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  Commodore Jerrid Billings, SD
USS Hermes Log, SD: 201604.26 - The Veil of the Wolfen

USS Hermes Log, SD: 201604.26
[22:07:10] M-5:     =/\=  USS Hermes
[22:07:10]M-5:     =/\=  201604.26 2207:10 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:07:10]M-5:     =/\=  MB: Mission Briefing, Stardate 1604.12: "Double Jeopardy" (Part I) at http://brd.sector001.com/140-1146
[22:07:15]Dr_Swift: That.
[22:07:17]Dr_Swift: ::AA::
[22:07:23]CommodoreBillings: See what happens when we don't have Kayshl?
[22:07:30]CommodoreBillings: I can't even get the sim log started.
[22:07:35]CommodoreBillings: :::Bows his head in shame:::
[22:07:39]CommodoreBillings: How are we this week?
[22:07:56]EnsDeniaud: It's been a week, and it's only Tuesday.
[22:07:59]ArianwynAmunrra: Meh.
[22:08:01]Dr_Swift: good. My face has stopped hurting from my tooth pull.
[22:08:03]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ok for fighting bronchitis
[22:08:11]Lila_Kirk: I'm good.
[22:08:56]CommodoreBillings: It was a rough week for me. Seems there's no limit to the number of ways I can make an ass of myself. It was definitely a week where my stupons collected into a singularity of stuponium.
[22:09:12]CommodoreBillings: But - like the man said - The show must go on.
[22:09:13]Dr_Swift: Happens to the best of us.
[22:09:26]CommodoreBillings: Have we all read the brief?
[22:09:36]Lila_Kirk: Yes
[22:09:36]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: aye sir
[22:09:47]Dr_Swift: Of course, sir.
[22:10:02]CommodoreBillings: This week's plot has been presented by Mister Swift.
[22:10:11]CommodoreBillings: (Saving Log awards for next week)
[22:10:13]Dr_Swift: ::Bows...anxiously::
[22:10:25]EnsDeniaud: ::grins:: You'll be great.
[22:10:42]CommodoreBillings: Do we have any questions for him before we begin?
[22:10:53]EnsDeniaud: ::shakes head:: No sir!
[22:10:55]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: rh
[22:10:58]Lila_Kirk: None
[22:11:13]CommodoreBillings: Kiki?
[22:11:30]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: did you get a chance to read  my  PL, Little Brother?
[22:11:41]Dr_Swift: I did, yes. Thank you for the Picard.
[22:11:52]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: you're  welcome
[22:11:54]CommodoreBillings: I have to wonder
[22:12:04]Dr_Swift: Yes, sir?
[22:12:07]CommodoreBillings: Does Picard wine have the Picard facepalm on the front?
[22:12:11]CommodoreBillings: Because that would be hilarious
[22:12:19]Dr_Swift: On the bottom of the bottle, sir. Under the UPC.
[22:12:47]Dr_Swift: The emptier the bottle, the more visible the facepalm. Especially if you drink it quickly.
[22:12:52]Dr_Swift: Any further quetsions before we begin?
[22:13:04]CommodoreBillings: Alright. If there's nothing else... Mister Swift... The floor is yours.
[22:13:14]ArianwynAmunrra: ::rh::
[22:13:27]CommodoreBillings: Amunrra?
[22:13:27]ArianwynAmunrra: Are we en route or already planetoid?
[22:13:32]Dr_Swift: En route
[22:13:32]ArianwynAmunrra: Planet side.
[22:13:38]ArianwynAmunrra: Autocorrect.
[22:13:50]Dr_Swift: We are en route.
[22:13:54]Dr_Swift: If there are no further questions....
[22:14:00]Dr_Swift: =/\= B · E · G · I · N S · I · M =/\=
[22:14:09]Lila_Kirk: None
[22:14:22]Lila_Kirk: ::works helm::
[22:14:34]CommodoreBillings: :::Sitting in the command chair:::
[22:14:39]---: ArianwynAmunrra is now known as EnsArianAmunrra
[22:14:45]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: The Hermes is currently en route to Korin'Thalis, the Wolfen Homeworld. The coordinates were provided by Mila. The ETA is approx. 10 minutes. =/\=
[22:15:02]--: MilaSnow (Mibbit@mib-A44B136.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:15:16]EnsArianAmunrra: ::standing at the auxiliary Tactical station::
[22:15:27]EnsDeniaud: ::glances around her still glitter-filled office, sighing ((log forthcoming... augh... stupid week))::
[22:15:35]Dr_Swift: ::Leonard is sanding on the Bridge, the anticipation is intriguing him. This will be the first time he's seen this planet in over 40 years.::
[22:15:39]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;at  her station on the bridge working on another science  problem while her experiment is finishing the last bit of fermentation in the cask;;
[22:15:50]MilaSnow: :::Hands her Master his coffee::: Your coffee, Master. Two creams, four sugars.
[22:16:07]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Standing slighly behind and to the side of Kiki, looking up at a scan of the Wolfen Homeworld::
[22:16:18]CommodoreBillings: You don't have to announce it every time you deliver. Coffee is awesome, but it does not relish in protocol.
[22:16:18]--: LtJgKrisSamileo (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:16:23]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> ::enters Ellie's office and pauses:: Still finding glitter?
[22:16:33]CommodoreBillings: ::Takes a deep sip of his coffee::
[22:16:37]Dr_Swift: ...I have to admit.. I'm kind of nervous about what I might see.
[22:16:38]CommodoreBillings: Lila, anything on long range scans?
[22:16:50]CommodoreBillings: Can we actually confirm this system exists?
[22:17:03]LtJgKrisSamileo: ::in Science, pulling up readings on the Wolfen planet, VERY interested in studying it::
[22:17:06]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;smiles as she sees wolf faced clouds  over the Wolfen homeworld;;
[22:17:09]EnsDeniaud: ::nods, growling softly:: Glitter. I hate glitter. Absolute bane of my existence.
[22:17:38]Lila_Kirk: not yet.
[22:17:40]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> ::giggles:: But it sparkles!
[22:17:40]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Says idly, aloud to no-one in particular, but it may as well be Kiki:: Can we tell if there are any ships around it?
[22:17:49]MilaSnow: Trust me, sir. It's there.
[22:18:08]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Not  yet Jana we're still a  little far  out
[22:18:19]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Peers closer at the display:: Which one is Korinth... whatever on this map?
[22:18:41]EnsArianAmunrra: ::her ears turn back slightly upon hearing Mila address the commodore::
[22:18:42]EnsDeniaud: ::smirks and eyes her dangerously:: I'll remember that, Lev. Especially on your birthday.
[22:18:46]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: The Hermes is approaching Korin'Thalis =/\=
[22:19:23]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;marks the planet  on her screen with a red circle;;
[22:19:28]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> ::giggles:: Oh, you're all talk, Ellie.
[22:19:29]CommodoreBillings: ALICE> We're approaching the Wolfen homeworld, Commodore.
[22:19:29]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: here Jana
[22:19:41]CommodoreBillings: Lila, drop us out of warp. Put us into a standard orbit.
[22:19:42]Dr_Swift: ::The Doctor looks a little nervous, looking now and then to Mila::
[22:19:49]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Says, a little quieter:: And that's 'Lieutenant Grimsdottir' while we're on the Bridge, Ensign... ::Reaches up and gives Kiki a small, comforting pat in the middle of her back::
[22:20:02]Lila_Kirk: ::drops the ship out warp::
[22:20:09]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Sorry Lieutenant
[22:20:12]CommodoreBillings: Except for me, of course.
[22:20:18]EnsDeniaud: ::eye twitch:: Not in this case. ::glances around at the sparkling carpet:: No matter how many times I've had this cleaned, I'm still dealing with glitter. Glitter, Lev!
[22:20:22]CommodoreBillings: I can call you Jana all I want. :::Sticks tongue out at her:::
[22:20:45]EnsArianAmunrra: ::headshake::
[22:20:48]Lila_Kirk: ::puts the ship into Standard orbit::
[22:20:55]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: As the Hermes drops out f warp, they find themselves over a planet orbited by a small number of other vessels of various races. The planet's surface has familiar cloud swirls like Earth, but in fantastic colors of greens and reds.. =/\=
[22:21:01]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Pulls away from the science station when the ship drops out of warp. Doesn't respond to the Commodore.::
[22:21:20]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Instead, she starts her close-range tactical scan::
[22:21:42]Dr_Swift: ::Swift looks at the mainscreen, and he is rendered speechless.::
[22:21:49]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: A little over 700 ships of varying origin within one AU of K-... Kathon...
[22:21:51]MilaSnow: Mila> ::Stares at the screen in wonder:: Leonard... Look at all those moons... We're home!
[22:22:00]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> ::giggles:: I still say it's not so bad. Now, you just kinda dust glitter wherever you go. Kinda like a fairy.
[22:22:07]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ... The Wolfen Homeworld. Sir.
[22:22:21]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;smiles and runs analysis on the  planet the geography, climatology and  people of the place;;
[22:22:22]Dr_Swift: ...Korin'Thalis... it's been over forty years...
[22:22:25]CommodoreBillings: Jana, open hailing frequencies.
[22:22:43]EnsArianAmunrra: Korin'Thalis.  None of the ships are actively hostile.
[22:22:58]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Stifles an eye roll and thumbs the communications button::
[22:23:10]CommodoreBillings: :::Calls over the comm::: Korin'Thalis, this is the USS Hermes of the United Federation of Planets. Please respond.
[22:23:23]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: A moment goes by, with no response. =/\=
[22:23:41]CommodoreBillings: :::Looks to Swift during the silence, then over to Jana:::
[22:23:45]LtJgKrisSamileo: ::pulls up sensor readings, delighting in all the new data::
[22:23:50]CommodoreBillings: Did they receive us?
[22:23:55]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: They did.
[22:23:56]Dr_Swift: ::The Wolfen shrugs at Billings.::
[22:24:40]CommodoreBillings: +Korin'Thalis+ Korin'Thalis, this is Commodore Billings of the Federation Starship Hermes. I have two Wolfen on board who are here to get married. Please respond.
[22:24:51]EnsDeniaud: ::another eye twitch and she desperately tries to keep her smile from falling:: Lev. Is there a point to this visit beyond poking fun of my predicament?
[22:25:05]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Sees a flashing light on her console::
[22:25:11]LtJgKrisSamileo: ::humming:: Going to the chapel and we're ... gonna get married ...
[22:25:14]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> Yup. ::pops the "p" in her answer::
[22:25:21]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Text-based reply. Reads simply "Stand by."
[22:25:49]CommodoreBillings: Wonder what they're waiting for.
[22:25:51]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;keeps her scans going  moving into areas of city development as well as industrialization and other, more urbane problems while noting their solutions to them
[22:26:01]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: A Wolfen face appears, looking perhaps only mildly distracted, yet pleased at the same time. Obviously male, he wears a plain white vest, have light brown fur, and golden hued eyes. =/\=
[22:26:03]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::The light turns green:: They're ready.
[22:26:08]EnsDeniaud: ::silently sighs and wonders what she did to deserve this:: Are you going to tell me?
[22:26:14]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Taps at her console:: Putting on screen.
[22:26:26]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> Yup. ::pops the "p" in her answer again::
[22:27:13]CommodoreBillings: Noro> ::Looking slightly nervous:: Hello! Umm... Welcome to Korin'Thalis. I am Maester Noro.
[22:27:47]CommodoreBillings: ::Smiles:: Thank you! It's good to be here. I must say, this planet wasn't easy to find. It's not on any of our star charts.
[22:27:51]EnsDeniaud: ::pinches the bridge of her nose, finally getting an inkling for what she's heard of the Orion by her side::
[22:27:54]Dr_Swift: ::Leonard is still finding himself mosly at a loss of words, but just the same, he stands near Mila.:: ...This...I am just... I don't know where to begin.
[22:28:17]EnsArianAmunrra: ::turns to face the view screen::
[22:28:25]CommodoreBillings: Noro> You don't say? This planet is pretty popular. It's the cheapest and best place to contract Wolfen servants.
[22:28:37]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Turns around to Arian. She whispers so that she's out of earshot of everyone else.:: We'll have to get ready to do a lighting fast security setup before this wedding...
[22:28:39]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;smiles to Mila  before handing  her a box from her tunic  pocket;;
[22:28:47]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> ::rocking back and forth from her heels and the balls of her feet:: Wanna guess?
[22:28:50]CommodoreBillings: Noro> That being said, most people make an appointment. And as far as weddings go, we're quite books for the next few months.
[22:28:51]Dr_Swift: ::Leonard didn't say anything, but that comment made him tilt his head slightly.
[22:28:51]Lila_Kirk: ::looks up at the view screen::
[22:28:52]Dr_Swift: ::
[22:29:05]MilaSnow: Master, if I may?
[22:29:09]EnsArianAmunrra: ::glances toward Jana and nods, responding quietly:: I'll get some teams on standby.
[22:29:20]CommodoreBillings: :::Looks up to Mila, considering her carefully, then nods:::
[22:30:08]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ((Arian shoot me a PM))
[22:30:18]LtJgKrisSamileo: ::eyes wide as she catalogs all the data, earmarking some for further study::
[22:30:49]MilaSnow: ::Steps forward::: Hello, Maester Noro. I understand you must be quite busy, but I am with child, and I only have a few weeks before they are ready to be born. My intended iand I are of the same Master, so formalities will be rather streamlined. I hope you'll understand the urgency.
[22:31:13]EnsDeniaud: ::sigh:: No, Levani. I don't want to guess. ::turns and stares at her:: I'm not trying to be rude, but as you can see... my office is still sparkly. I'm leaving behind a trail of glitter wherever I got now. And, on top of it, the Commodore told me I had to start figuring out where to put a nursery for all the babies who will be making an appearance.
[22:31:29]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;smiles to Lt Samileoas she is keeping abreast of all the  info coming  in;;
[22:31:30]MilaSnow: :::Pulls Swift into view:::
[22:31:38]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Noro looks at Mila as she speaks, at first looking as though it was a line he'd heard countless times, but the moment Swift is pulled into view, Noro freezes and stares in what might be disbelief. A moment of silence goes by before he finally processes the information. =/\=
[22:32:19]Dr_Swift: ::Swift looks a little confused, but offers a bit of a bow to Noro.:: Greetings.
[22:32:30]CommodoreBillings: Noro> ::His eyes wide::: Of - Of course! We would be happy to receive you at the earliest opportunity.
[22:32:41]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> ::squealing:: Babies! Oh my oh my oh my! They're going to be so cute!! ::jumping up and down while squealing:: And Doctor Swift's babies are going to be so fluffy!!
[22:32:58]--: EnsArianAmunrra (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[22:33:00]CommodoreBillings: Oh... Well, thank you!
[22:33:09]CommodoreBillings: Noro> We're sending you beam down coordinates.
[22:33:41]Dr_Swift: ::Swifdt looked surprised, and smiled a smile that turned into a grin, laughing in a way he could half believe. Really? Was it that easy?:: Thank you, Maester Noro!
[22:33:43]CommodoreBillings: Alright. I'd say we need a landing party.
[22:33:44]EnsDeniaud: ::head tilts back, and she stares at the ceiling as she begins to count to ten::
[22:33:57]--: EnsArianAmunrra (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:34:30]CommodoreBillings: Leornard and Mila, of course. Jana. Amunrra. Kiki.
[22:35:00]CommodoreBillings: Lila... And, why not? Deniaud.
[22:35:11]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Nods, still whispering:: Good, tell Stan to put the kits together for us.
[22:35:17]EnsDeniaud: LevaniSen> ::squealing:: Oh! Do you think they'll have a whole litter of puppies? I hear they can get as many as 20!
[22:35:25]CommodoreBillings: Transporter Room one, everybody.
[22:35:36]Dr_Swift: Right! Ah, I shouldn't need my tricorder, no?
[22:35:38]EnsArianAmunrra: ::slight frown at being included in the landing party, taps quickly to assemble three security teams::
[22:35:42]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Touches her arm:: Let's go.
[22:35:44]Lila_Kirk: Okay :: gets off helm letting Ensign Redshirt take helm::
[22:35:47]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Aye sir;; heads for TR1;;
[22:36:06]EnsArianAmunrra: ::mumbles toward Jana:: Just what we need, a bunch of dogs surrounding the cat.
[22:36:19]CommodoreBillings: +Deniaud+ Meet me in Transporter Room One.
[22:36:26]Lila_Kirk: ::heads to TR1::
[22:36:32]EnsArianAmunrra: Ensign Salieri will meet us with kits.
[22:36:37]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Grunts her agreement::
[22:36:46]EnsDeniaud: ::blinking:: +Billings+ Aye sir.
[22:36:47]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Soon, the away team is gathered into the Transporter room. =/\=
[22:37:01]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Collects her kit from Samileo::
[22:37:02]CommodoreBillings: (Ah, sim magic. Obi Wan has taught you well)
[22:37:04]EnsDeniaud: ::grins at Sen and waves good-bye, thankful for the break from the Orion; magic of sim... at the TR::
[22:37:11]Dr_Swift: [[Learned from thebest]]
[22:37:14]CommodoreBillings: :::Steps up onto the transporter pad)
[22:37:17]LtJgKrisSamileo: +Kiki+ Ensign Zomaii, get lots of good readings!!
[22:37:29]Lila_Kirk: ::steps onto the pad.
[22:37:30]MilaSnow: :::Is already waiting on the pad:::
[22:37:32]Lila_Kirk: ::
[22:37:37]EnsDeniaud: ::runs into the TR, huffing and hurries to the TR pad, glances around and is confused::
[22:37:47]CommodoreBillings: Chief> All those Wolfen! I wish I could go!
[22:37:48]Dr_Swift: ::Leonard steps onto the transport pad, holding Mila's hand.:: "...You really know how to persuade them, hey?"
[22:37:53]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: +Lt Samileo+ Already plan to do so Lt
[22:38:08]EnsDeniaud: ::grins at the Chief and waves, thankful to be behind the group so no one can see her waving furiously at him::
[22:38:12]CommodoreBillings: Sorry, Chief. We need you here.
[22:38:27]CommodoreBillings: Everybody ready?
[22:38:28]EnsArianAmunrra: ::on the pad, tail low and the tip twitching subtly::
[22:38:33]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Takes one of the rear pads::
[22:38:50]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: aye sir;;curls her tail around her  big feet;;
[22:39:29]CommodoreBillings: Alrighty, then. Chief, if you please.
[22:39:56]CommodoreBillings: Chief> :::His fingers dance across the console like they are performing in a recital.
[22:40:05]CommodoreBillings: =/\=      ACTION:  The Hermes crew dematerializes.      =/\=
[22:40:31]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Rematerializes on the planet::
[22:40:36]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Takes a look around::
[22:40:37]EnsDeniaud: ::blinks as she feels her body materialize on the planet::
[22:40:38]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: The team is beamed down to the surface, Maester Noro is there waiting to greet them. The coordinates they beamed down to was a side of the planet during sunset, showing brilliant rays of sunlight over the horizon with the green and red clouds is absolutely spectaculr. There are Wolfen EVERYWHERE. =/\=
[22:40:54]EnsDeniaud: ::glances around, quiet as she observes::
[22:41:00]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Keeps her sidearm in its holster. Looks to Arian and holds up a hand for her to do the same::
[22:41:10]MilaSnow: :::Dematerializes:::
[22:41:18]EnsArianAmunrra: ::takes in the surroundings, acknowledges Jana when she sees the signal::
[22:41:21]Dr_Swift: ::Swift takes a deep breath, and for a moment, has to compose himself.:: Dae'gra.... it's just as I remember...
[22:41:28]MilaSnow: :::Sniffs the air::: It's so good to be home!
[22:41:33]CommodoreBillings: Wow
[22:41:35]EnsDeniaud: ::steps forward, just lingering behind Swift as she stares at the Wolfen around::
[22:41:41]CommodoreBillings: This is nice.
[22:41:45]EnsDeniaud: It's beautiful, Doc ::her voice barely over a whisper::
[22:41:49]Lila_Kirk: ::looks around and soon as she Materializes on the planet::
[22:41:59]EnsArianAmunrra: ::scanning for threats::
[22:42:10]Dr_Swift: ::Sniffs the air, smelling so many things that are reminisce of the home he once knew.::
[22:42:11]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;nods to the Maester once she is fully materialized and  begins recording everything she can;;
[22:42:19]CommodoreBillings: Noro> :::Steps forward::: Hello, Commodore Billings!
[22:42:35]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Tries to hover somewhere between Swift and Mila, keeping a keen eye out::
[22:42:52]Dr_Swift: ::Swift almost doesn't even notice Ellie's comment. He's too engrossed in looking at what were only memories for four decades.::
[22:43:07]EnsArianAmunrra: ::assigns herself to the commodore::
[22:43:11]EnsDeniaud: ::glances at the security detail, noticing the sidearms... and quickly realizes she is lacking in any and all tools or weapons... whoops::
[22:43:31]CommodoreBillings: Greetings, Maester Noro. May I introduce my crew? Lieutenant Grimmsdottir, Lieutenant Jg. Lila Kirk, Ensign Amunrra, Ensign Zomaii, Ensign Deniaud, and of course, our resident Wolfen, Lieutenant Swift and Yeoman Mila.
[22:43:58]CommodoreBillings: Noro> :::Looks up at Kiki, his eyes wide, almost not processing the words Billings is saying:::
[22:43:58]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;bows when her name is  mentioned;;
[22:44:04]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Offers an inattentive nod when she hears her name. She's still looking around.::
[22:44:26]CommodoreBillings: Noro> Right.. :::Looks at Swift and Mila, and bows::: Welcome home. The Mother has missed you, and so have we.
[22:44:31]Dr_Swift: ::Finally though, as it is business that must be conducted, he brings himself almost reluctantly t focus on Noro. Bowing at the Wolfen tha greeted them.:: Good Eve, Maester Noro. Nai hoor'ami ia.
[22:44:42]EnsDeniaud: ::head tilting as she watches Noro and she spends her time looking at the Wolfen, so many different fur colours and heights, ear shapes, etc;:
[22:44:56]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Sir, perhaps we can talk after they are joined
[22:45:03]MilaSnow: :::Pokes Swift:::
[22:45:11]MilaSnow: Leonard... Nobody has said that in about a hundred years.
[22:45:35]CommodoreBillings: Noro> It's alright. He was only being polite.
[22:45:40]Dr_Swift: ::Stands up, and looks at Mila.:: ...Maybe I'm traditional. Or something. ....maybe.
[22:46:08]CommodoreBillings: ::Looks to his crew:: I believe that some shore leave is in order.
[22:46:25]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: As they stand there speaking to Noro, a small handful of Wolfen are beginning to gather at a distance. =/\=
[22:46:27]CommodoreBillings: Jana, Arian, you stay with me. The rest of you are free to explore.
[22:46:30]EnsDeniaud: ::tries mouthing out the greeting she heard Swift use and thinks "Geez. What a tongue-twister", keeps trying and looking rather silly::
[22:46:36]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Looks to Arian:: Don't get too excited, Arian. That doesn't apply to us.
[22:46:55]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Looks to Billings. She's still somewhat sore at him, but she still gives him a professionally courteous nod of acknowledgement::
[22:46:56]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #4> ::Points:: Is that the A'Morak?
[22:46:57]EnsArianAmunrra: ::slight headshake:: No such thing as shore leave.
[22:47:05]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #7> What's he doing out here?
[22:47:20]Dr_Swift: Wolfen #2> No way, The A'morak is taller.
[22:47:23]EnsArianAmunrra: ::focuses on the group of Wolfen gathering, now pointing::
[22:47:29]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::To Billings:: One of us should stay with Swift.
[22:47:45]EnsDeniaud: ::glances as Wolfen start point and she hears the mumbling:: Uh...
[22:47:49]CommodoreBillings: Noro> So - the United Federation of Planets. I had no idea they bought and sold Wolfen.
[22:47:59]EnsArianAmunrra: We don't.
[22:48:02]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;stays near Little  Brother and Mila to protect them if needed;;
[22:48:04]EnsArianAmunrra: ::quickly to Noro::
[22:48:29]CommodoreBillings: Noro> ::Frowns at Arian's comment:: Forgive me, but... Who are their masters, then?
[22:48:45]Dr_Swift: I serve Starfleet. The Federation.
[22:48:49]EnsArianAmunrra: Masters are not always owners.
[22:48:52]Dr_Swift: ::Motions to Jerrid:: The Commodore.
[22:48:56]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Clears her throat at Arian::
[22:48:57]CommodoreBillings: And, technically, me.
[22:49:04]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Shakes her head subtly::
[22:49:13]CommodoreBillings: Noro> ::Eyes Arian suspiciously::
[22:49:14]EnsArianAmunrra: ::turns her ears back and dips her chin::
[22:49:27]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::She mouths "Too soon" to her and bobs her head in Billings' direction::
[22:49:55]Dr_Swift: ::Swift holds up a hand, easing the conversation. He hoped.:: Maester Noro. We wish to seek the accomodations in regards to a wedding, that we may bear our children properly.
[22:50:06]EnsArianAmunrra: ::facial features full of disdain, but remains quiet::
[22:50:10]MilaSnow: If you think about it logically, Starfleet establishes contracts with everyone who serves them. The Commodore could easy sell me to another ship. And we will be binding our contracts in the wedding, so really, everything's legit.
[22:50:25]Dr_Swift: ::Swift simply nodded.::
[22:50:26]CommodoreBillings: Noro> I see.
[22:50:50]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #9> :::Whistles, trying to get Deniaud's attention::
[22:50:52]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: More Wolfen are gathering looking in the direction of who they think is the A'morak, making a public appearance. =/\=
[22:50:56]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Paces toward and around Swift. Our talking goes through him::
[22:50:56]EnsDeniaud: ::raises a brow at the explanation... not entirely sure what to think::
[22:51:05]EnsDeniaud: ::glances at Wolfen #9, hearing the whistle::
[22:51:13]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #9> ::Motions her over::
[22:51:18]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ( A wolf whistle?)
[22:51:23]EnsDeniaud: ::blinks, points to herself, glancing around::
[22:51:27]Dr_Swift: [[don't question it =P]]
[22:51:32]EnsDeniaud: ::moves out of formation, heading towards Wolfen 9::
[22:51:34]Lila_Kirk: ::watches::
[22:51:41]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ((brb))
[22:51:52]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #9> Who's your friend there?
[22:52:08]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #9> ::Points to Swift::
[22:52:19]EnsArianAmunrra: ::focuses instead on Deniaud, who has moved away from the group::
[22:52:25]EnsDeniaud: Him? ::looking at Swift:: Oh. That's the Doc. Leonard Swift. He's the doctor on our ship.
[22:52:33]EnsDeniaud: Pretty swell guy.
[22:52:46]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #9> That is him! I saw him on Jessamine! It's the Orus!
[22:52:55]EnsDeniaud: ::grins:: He's getting married to Mila over there ::pointing::
[22:53:01]EnsArianAmunrra: ::takes a few steps closer to the gathering of Wolfen::
[22:53:03]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Other Wolfen nearby perk their ears. =/\=
[22:53:03]EnsDeniaud: The wha? ::blinking::
[22:53:17]CommodoreBillings: Noro> :::Tries to hush Wolfen #9::: I'm sure there are many Wolfen who look like...
[22:53:36]EnsArianAmunrra: ::and successfully extricating herself from the whole Wolfen ownership debate::
[22:53:41]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Looks between Swift, Noro, and the surrounding crowd::
[22:53:49]MilaSnow: ::Frowns:: Orus? Why are they calling you that?
[22:53:58]EnsArianAmunrra: What is Orus?
[22:54:04]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #7> ::To Swift:: You were there when Nala died! You've seen the Mother!
[22:54:20]Dr_Swift: ::Swift looks at Wolfen 9, then to Mila.:: I... don't know, but Jessamine though, I...
[22:54:39]Dr_Swift: ::He looks to 7:: ....Nala.. Yes, I was. I'm sorry I could not save her...
[22:54:45]CommodoreBillings: :::Eyeing the crowd nervously::: Jana...
[22:54:47]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;hears the noises of the other groups and what was being  said to Ellieand feels she needs to be there to  protect him and Mila if things go crazy
[22:54:48]EnsDeniaud: ::blinking as Wolfen start to crowd next to 9, and she backs up as crowds start to form around her::
[22:54:56]EnsArianAmunrra: ::ears flatten in dismay, whispers:: Just what we need, a local celebrity.
[22:55:15]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #2> He's seen the Mother? Are you sure?
[22:55:17]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Hovers ever closer to Swift::
[22:55:17]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: The group of Wolfen nearby is ever increasing, starting to make more noise and sound. =/\=
[22:55:47]EnsArianAmunrra: ::hovers closer to Deniaud, guiding her back to the group::
[22:55:47]Dr_Swift: ::The Doctor is starting to look a little nervous.:: Uhm, Noro... if we could... possibly... about those accomodations...?
[22:55:53]EnsDeniaud: ::turns to try and find her group, but the Wolfen engulf her as they make their way towards Swift::
[22:56:09]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #17> ::Reaches out to touch Swift's uniform:: Please! I must touch the Orus! To feel his healing touch!
[22:56:14]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;stays by Swift in case he needs help again like back on RuraPenthe;;
[22:56:14]EnsDeniaud: ::grabs Arian's limb:: Oh thank the stars.
[22:56:22]EnsDeniaud: Wolfen Mum of 4> Saviour! Saviour! Please! Take my children and let them serve you! ::offers an armful of pups to him, pleading eyes, ears bent down::
[22:56:33]Dr_Swift: ::Swift steps back, looking rather surprised.:: What? I'm not... I don't know what you're all on about!
[22:56:38]EnsArianAmunrra: ::pulls her closer:: This is going to get ugly.
[22:56:45]CommodoreBillings: Noro> ::Looks around, trying to find a way through the ever increasing crowd:: I think accomodations would be a good idea.
[22:57:14]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #34> Please! Bless my son! It would be an honor to be blessed by the Orus!
[22:57:14]EnsArianAmunrra: Hold on, if you need to grab fur, please do.
[22:57:33]CommodoreBillings: +Billings to Chief+ We need to be beamed to the capital buiding, immeditately!
[22:57:39]EnsDeniaud: Wolfen father/husband of Mum of 4 > Yes. Oh Orus. Please. Our children would be honoured to serve you!
[22:57:46]EnsArianAmunrra: ::pushing into the growing crowd of Wolfen, heading for the rest of the away team::
[22:57:48]EnsDeniaud: ::nods:: Thank you so much!
[22:57:53]MilaSnow: Leonard... Why are they calling you the Orus?
[22:58:02]MilaSnow: And why do they think you've seen the Mother?
[22:58:05]Dr_Swift: ::Leonard flattens his ears, the growing look of concern evident on his face.:: Ma'am, please, I'm not... I'm not who you think I am!
[22:58:27]EnsArianAmunrra: ::shouts:: This crowd needs to disperse!
[22:58:31]Dr_Swift: I'll tell you later, Mila, not the time for stories right now. ::He looked around at the almost swarming masses now::
[22:58:33]EnsDeniaud: Litter of 4 > Orus! Serve! Orus! Serve!
[22:58:43]CommodoreBillings: OETC> +Billings+ No can do, Commodore. There are too many people in your location. I could end up transporting civilians by mistake if they happen to be touching your clothing. You need to get to a more isolated area.
[22:58:49]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Stays very close to Swift. She places a hand on his arm, and then a hand on his back.::
[22:59:04]EnsDeniaud: ::passing the litter of pups in the wolfen mother's arms:: Oh! So cute! ::hearts in eyes as she lets go of Arian, totally smittened by the cuteness::
[22:59:17]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Push in, everyone! Let's form a cluster!
[22:59:30]CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #96> He looks just as I imagined him! He even looks like the A'Morak.
[22:59:41]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Starts directing Swift inward toward the rest of the Away Team::
[22:59:47]EnsArianAmunrra: ::stops in place, reaching out for Deniaud:: Ensign!  Focus on me!
[22:59:48]Dr_Swift: ::Is just as confused as anyone else::
[22:59:51]EnsDeniaud: ::swooning:: Oh! What a cute little puppy!
[22:59:51]Lila_Kirk: ::try's to find a way out of the crowd::
[23:00:13]EnsDeniaud: But cute pups! ::gets grabbed and pulled into the cluster of away team::
[23:00:28]CommodoreBillings: Noro> This is crazy! He is not the Orus, I assure you! Now, PLEASE!
[23:00:30]EnsArianAmunrra: Cute pups will get us all trampled.
[23:01:01]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: The sound and voices are growing to unbearable levels, the group of Wolfen having become a crowd, and soon, almost an army of Wolfen that have heard the word that "Orus" has shown himself, and are becoming borderline agressive t touch and see him. =/\=
[23:01:04]EnsDeniaud: ::pouts a little as she's jostled into the cluster of Hermes crewmembers::
[23:01:37]EnsDeniaud: ::gets elbowed in the face:: Ow! ::hand moves up to cup her eye:: Damn my height.
[23:01:38]CommodoreBillings: Jana! We're never going to get out of here at this rate!
[23:01:42]EnsArianAmunrra: ::loud growl, hoping her vocal will interrupt some of the mass of Wolfen::
[23:02:06]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::To Swift, raising her voice above the din of the crowd:: Where can we go?
[23:02:12]Lila_Kirk: ::Finds her way out of the crowd::
[23:02:29]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Follow Lila!
[23:02:41]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: + Transporter + Lock on  my combadge and when I yell " NOW" Transport me and Swift to the outskirts  of this mob;;  grabs Swift and jumps straight up and  as high as she can ;; NOW!!!
[23:02:42]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: (( perfect ))
[23:03:10]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: suddenly, an object might be seen flying in the air, something like a bottle.. glass... on fire... it collides with a tree, and explodes into flame, causing the crowd to suddenly scatter, screaming. =/\=
[23:03:36]EnsArianAmunrra: ::pushes Deniaud into the middle of their group, putting herself between the Wolfen and the AT::
[23:03:37]Lila_Kirk: ::turns and looks at it tree::
[23:03:43]CommodoreBillings: Chief> +Kiki+ I have a lock!
[23:04:02]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Kiki and Swift dematerialize from view. =/\=
[23:04:05]EnsDeniaud: ::was jostled around in the middle of Wolfen mania; only to find herself able to breathe after Arian moved her away from the edge::
[23:04:05]MilaSnow: ::Ducks as everyone begins screaming::
[23:04:27]EnsDeniaud: ::ducks, hands instantly moving to cover her neck::
[23:04:30]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ::Says something incredibly unkind as things, of course, get significantly worse::
[23:04:38]Dr_Swift: [[We're wrapping itup guys, Sorry this is running over]]
[23:04:42]CommodoreBillings: ::To the rest of them:: Let's get to cover! QUICKLY!
[23:04:59]EnsArianAmunrra: ::growling louder, pushing Wolfen people back if they get too close::
[23:05:29]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: ((brb for real this time))
[23:05:40]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: Wolfen are running everywhere, screaming, terrified, when suddenly another molotov cocktail explodes nearby. There is a Wolfen standing alone though, the only one not running around panicked. =/\=
[23:05:47]EnsDeniaud: ::starts crawling through an opening, crawling as fast as she can::
[23:06:20]EnsArianAmunrra: ::eyes focused on the lone Wolfen after assessing the situation, stands between the Wolfen and the away team::
[23:06:26]EnsArianAmunrra: ::paw on her phaser::
[23:06:36]CommodoreBillings: ARIAN! ::Points at the lone wolf::
[23:06:43]EnsDeniaud: ::tries to make herself as small as possible through the chaos, grunting as a panicked Wolfen  trips over her::
[23:06:48]EnsArianAmunrra: ::trusting Jana to usher everyone toward safety::
[23:07:48]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: The crowd has thinned out considerably, making movement far easier. The Wolfen for the moment have forgotten about the away team, save for the one not running around, though that one does look nervous. =/\=
[23:07:55]EnsArianAmunrra: Leave this place.
[23:08:34]CommodoreBillings: Lone Wolf> ::Begins running for it::
[23:08:43]EnsDeniaud: ::breaths heavily as the sound of feet no longer surround her, and she sits up, wincing a bit as she remains just a few feet away from the away team::
[23:08:43]CommodoreBillings: ARIAN, AFTER HIM!
[23:08:49]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Chief, I think it's safe to beam us back down now
[23:08:54]EnsArianAmunrra: ::gives chase as ordered::
[23:09:13]Dr_Swift: =/\= ACTION: The OETC dematerializes the crew, finally having a lock. The away team, except for Amunrra vanishes. =/\=
[23:09:16]Dr_Swift: =/\= P · A · U · S · E S · I · M =/\=
[23:09:19]EnsDeniaud: ::presses a finger on her tender eye socket, and sighs:: Well, taht 's going to be a shiner.
[23:09:25]EnsArianAmunrra: ::paws::
[23:09:27]EnsDeniaud: ::hands up, paws!::
[23:09:31]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: paws;;
[23:09:31]Lila_Kirk: :::paused
[23:09:31]Dr_Swift: ::Pawsed::
[23:09:33]Lila_Kirk: ::
[23:09:37]CommodoreBillings: ::Pawsed::
[23:09:53]EnsArianAmunrra: ( I was so proud of a shiner I got at a tae kwon do tournament. )
[23:10:00]CommodoreBillings: WOW
[23:10:10]CommodoreBillings: That was amazing!
[23:10:13]CommodoreBillings: What did you guys thing
[23:10:16]CommodoreBillings: think*
[23:10:49]EnsArianAmunrra: I think Security needs to be made aware when entering unfamiliar territory that we may get mobbed.
[23:10:50]EnsDeniaud: Wolfen pups! Doc, you have to accept! ::kidding... kinda... sorta... maybe::
[23:11:02]Dr_Swift: ....I'm having several of my own...
[23:11:15]CommodoreBillings: So - Apparently these Wolfen remember Swift from Jessamine
[23:11:26]CommodoreBillings: But what of this new title, Orus?
[23:11:30]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: wasn't sure what all was going  on  but when they started looking at Little Brother like he were the Messiah, I figured that if the crush grew too much I needed to get him  outta there
[23:11:33]CommodoreBillings: And does this title now make him a target?
[23:11:35]EnsDeniaud: (20 apparently...)
[23:11:47]Dr_Swift: Well, Amunrra, the Wolfen being servants, it would be incredibly hard to figure that the servants themselves would be a threat =D
[23:11:50]CommodoreBillings: You did well, Kiki. You're on the right track.
[23:12:08]EnsArianAmunrra: I know!  
[23:12:12]Dr_Swift: You all did AMAZINGLY well, and fit perfectly to what I am oing for, thank you.
[23:12:16]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: just upset I couldn't have gotten Mila too
[23:12:18]Dr_Swift: going*
[23:12:19]CommodoreBillings: Next week we should be getting into a bit more exposition on what's going on. As well as witness a fun chase with Amunrra, who will try and get us some answes.
[23:12:21]CommodoreBillings: answers
[23:12:33]EnsArianAmunrra: And now I'm stuck on a foreign planet, chasing some hoodlum Wolfen.
[23:12:58]Dr_Swift: So!
[23:13:05]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: well a Cat chasing a wolf  is sure different than the dogs chasing a  cat
[23:13:10]Dr_Swift: hehehehe
[23:13:11]CommodoreBillings: LMAO
[23:13:18]EnsDeniaud: Well, you're kinda fierce. I would run if I was the Lone Wolf.
[23:13:22]Lila_Kirk: ::lol::
[23:13:32]CommodoreBillings: Shoot. I'd be more afraid of Kiki
[23:13:35]EnsDeniaud: Me-ow. ::giggles::
[23:13:40]EnsArianAmunrra: Mrowr.
[23:13:45]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: kinda? that's like  saying Mila's  kinda  preggers
[23:13:48]CommodoreBillings: Moo?
[23:13:51]Dr_Swift: Next week! We get to learn more of what or who Orus is, maybe a talk with a big time diplomat!
[23:13:58]Dr_Swift: So, before we end, are there any questions?
[23:14:01]EnsDeniaud: ::waves hand::
[23:14:03]EnsDeniaud: ::furiously::
[23:14:09]Lila_Kirk: None
[23:14:10]EnsDeniaud: ::jumping up and down::
[23:14:14]Dr_Swift: Deniaud?
[23:14:15]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: rh
[23:14:26]EnsDeniaud: Do I get to hug Wolfen pups next week?!
[23:14:38]Dr_Swift: Wait and see =P
[23:14:39]Dr_Swift: Kiki?
[23:14:46]EnsDeniaud: ::squees, hearts in eyes::
[23:14:49]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: where did we rematerialize?
[23:15:47]Dr_Swift: We all, save for Arian, finally come together basically at a church.
[23:15:56]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ok fine
[23:16:04]Dr_Swift: Time between sims will be one hour.
[23:16:18]EnsDeniaud: So we're not on the ship? We're at a church? ::asking for clarification::
[23:16:19]EnsArianAmunrra: Plenty of time to rip the little Wolfen to shreds ...
[23:16:22]EnsArianAmunrra: I mean ...
[23:16:31]Dr_Swift: Correct. We all stayed planetside.
[23:16:37]Dr_Swift: More details on it next week!
[23:16:44]Dr_Swift: If there are no further questions...
[23:16:44]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: we need to do a JL Little Brother
[23:16:52]Dr_Swift: going once...
[23:16:58]Dr_Swift: going twice...
[23:17:03]Dr_Swift: Sir? The sim is yours.
[23:17:04]EnsArianAmunrra: ::rh::
[23:17:10]Dr_Swift: Arian?
[23:17:14]CommodoreBillings: Too late, Arian. :-P
[23:17:19]Dr_Swift: Nah, I got this.
[23:17:21]CommodoreBillings: (Jk)
[23:17:21]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: when can we get together?
[23:17:38]EnsArianAmunrra: Will I be vilified terribly for disfiguring the hoodlum Wolfen?
[23:17:44]Dr_Swift: I'll be available through the week, shoot me an email, Kiki.
[23:17:50]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ok
[23:17:58]Dr_Swift: Arian, yes. Probably. Alive and (mostly) unharmed is best.
[23:18:09]EnsArianAmunrra: Dammit.
[23:18:20]CommodoreBillings: Alright, everyone.
[23:18:22]CommodoreBillings: Good work.
[23:18:22]EnsDeniaud: ::giggles::
[23:18:37]CommodoreBillings: Especially to Mister Swift, who isn't doing half bad for his first week in the big chair.
[23:18:48]EnsArianAmunrra: ::whispers:: I'm not cut out for this squeaky clean security stuff.
[23:19:12]CommodoreBillings: If there's nothing else
[23:19:26]CommodoreBillings: You are all DISMISSED!
[23:19:28]EnsDeniaud: ::chuckles:: You just need to learn to hide the evidence better ::whispers::
[23:19:28]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: well you can always go for Intel Arian
[23:19:35]--: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[23:19:37]Dr_Swift: =P
[23:19:41]Dr_Swift: Well, this is fun!
[23:20:02]EnsArianAmunrra: ::knowing wink toward Deniaud::
[23:20:49]EnsDeniaud: ::chuckles, winks back::
[23:21:02]EnsArianAmunrra: ::quietly:: I usually eat any evidence ...
[23:21:09]EnsArianAmunrra: ::licks her chops::
[23:21:10]Dr_Swift: I'm like that...
[23:21:10]EnsDeniaud: ::blanches::
[23:21:13]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: I actually have a question as wlel
[23:21:15]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: *well
[23:21:19]Dr_Swift: Go for it!
[23:21:26]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: What's happening on the Hermes during this time?
[23:21:36]EnsDeniaud: Redshirt's in charge? ;)
[23:21:42]EnsArianAmunrra: Oh, lord.
[23:21:44]EnsDeniaud: I kid. I kid.
[23:21:44]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Okay, I'm happy with that.
[23:21:48]EnsDeniaud: ....
[23:21:51]Dr_Swift: Oooh, that's a good question! Probably just base maintaining of the ship while it's in orbit. Nothing special
[23:21:53]EnsArianAmunrra: ::giggle::
[23:22:08]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: And we do have contact with the ship?
[23:22:18]Dr_Swift: yes
[23:22:24]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Okay cool
[23:22:25]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Thanks kid
[23:22:28]Dr_Swift: ^_^
[23:22:29]EnsArianAmunrra: Do we have more Security teams beaming down?
[23:22:39]Dr_Swift: We'll probably have a few more
[23:22:54]EnsDeniaud: Am I going to be able to get help on my eye? Or am I sporting a shiner for your wedding?
[23:23:00]Dr_Swift: Crimony... when I made swift... I did NOT plan this kind of thing at all =P
[23:23:06]EnsArianAmunrra: 50 foot perimeter on the church.
[23:23:21]Dr_Swift: I'm sure that if you ask ANY Wolfen not busy, they'll be MORE than honored to serve you and help you, Ellie
[23:23:26]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Arian it's not letting me PM you
[23:23:31]EnsDeniaud: ... That's just ... weird.
[23:23:33]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: first rule  of RP Expect the unexpected
[23:23:42]Dr_Swift: haha. Welcome to the servant planet
[23:24:29]--: LtJgKrisSamileo (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[23:25:42]EnsDeniaud: Hey Doc, you're going to need to clear your schedule.
[23:25:45]EnsDeniaud: I suspect lots of JLs.
[23:26:14]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: heck yeah and Big Sister is just the first of them
[23:27:12]Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: night
[23:27:18]--: Ens_Kiki_Zomaii (Mibbit@mib-EE92DC1F.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[23:27:40]Dr_Swift: heee.... I'm telling the story... this is qutie fun!
[23:27:43]Dr_Swift: quite*
[23:29:41]EnsArianAmunrra: Still nothing, Jana?
[23:32:42]Lt_JanaGrimsdottir: Yeah still nothing
[23:32:45]EnsDeniaud: Alright. Night folks! See you next week!
[23:33:01]--: EnsArianAmunrra (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) quits (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[23:33:07]--: EnsArianAmunrra (Mibbit@mib-29AF8BFA.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[23:33:10]--: EnsDeniaud (Mibbit@mib-2F646E4.**) leaves #USS_Hermes
[23:33:16]CommodoreBillings: !sim off
[23:33:17]M-5:     =/\=   USS Hermes - 201604.26 2333:16
[23:33:17]M-5:     =/\=   Log  Closed
### End Log -- Recorded By USF Core Bot
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