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"Wherefore Art My Kate?" JL

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by Eliza Davis & Lieutenant Junior Grade Kale Barron
[Stardate ]


“Wherefore Art My Kate?”

JL b/n Lieutenant JG Kale Barron and Cadet Eliza Davis

Cadet Eliza Davis packed a bag and prepared for her search for Kate. She knew it would be difficult, and may be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but she had to try. She had researched the last sighting of Hawk-Kate in the area and would start there. Before leaving she tried one last time to reach Ltjg Kale Barron--Kate’s boyfriend. Perhaps he had heard from her and had some clue about her location.
She sent out the request to connect with him on the Starbase Everest and waited for an answer.
The comm call took a painfully-long thirty minutes to make a connection. Finally, Davis was rewarded by the image of the Starbase Everest OPS officer. He furrowed his brow the moment he saw her.
“Cadet Davis?” Barron said over the link. He knew that Eli was Kate’s roommate, but did not know the girl personally. The concern on his face said volumes, “What’s going on? Has something happened to Kate?”
Eli frowned; her face mirrored his worry. “I was hoping to see if she has talked to you lately? She…” Eli paused. “Well I believe she has left campus in her hawk form and now just wondering around out there somewhere. I don’t know. Have you heard from her? She’s been gone for 10 days.”
“No, Ah haven’t,” Barron answered. “Ah did think it was unusual that she hadn’t sent me anything lately, but Ah chalked it up to fahnals tahme. That always kept me busy..”
“She hasn’t been going to class. And she missed today’s first run of finals! This is just not like her, Kale.” Eli looked down. “I knew she was having a rough time, but I knew she needed space to work it out.” She looked back to Kale. “Maybe I should have pushed more. I don’t know.” Eliza sighed. “Anyway, the dean has given me permission to go looking for her. Is there anywhere she mentioned to you that she visited or wanted to visit around here? A place she thought would be peaceful or fun to explore in her animal forms? A park, or a forest maybe? I have an idea where I’m going to start, but I just thought I’d get as much information as I can to pinpoint a location.”
“Around there?” Barron asked. His image grew thoughtful for a moment. “Ah would start at Golden Gate Memorial Park. She mahght go there just to ‘talk’ to Cadet th’Hanera. She also always lahked the view from up on the Golden Gate bridge.”
Eli nodded. “Okay, I’ll check.” She gave Kale a look of determination. “I’ll get her back, Kale. I promise you that. She is my closest and best friend; I won't let anything happen to her!”
“Good to hear, Elah,” Barron replied. “If Ah need to, Ah’ll pack a bag and head to Earth, but Ah’m at least two weeks out, and that’s provahdin’ Ah cain fahnd a fast…” He paused a moment, an idea coming to him of how he could get back to Earth if he needed to. “Just let me know, and Ah’ll be on mah way.”
“You got it!” She smiled. “Don’t worry though. I got this. Kate will be home soon.” Eli wasn’t sure who she was trying to convince more, Kale...or herself. She nodded. “It’s going to be okay.”
“Ah’m sure it will, Elah,” Barron agreed, but there was a lack of confidence in the statement. “Just keep me in the loop.”

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