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USS Hermes Log, SD: 201604.19

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USS Hermes Log, SD: 201604.19

[22:02:23] M-5:     =/\= USS Hermes
[22:02:23] M-5:     =/\= 201604.19 2202:23 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:02:23] M-5:     =/\= MB: Mission Briefing, Stardate 1604.05: "Maternal Instinct" (Part IV) at
[22:02:27] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:02:29] EnsDeniaud: ::AA::
[22:02:33] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ::AA::
[22:02:43] Lila_Kirk: ::aa::
[22:02:46] Dr_Swift: ::AA::
[22:03:18] EnsArianAmunrra: ::AA::
[22:03:41] KayshlDurandus_AU: Welcome!
[22:03:55] KayshlDurandus_AU: So... Log awards for this week go to...
[22:04:10] KayshlDurandus_AU: Gold to Doctor Swift for his personal log
[22:04:39] KayshlDurandus_AU: Double Gold to Marielle and Kiki for their Joint Log
[22:05:00] KayshlDurandus_AU: And Marielle gets Silver for her personal long and Gold for her duty log
[22:05:07] KayshlDurandus_AU: Great job you guys. Keep it up.
[22:05:38] Dr_Swift: Thank you ma'am!
[22:05:51] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: thank you ma'am
[22:06:05] CommodoreBillings: Hello, everyone!
[22:06:10] CommodoreBillings: How are we this week?
[22:06:22] Lila_Kirk: I'm good.
[22:06:55] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: been better but ok
[22:07:02] CommodoreBillings: Alrighty.
[22:07:03] EnsDeniaud: I survived. I'll consider that a win.
[22:07:18] CommodoreBillings: So we're stuck around a black hole
[22:07:50] CommodoreBillings: Have we all read the briefing?
[22:07:58] Lila_Kirk: Yes
[22:08:12] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: yessir
[22:09:16] CommodoreBillings: Do we have any questions?
[22:09:35] Lila_Kirk: None
[22:10:13] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: no sir
[22:10:31] CommodoreBillings: Alrighty. Staff meeting. We're all in the conference room.
[22:10:49] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M         =/\=
[22:11:26] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::sits at the table, her chair swirled to look out the window::
[22:11:42] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;; in the conference room with her PADD with all the sketches and equations on it;;
[22:11:50] EnsDeniaud: ::plops down into the chair next to Swift, slides him an insulated mug, leans over and whispers:: Brewed the Italian way.
[22:12:03] Dr_Swift: ::was in one of the chairs, a thermos of coffee in hand, of the special bled that Ellie had given him.::
[22:12:04] Lila_Kirk: ::sitting in her chair in the Conference room::
[22:12:10] CommodoreBillings: :::Standing in the conference room, staring out the window at the twin black holes of death:::
[22:12:22] Dr_Swift: [[that's an amazing coincidence]]
[22:13:05] KayshlDurandus_AU: [[there are no coincidences.. only Zule]]
[22:13:10] CommodoreBillings: ~~I HATE black holes...~~~
[22:13:12] EnsDeniaud: ::twirls the white erasable marker in one hand, sipping her freshly brewed coffee in the other hand::
[22:13:29] KayshlDurandus_AU: ~~~ I can't say I've ever seen one, but I am not sure I like them either ~~~
[22:13:43] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;has a mug of apple cider beside her and sipping on it occasionally;;
[22:13:47] CommodoreBillings: :::Keeps staring out the window::: So how are the repairs coming?
[22:13:55] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::grumbling, keeps eyes focused on the PADD in front of him, giving Marielle sideways glances of doomy death::
[22:14:15] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> Uh. Uh.
[22:14:30] Dr_Swift: ::Leonard picked up the thermos, takes a sip... those earsperked up, and his tail swished widely. He sighed.:: Deniaud... thank you. Good stuff.
[22:15:08] EnsDeniaud: ::grins brightly:: Considering the situation, the ship is doing well.
[22:15:28] EnsDeniaud: ::almost jumping in her seat:: We have shields, impulse, and power!
[22:15:47] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ::RP::
[22:16:37] CommodoreBillings: What have we learned about these these black holes so far?
[22:16:57] EnsArianAmunrra: ::sitting in for Jana::
[22:17:18] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::watches Swift, muttering to himself:: She really doesn't need more coffee. She's like a bouncy ball on steroids.
[22:17:49] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: we were discussing ways of adding in more power if it became needed sir, and came up with several locations and resources for that. As for the black holes they are moving toward coalescence with a shock wave coming like an intergalactic tsunami
[22:17:54] Dr_Swift: ::The Wolfen flicked an ear in Peterson's direction. He heard him with absolute and perfect clarity.:: A ball that is working wonders, from what I hear.
[22:18:01] EnsDeniaud: ::grinning at Swift, whispering so not to disturb anyone:: I know! Wait till I make you some cowboy coffee.
[22:18:02] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::laughs quietly at Lt. Peterson's comment::
[22:18:34] CommodoreBillings: ::Jerrid continues to stare out out the window. The expression on his face cannot express the hatred he feels for black holes. They area menace to his very existence. Though he listens to his officers, he seems determined to defeat these evil foes at any costs:::
[22:19:03] CommodoreBillings: What about casualties?
[22:20:15] Lila_Kirk: ::Listens::
[22:20:44] EnsArianAmunrra: Security lost two during the recovery on Decks 19 and 20.
[22:20:46] Dr_Swift: ::Swift looked up at the Commodore from his thermos and padd.:: Most injuries are minor. Mostly some bruising, some sprains... three cases of fractures, and one broken bone. Mostly I have reports of... let's just say intense nausea during the incident.
[22:20:53] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: unknown sir I postulated the idea of a parachute like sail to drag the ship backwards like a spinnaker by utilizing the shock wave's power to help while if we have the bow into the shock wave we might be able to ride it out more safely than from any other position
[22:21:40] EnsDeniaud: ::pen twirling, glancing around the table, eyes focusing on the glassy surface of the conference table... she could fit a whole lot of equations on that!::
[22:21:49] CommodoreBillings: That sounds mighty complicated, Kiki. Do we even have that kind of time? How long until these vile bastard collides, anyway?
[22:22:32] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: guesstimation is about 14 -24 hour days
[22:22:53] EnsDeniaud: ::giggles at "vile bastard" and wonders why the Commodore hates black holes so much::
[22:23:17] CommodoreBillings: *Sigh* We need options, people. I'll be damned if I'm going to die at the hands of these... things.
[22:23:20] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::rolls eyes at the incessant giggling by his side::
[22:23:27] CommodoreBillings: Though...
[22:23:36] CommodoreBillings: :::His eyes narrow as he stares at something out the window:::
[22:23:42] CommodoreBillings: I do have one more question...
[22:23:49] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: yessir?
[22:24:14] Dr_Swift: ::Swift raised a brow, lowered an ear, and cocked his head.:: Sir?
[22:24:16] CommodoreBillings: :::Places an index finger on the transparent aluminum window, pointing out into space::: What is THAT?
[22:24:20] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> We could just warp out of here.
[22:24:27] Dr_Swift: Can we bring it up on display?
[22:24:55] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;tries bringing the item in question up on the display;;
[22:25:08] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::watches Jerrid, also intrigued by his intolerance. She new deathly situations before with Klingons and faced them without question but his hatred toward an anomaly was curious::
[22:25:14] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Billings points to something in the distance near the edge of the event horizon. It's not very defined - but it is flashing - several flashing lights... Like lightening bugs.        =/\=
[22:25:15] EnsDeniaud: ::just eyes Peterson like he's dumb... because he is::
[22:25:50] Dr_Swift: ::The Wolfen looked at Peterson.:: With due respect to your section, Liuetenant, if we attempted to warp away from here, would that not ut us through the same gravitaional waves the nerly ruined our ship?
[22:26:00] EnsArianAmunrra: ::glances out the view screen, narrowing her eyes at the flashing lights::
[22:26:21] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::blinks at Swift, not expecting that:: Uh. Uh.
[22:26:37] KayshlDurandus_AU: Also, we only have impulse power so warp is not an option yet. But that isn't the point, people. That obviously won't help us.
[22:26:42] EnsArianAmunrra: Priorities didn't allow long range scans.    
[22:26:56] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Suddenly, the ship rocks gently, like a boat on water, as several hundred... or was it thousand? Creatures... Worms, or eels of some kind, swim by the window. Each one is flashing, using their tail to propell themselves through open space.        =/\=
[22:26:57] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::sinking into his chair after two high ranking officers shoot him down:: Right.
[22:27:00] Lila_Kirk: ::sees the flashing light::
[22:27:34] EnsDeniaud: ::spins in her chair and stares out the window, suddenly getting up and squealing with glee as she runs to the window:: Oh! It's so pretty!!
[22:27:44] EnsArianAmunrra: ::digs her claws into the table and the chair as the ship rocks::
[22:27:45] Lila_Kirk: ::sees the creatures::
[22:27:48] CommodoreBillings: :::Turns to the crew, his eyes curious:::
[22:28:05] CommodoreBillings: This looks interesting... Let's find out what it is.
[22:28:10] Dr_Swift: ::Looks out the transparent aluminum window as well, intrigued. Movement. The Wolfen stood, and went to the window as well.:: ...That is most interesting... What are those, I wonder...
[22:28:17] EnsDeniaud: They're like... glow worms on earth! ::almost jumping as she stares out the window in wonder::
[22:28:22] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::turns to the window, perplexed:: This can't be good. ::gives Ensign Deniaud a mildly annoyed look, not really appreciating the beauty in such situations::
[22:29:17] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;smiles seeing the creatures as well before trying to reach out to them mentally;;~~ HI, Can you come talk with us?~~
[22:29:17] CommodoreBillings: :::Heads out the Conference Room:::
[22:29:25] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> Ensign, you really need to calm down. This is not the time!
[22:29:47] CommodoreBillings: :::Pokes his head back into the Conference Room:::
[22:29:51] CommodoreBillings: Mister Peterson!
[22:30:06] EnsDeniaud: ::smooshes her face against the window as she stares out the window, makeup smudging on the glass::
[22:30:16] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::stands, rod straight:: YES SIR!
[22:30:37] CommodoreBillings: You're killing the vibe. We're discovering something new. Loosen your belt a little bit, will you, please?
[22:30:57] CommodoreBillings: :::Heads back into the bridge:::
[22:31:05] KayshlDurandus_AU: ~~~ I don't think they will want to "talk" ~~~
[22:31:17] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::pouts, back curves in disappointment:: Right. Sir.
[22:31:42] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::follows Jerrid onto the bridge::
[22:32:01] EnsDeniaud: See Peterson ::turns and grins at him:: This is fun! Have some fun!
[22:32:12] Lila_Kirk: ::gets up and also heads to the Bridge::
[22:32:22] Dr_Swift: ::Swift pulls out his tricorder, in hopes of maybe pulling some scans from these creatures.::
[22:32:26] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::eyes narrowing at her::
[22:32:29] CommodoreBillings: Kiki, Swift - Let's get some scans on these things. Let's find out what they are.
[22:32:39] Dr_Swift: Already ahead of you, sir.
[22:32:49] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;nods and starts scanning the creatures;;
[22:33:12] EnsDeniaud: ::skips out of the conference room and stares at the viewscreen::
[22:33:27] EnsDeniaud: Wow. So pretty. ::almost like a whisper::
[22:33:40] EnsArianAmunrra: ::assumes the tactical console, starts long range scans::
[22:33:45] Lila_Kirk: ::retakes helm from Ensign Redshirt::
[22:33:47] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::stares at her and shakes his head::
[22:33:55] Dr_Swift: ::Swift looks at the data on his tricorder and has the biggest grin ever.::
[22:33:59] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::turns to Ensign Amunrra, as she walks onto the bridge:: Keep an eye on the ship. I don't want these things making our situation worse than it already is
[22:34:13] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: What is it Little Brother?
[22:34:26] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> You're hopeless. We're careening towards our doom, and you think this is pretty? They're probably going to eat us.
[22:35:23] EnsArianAmunrra: ::nods toward Kayshl::
[22:35:30] EnsDeniaud: ::rolls her eyes:: Not with you on board. They'd spit us out for being nasty tasting with your negativity. ::she grins up at him::
[22:35:35] CommodoreBillings: :::Looks to Peterson::: You're the life of the frakkin' party, you know that?
[22:35:38] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Lieutenant Peterson, they are probably are looking for a brainless body to inhabit and yours seems to be the closest one
[22:36:26] KayshlDurandus_AU: Please, this isn't productive. :: getting annoyed with the banter around Peterson:: Can we focus on getting us out of here please? ::has little patience for such things::
[22:36:38] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::ears turn bright red as eyes focus on him, motions madly at the viewscreen:: Listen to reason! We're by spinning black holes, heading towards our doom, and space worms show up.
[22:36:41] Dr_Swift: These... creatures. They have a unique cellular structure. The occiliations of graviton waves... they generate energy when their bodies change and contort, much like how an oscillating coil and power a primitive electrical current, much like a battery.
[22:37:20] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;smiles sweetly to Peterson before watching the critters' means of locomotion;; I think you're right,doc
[22:37:22] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::grumbles at being lectured, jaws clench:: Just saying, sir.
[22:37:40] EnsDeniaud: ::glances at Swift, in awe:: Wow. That was... Awesome!
[22:37:40] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::looks at the Doctor confused:: Can you repeat that in English please.
[22:37:45] CommodoreBillings: :::Eyes widen in wonder as he processes this new knowledge:::
[22:38:18] EnsArianAmunrra: Would they be able to charge the core?
[22:38:54] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: their bodies are set up like a concertina for the gravitational waves expanding and contracting to produce electricity
[22:38:56] CommodoreBillings: ::Laughs at Arian's proposal:: Going fishing, Ensign?
[22:39:00] Dr_Swift: I... Of course. Think... a magnet passing back and forth through an electric coil. How that moves electrons through the winding. Fast enough, and you get an electric current. Now, imagine that on a biological level, these creatures are feeding.
[22:39:30] EnsDeniaud: ::glances at the viewscreen, an idea forming::
[22:39:59] EnsDeniaud: ::pen in hand, disappears back into the conference room::
[22:40:14] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::watches Marielle disappear, the pen top falling behind her:: Oh crud.
[22:40:34] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;heads in with Ellie to see what she can do to help
[22:40:37] KayshlDurandus_AU: Ok ... ::is obviously chewing on the information a moment, her war-faring mind not adept to processing science problems:: So they eat electricity. Well we can't rightly shut everything down. How do we stop them from feeding on us?
[22:40:40] EnsDeniaud: ::climbs up onto the table and starts drawing the ship and the space worms::
[22:40:55] Dr_Swift: No, they aren't eating electricity.
[22:41:01] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::hissing:: Ensign! You do not climb on the conference table and you certainly don't draw on it!
[22:41:15] Dr_Swift: They are generating it, and using it themselves, much like plants in sunlight create their own energy through photosynthesis.
[22:41:22] EnsDeniaud: ::waving:: Shhhhh! Smart people are thinking.
[22:41:53] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Lieutenant either you're a part of the solution or part of the problem which is it?
[22:41:56] Dr_Swift: Wait a minute... Deniaud!
[22:41:56] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::fuming:: Ensign!
[22:42:08] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Yessir?
[22:42:18] Dr_Swift: ++Deniaud!++
[22:42:38] EnsDeniaud: ::equations moving quickly through Logos, hands having problems keeping up, ignoring Peterson simply because she can't keep up::
[22:42:47] CommodoreBillings: :::Pulls out a gummyworm from his pocket::: Kayshl, look. ::Stretches is back and forth:: When they fly through the waves, this happens. They have cells in their body that generate electricity when this happens. :::Pops the gummy worm into his mouth with the conclusion of his demonstration:::
[22:42:57] EnsDeniaud: ::turns to Kiki:: Hey. What do you think we can get a tow?
[22:43:11] EnsDeniaud: +Swift+ Yes, Doc! ::almost squeaking with excitement::
[22:43:17] EnsArianAmunrra: Never did like fish ... ::murmurs to herself::
[22:43:39] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Lieutenant, I'll clean the table myself if it comes to it not sure but we can try
[22:43:54] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::growling at Kiki and Marielle... what the hell is with these ensigns?!::
[22:43:59] Dr_Swift: +Deniaud+, is there any possibility of... I suppose capturing these waves in mquantities enough to harness the same battery like enery without damaging the ship?
[22:44:17] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::looks at Jerrid as if he just vomited glitter:: Why do you have gummy worms? ::looks around, clearly questioning the sanity levels on this ship:: So.. what do we do?
[22:44:27] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: we're trying to save the ship as well as your hide so help or go do something else
[22:44:52] EnsDeniaud: +Swift+ Actually... While that is a good idea, I think I may have come up with something better. :;still drawing::
[22:44:52] EnsArianAmunrra: ::checking scans, looking to see if the energy the eels are creating is propelling them forward::
[22:45:09] CommodoreBillings: First, :::hands her another gummy worm::: because they are good. And you should eat some. A second, we should marvel in the existence of these beautiful creatures whiile Swift, Deniaud, and Kiki come up with a plan.
[22:45:21] Dr_Swift: ::He looks to Billings.:: Sir, if I may be excu--.. haha, reading my mind sir.
[22:45:33] EnsDeniaud: ::looks at Kiki, ignoring Peterson:: We'll need to account for...
[22:45:40] Dr_Swift: Do me a favor and record their movements and data for me to review later?
[22:45:47] EnsDeniaud: Ah! ::scrambles off the table, falling flat on her face as she does:: Oomph.
[22:46:00] EnsDeniaud: ::jumps up and dusts herself off, big grin:: I'm okay!
[22:46:07] CommodoreBillings: Yeah, yeah. ::Waves hand at Kiki:: Begin recording.
[22:46:08] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ok
[22:46:21] Lila_Kirk: ::works helm::
[22:46:24] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;starts recording;;
[22:46:39] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::stares at her like she's crazy as she dashes off back into the bridge, nearly tripping over Ens. Redshirt::
[22:46:41] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::looks at the gummy worm in her hand then back at Jerrid:: I suppose that is a valid response. ::eats it, impressed, having not tasted candy before::
[22:46:43] Dr_Swift: ::Swift leaves the conference room to assist the hyper engineer.:: Okay, improved idea, I'm all ears.
[22:47:24] EnsDeniaud: Oompf. ::falls over Redshirt::
[22:47:43] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;also gets a picture of the calculations on the table on her PADD;;
[22:47:43] CommodoreBillings: Redshirt> :::Cowering under the console, his foot stuck out a tad bit too far::: Sorry, Ensign.
[22:48:05] EnsDeniaud: ::jumping up, gives him a thumbs up and an award winning smile:: It's okay!
[22:48:45] CommodoreBillings: :::Leans in to Kayshl::: You know... This is kind of romantic. You. Me. Staring down death with gummy worms while our little minions save the day for us.
[22:48:51] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::watches the worms on the viewscreen, processing the science as she does::
[22:49:05] EnsDeniaud: ::glances at the Commodore and Kay as they're ... having a moment, stops herself from saying anything::
[22:49:37] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::can't help but laugh at his comment:: Only you would find this romantic ::turns and gives him a quick kiss on the cheek::
[22:49:40] EnsDeniaud: ::clears throat:: Commodore, Commander?
[22:50:06] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::turns to Ensign Deniaud, a bit disappointed at her breaking the moment:: Yes.
[22:50:11] CommodoreBillings: ::Whispers:: I've never kissed anyone orbiting a black hole before.
[22:50:35] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;keeps working on getting the scans, calculations and other bits of esoterica tied together to form a better picture and hypothesis as to how to escape this situation
[22:50:37] Lila_Kirk: ::tries not to laugh at the Commodore and Commander::
[22:50:42] Dr_Swift: ::Swift flattens his ears and rolls his eyes, shaking his head and looked at Deniaud.:: So what's your ideas?
[22:50:44] EnsDeniaud: I think... Maybe we can get out of here with their help.
[22:50:52] CommodoreBillings: :::Looks to Daniaud:: Yes, Ensign?
[22:51:01] CommodoreBillings: I'm all ears.
[22:51:12] EnsDeniaud: ::motions wildly to the conference room:: So, I think my calculations are correct.
[22:51:38] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;hands over the padd with the calculations on it;;
[22:51:46] KayshlDurandus_AU: I sure hope so.. ::waits for the rest of her explanation::
[22:51:57] EnsDeniaud: But if we can create positrons and have those... things. Uh, those worms, push us out. If we can create a strong enough pulse, we can attract them into pushing us out.
[22:52:28] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> And how exactly are you going to do that?
[22:52:53] EnsDeniaud: ::sighs:: The deflector array. We can convert the deflector array to emit positrons.
[22:53:08] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;nods;;
[22:53:25] CommodoreBillings: Makes sense. You can convert the deflector array to emit just about anything.
[22:53:34] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> And how about alpha particles? ::stops himself from calling her a number of names::
[22:53:43] Dr_Swift: [[Funny how it's a DEFLECTOR but we always make it EMIT stuff]]
[22:53:44] EnsDeniaud: ::pauses, looking stumped::
[22:53:53] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::grinning like he's won::
[22:54:00] KayshlDurandus_AU: [[Shhh.. don't question science...]]
[22:54:01] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: (except stupons only Peterson has those)
[22:54:06] CommodoreBillings: (It is designed to deflect space dust. That's legit it's primary job)
[22:54:17] CommodoreBillings: (We just never use it for it's designed purpose)
[22:55:06] EnsDeniaud: ::turns and stares at him with steel cold eyes:: We can convert a torpedo for this. We can set one off near the worms, get them excited.
[22:55:24] EnsDeniaud: ::jumping as she talks, which no one can understand because she's just talking way too damn fast::
[22:55:35] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: like chumming the waters for shark fishing
[22:55:40] CommodoreBillings: Excited space worms? I like this plan.
[22:56:05] EnsDeniaud: ::nods madly at Kiki:: Yeah! And if we can throw in a whole lot of it, maybe we can get more to push us out!
[22:56:16] CommodoreBillings: So let me get this straight
[22:56:18] Dr_Swift: ::He simply frowns at the two. This was clearly not his department.::
[22:57:04] CommodoreBillings: You want to use a torpeedo to emit alpha particles to draw all these space worms together in a large swarm - and then you want to use a burst of positrons to coax them to push us out?
[22:57:17] EnsDeniaud: ::nods, nods::
[22:57:30] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> That sounds dangerous.
[22:57:38] EnsDeniaud: ::ignoring Peterson:: And! And! Engineering can muster some extra power, thanks to Kiki's ideas on where to find it -- the shuttles and whatever. We can create a chronoton field around the ship.
[22:57:48] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: yessir that might be the easiest solution to the problem
[22:58:21] EnsDeniaud: ::nods furiously::
[22:58:22] CommodoreBillings: Protecting us from any gravitational waves we're likely to enocunter?
[22:58:22] ---: M-5 sets ban on ~q:*!*
[22:58:23] Dr_Swift: ::Tilts his head and looks at more data.:: Actually.. it might work.. these creatures actually kind of absorb the gravit waves... they could act as a psuedo shield for us, and we could go through relatively unharmed.
[22:58:52] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson > Sir, this is just-
[22:59:01] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Anything that works I'm willing to try
[22:59:03] EnsDeniaud: ::stares at Peterson:: It's going to work.
[22:59:03] ---: M-5 gives channel operator status to CommodoreBillings
[22:59:16] ---: M-5 removes ban on ~q:*!*
[22:59:21] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson > ::staring at Kiki and Marielle:: And if your calculations are wrong?
[22:59:28] CommodoreBillings: (Fuck you, M-5)
[22:59:32] EnsDeniaud: ::shrugs:: We die a fantastic death?
[22:59:41] CommodoreBillings: (i CAN SAY WHAT i WANT)
[22:59:41] Lila_Kirk: ::keeps working helm::
[22:59:43] Dr_Swift: [[Wow.]]
[22:59:43] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: you'll be the first to know it
[22:59:53] KayshlDurandus_AU: (new host banned record)
[23:00:31] Lila_Kirk: ::
[23:01:03] CommodoreBillings: (Where were we?)
[23:01:13] EnsDeniaud: (Watching you get banned.)
[23:01:38] CommodoreBillings: Well, I'm not going to lie.
[23:01:45] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson > ::eyes meet Redshirt, who's shaking in his boots::
[23:01:58] CommodoreBillings: Your plan is better than anything else we could come up with
[23:02:07] CommodoreBillings: It's really clever, actually. I'm quite impressed.
[23:02:21] CommodoreBillings: :::Looks to kayshL::: I'm willing to give it a try if you don't have any suggestions.
[23:02:41] Dr_Swift: ::Swift sipped more of his coffee.:: I'm no engineer, but based on the readings on my data, I think it's certainly feasible.
[23:02:46] EnsDeniaud: ::grins:: I couldn't have done it without the Doctor or Ens. Zomaii. Their analysis is what gave me the idea.
[23:03:07] EnsDeniaud: ::grins at Kiki:: Her sail idea is the inspiration.
[23:03:08] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: and we have the spinnaker idea to fall back on if we have to
[23:03:17] EnsDeniaud: ::nods::
[23:03:24] KayshlDurandus_AU: Can't hurt to try.
[23:03:51] EnsArianAmunrra: ::double checking the calculations for the time they have left before the black holes collapse::
[23:03:53] CommodoreBillings: Alright.
[23:03:56] CommodoreBillings: Stations, everyone!
[23:03:59] CommodoreBillings: We're going fishing!
[23:04:10] CommodoreBillings: Ensign Amunrra, prepare the alpha particle torpedo.
[23:04:17] EnsDeniaud: ::about ready to jump up and down:: Yay! This is going to be fun! ::runs to the engineering station on the bridge::
[23:04:28] CommodoreBillings: Lila, prepare everything we have into a concentrated warp jump out of here.
[23:04:50] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;heads for the Science station as well;';
[23:05:02] EnsDeniaud: ::glances back at Peterson:: Lt., please go back to Engineering and get the team to focus power for matter and anti-matter.
[23:05:05] Lila_Kirk: ::prepares to the ship for a warp jump::
[23:05:17] CommodoreBillings: (Guys, give me a few extra minutes. I plan on closing down this plot tonight)
[23:05:50] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: (Awwwwwwwwwwww :()
[23:06:28] EnsDeniaud: +Sen+ ::as she's typing away to convert the deflector array:: Sen, Peterson's heading down with our escape plan.
[23:06:30] Dr_Swift: You know, Deniaud... At first, I had to wonder a little on these things... Why the black holes and the gravoty well aren't effecting them. But then more data made me realized they are partially phased into subspace... and somehow you managed to account for that already...Peterson! Keep an eye on her... she's going to be an amazing asset.
[23:06:31] CommodoreBillings: Kiki, assist Amunrra with the specifications for the torpeedo.
[23:06:50] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson > ::growling but runs off, snapping a glare at Swift as he does::
[23:07:08] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Aye sir;; goes over to help Arian with the torp;;
[23:07:21] EnsArianAmunrra: ::slight nod toward Zomaii, tapping::
[23:07:55] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;feeds Arian the info she needs to program the torp for maximum efficienct;;
[23:08:22] CommodoreBillings: Alright. Is the torpeedo ready?
[23:08:35] EnsDeniaud: ::typing away:: It was only a matter of accounting for gravitational waves. I reasoned they were attracted to them, perhaps feeding off of them. Who knows. If that was the case, they wouldn't have the same issues with the binary black holes as we do.
[23:08:41] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Aye sir
[23:08:59] CommodoreBillings: Alright. Lila, are you ready?
[23:09:09] Lila_Kirk: Yes sir.
[23:09:16] CommodoreBillings: Ellie?
[23:09:21] EnsDeniaud: ::starts rattling off her reasoning to Swift, and suddenly starts spouting out equations::
[23:09:23] Dr_Swift: ::He won't admit it, but he has admiration for the young ensign and her ability think on the fly so quickly and accurately::
[23:09:41] Dr_Swift: ::Gets to the point whre he just smiles and nods.::
[23:09:45] EnsDeniaud: ::looks up at hearing her name, snapped out of her equations:: Yes sir?
[23:10:04] CommodoreBillings: Are you ready?
[23:10:10] EnsDeniaud: Oh! Right! Save the ship!
[23:10:28] EnsDeniaud: ::nods:: All ready, sir!
[23:10:43] CommodoreBillings: Alright.
[23:10:45] EnsDeniaud: Sen > +Bridge+ We're all ready here.
[23:10:49] CommodoreBillings: Everybody on my command
[23:10:58] CommodoreBillings: Amunrra, fire the torpedo
[23:11:12] EnsArianAmunrra: ::quick sigh, fires::
[23:11:39] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::stares out the viewscreen... waiting...::
[23:12:06] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;watches to see what is going to happen;;
[23:12:18] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes launches the torpedo, which flies out through space for a few seconds before lighting up the area. The space-time distortions cause the light from the explosion to freeze in place. All the same, it is quickly being surrounded by a swarm of space worms.        =/\=
[23:12:23] EnsArianAmunrra: ::looks at the viewscreen expectantly::
[23:12:34] CommodoreBillings: Ellie, whenever you think we have enough to push us...
[23:12:37] Dr_Swift: Well I'll be...
[23:13:00] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: come on, come on, let's go
[23:13:11] EnsDeniaud: Ready sir. ::turns on the deflector array::
[23:13:18] Dr_Swift: :smiles, just watching previously undiscovered life in action.::
[23:13:54] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;is recording all the details about the worms as they happen;;
[23:14:01] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes fires a bright blue pulse out into the frozen explosion, and the Swarm quickly starts moving towards the Hermes.        =/\=
[23:14:14] EnsDeniaud: ::fingers moving to turn on the shields, watching as power starts to dip, worries lip::
[23:14:21] Lila_Kirk: ::jumps
[23:14:39] Lila_Kirk: ((Sorry my mistake))
[23:15:27] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The worms start collecting on the Hermes hull, their little tails wiggling with excitement. There are so many that the Hermes hull can no longe be seen. It seems like the bottomside of the Hermes hull has grown live fur.        =/\=
[23:15:52] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes rocks as the combined force of all these worms begins to move the Hermes        =/\=
[23:15:58] CommodoreBillings: Is the shield ready?!
[23:16:02] EnsDeniaud: Yes!
[23:16:08] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;smiles and keeps scanning;;
[23:16:11] EnsDeniaud: ::watches the power dipping:: But we have to move fast!
[23:16:15] CommodoreBillings: Kiki - ETA to next wave front?
[23:16:29] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: twenty seconds sir
[23:16:37] CommodoreBillings: Get the shield up and running.
[23:16:50] Dr_Swift: ::Holds onto anything he can find.::
[23:16:55] EnsDeniaud: ::keeps fingers over the deflector array, moving as fast as she can to keep power circulating between the array and the shields::
[23:16:56] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: think we'll wind up surfing them with our friends
[23:17:10] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Even more space worms collect on the hull, and the Hermes begins accellerating faster. The rocking is getting more violent, and people are getting seasick.        =/\=
[23:17:40] EnsDeniaud: ::glances down under the engineering station, where Redshirt has clung to her legs, blinks, tilting her head to the side in wonder:: Uh.
[23:17:48] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes passed through the gravitational wave - the shields glowing blue as they are protected. The worms, however, take this as a new burst of energy, and begin pushing the Hermes faster, and faster, and faster        =/\=
[23:18:10] EnsDeniaud: ::shaking head, keeps power moving into the array::
[23:18:10] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;plays some old time surfing music like "Pipeline" and "Wipeout";;
[23:18:33] CommodoreBillings: Lila - Engage warp drive on my mark...
[23:18:55] CommodoreBillings: Three... Two... One...
[23:18:56] EnsArianAmunrra: ::laying her ears back, glancing around at the bridge::
[23:18:58] CommodoreBillings: MARK!
[23:19:01] Lila_Kirk: ::takes the ship to warp::
[23:19:30] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes warp nacelles flash a bright blue, and though it is a struggle for just a split second        =/\=
[23:19:32] EnsDeniaud: ::topples over at the force of the ship's momentum and because Redshirt pinned her legs with fright::
[23:19:51] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes shoots off into warp, leaving all of their space worm friends behind. The day is saved.        =/\=
[23:19:59] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M         =/\=        
[23:20:04] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: paws;;
[23:20:12] Lila_Kirk: ::Paused::
[23:20:16] EnsDeniaud: ::stares up at ceiling, pause::
[23:20:23] CommodoreBillings: Well!
[23:20:26] CommodoreBillings: That was certainly fun.
[23:20:27] Dr_Swift: [abrupt end is abrupt XD]
[23:20:30] Dr_Swift: ::Pawsed::
[23:20:34] CommodoreBillings: We have a lot of creative simmers on this ship.
[23:20:41] CommodoreBillings: (Tie constrainsts)
[23:20:43] CommodoreBillings: TIME
[23:20:43] EnsArianAmunrra: ::paws::
[23:20:46] CommodoreBillings: Anyway
[23:20:47] CommodoreBillings: So
[23:20:54] CommodoreBillings: Next week, we have a WEDDING!
[23:21:00] CommodoreBillings: But just not any wedding
[23:21:02] EnsDeniaud: [tautology is tautology]
[23:21:15] Dr_Swift: Oh my, I wonder who, hrmmm?
[23:21:40] CommodoreBillings: We will be traveling to the Wolfen homeworld of Korin'Thalis, where Swift and Mila will be married under nine full moons.
[23:22:08] CommodoreBillings: This is a potential for some action and character development.
[23:22:12] CommodoreBillings: You guys won't want to miss it.
[23:22:30] CommodoreBillings: Time lapse is two weeks.
[23:22:32] CommodoreBillings: Any questions?
[23:22:43] Lila_Kirk: None
[23:22:50] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: no sir
[23:23:06] CommodoreBillings: Alright.
[23:23:09] CommodoreBillings: Great job, everyone.
[23:23:26] CommodoreBillings: Keep writing logs
[23:23:29] EnsDeniaud: ::nods::
[23:23:29] CommodoreBillings: DISMISSED!
[23:23:32] KayshlDurandus_AU: !Sim off USS_Hermes
[23:23:32] M-5:     =/\=    USS Hermes - 201604.19 2323:32
[23:23:32] M-5:     =/\=    Log Closed    

## End Log -- Recorded By USF Core Bot ###

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