's late.
[23:23:33] CommodoreBillings: DISMISSED!
[23:23:50] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.[**]) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:23:51] --: EnsDeniaud (Mibbit@mib-2F646E4.[**]) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:23:54] KayshlDurandus_AU: !sim off USS_Hermes
[23:23:54] M-5:        =/\=    USS Hermes - 201605.10 2323:54
[23:23:54] M-5:        =/\=    Log Closed

## End Log -- Recorded by USF Core Bot ###

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