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NIN’s Tour of San Francisco: Part 1

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by Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi
[Stardate ]


USF Academy 201810.18

Professor Pierre Lumiere Frogg

Cadet Barak Teven Rel

Cadet Edward McCoy

Cadet NIN

PL - NIN's Tour of San Francisco: Part 1

Cadets Rel and McCoy had obtained a weekend pass for themselves and Cadet NIN in order to show her some of San Francisco. First they visited the cross at Mount Davison, where Professor Frogg was waiting to show NIN clips from his copy of Dirty Harry which featured the cross itself.

“This is one of my favorite films from the 1970s.” he told then. He had brought several other films and as he showed the cadets clips he suggested they look for the sights shown in the principal photography and to compare them with what they saw in the Twentieth Century films. He included selected clips from films such as Zodiac, Bullet, Mrs Doubtfire and Towering Inferno, he even had some black and white footage of the 1909 earthquake from the movie San Francisco.  

When he was done, he told them, “Go to the Coit Tower to meet with Counselor Rinaldi who will tell you some of the history of the tower and give you a  tour.


Outside the Coit Tower, near the statue of Columbus, the cadets found Counselor Rinaldi waiting for them.  Rel had arranged for her to be there and to act as docent on a tour of the tower and its history.

“Greetings!” She met them with a big smile.  “Nice to see you again Ms Nin.” She merely nodded at Rel and McCoy.  “I've taken the liberty of getting us priority elevator passes to the top, that way we don't need to waste our time in the line.”  She led them to the designated spot and soon they were whisked up to the tower's observation area.

“The Coit Tower was built on Telegraph Hill with a bequest from Lillie Hitchcock Coit, a wealthy patron of the city's firefighters. When she passed away in 1929 she left substantial sum  “for the purpose of adding to the beauty of the city I have always loved.”  The result was this lovely Art Deco style  tower in which we are standing and was completed in 1933.  The building is made of unpainted, reinforced concrete and has survived multiple earthquakes in the past 400 years.  After we enjoy the 360 degree views from the top, we can go back down to the base where inside the tower there are murals which were painted in the Social Realism style by over two dozen different artists.

The students and their counselor took in the picturesque views including the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, Starfleet Academy, Nob and Russian Hills...when they got to Pier 39, Rinaldi exclaimed. “Oh that's right by where I live, I can see my condo building from here!”  Rel smiled slyly at that comment thinking of their “swimming lessons” in the rooftop pool. The sights were numerous and they also saw the Financial District, the old prison on Alcatraz Island among others.

After the tour of the city from the top, the rode the quaint elevator back down and found the mural which the counselor had reserved a time to view.  She had chosen John Langley Howard's mural depicting a multi-race Labor March as well as showing a lower-class family panning for gold while a heavily caricatured ensemble of the upper class watches them toil.

The counselor's tour had them at close to lunchtime and the cadets were hungry, so she sent them off to find some food.

“Any suggestions?”  McCoyl asked before they left.

“I think you three might enjoy Sotto Mare Oysteria and Seafood. It's not far, not pricey and they have the freshest seafood and are known for their oysters and crab.” She told them knowing that they catered to non-terrestrial species and taking the dietary needs of NIN into consideration.

TBC in Part 2

(Coit Tower details thanks to Wikipedia and San Fran Recreation and Parks Dept Website)

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