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USS Hermes Log, SD: 201604.12

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USS Hermes Log, SD: 201604.12

[22:07:09] M-5:     =/\= USS Hermes
[22:07:09] M-5:     =/\= 201604.12 2207:09 - Log Open - Room Logging in Progress
[22:07:09] M-5:     =/\= MB: Mission Briefing, Stardate 1604.05: "Maternal Instinct" (Part IV) at
[22:07:28] CommodoreBillings: Hello, everyone!
[22:07:36] EnsDeniaud: ::AA... again::
[22:08:06] EnsArianAmunrra: ::nods in greeting::
[22:08:21] CommodoreBillings: How are we this week?
[22:08:34] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: better than last
[22:08:35] Chris_SRal: Wonderful
[22:08:37] Lila_Kirk: I'm good
[22:08:42] EnsArianAmunrra: And you?
[22:08:52] Troi_Katelin: ::AA::
[22:08:53] CommodoreBillings: Very well!
[22:09:07] CommodoreBillings: I admit, I never got around to plot based awards.
[22:09:15] KayshlDurandus_AU: I did.
[22:09:20] CommodoreBillings: That being said, our Commander has log awards ready, so!
[22:09:26] CommodoreBillings: :::Steps back:::
[22:10:15] KayshlDurandus_AU: Amunrra has Gold for her duty log
[22:10:37] --: CommodoreBillings (Mibbit@mib-A5C067CD.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:10:40] KayshlDurandus_AU: Deniaud has Gold for her personal log and double-gold for her plethora of joint logs
[22:10:41] --: CommodoreBillings (Mibbit@mib-A5C067CD.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:10:50] EnsDeniaud: ::squee!!!::
[22:10:56] EnsArianAmunrra: ::thankful nod::
[22:11:09] KayshlDurandus_AU: Swift also has double-gold
[22:11:53] KayshlDurandus_AU: That is all.
[22:12:52] CommodoreBillings: Awesome!
[22:12:58] CommodoreBillings: Have we all read the breifing?
[22:13:05] EnsDeniaud: Aye!
[22:13:09] CommodoreBillings: It was very short.
[22:13:12] EnsArianAmunrra: Aye.
[22:13:18] CommodoreBillings: Do we have any questions?
[22:13:27] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: no sir
[22:13:29] Dr_Swift: None here.
[22:13:31] Troi_Katelin: Aye Sir
[22:13:33] EnsArianAmunrra: None here.
[22:13:35] EnsDeniaud: Nope. Sir.
[22:13:37] CommodoreBillings: Expect an action packed sim tonight with plenty of technobabble. This one is going to be a WHOPPER!
[22:13:47] CommodoreBillings: If there's nothing else...
[22:13:49] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         B · E · G · I · N     S · I · M         =/\=
[22:14:23] Chris_SRal: ::at Ops::
[22:14:28] Lila_Kirk: ::works at helm::
[22:14:31] EnsDeniaud: ::pretty much skips into engineering::
[22:14:33] EnsArianAmunrra: ::standing at the main Tactical console on the bridge, fully expecting Lieutenant Grimsdottir to relieve her at any moment::
[22:14:38] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes travels at Warp 6 to it's next destination within Sector G-471. All systems are running smoothly. All is well.        =/\=
[22:14:39] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;at sciences running the scanners on all the interesting things out there;;
[22:14:50] CommodoreBillings: :::Sits in the Big Chair:::
[22:14:52] Dr_Swift: ::For the first time in who knows how long, the Wolfen is on some time off, and is thus sitting in the Cantina::
[22:15:16] EnsDeniaud: ::and disappears into her office, white pen in hand and ready for some thinking::
[22:15:21] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::Sits next to Jerrid, staring at the viewscreen in a kind of calm trance::
[22:15:39] Troi_Katelin: ::sits in her seat on the bridge, reading her padd::
[22:16:12] Troi_Katelin: Nice to finally have some quiet on the ship
[22:16:14] Dr_Swift: So Sam. I have a question for you?
[22:16:18] CommodoreBillings: Helm, ETA to our destination?
[22:16:30] EnsArianAmunrra: ::sits back on her heels, monitoring sensor readings::
[22:16:43] Lila_Kirk: Five minutes
[22:16:51] CommodoreBillings: Excellent
[22:17:20] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;humming an old music classic, "Like a Bat outta Hell", while she is looking over the sensor readings
[22:17:23] CommodoreBillings: I must say, it's nice to be back on the road again.
[22:17:34] EnsDeniaud: ::pops the cover and uses her hand to remove a portion of the equation before changing her numbers::
[22:17:40] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> ::cleans a glass with a cloth:: Shoot.
[22:18:21] EnsDeniaud: ::tilts her head as she stares at the numbers:: Huh. That's not right.
[22:18:27] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> ::fills the glass with ice and some sort of orange liquid, setting in in front of him with a smile::
[22:18:31] Dr_Swift: ::Leonard mulls over the drink glass in front of him with a straw, swirling the liquid around.:: You ever been married?
[22:18:32] Lila_Kirk: ((I'm going toe do something really fast I might get kick out of the room))
[22:19:33] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;keeps watching the sensor reports as she sketches out some drawings on a PADD;;
[22:19:39] Troi_Katelin: Just a quiet survey for me, no death or anything weird
[22:19:39] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[22:19:43] EnsArianAmunrra: Not picking up anything on long range sensors. ::to anyone who cares to listen::
[22:20:04] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: All of a sudden, the ship lurches hard to left, and everyone is thrown from their consoles. The warp engines begin to groan and the lights begin to dim.        =/\=
[22:20:05] CommodoreBillings: =/\=     RED ALERT     =/\=
[22:20:05] CommodoreBillings: =/\=     RED ALERT     =/\=
[22:20:20] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> Something on your mind? ::leans back on a stool:: Are you thinking of getting into a more serious relationship with Mila?
[22:20:21] EnsDeniaud: ::slams to the right as the ship moves to the left under her feet:: AHHH!
[22:20:34] Troi_Katelin: ::grabs on for dear life::What the ......
[22:20:39] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Is running on a zero gravity treadmill when the ship lurches.::
[22:20:43] EnsArianAmunrra: ::claws dig into the console a bit as she holds her footing, tapping quickly for an answer::
[22:20:56] Dr_Swift: ::lifted the glass to take a drink, and pointed out the white collar around his neck.:: Yeah, actually, We've.. we've engaged an HOLY MOTHER OF...
[22:21:02] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;grabs console and bridge rail with both sets of paws and semiprehensile tail;;
[22:21:04] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: What happens next can only be described as a carnival fun house. The ship and everyone on it suddenly stretch very, VERY wide - as if all dimensions of time and space are being stretched like a rubber band.        =/\=
[22:21:07] Troi_Katelin: ::oh now what::
[22:21:07] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::She is knocked out of her alignment ring and is floating through the zero gravity gym::
[22:21:09] EnsDeniaud: ::looks up at the lights, throwing the pen and rushing out of her office and jumps into the lift::
[22:21:24] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Is terrified that this is happening in zero g::
[22:21:32] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::Is slammed to the floor, her shoulder hitting against the helm console in front of her::
[22:21:34] Troi_Katelin: What did we hit??
[22:21:35] Dr_Swift: ::falls over a bit, off the chair he's stiing on, but manages to keep the drink from spilling a drop::
[22:21:45] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Floats listlessly as she's prodded and pulled::
[22:21:46] EnsDeniaud: ::gasps as she feels portions of her body starts to stretch:: Eeep! Should- should have taken the ladder in cases of emergencies!
[22:22:03] EnsArianAmunrra: ::Cheshire cat::
[22:22:04] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Then, all of space and time contracts, returning everyone to their normal size... but then... The crew and the ship begin to stretch REALLY, REALLY tall and thin.        =/\=
[22:22:18] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> What? ::looks at him curiously, then slams back against the wall, glasses shattering::
[22:22:35] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes oscillates between REALLY TALL and REALLY WIDE, with the ship's engines groaning with each shift in dimension.        =/\=
[22:22:37] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Who the heck is the joker trying to make us all into Stretch Armstrong?
[22:22:58] Dr_Swift: ::Okay, now he let's go of the drink, and it goes exploding against the... wherever gravity is facing.:: Urrrrrgh... ::He groaned out.::
[22:23:11] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Sound is being distorted as well, for when the crew is very wide, time slows down, and when they are really tall, time is speeding up.        =/\=
[22:23:16] CommodoreBillings: "Report!
[22:23:21] EnsDeniaud: ::lankly moves off the lift as it reaches one of the more busy floors of engineering:: Not. ::groaning through her stomach churning: Enjoying this.
[22:23:31] Troi_Katelin: ::sounding really weird::Okay that is enough! I am not sensing anything because I feel so weird
[22:23:34] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Feels a strange tingling warmth against her stretched-out chin, as another oscillating tendril from the machinery touches her::
[22:23:41] Dr_Swift: Ugh! whaaaatt iiiissss haaappeningtousIdon'tunderstaaaaaaannnnndddd
[22:24:01] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Eventually, the room and all of it's components -- Jana included -- look like a grotesque lava lamp::
[22:24:03] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::grabs her shoulder, grimacing slightly, then returning to her seat::
[22:24:10] EnsArianAmunrra: ::just clinging to the console until everything stops::
[22:24:10] Dr_Swift: Iiiii tthiinkI'mgonnabesickHURK!
[22:24:31] Troi_Katelin: ::sick to her stomach::
[22:24:34] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The intense shift in dimensions is indeed giving some crew members nausea and headaches.        =/\=
[22:24:40] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: somesort offff gravitybannnnnnnddddsplaying uslikkkkkkeconcertinas
[22:24:43] EnsDeniaud: ::crawling towards the console near the core, watching as it stretches and contracts::
[22:24:44] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) joins #USS_Hermes
[22:25:00] Lila_Kirk: ((Back))
[22:25:00] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam>::stands, a crunch of glass at his feet rushing around to stand next to the Doctor:: Should I take you to Sickbay?
[22:25:09] CommodoreBillings: Localize the source and put it on the viewscreen!
[22:25:37] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;does what she can to find the source and display it for the Commodore;;
[22:25:47] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::pushes back the physical pain she's in to focus, tapping on the console to monitor other stations::
[22:25:59] EnsDeniaud: ::almost whining as she watches her arm lengthen:: I'm melting... melting!
[22:26:12] Dr_Swift: ::The Wolfen pants, it seems to have calmed down for at least the moment.:: No, no.. I think I'll be fine... Ugh.. The hell was that...
[22:26:19] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: As fast-paced danger music plays giving a backdrop to the Hermes' imminent demise, a pair (yes, pair) or black holes appear on the screen, orbiting rapidly around each other. The 4-dimensional oscillations continue.        =/\=
[22:26:22] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::The return to normal space tears some of the components apart, and the treadmill disintegrates completely, because physics::
[22:26:44] Dr_Swift: ::and then it started again. STREEEEEETCH!::
[22:27:28] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Commmmmmmmmmmmmodore weneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedtoget ooooooooooooooutofherrrrrrrrrrrrre
[22:27:31] EnsDeniaud: ::the tips of her fingers grip into the fibers of the carpet, and she uses her extra long arms to pull herself pathetically along the floor, eyes catch engineers, who are all in various states of throwing up::
[22:27:37] Troi_Katelin: Oh this is going to be a bumpy one::as she looks at the view screen::
[22:27:50] CommodoreBillings: Thaaaaaaat's nooooooooooot going to be eeeeeeeeeeeasy!
[22:28:14] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: no kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!
[22:28:30] EnsArianAmunrra: ::gollum::
[22:28:47] Troi_Katelin: ~Kiki, stay calm~
[22:28:56] EnsDeniaud: Robinson > Parts of me are stretching! I don't want parts to stretch!
[22:29:13] KayshlDurandus_AU: ~~~ I've never seen anything like this! But I imagine it can't be good for us ~~~
[22:29:33] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ~I'm calm, the space we're in is distorting my voice~
[22:29:46] CommodoreBillings: ~~Black Holes.... Why does it ALWAYS have to be Black Holes?! ~~
[22:29:49] Lila_Kirk: ::unable to pull out of the black Hole:: Sir I'm unable yo pull us out
[22:30:00] EnsArianAmunrra: ::gollum::
[22:30:02] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> I wish I knew. ::grabs hold of the bar, worried he'll fall again, keeping an eye on the Doctor::
[22:30:07] CommodoreBillings: I need options, Kiki!
[22:30:22] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Working on it sir
[22:30:41] Troi_Katelin: I have never seen this before and never read about anything like it
[22:30:43] EnsArianAmunrra: ::swallows against the frog in her throat::
[22:30:53] Dr_Swift: ::The Wolfen manages to find something to grab onto - the counter - and holds himself steady there.::
[22:30:54] EnsArianAmunrra: Slingshot.
[22:31:00] EnsDeniaud: ::makes her way towards the console and pulls herself up weakly, hugging it with all her might as she keeps herself from hurling over the clean surface::
[22:31:07] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes continues to oscillate, the groaning of the engines reverberating through the ship. The very decks creak as the ship is being twisted apart.        =/\=
[22:31:20] Troi_Katelin: Go back in time?
[22:31:20] Chris_SRal: Sir...
[22:31:21] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;can try cutting across the bands at right angles then slingshot to get outta here
[22:31:47] EnsDeniaud: ::head snaps to the sounds of the deck:: uh...
[22:32:01] Dr_Swift: ::The Wolfen looks again sick, and in slow motion, goes all Linda Blair towards the side of the table::
[22:32:28] Troi_Katelin: That will send us back in time. There has got to be some way around it
[22:32:34] CommodoreBillings: Do we even have the power for those types of maneuvers?
[22:32:36] EnsDeniaud: ::eyes sweep through the deck, watching as some engineers stagger to the feet while others remain plastered to the floor::
[22:32:38] Chris_SRal: Whatever it is that is going is compromising structural integrity.
[22:32:46] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;keeps working on other methods of escape from the gravity well caused by the two black holes;;
[22:33:15] CommodoreBillings: :::Heads over to science::: Show me the data you have...
[22:33:33] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> Commodore! I CAN'T TAKE MUCH MORE OF THIS!!!
[22:33:46] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::feels extremely uncomfortable in a situation with so much scientific emphasis, but says and thinks nothing of it, focusing on her job and keeping the pain at bay::
[22:33:56] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: we kin try getting in one band and sailing backwards through it like unwinding from a whirlpool;; shows the data she has;;
[22:34:09] EnsArianAmunrra: ::gollum::
[22:34:10] EnsDeniaud: ::calls out as she hears cracking with each distortion:: We need to stabilize the ship! ::but no one hears her::
[22:34:27] EnsArianAmunrra: ::taps a message to Engineering, urgently requesting power::
[22:35:05] CommodoreBillings: :::Studies her data::: I see... The gravity waves are spinning out from the black holes like a corkscrew. If we find the perfect orbit, we can sail between the the waves until we can come up with a better soution.
[22:35:07] Lila_Kirk: ::works helm::
[22:35:13] Troi_Katelin: ::does not get up, but she needs to help the Commander::
[22:35:22] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Aye sir
[22:35:45] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: I knew there was something screwy about them...
[22:35:49] CommodoreBillings: Lilia! Bring the ship about... Coordinates 218 by 310!
[22:36:06] Dr_Swift: [[that's funny, Kiki XD]]
[22:36:07] CommodoreBillings: +Billings to Engineering+ I need all the power you can give me!
[22:36:14] EnsDeniaud: ::another snap of the hull has her head moving to the core, eyes widening as she sees the core distorting::
[22:36:25] EnsArianAmunrra: ::GOLLUM::
[22:36:27] Lila_Kirk: ::brings the ship about 218 by 310::
[22:36:40] Troi_Katelin: ::that is going to to bring us closer::
[22:36:50] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: (thanks, Little Brother XD)
[22:37:11] EnsArianAmunrra: ::lurches forward, her jaw expanding as the contents of her stomach ejaculate from her mouth, sailing over the Tactical console and into the Commodore's Big Chair::
[22:37:12] EnsDeniaud: ::hands dancing over the console:: Engineering here! Doing my best!
[22:37:35] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> ::pats the Doctor on the back, wishing he could help more:: Anything I can do?
[22:38:17] CommodoreBillings: :::Watching the Hermes on the display:::
[22:38:18] EnsDeniaud: +Billings+ ::taps the console again, after doing some engineering magic as she pulls antimatter and matter into the reserves:: Okay, Commodore. On your mark!
[22:38:18] EnsArianAmunrra: ::licking the roof of her mouth in distaste, but feeling much better ... ::
[22:38:40] CommodoreBillings: +Deniaud+ GET SET!
[22:38:41] Dr_Swift: ::Swift, if he could turn colors, would be as green as this text.:: ...Nuh... juts.. wait it out...
[22:38:44] EnsDeniaud: ::her hand stands poised over the proverbial TURBO button of her creation::
[22:38:44] Dr_Swift: just*
[22:39:28] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;keeps trying to figure out additional ways to get them the bloody heck outta there;;
[22:39:34] CommodoreBillings: +Deniaud+ GO!
[22:39:37] Troi_Katelin: ::just why can't we we have a normal mission::
[22:39:38] EnsDeniaud: ::holds breath, slams hand on the console as if that'd do the trick; matter and antimatter combine in a massive burst to give the ship the burst it needs::
[22:39:41] CommodoreBillings: Engage, Lila!
[22:39:47] EnsDeniaud: ::screams out to the engineering crew:: HOLD ON!
[22:39:56] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> ::Hurries back to the bar, rummaging through fallen glasses and bottles and returning with a tall glass of something bubbly:: This will help.
[22:39:56] Troi_Katelin: ::hangs on for dear life again::
[22:39:58] Lila_Kirk: ::engages::
[22:40:01] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Is not in an area with inertial dampeners::
[22:40:18] EnsDeniaud: ::holds on, while breathing:: Ludicrous speed!
[22:40:36] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::The distortions in her part of the ship have lessened, but she is still floating::
[22:40:44] Troi_Katelin: ((space balls))
[22:40:48] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: The Hermes makes one, instantaneous warp jump. Fighting against the gravitational pull of two black holes, the Hermes orbit begins to shift - the warp engines thrusting at full power, though visibly, they are only moving a few kilometers per second.        =/\=
[22:40:49] EnsArianAmunrra: ::clings to the console::
[22:40:53] Dr_Swift: [[Yes!]]
[22:41:06] CommodoreBillings: (Guess that's not so instantaneous, then, is it?)
[22:41:44] EnsDeniaud: ::eyes watch the core carefully, her attention focused on the housing with the dilithium crystals::
[22:41:51] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Is thrown violently against the wall. She lands on her back. Her vision gets blurry and she feels faint::
[22:41:53] EnsDeniaud: +Billings+ Sir! She can't handle much more!
[22:41:58] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: As the Hermes shifts, the engines reverberate the very deckplates of the ship, rattling anything that is not nailed down. The turbulance is getting almost unbearable... The ships is groaning... Bulckheads are cracking...        =/\=
[22:42:04] Troi_Katelin: ::feels like the core is out of alinement::
[22:42:20] EnsDeniaud: ::talking to the ship:: Come on, baby. Just a little more.
[22:42:29] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;gets the graphics on her padd up and hands them over to the commodore :: Here, the sweet spot of this mess
[22:43:00] Chris_SRal: ::holds on to his console::
[22:43:00] Troi_Katelin: ::senses the crews nerves::
[22:43:03] EnsArianAmunrra: ::feels like she's riding a jackhammer, jittery kitty::
[22:43:08] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Finally, the plasma conduits overload, spewing hot plasma out onto Decks 19 and 20, liquifying any poor soul who happens to be nearby. The oscillations finally cease. The lights go out. Everything is silent.        =/\=
[22:43:13] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> ::braces himself as the ship continues moving::
[22:43:22] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;starts puking all over the floor;;
[22:43:34] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Is tossed towards another wall. The impact from this landing smacks her back to reality::
[22:43:49] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::She pushes herself towards another side of the small workout space::
[22:43:53] EnsArianAmunrra: ::gollum::
[22:43:58] Troi_Katelin: ::looks up::Crap not again...
[22:44:01] EnsDeniaud: ::ducks as a conduit explodes next to her:: Oh holy mother of pearl!
[22:44:04] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: As various crew members begin to awake, pushing themselves off the floor, the whole of the Hermes is dark. And eerily silent.        =/\=
[22:44:15] CommodoreBillings: Did... did it work?
[22:44:22] EnsArianAmunrra: ::swallows against the bile in her throat::
[22:44:26] Dr_Swift: ::He heaves again, only there's nothing to come up. It's just bile. But then darkness and silence.::
[22:44:34] EnsArianAmunrra: ::eyes adjust to the darkness::
[22:44:35] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;pulls a handlight from her pouch and turns it on;;
[22:44:36] Dr_Swift: ...Ungh... did I die? Sam, did we die?
[22:44:39] EnsDeniaud: ::straightens slowly, eyes glancing around:: Is everyone okay?
[22:44:47] Lila_Kirk: ::starts getting up from where she fell off her chair::
[22:44:50] Dr_Swift: I hurt everywhere, feels like I died.
[22:44:52] Troi_Katelin: Anyone have a palm light?
[22:44:55] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::She grabs onto the other, intact, zero g treadmill::
[22:45:11] EnsDeniaud: Ensign Nobody> I- uh. I think so. ::glances around:: We need medics! Medics!
[22:45:12] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;hands over a second handlighr to Troi;;
[22:45:23] CommodoreBillings: They should be under your consoles... :::Pulls him out from under the armrest of his chair:::
[22:45:36] CommodoreBillings: Well... The oscillations are gone at least. Maybe that means we hit the right orbit.
[22:45:46] CommodoreBillings: There's only one way to know for sure, though...
[22:45:54] CommodoreBillings: :::Heads over to the door from his ready room:::
[22:45:58] CommodoreBillings: ALICE?
[22:46:08] Troi_Katelin: ::takes it::Thank you, my eyes have not ajusted yet
[22:46:08] EnsDeniaud: ::stands, knees weak as she holds onto the console, which is dark, fingers move over the surface trying to incite life and finding none::
[22:46:10] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;tries to get readings from her console;;
[22:46:13] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: There is no response from the AI.        =/\=
[22:46:27] EnsArianAmunrra: ::tapping on the console, trying to get readings::
[22:46:30] EnsDeniaud: Well ... fudge buckets. ::curses to herself::
[22:46:35] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::From her perspective, the door leading out of the gym is directly below her. The controls leading out of the gym have been twisted into a mess of melted steel and biomass::
[22:46:35] Dr_Swift: ::He groans and works his way to his feet, wiping his face with his sleeve. It was wet.:: Well, Sam. I guess that means drinks are off. ++Bridge++ This is CMO Swift, what's happening up there?
[22:46:57] Troi_Katelin: ::turns on the light::No power to the computer, equals no Alice
[22:47:04] EnsDeniaud: ::turns to Ensign Nobody:: You. Try getting emergency power up online.
[22:47:12] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Taps at her commbadge:: +Tactical+ Grimsdottir to bridge.
[22:47:31] CommodoreBillings: :::Pulls out a maglock from a storage locker near the door, and fastens it to the door:::
[22:47:44] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Clings to the treadmill, pieces of debris floating around, crashing into each other::
[22:47:47] Troi_Katelin: Are the comms working?
[22:47:49] KayshlDurandus_AU: Sam> I feel alive, I suppose that's all one can respond with when given such a question. :: helps him up::
[22:47:49] CommodoreBillings: :::Pushing the door open, he walks into his dark Ready Room:::
[22:47:50] EnsDeniaud: Ensign Nobody> ::shaken, nods and stands, making his way to a console:: Uh. I- think I can get it up and running.
[22:47:59] Chris_SRal: ::pulls out a wrist light and turns it on::
[22:48:01] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Comms are not working... yet.        =/\=
[22:48:02] Lila_Kirk: ::sits back down at helm to see if she can get it working::
[22:48:04] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::There is one highly electrified piece of equipment floating around::
[22:48:11] EnsArianAmunrra: ::does not get the comm::
[22:48:20] EnsDeniaud: ::nods:: Good. ::moves towards the dilithium crystals and peeks inside the housing:: Oh... frak me.
[22:48:40] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::She looks around to see if she can find it, but can only hear its sharp crackles::
[22:48:47] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;tries getting her backup computer going and see if it can help get the rest of the ship more functional and ALICE back online;;
[22:49:02] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: As Billings enters his Ready Room, the evidence is clear - The Hermes is indeed still orbiting around the pair of black holes, but their orbit is in such a perfect position that they coast in between the two extremes of the gravitational waves spiraling out from the center.        =/\=
[22:49:04] Troi_Katelin: So nothing is working, to get anywhere, we will have to use the tubes
[22:49:09] EnsDeniaud: ::catches sight of a sliver of a crack on two crystals and the haze of some sort of gas::
[22:49:11] Dr_Swift: ::Leonard sniffed at the air. Sniff sniff... Even in the pitch blackness, he'd move around, go to the door. Thankfully it was open when it all began and he could find his way into the hallway. He was looking for an antry into one of the jeffries tubes::
[22:49:45] EnsArianAmunrra: ::closes her eyes, concentrating::
[22:49:59] EnsDeniaud: Ensign Nobody> ::touches the console as it blinks into life slowly and then removes the cover off the wall to access the conduits behind it, tinkers and lights slight to flicker::
[22:50:08] Dr_Swift: ::walked, using his nose to find the way... this spot smelled like tools and people more than anything, by the floorboard. He'd go to pull a panel::
[22:50:15] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: Finally, emergency power kicks in. Basic emergency lights kick in on all decks. Force fields seal relevant breaches and contaminated areas, and consoles come back alive in all key areas.        =/\=
[22:50:15] Troi_Katelin: ::is glad Will has water and dry food to eat::
[22:50:42] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> Loading... Please Wait...
[22:50:47] EnsArianAmunrra: ::relieved sigh as she opens her eyes to scan the damage to the bridge::
[22:50:57] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> This may take some time...
[22:51:07] EnsDeniaud: ::straightens as the lights flicker around her, and she glances around at the extent of the damage::
[22:51:19] Troi_Katelin: ::looks around as the lights come up::Yes she is a big program
[22:51:24] CommodoreBillings: :::Heads back onto the bridge::: Damage report.
[22:51:30] Chris_SRal: ::works on restoring power::
[22:51:36] EnsArianAmunrra: ::taps at the console again, requesting information regarding weapons and shields::
[22:51:45] EnsDeniaud: ::releases a low and long breath between her lips:: Oh. Oh this isn't good ::staring at the large crack on the core::
[22:52:05] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> The Artificial Logistical Intelligence Computer Entity was not shut down properly. Would you like to start in safe mode?
[22:52:07] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Is in a dimly-lit area already. She can see the electricity from the exposed circuitry on the wall::
[22:52:10] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;gets her backup computer working to help basic scans about the ship's condition as well as the area they are in;;
[22:52:26] EnsArianAmunrra: Deflector, modulators, all gone. We're sitting ducks. ::frown::
[22:52:32] CommodoreBillings: :::Looks up, confused::: Uh... yes?
[22:52:43] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Yes ALICE restart
[22:52:52] Dr_Swift: ::As the lights come back on, he looked a bit relieved, While his nose could help, the eyes made it easier. The panel peeled away, and into the tubes he went!::
[22:52:54] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::storming towards a console:: Okay. We need teams to start patching up systems! Let's move people!
[22:53:02] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> Thank you. Please wait while my matrix is uploaded...
[22:53:16] EnsDeniaud: ::glances at Peterson:: Sir.
[22:53:20] Troi_Katelin: Alice has a hiccup, we may have to load her backups
[22:53:23] CommodoreBillings: :::Looks at the image on the viewscreen:::
[22:53:24] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> Not now, Deni-ood.
[22:53:33] CommodoreBillings: I've seen plenty of black holes, but I've never seen anything like THAT
[22:53:44] EnsDeniaud: ::eye twitch, jaw clenches:: Sir.
[22:53:49] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::stares at the viewscreen dumbfounded::
[22:54:07] CommodoreBillings: What's causing the spiraled gravitational waves? I thought a spinning object didn't create that kind of energy.
[22:54:14] Dr_Swift: ::Swidft climbs the ladders... cuonting decks... there we go, that was the one he wanted... Pop that panel off too, and he'd emerge in another hallway.::
[22:54:16] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ALICE, re-activate artificial gravity! ::She calls out. There is a gurgle from the mangled room controls, and another violent spark::
[22:54:16] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::snaps head in her direction:: Don't just stand there, ensign! Get moving! Go... fix something!
[22:54:25] Troi_Katelin: Nor have I Commodore, we should record this for StarFleet
[22:54:53] Chris_SRal: I agree.
[22:54:58] EnsArianAmunrra: There's a breach in Decks 19 and 20. The plasma core was destroyed and those sections were flooded.
[22:55:06] EnsDeniaud: ::teeth bite down her tongue to keep from cursing at the man:: Sir! ::she tries again::
[22:55:10] CommodoreBillings: ALICE> Uggggghhhh.... That hurt! Alright, everyone. I'm back online.
[22:55:27] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::turns to Arian:: Seal off the decks and evacuate.
[22:55:29] Troi_Katelin: Good the real Alice is bad
[22:55:33] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;is doing the best she can to get sensor readings from her backup ans well as from the main computer as best she can;;
[22:55:36] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Taps at her commbadge again:: +Tactical+ Grimsdottir to bridge! Can I get a situation report?
[22:55:42] Troi_Katelin: *back
[22:55:49] EnsArianAmunrra: Decks are sealed, no one to evacuate ... ::saddened look::
[22:55:50] Dr_Swift: ::Finally, the Wolfen comes onto the Bridge, just in time for power to come back:: Dear Goddess, what just happened?
[22:55:59] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::turning to Ensign Nobody:: Get down to Deck 19 and Deck 20 to check on the conduits! We don't want anyone's skin burning off with plasma.
[22:55:59] CommodoreBillings: =/\=        ACTION: ALICE activates artificial gravity in the zero-g cetner, - very gently so Jana doesn't hurt herself.        =/\=
[22:56:28] Troi_Katelin: ::looks up::We were on a roller coaster Doc
[22:56:33] KayshlDurandus_AU: ++ Grimsdottir ++    We had to reboot ALICE. Long story short, we're in the middle of two black holes. Ship's taken damage.
[22:56:38] Troi_Katelin: ::lightens the mood::
[22:56:40] CommodoreBillings: +Grimsdottir+ We've been caught in the pull of a binary black hole system. We're trying to ascertain damage. Standby.
[22:56:52] CommodoreBillings: +Billings to Engineering+ Report!
[22:56:57] EnsDeniaud: ::mutters at hearing Peterson:: That's a little too late. ::tries again:: Sir! We really can't just patch up the ship without going after the underlying issue!
[22:56:59] Dr_Swift: ::He reaches up to scrath at hi neck around the white collar he was now wearing.:: Roller coaster, no kidding... Two black hols though?
[22:57:08] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> +Billings+ Working with what I've got here, sir! Which isn't much!
[22:57:29] EnsDeniaud: ::scowls:: Listen to me, you half-wit! The core is cracked and you can't just work in fixing everything else on the ship!
[22:57:48] EnsArianAmunrra: Have a look. ::nods toward the view screen::
[22:57:50] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::turns to stare at her:: What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to go fix something!
[22:57:50] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: mmhmmm and they are balanced so that the grav waves are spinning off the common point like the main axis on a pinwheel
[22:57:58] Troi_Katelin: Be happy you did not have to hike to the bridge
[22:58:04] EnsDeniaud: ::slaps her hand on her head:: The only thing worse than your logic is your manners.
[22:58:11] Dr_Swift: ...I did hike to the bridge.
[22:58:12] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Gently lowers to the deck. She gets up, and goes to the bench where here workout bag is::
[22:58:17] EnsDeniaud: You're "blazing hot summer day on Mercury" stupid.
[22:58:23] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::She grabs a towel, and pats herself off. There is a uniform in her pack::
[22:58:31] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::blinks:: What did you just say, ensign?!
[22:58:36] Dr_Swift: Alright, well, I'm going to assume there are injuries. I'm going to start making rounds.
[22:58:51] EnsDeniaud: Look! You can't just fix broken conduits and bulkheads without knowing what caused it in the first place!
[22:59:05] EnsDeniaud: And on top of everything, the core ::waving arm frantically at it:: is cracked!
[22:59:17] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: be careful, Little Brother
[22:59:31] KayshlDurandus_AU: ::Gives an odd look to the Doctor:: How in the world did you get up here? ::assumes he came out of the Jeffries tubs and returns to look at the viewscreen::
[22:59:32] EnsDeniaud: And! ::waves to the dilithium housing:: there's Ilium 629 in there!
[22:59:36] CommodoreBillings: +Billings to Engineering+ I need an answer, people! What's your status?!
[22:59:39] EnsDeniaud: With cracked dilithium crystals!
[22:59:41] Troi_Katelin: We are okay, not much time off for you again. If you need help, call me
[22:59:50] Lila_Kirk: ::keeps working helm::
[23:00:00] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::blinks, processing the information very slowly::
[23:00:02] EnsArianAmunrra: ::notices the collar, but now really isn't a time to mention it::
[23:00:05] Dr_Swift: ::Leonard nods to Kiki, and Troi.:: Of course. I'm off then.
[23:00:25] EnsDeniaud: Oh. my. goodness! ::practially screaming:: You're as dumb as a brick but not as constructive!
[23:00:28] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: +Billings+ Sir the distance between the two black holes is decreasing they'll be merging soon and you know what that means...
[23:00:48] EnsDeniaud: ::waving again at the core:: You have to fix the big thing RIGHT there!
[23:01:11] Dr_Swift: ::He looked to Kayshl.:: I came here through the tubes, Commander.
[23:01:17] LtJanaGrimsdottir: +Arian+ Ensign Amunrra, I'm in the Zero-G gym. Anyone near my location need help?
[23:01:20] EnsArianAmunrra: Shields appear to be pretty low on the priority list.
[23:01:41] Troi_Katelin: ::hears Kiki, yes we will fall in::
[23:02:05] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: No troi that thing explodes taking us with it
[23:02:10] Dr_Swift: ::He'd turn to leave then.:: ALICE, I assume you're back up and running? You okay? When you get a chance can you find and upload to me injury reports?
[23:02:13] EnsDeniaud: +Billings+ I suggest ::interrupting Peterson before he talks:: we take a two prong approach. Have teams in engineering do what they can to get power running.
[23:02:35] EnsDeniaud: +billings+ But we need to stabilize the core and take care of power.
[23:02:38] EnsArianAmunrra: ::taps to respond to Jana:: +Grimsdottir+ Just damage assessment at this point. I've sent everyone out for that purpose.
[23:03:01] Troi_Katelin: Still not good, meaning we need to get out of here, soon
[23:03:10] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: no kidding
[23:03:19] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::staring at her, mouth dropping and face turning red:: Sir, I don't think Ensign Deni-ood knows-
[23:03:28] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Thinks to herself 'Good.':: +Arian+ Very good. I assume science and engineering are on the case?
[23:03:36] Troi_Katelin: If I have to I will get out and push!
[23:03:37] EnsDeniaud: I'm sure that whatever you have to say can wait until you're smarter.
[23:03:41] EnsDeniaud: ::interrupting with snide::
[23:03:46] CommodoreBillings: +Engineering+ Shut UP, Peterson!
[23:04:13] Chris_SRal: ::raises an eyebrow::
[23:04:31] EnsArianAmunrra: +Grimsdottir+ As can be expected, Engineering is quite busy. We have no shielding and it's very low on the priority list. Despite the fact that we're orbiting the orbit of binary black holes.
[23:04:36] EnsDeniaud: ::eyes narrowing at Peterson, softly so it can't really be heard over the intercomm:: You're a couple knights short of a crusade. A couple dilithium crystals short of a warp core. You're a library well stocked with Dr. Seuss books. You have the mental agility of a soap dish.
[23:04:37] CommodoreBillings: +Engineering+ Now you two are going to work this out and act like adults, or I'll launch you two out into escape pods and let you solve this problem yourselves! Ensign Deniaud, begin coordinating repairs. Peterson, give her your help. Billings out.
[23:05:05] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Pauses as she slips an arm into her uniform jacket:: +Arian+ Say again?
[23:05:07] Dr_Swift: [[I have decided I love deniaud.]]
[23:05:09] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::stammers:: +Billings+ Ye- yes sir.
[23:05:19] CommodoreBillings: Trapped around a pair of binary black holes about to collide. My engine room full of idiots. And only a few hours before imminent death.
[23:05:41] EnsDeniaud: Lt. Peterson> ::staring at her, ears red:: You don't need to be so insulting.
[23:05:44] CommodoreBillings: This is just another day at the office, ladies and gentlemen. Our very survival depends on teamwork.
[23:05:49] CommodoreBillings: Let's get to it.
[23:05:51] EnsDeniaud: I wasn't insulting you. I was describing you.
[23:05:51] CommodoreBillings: =/\=         P · A · U · S · E     S · I · M         =/\=        
[23:05:55] EnsArianAmunrra: +Grimsdottir+ We have no shields and the Hermes is in orbit around two black holes.
[23:05:58] LtJanaGrimsdottir: ::Pause::
[23:05:59] EnsArianAmunrra: ::paws::
[23:06:01] Troi_Katelin: ::paused::
[23:06:04] Lila_Kirk: ::paused
[23:06:07] CommodoreBillings: Well!
[23:06:10] Lila_Kirk: ::
[23:06:10] EnsDeniaud: ::pause::
[23:06:13] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ;;is working on as many different possible scenarios to get them out of there as she canthink of including using some balloons to act as a sail to catch the "wind" of the explosion to get them out of there
[23:06:16] Dr_Swift: ::Pawsed::
[23:06:17] CommodoreBillings: That was certainly an interesting beginning!
[23:06:18] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: Paws;;
[23:06:35] Chris_SRal: Agreed
[23:06:39] CommodoreBillings: Next week, the plot will begin to thicken!
[23:06:49] Troi_Katelin: ::nods in agreement:L
[23:06:51] EnsArianAmunrra: Feels pretty thick already.
[23:06:53] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: rh;;
[23:06:53] Troi_Katelin: :
[23:06:57] CommodoreBillings: So strap youselves in, ladies and gents.
[23:07:00] Dr_Swift: ohmai.
[23:07:01] CommodoreBillings: We're in for a wild ride.
[23:07:06] CommodoreBillings: Do we have any questions?
[23:07:19] EnsArianAmunrra: ::rp::
[23:07:20] EnsDeniaud: ::shakes head:: Nope, sir!
[23:07:22] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: are you using flour, cornstarch or arrowroot to thicken it?
[23:07:22] LtJanaGrimsdottir: Uncertain.
[23:07:24] CommodoreBillings: Amunrra?
[23:07:35] EnsArianAmunrra: Time between sims.
[23:07:43] CommodoreBillings: I'm using Kanar, Kiki.
[23:07:49] Ens_Kiki_Zomaii: ok
[23:07:49] CommodoreBillings: Thickest liquid in the universe
[23:08:02] CommodoreBillings: Time between sims will depend on logs. An hour, maybe two at the most.
[23:08:39] Troi_Katelin: ((mmmm kanar))
[23:08:44] CommodoreBillings: Anything else?
[23:09:11] CommodoreBillings: Alright.
[23:09:14] CommodoreBillings: Great work, guys!
[23:09:20] CommodoreBillings: If there's nothing else
[23:09:26] CommodoreBillings: You are all DISMISSED!
[23:09:31] --: Troi_Katelin (Mibbit@mib-104AE9ED.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:09:38] --: Lila_Kirk (Mibbit@mib-B671746C.**) quits (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
[23:10:40] EnsArianAmunrra: !sim off
[23:10:40] M-5:     =/\=    USS Hermes - 201604.12 2310:40
[23:10:40] M-5:     =/\=    Log Closed    

## End Log -- Recorded By USF Core Bot ###

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