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USS Hermes Sim Log, Stardate 1503.03 - The Shame of the Wolfen (Part IiI)

[Stardate ]


[22:00:52] M-5:        =/\= USS Hermes
[22:00:52] M-5:        =/\= 201503.03 2200:52 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:00:52] M-5:        =/\= MB: Mission Briefing, Stardate 1503.03: "The Shame of the Wolfen" (Part III) at
[22:00:55] Iliana_Madred: ::AA::
[22:00:56] troi_katelin: ::AA::
[22:00:56] EnsignTrask: ::Coldly mixes another martini as he goes to AA::
[22:01:25] Lila_Kirk: I had forgotten about her until last night.
[22:01:31] Lila_Kirk: ::aa::
[22:01:45] CommodoreBillings: Hello, everyone. How are we this week?
[22:01:49] Olson_Jaraq: ::AA::
[22:02:18] CommodoreBillings: (test?)
[22:02:22] EnsignTrask: I got that oo thing going on.
[22:02:26] Lt_Swift: :AA::
[22:02:27] EnsignTrask: Oooooh
[22:02:36] FstLt_Tanok: ::AA::
[22:02:39] LtJg_Satak: ::AA::
[22:02:47] CommodoreBillings: Alright. So I have two major things to cover before we get started.
[22:03:08] CommodoreBillings: First, I will not be here March 17th. I will be on South Padre Island enjoying Spring Break.
[22:03:31] CommodoreBillings: Commander Durandus will be running the sim that week. I expect all of you to show her the same respect you would show me. :-)
[22:03:44] Lt_Swift: Yes, sir!
[22:04:16] Lila_Kirk: Aye sir.
[22:05:25] CommodoreBillings: Second, as I'm sure you've all heard, we had a death in the family this week. Leonard Nimoy, the beloved Mr. Spock from TOS, has passed. Mr. Nimoy was an inspiration to us all - a man who was as devoted to Star Trek as his fans. I could fill this eulogy with tons of cliche from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. But everyone has already done that.
[22:05:48] CommodoreBillings: Instead, I would ask that we give a moment of silence to remember our friend.
[22:07:46] CommodoreBillings: Thank you.
[22:07:55] troi_katelin: ::bows head and says a Bajorian prayer::
[22:08:10] Lt_Swift: ::bows his head, a tear falling.::
[22:08:15] CommodoreBillings: Have we all read the brief?
[22:08:22] troi_katelin: Aye sir
[22:08:35] Lt_Swift: Yes, sir.
[22:08:55] CommodoreBillings: Do we have any questions?
[22:09:02] KayshlDrandus_AU: PM
[22:09:08] troi_katelin: None sir
[22:09:15] Lila_Kirk: None.
[22:09:20] Lt_Swift: None from me, sir.
[22:09:48] CommodoreBillings: Excellent. Let's get started.
[22:09:51] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         B E G I N     S I M         =/\=
[22:10:44] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Swift awakens to find himself alone - or nearly alone. As his eyes begin to focus, a silhouette of an old Wolfen female can be seen praying over several candles decorating the alter on the far wall.        =/\=
[22:10:45] EnsignTrask: ::Shimmers into the lobby of the Tali'An Hotel and Casino, dressed in a faintly iridescent frock::
[22:10:55] FstLt_Tanok: ::watches the primates riot from a safe distance, working on a solution to the problem::
[22:10:58] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Satak dematerializes in Sick Bay with the primate.        =/\=
[22:11:12] LtJg_Satak: ::In sickbay with the primate:: This creature needs immediate medical attention.
[22:11:22] Lila_Kirk: ::reads the reports::
[22:11:23] EnsignTrask: ::Holds a PADD in his hands, detailing the last communications and movements of Kayshl's away team::
[22:11:28] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::watches Troi leave, slowing removing herself from the plush massage table to eye the Wolfen caring for her::
[22:11:32] CommodoreBillings: OETC> 47 bottles of kanar on the wall! 47 bottles of kanar!
[22:11:51] Lt_Swift: :Darkness... it was dark... his eyes opened, but even so, it was still dimly lit... Slowly, leonard bean to stir.:: Ungh... muh... head... uhgain...
[22:12:14] EnsignTrask: ::Takes a few steps into the main gaming area of the Tali'An, towards the cashier's booth::
[22:12:29] EnsignTrask: ::Acquires a modest line of credit, and meanders towards one of the tables::
[22:12:35] KayshlDrandus_AU: Where did the other Wolfen take my friend? ::Speaks calmly, not giving away her suspicions having slowly regained her composure enough to follow up with Troi's suspicions::
[22:12:36] CommodoreBillings: Nala> :::Remains motionless as she prays over the altar, taking no notice of Swift's awakening:::
[22:12:40] troi_katelin: ::walks out with Will::We need to find Swift
[22:13:02] CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #1> He should be in the next room. That's where she told me she was taking hm.
[22:13:25] Lt_Swift: Tim> ::Tim had recieved a word from ALICE about the incoming injured and had already prepared one of the biobeds.:: "I... wasn't expecting a primate... I thought we were getting... whatever, what happened? ::he asked, already scanning with the tricorder.::
[22:13:37] Iliana_Madred: ::She eyes the Transporter Chief curiously.:: We've done an awful lot of talking about me, but you've stayed rather silent about yourself. Got any wild, drunken confessions to make, Chief?
[22:13:48] CommodoreBillings: :::Sitting in his Ready Room reading reports:::
[22:13:58] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> +Billings+ Jerrid?
[22:14:09] CommodoreBillings: :::Looks up::: Yes, ALICE. What is it?
[22:14:21] Lt_Swift: ::He began to sit up, his hand reaching towards his forehead. First the back of his head, now the front... what was next, his temples? "Ungh... What... where am I now?"
[22:14:22] KayshlDrandus_AU: And where can I find you later? Should I need your ... expertise again.. ::obviously avoiding the topic directly, as she's already sensed the Wolfen knows nothing, but isn't beyond pressing her further if the need arises later::
[22:14:32] LtJg_Satak: A boulder came loose during my training and fell down on top of it. There is severe internal bleeding and a multitude of broken bones. How can I help?
[22:14:35] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> +Billings+ Well... I think you should get down to Sick Bay. Something's... happened.
[22:14:37] EnsignTrask: ::Plays a few hands of Baccarat, winning more than losing::
[22:14:51] Olson_Jaraq: ::Sits at the tactical station on the bridge with his legs up on the console::
[22:15:09] EnsignTrask: ::Leaves the table, shifting the cash plates between his fingers::
[22:15:14] CommodoreBillings: Wolfen #1> Nala is the leader of all the Wolfen here. She's a very public figure. If you ask her, she can tell you where I am.
[22:15:33] troi_katelin: Will>~I smell many Wolfen, they all smell alike~
[22:15:35] CommodoreBillings: :::Frowns, setting down his PADD and heading towards the door:::
[22:15:41] EnsignTrask: ::Cashes his plates in and moves to the hotel lobby::
[22:15:46] CommodoreBillings: How's it going, Olson?
[22:15:59] Lt_Swift: Tim> Christ... what the devil kind of training you doin...? Well, seeing as the main Docs are out, I'll need you possibly grab things as needed. She's obviously in pain. Second shelf, there, contained labeled Rexalin. Need that. ::His tricorder would reveal as much as Satak had said::
[22:16:08] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::begins putting her clothes back on, carefully placing a small dagger back in the holster she had hidden on her thigh beneath her black dress:: Thank you. ::nods and heads to the door, bag on her shoulder:: Your massage was wonderful.
[22:16:13] EnsignTrask: ::Slips the concierge a few pieces of local currency::
[22:16:16] troi_katelin: ::thinks, about it::We need to figure a way to track him
[22:16:23] Olson_Jaraq: Calm and quiet captain ::smiles::
[22:16:42] LtJg_Satak: ::nods and moves to get the rexalin, bringing it back to the biobed::
[22:16:44] EnsignTrask: ::Nods politely as the man hands him a key and a slip of paper with a note scribbled on it::
[22:16:55] CommodoreBillings: Nala> :::Finally looks up, her prayer finished::: You are in my room. You have suffered injury. I encourage you to relax, before you suffer another.
[22:17:04] EnsignTrask: ::Moves away from the desk, nodding gratefully and slipping the paper into his pocket::
[22:17:11] CommodoreBillings: OETC> I love Kayshl.
[22:17:20] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::Exits the room and quickly turns the to the door beside it, knocking confidently:: Doctor?
[22:17:25] KayshlDrandus_AU: ((Wait what?))
[22:17:44] EnsignTrask: ::Moves up to his room, a generously large room with all the amenities::
[22:18:11] Iliana_Madred: ::Her eyes widen:: Well, that's... quite the confession.
[22:18:13] CommodoreBillings: OETC> Well, the Kayshl from this universe... but she left... And now there's a duplicate from a parallel universe on board whose screwing the Commodore... You know how much that fraks with a man's emotions?
[22:18:26] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::waits patiently, hoping he's simply.. preoccupied:: Leonard? Are you in there?
[22:18:27] Lt_Swift: ::SWift looked quite confused.:: Another injury? Like I'm going to... fall... you. It was you who knocked me out! What the hell for?! ::He said, standing up, quickly rousing to anger.::
[22:18:35] FstLt_Tanok: ::kneels down in his bush and begins to project calming thoughts, attempting to quell the riotting apes::
[22:18:35] EnsignTrask: ::Takes a warm, then cold shower.::
[22:18:56] KayshlDrandus_AU: ((Aww))
[22:19:06] EnsignTrask: ::Pours a drink from the room's minibar and then contacts the Hermes to have a fresh set of clothing beamed down::
[22:19:10] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: WHACK! Nala nails Swift over the head with a swift flick of her wrist (no pun intended).        =/\=
[22:19:31] CommodoreBillings: :::Enters Sick Bay::: Hello?
[22:19:55] LtJg_Satak: ::nods to the commodore, then looks back to Tim, waiting for his next order::
[22:20:23] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::presses her hand to the console next to the door, waiting for it to open like the last one did:: Leonard?! ::raising her voice::
[22:20:27] troi_katelin: ::senses Swift being hit again, but can get no location::
[22:20:39] Lt_Swift: Tim> ::He applied the painkiller, and then had another vial ready, this one of kayolene, a sedtive.:: Yeah... Doubt surgery will be needed... but there's bones that need setting... Oh, greetings Commodore! ::Said Tim, not looking up. Not outof lack of respect but medical work required attention and focus.::
[22:20:48] CommodoreBillings: OETC> The other Kayshl was a tease... That night on Risa when we went skinny dipping in the waterfall... Never did get to sleep with her, though.... But that's something you don't forget.
[22:20:50] EnsignTrask: ::Changes into a more comfortable outfit, and heads towards the wilderness not far from the hotel, armed only with a stun pistol::
[22:21:20] Lt_Swift: ::Swift fell back a a few feet before tripping over the surface that supported his weight before, siting down hard. His hands were holding his face.:: AGH! wuh da hell!
[22:21:38] CommodoreBillings: :::Takes a few steps forward, taking in the scene::: Nurse Tim? Ensign Satak? Will somebody explain to me what the hell is going on here?
[22:21:52] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: There is no answer from the other side of Kayshl's door.        =/\=
[22:22:29] Iliana_Madred: She sounds like she must've been fun. Why'd she leave?
[22:22:32] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::turns, going back down the hall to the main lobby::
[22:22:39] troi_katelin: Will>~Momma, Swift keeps getting hit on the head, but I cannot locate him~
[22:23:02] CommodoreBillings: Nala> You will speak to me with respect, and address me as Nala at all times. Or I will discipline you again.
[22:23:04] Lt_Swift: Tim> Ahm, well sir, I was informed that we were getting injured... Lieutenant Satak seemed to have been training... and this one got severely injured because of it. Seems... catastrophic blunt force trauma. ..Sir.
[22:23:30] LtJg_Satak: There was an accident during my training. A boulder came loose and fell down, crushing this primate. The locals took me to where she was and, with First Lieutenant Tanok's assistance, we freed her. But her injuries were too severe for a medical kit to fix.
[22:23:33] CommodoreBillings: OETC> You've been here, what? Three months?
[22:23:56] CommodoreBillings: OETC> So you know the kind of crazy life we have. Now multiply that by five or six years. It begins to take it's toll.
[22:24:06] FstLt_Tanok: ::forces the soothing projection farther, intensifying it's effect::
[22:24:12] Lt_Swift: ::Swift glared at the old coot angrily... but she meant business.:: Guh... you remind me of my grandmother when I was a pup...
[22:24:39] CommodoreBillings: OETC> Rumor has it her and Billings didn't see eye to eye on a few things. She testified against us in front of the entire Federation Council.
[22:24:54] CommodoreBillings: Nala> I would have liked to meet your grandmother.
[22:25:05] KayshlDrandus_AU: Excuse me.. ::wondering up to the attendant at the desk:: I am trying to locate the friend I came in with. My masseuse said he would be in the next room. Perhaps he left?
[22:25:11] CommodoreBillings: Nala> Now.... Down to business. Your name is Leonard Swift.
[22:25:54] Lt_Swift: ::He sighed. He'd get nowhere if he didn't comply with her...demands. Which weren't too much, honestly.:: Yes, Miss Nala. And my grandmother passed away many years ago, at the hands of the Klingon Empire.
[22:26:08] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Tanok's efforts at soothing the primates are moot. Their minds are too simple. They are once again arguing about their course of action. But unlike before, they are very angry and violent. This is not looking well.        =/\=
[22:26:29] CommodoreBillings: Blunt force trauma? What did you do, hit it repeatedly with a rock?
[22:26:31] EnsignTrask: ::Finds himself at another hotel not far from the Tali'An. He sneaks outside, casing the hotel's lobby, before casually walking around the structure to the front doors.::
[22:26:44] EnsignTrask: ::He brushes stray twigs and fallen leaves off of his outfit, and strolls in::
[22:26:54] CommodoreBillings: (Why do I feel like Trask needs the James Bond theme everywhere he goes?)
[22:27:02] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::eyes the attendant, reading telepathically for deceit::
[22:27:03] FstLt_Tanok: ::shakes his head, attempting to disperse the pain from focusing so hard. he moves stealthily away with enough distance so that they will not hear him::
[22:27:11] Iliana_Madred: ::She slowly sips her kanar:: I see what you mean. I'd be lying if I said that being blown up multiple times in Engineering didn't have me reconsidering my career in Starfleet.
[22:27:39] CommodoreBillings: Attendant> Mr. Swift? I think he went back to his ship. Something about urgent business. Maybe you should check back with them.
[22:27:53] Lt_Swift: Tim> ::He called over one of the other attendants in sickbay.:: Get me one of the Anobolic Protoplases... I don't know the physiology of this creature that well, but that will help set the bones non invasively. ::He explained to Satak more than the attendant who had gone to get the thing.::
[22:27:57] EnsignTrask: ::Approaches the concierge:: I'm looking for a friend of mine. I'm wondering if you could help me.
[22:27:59] troi_katelin: ::desdies to take a walk and look for Swift::Come on Will, let's go say hi to Mr. Tree
[22:28:31] troi_katelin: ::both go outside and look for trees::
[22:28:40] EnsignTrask: ::Is directed towards the bath house::
[22:28:41] KayshlDrandus_AU: ::The attendant's response is vague and it's enough to make her believe Troi's calms:: ~~ Swift wouldn't leave without letting me know first~~
[22:28:52] CommodoreBillings: OETC> Oh, it's not all bad. We came across this race once... didn't believe in clothing. And they smoked something call Gamja.... ::: The smile on his face says it all:::
[22:29:15] FstLt_Tanok: +Drandus+ First Lieutenant Tanok to Commander Drandus.
[22:29:32] EnsignTrask: ::He nods in gratitude, tipping the concierge. He heads to the hotel's restaurant::
[22:29:37] CommodoreBillings: Nala> The others also say you've seen the mother.
[22:29:42] CommodoreBillings: Mother*
[22:29:43] EnsignTrask: ::Looks at his PADD for the time::
[22:30:03] KayshlDrandus_AU: Thank you. ::turns as if to leave, then continues:: Oh while I'm here... could you tell me where I could find Nala? I want to thank her for training the my Wolfen masseur so well.
[22:30:15] troi_katelin: ::watches Will and thinks. Swift is missing and he keeps getting hit on the head::
[22:30:20] KayshlDrandus_AU: ++ Tanok ++    Durandus here.
[22:30:28] CommodoreBillings: Ensign Satak.... Explain this. Immediately.
[22:30:34] KayshlDrandus_AU: (Damn it! I have my own name spelled wrong)
[22:30:46] ---: KayshlDrandus_AU is now known as KayshlDurandus_AU
[22:31:09] KayshlDurandus_AU: (::facepalm:: Too much mimosa)
[22:31:20] CommodoreBillings: (Maybe someone should cut you off)
[22:31:20] FstLt_Tanok: ++Durandus++ The primates that inhabit the area have begun to riot. There is a chance that it could spread to your location.
[22:31:24] Lt_Swift: Tim> ::Tim took the device requested from the attendant, setting it up around the primate. Shortly it was set up nearby, a series of force fields and phase modulated lasers set to work.::
[22:31:32] troi_katelin: ((hand me one I need it))
[22:31:46] LtJg_Satak: ::stands back to give Tim some room::
[22:32:05] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Tanok ++    Acknowledged. Are any crewmembers in need of additional security escorts?
[22:32:11] Lt_Swift: ::He looked at Nala, stone faced. He wasn't happy about his situation, but what could he do?:: Yes, Nala. It's.. quite a long story.
[22:32:12] Iliana_Madred: That... sounds rather liberating. I would have loved to have seen how this crew dealt with a bunch of nude beings. Most of them seem so uptight. ::She stops before ordering another bottle of kanar:: I think... I think I want to try something different. Barkeep, mix me the sweetest thing you can think of.
[22:32:32] KayshlDurandus_AU: (::glares and hugs her glass::)
[22:32:57] CommodoreBillings: Nala> It's a shame that one who professes to have seen the Holy Dae'gre knows so little of her teachings.
[22:33:00] FstLt_Tanok: ++Durandus++ Lieutenant Satak has returned to the ship. Any crew members in the immediate vicinity of the forest should be put on alert.
[22:33:36] Lt_Swift: ::Swift shook his head, having a hard time understanding just WHY his beliefs were so... despised.:: Miss Nala...I have to ask... Why... do you live as you do? Willingly... well, it's almost... what is so WRONG about being free?
[22:33:47] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Thank ++    you, Tanok.
[22:33:53] Lt_Swift: ((HA))
[22:33:57] EnsignTrask: ::Orders a hearty meal, keeping his eye on the entrance in case he runs into Kayshl::
[22:33:59] KayshlDurandus_AU: (...)
[22:34:12] FstLt_Tanok: ::checks his comm to make sure it is working properly::
[22:34:12] KayshlDurandus_AU: ((::pushes away her mimosa::))
[22:34:25] EnsignTrask: ((::Quietly steals the mimosa::))
[22:34:28] CommodoreBillings: OETC> Oh, I know EXACTLY what you mean! This one time, we beamed down to a planet, and there was a transporter malfunction. No clothes. No phasers. No communicators. We decided to bite the bullet, go into town, and find some clothes. Turns out alking around naked in this society is a sign of great wealth, so people were bowing down to us.
[22:35:04] CommodoreBillings: OETC> Unfortunately, if you walk around naked in THAT society, and you don't have wealth, it's a capital crime. So imagine six naked people being chased out of town by a mob carrying torches and pitch forks.
[22:35:46] FstLt_Tanok: ::returns stealthily to keep tabs on the primates::
[22:35:55] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:36:18] EnsignTrask: ::Cuts up a generous serving of something that resembles venison::
[22:36:20] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Security ++    Send escorts to any crew members taking leave near the forest. And keep an eye out should the primates start causing issues near the cities.
[22:36:23] troi_katelin: ::sees that Will is having a good time and goes to sit down to make a plan to find Swift::
[22:36:23] CommodoreBillings: Nala> Servitude. It's the most important thing the mother commands of us. When you have nothing, greed is irrellivent. By servicing others faithfully, you make their life easier. And that service reaps its own rewards: A place to live and food to eat. An important job with important people.
[22:36:46] EnsignTrask: ::Reads the alert on his PADD::
[22:36:49] CommodoreBillings: Nala> And the intrinstic value of knowing that, in pleasing others, you are pleased in return. It doesn't matter who the master is. We're all serving someone - even if we don't realize it. What matters is that we serve, and ask nothing in return."
[22:36:59] KayshlDurandus_AU: Please... I would very much like to show her my gratitude in person ::looks at the attendant to reassure him she's speaking to him and not her comm::
[22:37:18] EnsignTrask: ::Calmly turns it face down on the table::
[22:38:08] CommodoreBillings: So you mean to tell me that you went into the woods, on a vacation planet, without checking any manuals or signs of life, and started shooting things, which directly led to this creature's injury?
[22:38:31] troi_katelin: ::hears the alert::
[22:39:00] Iliana_Madred: ::She laughs loudly:: Now that's my kind of away mission! ::The bartender sets a glass filled with hot pink booze in front of her. She stares at it before taking a sip. The look on her face can only be described as sheer terror.:: People actually order drinks like this? This is absurd! I can't feel my tongue.
[22:39:01] Lt_Swift: ::He frowned, swishing his tail side to side; a sign of annoyance.:: ...And I suppose you know of my choices of what I've done and who I chosen to serve and not to serve, Miss Nala?
[22:39:35] EnsignTrask: ::Turns it over again and taps at the screen quickly::
[22:39:39] KayshlDurandus_AU: Burly Security Men>::beam down to the planet and start shadowing crewmen to protect them from primate riots::
[22:40:11] troi_katelin: Will>::looks to Mom and then goes back to playing::
[22:40:38] EnsignTrask: ::Happily pays for his meal and gets up form the table, seeing several security officers nearby::
[22:40:52] CommodoreBillings: Nala> :::Scoffs::: You are a pitiful excuse for a Wolfen. It has always been foretold that the Mother would send a Wolfen from beyond the veil to be the savior of the Wolfen race. And that person is supposed to be you? Listen very carefully: A person who calls himself free serves no one.
[22:40:54] Lt_Swift: Tim> He adjusted a few settings on the Anobolic Protoplase, keeping a monitor of the vitals of the creature.:: Crimony... you'd think we were a veterinary service... ::He'd mumble to himself... hoping it wasn't loud enough to be heard. It probably wasn't.::
[22:40:58] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:41:11] troi_katelin: ::sees her security officer beam in.::
[22:41:33] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:41:33] LtJg_Satak: First Lieutenant Tanok and I read the Jessamine wide-life entries in the Starfleet Database thoroughly as per ordered. We were not aware of their level of curiosity as it was not outline in these entrees. In addition, I was not using any weapons during my training, as per Starfleet Regulation 4774 outlining Officer shore leave. I was using small stones.
[22:41:35] EnsignTrask: ::Steps outside to the front of the hotel, looking around at the treeline::
[22:41:39] troi_katelin: Will>::looks up::BARK BARK
[22:41:40] KayshlDurandus_AU: Attendant> I'm sorry. She's not here today, but I will gladly give her the message. ::nods politely:: Do you care to balance your tab?
[22:41:56] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:42:08] CommodoreBillings: OETC> You're not supposed to feel your tongue. If you do it right, you don't feel anything. You just... pass out. And hope you don't throw up.
[22:42:12] Lt_Swift: ::Swift paused for a moment. A good moment of contemplation. What DID he know... what did he really, truly know?:: I...suppose...maybe... I don't know as much as I'd like... The pillars... the tenants...Look. I came from a universe where the vast amount of my time was spent working against the Klingons. I didn't have time to be attentive to the beliefs...
[22:42:29] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::senses the attendant knows nothing, but isn't convinced. Regardless she decides not to press further in favor of finding more intel:: Yes. ::balances her tab and leaves::
[22:42:47] troi_katelin: I know bud, we have company.    
[22:43:03] troi_katelin: Take it for what it is worth
[22:43:05] EnsignTrask: ::He walks back into the lobby::
[22:43:35] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Hermes ++    Durandus to the Hermes
[22:43:40] Iliana_Madred: Drinking isn't supposed to bring on that level of numbness. If that's what you're aiming for when you drink, something is dead wrong. ::She takes another sip of the hot pink drink and makes a face like she just bit a lemon::
[22:43:43] troi_katelin: ::sings as she gets up::Me and my Shadowwww
[22:43:45] CommodoreBillings: Nala> Understand this: There is ALWAYS a Master. Whether you acknowledge him or not. You serve a Captain on your ship, yes? He is your Master. In return for your service, he gives you a home. He gives you a place to live. He takes you all over the galaxy.
[22:43:46] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::wonders outside back toward her hotel::
[22:44:18] CommodoreBillings: Nala> Here, you serve Mister Stone. You have a home. Good food. There's no difference, as far as the Mother is concerned.
[22:44:30] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ Billings here.
[22:44:45] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Billings ++    Has the Doctor returned to the ship?
[22:44:58] troi_katelin: ::looks at Will as he comes over to her. He has on of his grins going on::
[22:45:12] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ Not that I know of. I'm in Sick Bay right now, as a matter of fact.
[22:45:55] Lt_Swift: ::Countered her arguement.:: I do so because I chose to join Starfleet. I could have just as easily chosen not to, and lived my life on my own, taking care of myself! Only reason I joined Starfleet was because I swore on my dead mother that I would never allow atrocites such as those from the Klingons to so easily slip by me! And now I'm in another UNIVERSE..
[22:46:14] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ We ++    were separated and Troi voiced worry he may be in danger.
[22:46:35] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ Can't you scan for Wolfen down on the planet?
[22:46:52] Lt_Swift: Having spent over a year alone, not knowing if our people even EXIST, and the only thing I find is that I am met with distaste, and then hatred on having been apparently the only one to have seen what I have seen, and called a blasphemer!
[22:47:06] CommodoreBillings: Nala> Listen to him. "I chose this. I chose that. The world is so cruel to me. I'
[22:47:11] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Billings ++    Of course, but that wouldn't help much. There seems to be an influx of Wolfen here.
[22:47:27] CommodoreBillings: Nala> "I am a free Wolfen who makes my own decisions."
[22:47:50] CommodoreBillings: Nala> I knew I shouldn't have put so much faith in these prophecies. The last one I deciphered said I would be killed by a monkey.
[22:48:20] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ Really? Maybe Swift went to go mingle with them.
[22:48:24] FstLt_Tanok: ::gets back into position, looking for the primates::
[22:48:45] troi_katelin: ::looks at the security officer and motions him to follow her and
[22:48:49] troi_katelin: Will::\
[22:49:05] CommodoreBillings: Will she survive, Nurse Tim?
[22:49:52] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::stops in her tracks, obviously realizing Jerrid is otherwise predisposed and uninterested in taking her worries seriously, and pulls out her tricorder, scanning for Wolfen:: ~~Maybe if i can find out where they congregate I will find this Nala person~~
[22:50:31] CommodoreBillings: OETC> I'm lonely... :::The confession came out as abruptly as his confession for his love for Kayshl:::
[22:51:00] Lt_Swift: ...I have never tried to claim that the universe is picking on me, Miss Nala... I realize that my choices reap my consequences... And I would ask you forgive me for being upset as I am. Believing as I do. I know the Mother would be... probably is, rather... not thrilled with my way of life... but... when I spoke to her... she did not seem to be as such.
[22:51:06] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Billings ++    Swift wouldn't do that either. We got in a ... disagreement... with a man named Mr. Stone over his free status.
[22:51:23] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ How have the Wolfen been responding to Mr. Swift?
[22:51:42] CommodoreBillings: (Scratch that last statement)
[22:51:59] Lt_Swift: Tim> Survive? Absolutely... She'll probably be a bit stiff for the next few days... a week even... but she'll survive. Might need help from the rest of her.. uhm... community?
[22:52:00] troi_katelin: We need to look on our own again. We are never going to find him waiting
[22:52:03] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Mr. Stone own the bath house we were going to stay at?
[22:52:13] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::locks onto a nearby signal back in the bathhouse and decides to continue searching inside::
[22:52:26] FstLt_Tanok: ::not having realized how much quieter the forest has gotten at his location, he tries to reach out with his mind to figure out where they all have moved to::
[22:52:29] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::looks up in thought::
[22:52:51] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Billings ++    Gods... that's right.
[22:52:56] CommodoreBillings: Nala> Tell me about her. :::Her voice is softer this time - less rigid:::
[22:53:12] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ I think it's time we cashed in on those reservations.
[22:54:12] Lt_Swift: ::A moment of recollection... that brief moment back then... outside of the universe... a higher plane... The mother... She was there, in her full, glorious splendor...Leonard set to telling Nala the best he could.:: Her... I'll try... The.. Goddess... Our Great Mother... no words I give you can possibly give justice to her beauty...
[22:54:20] troi_katelin: ::heads back to the hotel. Now that she is dry. She wraps her dress on her shoulder to cover her swim suit::
[22:54:22] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Billings ++    Agreed. ::wonders back into the bathhouse... ignoring the attendant that acknowledges her.. following her signal to the highest population of Wolfen in the vicinity::
[22:54:27] EnsignTrask: ::Idly taps at his PADD, with an eye on the hotel entrance::
[22:54:28] Iliana_Madred: ::She couldn't believe how easily he came out and said things whilst drunk. And what he said just made her feel incredibly sad for him:: Well, you know, we could fix that.
[22:54:28] Lt_Swift: But I recall first noticing her eyes... I could see the very births and deaths of the stars burning within them, the cycle of the universe playing out, looking at me... into me... the vastness of he great depths of pure spirit... Hair flowing like the rivers that grant the waters of life...her fur, the color of smoken ash...
[22:54:34] Lt_Swift: like that of the end cycle of life, all becomes grey until the next incarnation... and... five tails... as we've believed for the Pillars... they were there... She spoke to us. All of us there... her voice was... I can't begin to say... possibly the most beautiful symphony of music ever to grace mortal ears...
[22:55:10] CommodoreBillings: +Durandus+ I'm beaming down to meet you. We'll conduct a little undercover investigation and see if we can find him.
[22:55:51] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Acknowledged. ++    ::decides to linger in the lobby and wait for Jerrid::
[22:55:53] Lt_Swift: ::Swift looked to the ground as he thought back. What did he know indeed...::
[22:55:58] FstLt_Tanok: ::not picking up any of their brain wave patterns in the area, he moves closer to the settlement, where his suspicions are confirmedLL
[22:55:59] CommodoreBillings: Nala> :::A tear rolls down her cheek as Leonard describes the Mother:::
[22:56:10] KayshlDurandus_AU: (someone take away my Comm privilege please))
[22:56:44] Lt_Swift: ...I really am a fool...Aren't I.
[22:57:00] CommodoreBillings: Nala> You really have seen her. I can see it in your eyes. But why? I have been devoted to the Mother all of my life. I served Mr. Stone, even though he is not always nice. He gave me a home. Which is all I am supposed to expect for my service. Why does she speak to you, and not me?
[22:57:15] EnsignTrask: ::Looks over at Kayshl, and then back at his PADD. On the screen is a map of the surrounding area::
[22:57:17] CommodoreBillings: OETC> :::Looks up to Iliana::: Really?
[22:57:24] CommodoreBillings: OETC> I like where this is going.
[22:57:47] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::looks up, sensing Trask and looking over to him::
[22:57:52] CommodoreBillings: Mr. Satak, you are now responsible for this primate. You are to see that it gets back to the planet safely.
[22:57:53] troi_katelin: Will>::sniffs at the air and walks::
[22:57:57] CommodoreBillings: I need to go find Mr. Swift.
[22:58:23] LtJg_Satak: Yes, Commodore. I will return her as soon as she is fit for transport
[22:58:40] Lt_Swift: ::He looked to the floor.:: I don't... know the answer to that... Miss Nala...
[22:58:41] CommodoreBillings: :::Exits Sick Bay and heads towards the transporter room:::
[22:59:13] troi_katelin: ::wishes she knew what was going on::
[22:59:24] CommodoreBillings: Nala> The Wolfen from your universe... What were they like?
[22:59:29] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:59:47] EnsignTrask: ::Shifts in his seat, still looking at his PADD::
[22:59:50] FstLt_Tanok: ::Sees that hundreds of the primates are massing at the edge of the forest near the settlement::
[22:59:54] CommodoreBillings: :::Dematerializes on the planet, not far from Kayshl's location:::
[22:59:59] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
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[23:00:31] Lt_Swift: ...I come from a universe... where we've always been able to help ourselves....and others... But also respect ourselves... and in turn, respect given to the Mother.
[23:00:42] Iliana_Madred: ::Laughing, she finishes off her nearly-sickeningly-sweet drink and grabs the transporter chief by his shoulders, pulling him close and kissing him roughly.::
[23:00:55] troi_katelin: ::looks down at Will::~Anything?~
[23:01:09] Lt_Swift: I... am sorry, Miss Nala... I don't know if I fit into your prophecy as you thought...
[23:01:20] CommodoreBillings: Nala> And you lost your homeworld because of it. Would not serving the Klingons have been easier?
[23:01:55] KayshlDurandus_AU: Ensign Trask! ::walks over to him sounding as if she just now remembered something:: Since you're here... Be on the look out for any primates disturbing the peace. I sent a few security officers down to keep an eye out, but it wouldn't hurt to keep your eyes peeled for mischief.
[23:02:04] troi_katelin: Will>~Nothing, his smell is masked~
[23:02:18] Lt_Swift: ::He cringed:: The Klingons... felt it more a sport to have slaves... there was nothing to gain from it... once they had no use for you, they killed you. If you were too tired... they killed you... nothing appeased them. We fought for our survival, that we could continue our way.
[23:02:37] CommodoreBillings: OETC> :::Begins kissing her back, slipping his hands underneath her clothing to feel the warm skin on her back:::
[23:02:58] Lt_Swift: ((this can't end well))
[23:03:04] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::glances over at Jerrid, not wanting to keep herself from her immediate task:: I'll leave you to your... ::glances at him and his PADD briefly, sensing his unconscious preference to avoid her conversation:: PADD.
[23:03:06] EnsignTrask: ::Nods as Kayshl speaks:: Yes'm.
[23:03:06] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Suddenly, a sound can be heard off in the distance... A sound everybody on the planet can hear.        =/\=
[23:03:20] EnsignTrask: ::Looks up towards the ceiling at the noise.::
[23:03:25] CommodoreBillings: :::Walks up to Kayshl::: You alright?
[23:03:37] Lt_Swift: Tim> ::A few more adjustments are made on the machine.:: Signs are looking better. She'll be fine, Leiutenant Satak.
[23:03:59] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::pauses, looking the same direction as Trask hearing the sound:: yeah... ::speaks absentmindedly:: It's not me i'm worried about
[23:04:01] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[23:04:02] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The sound gets louder... Like whooping and yelling of a thousand excited souls...        =/\=
[23:04:07] Lt_Swift: ::Swift perked up his ears, turning to... well, looking up.:: What the devil was that...
[23:04:12] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: And drums. The away team can hear drums.        =/\=
[23:04:16] LtJg_Satak: That is pleasant to hear Doctor.
[23:04:30] FstLt_Tanok: ::Bursts out of the treeline:: Take cover!
[23:04:40] Iliana_Madred: ::She pulls away from the Chief and looks up:: What the...?
[23:04:41] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:04:41] troi_katelin: Will>l::perks up::
[23:04:59] CommodoreBillings: Nala> :::Goes to the window::: The primates are restless...
[23:05:03] KayshlDurandus_AU: Perhaps I spoke too soon... ::looks to Trask, suspecting the primates::
[23:05:05] Lt_Swift: Tim> Eh? I'm no doctor.
[23:05:18] Lt_Swift: Tim> Just Head Nurse. Been doin' this a while.
[23:05:24] EnsignTrask: ::He smirks and draws his sidearm, setting it to heavy stun::
[23:05:26] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: THOUSANDS of monkeys pour out of the forest behind Tanok, all armed with spears. They pour into the city, wrecking havoc everywhere they go.        =/\=
[23:05:29] LtJg_Satak: ::Reconsiders for a moment:: Mr. Tim.
[23:05:36] troi_katelin: ::scoops up Will and finds cover::
[23:06:06] CommodoreBillings: OETC> :::Sees all the monkeys and his jaw drops::: Holy mother of...
[23:06:15] troi_katelin: ::holds him tight::
[23:06:23] Lt_Swift: ::Swift stood.:: That can't be good... Is this place safe for you...them... Everyone? Or should we evacuate?
[23:06:25] EnsignTrask: ::Feels a jolt of adrenaline as the sound of the primate invasion force gets louder and closer.::
[23:06:25] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::pulls a weapon out of her bag out of instinct, ready to stay in formation with Trask should the need arise::
[23:06:30] CommodoreBillings: :::Looks to Kayshl and Trask::: Do you hear something?
[23:06:46] Iliana_Madred: ::She grabs the chief by the wrist and starts running, dragging him behind her.:: C'mon!
[23:07:09] KayshlDurandus_AU: Tanok mentioned something about the local primate population being a potential danger. I suspect it must be that. ::looks back at Jerrid::
[23:07:13] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Monkeys begin storming the bar where Iliana and the Chief are, tossing bottles at customers and breaking windows.        =/\=
[23:07:13] EnsignTrask: ::Other people around begin to panic::
[23:07:32] CommodoreBillings: It's only a potential danger because Satak was dropping rocks on them.
[23:07:43] CommodoreBillings: This is bad.... This is really, REALLY bad...
[23:07:49] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         P A U S E     S I M         =/\=        
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