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She's back, but she never left

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by Cadet Kobor Tumar
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She's back, but she never left

(Dair and Thyrra Log)

Thyrra, the mind of the Andorian woman, has emerged from her months-long sleep while Elliot has had complete control. She has a bit of catching up to do and wonders what has happened to her all this time.

Dair was watching over Thyrra in sickbay, making sure that her body stayed healthy even as she and Elliot tried to work out a solution to their problems of shared custody. Dair was still trying to find a workable solution so that they could be completely separate individuals again, but, aside from the Vulcans' methods, he was not sure of the effectiveness of the other techniques. It was frustrating for him as a physician to have to admit his limitations, but the best solution for the two inside Thyrra's body to be back to their separate selves was beyond him.

"My body seems to be intact, but I don't know if this human was," she chuckled, "naughty. Most are in my travels, especially the males. Perhaps it's just a trait of gender." She took the PADD with her and snapped all around her head. It would create an accurate three-dimensional version of her. She worried about anything else Elliot did to her. Dair worked in silence for some moments before Thyrra spoke.

"Doctor, my head hurts. Do you have something for it?"

Dair laid his hand on hers as he searched out the cause of her pain. He smiled to her as he tried to alleviate it in his own empathic way, without the use of drugs, since his way had very little risk of addiction and most of the medications would grow less effective over time as the body built up a tolerance to them. “Ais tha hailpin, Thyrra?” He asked her softly, not wanting to cause her  further pain by overly loud tones which could be a bane to any headache sufferer. “Aind, nay Ailliat was nae …˜Nawty” wi ye. He saims tae railly keer fer ye saince I'm thainkin tha he says haimsailf ais a gaist ain yer hame.”

"My home? I...oh, yes," she said as she felt her body from antenna to thigh. Thyrra started to realize that she was, other than disoriented, much like she was when she lost control of her body to a pink-skin. She did not use those words regarding humans herself, but she sure knew the slang.

"Can you tell if he's still in here and alright? I never met the guy before all of this, guess I never will." The passing thought of his body frozen somewhere. She thought a moment wondering if she learned much about her. Body is one thing, mind is another. Perhaps it was a good idea to learn as much as she could about her mental guest, presuming he is not gone.

Dair checked and found Elliot curled up in a corner of her mind, sound asleep as if controlling her  body was something totally exhausting for him. “Thyrra, he's staill thair an fra wha I kin taill, he's fine, ithir thain bayin tawtally aixzaustid.” He did what he could to help rebuild Elliot's reserves in case he had to draw on them to help the two of them to stay alive.

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