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"the invitation "

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by Cadet Flower Sheme
[Stardate ]


“The Invitation”

JPL w/ Cadets Sheme, th'Hanera, MacElvoy & B'Raitha


    Cadet Flowerpetal Sheme walked with her partner after the final class that day. The were headed for a security patrol shift.

    “soan, I am a little nervous,” Sheme confided. How many pumpkins were around last year?”

   Cadet Soan th'Hanera's antennae twitched showing irritation. He knew the Catonian was highly allergic to the orange objects that were used as decoration around the campus this time of the year, but he also knew she was being givein booster shots to counteract the effects the pumpkins had on her.

    From the opposite direction walked two other security cadets who these two were familliar with. Cadets B'Raitha a Caitian with reddish-tan fur and a red-orange mane, and Lauren MacElvoy, a human female whose long red locks matched that of the Caitian's mane.  Lauren looked at BRaitha, and smiled slyly. “Maybe today you will get a shift with her.”

    Cadet th'Hanera gave a small nod to Lauren and B'Raitha.  The Caitian's eyes were on Flower. Flower blushed and tried to hide it.

    "hello you two,” Sheme greeted. “Were you also called by Lt. Commander Brine?”

    "Uh, no," Cadet MacElvoy replied. "We're on the schedule.  Cadets Hoorta andEllanter canceled, so you two were on the call list. I'm supposed to team up with Soan  and you with B'Raitha."

    Flower really started to blush. Her and B'Raitha had been very close friends for some time now. "North or south part of campus?”

    "We'll take north," th'Hanera said. B'Raitha's tail easily swished back and forth to show his approval.

    "Be aware of those first-years  partner," Flower cautioned with a hint of mischief in her voice, as she went south with B'Raitha.

    Laruen grinned. "You are still being punished?" she asked turning toward the north end of the campus.

    Soan grimaced. "I guess you could say that."

    "Sorry Soan.  Do you think they will amp up security after what happened last year?"

    Soan's answer could not be heard as Flower walked further away from the other two cadets.  She walked silently with B'Raitha, for she didnt know how to bring up the costume party, she never went before. The Caitian matched his pace to Flower's.  The light breeze gently blew his mane.

    "So...,” he said at length, breaking the silence between them. "This was different, you and I getting to work together."

    "We never get to work together,” Sheme agreed. "it is nice to change partners. She felt the breeze blowing through her own fur as they walked the grounds.

    "It is nice," B'Raitha agreed.  He wanted to reach down and take her paw with his, or even entwine his tail with hers, but he knew that would not be professional. As they walked past the pumpkins, flower didn't have any reactions as her booster shot was still working

    “ am glad I remembered to get the shot BEFORE pumpkin season started,” Sheme said.

    B'Raitha's heart went out to her. He remembered the troubles she had last year. "You definitely were smart to be pre-emptive on getting the booster shot."

    "Thank you.  You know the academy is having a party tomorrow..." she started.

    "Oh yeah," B'Raitha replied enthusiastically. "The annual costume gala.  I was going to ask if you had plans for then."

    "I have never gone before...because of the pumpkins," she said as she lookd into his eyes

    "Neither have i," B'Raitha replied. "Last year I was on duty." His tail started to loop easily. "This year I have off!"

    "So do I.  I figured this is my last year and it might be fun.”

    B'Raitha's tail stopped and his ears came forward. "So... would you like to go together?"

    "I was going to ask you the same thing.”

    The tension that had been in the Caitian's features suddenly eased away. His tail began to loop again.  "You were?"

    "Yes I was, and I have already spoken with soan about how we can make this a team effort.  Here is what we came up with..."


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