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PL: The Lunch Bunch

Starfleet Academy Lounge

by Lieutenant Commander Lucia Rinaldi & Cadet Barak Rel
[Stardate ]


Starfleet Academy 201809.03
Professor Arliss Trumbull, Planetary Science and Survival
Professor Pierre Lumiere Frogg, engineering
Boothby, Groundskeeper
Delia, Staff Chef

PL: The Lunch Bunch

Boothby was seated with professors Trumbull and Frogg in the Staff Cafeteria. They were almost done with their meals. He had been listening to their adventure on the Sutherland and was kinda jealous. He piped up “So now that you are back, I guess it is time to get ready for the new year. Is there anything specific you are planning for this year that may be new?” he asked.

“Who me?” Trumbull asked. “Considering that my first semester here was not….uh..textbook...and I’ve managed to annoy a number of students, our erstwhile counselor AND the dean herself, I am focusing on what not to do.” Arliss quipped and sipped his tea. “Oh, I forgot this.” The elderly professor brandished his cane. “Busting my knee while demonstrating how to rappel down a cliff was the absolute highlight of my

“Not for the students...I think flooding the holo-classroom was.” sniped Frogg.

“Smart ass…” Trumbull said under his breath.

Delia had walked behind the professors and was almost smaerricked with the walking stick. “Whoa there, don’t bash the bearer of dessert.” She said with a laugh. “Strawberry Shortcakes with fresh whipped cream for everyone.”    

“Did you remember I like mine extra sweet like my gals?” Frogg joked with the waitress.

“Of course Professor Frogg!” She slid a dish brimming over with extra sauce and piled high with whipped cream in front of him.

Boothby grumbled. “I see that some people get special treatment in here. What if I want more berries?” He said with a scowl.

Delia made a motion toward the kitchen.

The prep cook had been listening in on the conversation from the kitchen. He grabbed a bowl filled with the succulent strawberries drizzled more sauce over them and headed out to Boothby. “Here you are, sir. We aim to please.” Sebastian Garret offered. He gave his boss a wink and returned to his duties at the prep table.

Frogg smiled, “Now that’s service. I’d leave a good tip if I were you.”

Boothy grinned and began eating. “Excellent crop of strawberries this year if I do say so myself.”

“Thank you Boothby. Your prodigious gardening skills make me look good.” Delia said kissing the groundskeeper on the top of his head. “If you need anything else, I’ll be in my kitchen.”

“Delia dearest, tell my granddaughters that I brought them a few souvenirs of our recent journey. Rel and I will stop by as soon as we are able.”

The men finished their meal, Frogg piped up, “Arliss, you a D*** lucky man. She’s one H*** of a cook and if I were ten years younger you would have to beat me away with a stick cause I’d be asking for her hand.”

"You keep away from her Frog-face.” He grumbled and shook his cane (again) in jest. “But seriously, I love Delia enough to let her make her own mistakes.”

Boothby suppressed a chuckle as the trio made their way out, onto the grounds.


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