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A Three Hour Tour...

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by Cadet Kobor Tumar & Cadet Katelyn McCaffrey
[Stardate ]


A Three Hour Tour...

Kate and Kobor


Kate examined the package that had been waiting for her at her quarters.  It was from Kobor.  She wondered why he sent her a package; he hadn’t really talked to her since he changed to his felinoid self, and now all of the sudden he sent her something.  I wonder if he meant to send it to Nightwind.  She wondered.  At any rate she thought she should at least talk to Kobor before opening it.  She went to her computer and called him.  She hoped she’d catch him at home, otherwise she’d have to open it and figure it out on her own.


The cold autumn air around the academy was accented by the force it was blowing off the bay. Though he was not quite sure if Starfleet forbid it, he had found a patch just at the water's edge off the campus grounds. Kobor often found solace in the sounds of the waves crashing lazily against the rocks. Often in the distance a horn trumpeted from an old sea-faring vessel passing under the bridge. He'd never been on the water in such a craft and wondered what it was like compared to traversing the vast openness of space.


The groundskeeper seemed not surprised at Kobor's new look nor his feeling about it. He'd even noticed how Cadet McCaffrey and him had not spoken for some time.


"Kobor, if you want to make it up to this girl there's no better way than to give her an experience she won't soon forget. After it's done the only space it will take up is in your minds. Don't give her some flower or rock, give her something you can both remember together."


His words got the once-Klingon thinking of something unique to both of them. Even if he could not explain himself they could at least share a memorable time. That night a look out onto the distant San Francisco bay gave him an idea. The very next day he searched over the network for the right time and place. Kobor then took out a thick piece of parchment. In his best handwriting he wrote:


37.858473, -122.483755




He also attached a tiny Klingon symbol to the upper-left corner. He figured she would know who the package was from, but just in case there was any confusion. The campus courier delivered it on time. It was now up to Kate to understand the message.


            Kate frowned as her call to Kobor just went to video message.  She disconnected the call and went back to her package.  It was a 9” by 12” thick white envelope.  Well, I can’t wait to find him to open it….so I might as well just do it.  She opened and brought out the message.  There were words….just coordinates and a time.  Also inside was a pass to exit campus.  Kate raised an eyebrow.  What’s this about Kobor??  She checked her chronometer.  It was 1630.  That didn’t give her much time.  Quickly she freshened up a bit and headed out to the coordinates.  She wasn’t sure what to think about all this, but Kate cared about Kobor, and was still worried about him after his felinoid change. A conversation between her and Kobor was definitely needed, but she wasn’t sure meeting in a mysterious location off campus was the best place to do it.  Nonetheless, she gave Kobor the benefit of doubt and headed for the coordinates anyway.




Kobor sniffed the early evening air as the sun sat low on the western horizon. The waves beat endlessly behind him as he waited for Cadet McCaffrey to arrive.


When Kate came walking up, she couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the scenery was.  The feel of the breeze against her skin was pleasant; not too harsh with a hint of a saltwater smell.  Spotting Kobor, she waved at him as she approached him.  “So….what’s all this about, Kobor?”


"Oh," he voice bellowed, "You came. I was not sure you would understand the message." He went to her and gave a feline embrace. He held her shoulders firmly, his claws holding her even more. "I have watched this water ships on the bay for more than a year. The closest I got to this was hearing of the tales of the Barge of the Dead. Kobor thought for a moment. "You do not suffer from motion sickness do you?" The sailing ship they were likely to board towered in the background.


Kate smiled at Kobor.  Despite their time apart, it was nice to be talking to him again.  “No, I’m not Kobor.  So you invited me to go out on a boat with you?  Why did you pick me to go with….you seem to be not short of friends lately.”


"New school year," Kobor looked down as he offered his arm to escort her up the ramp to the boat. "The change was rather unexpected, actually the most painful I've ever experienced. I did not want to be left in a halfway state, so I held onto Cadet NightWind and endured it. I thought of you when it happened." He turned to her. "You don't suffer pain when you change do you?"


Kate shook her head.  Sorrow in her eyes.  “No, I don’t.  I’m sorry this happened to you.  It’s all my fault.”


"No no," he pleaded and...licked her face, like a cat. He stood there dumbfounded. "Kate...I-I am so sorry." If others could see his skin they'd see red. "Shall we board?"


            “Sorry about what?”  Kate furrowed her eyebrows.


            "The lick, kiss, whatever it is felines do." They walked up the ramp and stepped off onto the deck. One of the tour assistants took them to their seat. "But I'm sorry for pushing you away. You more than anyone knows about change. I should have went to you first."


            Kate nodded as she sat down next to Kobor.  “Why didn’t you?  I get that Nightwind is teaching you felinoid things….but….I mean I’ve been a feline before….I could have helped too.  Did you blame me for the change?  I mean, it is because of me….my DNA changed you.  And I hate that something apart of me caused you so much pain and suffering.  I never meant to hurt you, Kobor.”


            "Don't think of it as suffering, push any pain away. You have given me a gift." He frowned. "My acceptance as a warrior for my people has been strained for a long time. Truthfully I was caught between worlds, not really a part of either one. But now, if anything NightWind says is true then her people would welcome me." He shook his head. "I know everyone here accepts me, as you do. Having the acceptance of her people"


            Katelyn nodded thoughtfully.  “I guess you found your place then….”  She paused and looked out pensively at the ocean as the boat moved through the water.  After a while she looked back to Kobor.  “But….how do you know it won’t happen again?  I mean...I wouldn’t want you to feel like you have finally found your home, and then randomly change to another being again.”  She furrowed her eyebrows.  “Maybe….maybe if we understood how or why it happens, you could learn to control it?”


"The doctors are running detailed studies of my DNA. They are looking into it. I believe stress played a major role. That was my fault, on the Sutherland."


            “Maybe I can help.  If stress is a factor, it will be imperative that you learn to stay calm in stressful situations...or perhaps make sure you don’t touch anyone when you are stressed.”  


            "Unless it is Nightwind," he laughed. "But I know what you mean."


            Kate stared at Kobor for a moment.  “So.  You’re really okay, Kobor?”


            "If not, I will be."


            Kate smiled and nodded.  “Good.  Then you better not push me away anymore and let me help.  We’re still friends you know.  And don’t think I forgot about the blood oath.  That means we’re connected.  We have to stick together.”


            "There's a lot of you in me. It's hard to forget. Together it is. "



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